Top Best Practice What You Preach Quotes 2024

Top Best Practice What You Preach Quotes

It is essential to practice what you preach. You can’t be honest if your actions don’t match your beliefs. You are a living contradiction if your actions don’t align with your beliefs. If you are looking for the Practice What You Preach Quotes, keep reading.

What Is Practice What You Preach

“Practice what you preach” is a common saying that means you should not only talk about something or give advice but also act accordingly. It suggests that your actions should align with your words, and you should lead by example.

For example, if you tell someone to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, but you don’t do it yourself, you are not practicing what you preach. People are more likely to trust and respect you when you demonstrate through your actions that you truly believe in the things you say.

The phrase “practice what you preach” is often used in a moral or ethical context, where it’s important to act in accordance with one’s own principles and values. It is also used in a variety of settings, including work, relationships, and personal life, to encourage consistency between what is said and what is done.

Top Best Practice What You Preach Quotes

David A. Bednar

People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach. – David A. Bednar

When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees. – Abraham Lincoln

I preached as never sure to preach again, And as a dying man to dying men. – Richard Baxter

Practice what you preach. – Plautus

The number of people who believe in religious teachings far outweighs that of those who practice them. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Do not let your deeds belie your words, lest when you speak in church someone may say to himself, “Why do you not practice what you preach? – St. Jerome

You should be proud of what you’re doing, but not conceited. If you can’t be proud of yourself, you’re a failure. And discipline. To do anything in life you have to have discipline. To accomplish anything, you have a goal, challenge yourself, and work until you accomplish that goal. Practice what you preach. – Jack LaLanne

If you’re asking your kids to exercise, then you better do it, too. Practice what you preach. – Bruce Jenner

I think it’s so important to practice what you preach – whether you’re into riding cows to work or eating a burger after boxing, just do what you’re telling your fans you’re doing because you have to be real with them because they look up to you. – Gigi Hadid

You don’t lead people by what you say to them; you lead them by what they see you do. True leaders are self-leaders. – Israelmore Ayivor

Israelmore Ayivor

Leadership is art expressed by the demonstration of characters worthy of imitation, emulation, and inspiration. It is neither a title nor a position. – Israelmore Ayivor

It does not matter how sweet you can sing a song of love. You must know how to dance along with it. You can’t dance “salsa dance” on a “reggae song”. – Israelmore Ayivor

Why do you not practice what you preach? – St. Jerome

Humor must not professedly teach and it must not professedly preach, but it must do both if it would live forever. – Mark Twain

While you were busy trying to prove God stands behind you, God was before me lighting the trail, so he could lead us both. – Shannon L. Alder

Stand for something. Make your life mean something. Start where you are with what you have. You are enough. ― Germany Kent

Father God, we thank you for your grace and your mercy, for allowing us to be together under your covenant and God we thank you for the revelations and for the breakthroughs; for your direction and for your healing. We thank you, God, for the opportunity to just be a vessel for your kingdom. God, we trust you, we love you, we honor you, and all glory is yours. Amen – Germany Kent

Actually, we have misdefined “hypocrisy.” Hypocrisy is not the failure to practice what you preach but the failure to believe it. Hypocrisy is propaganda. – Peter Kreeft

practice what you preach scripture

The cure is as simple as this: Live your words and live your belief system. – Shannon L. Alder

Some people would not be practicing some things if they had not preached them. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

We know way too many words of wisdom, but perform all too few actions of wisdom. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

To have much faith requires practice. – J.R. Rim

If women patronize the wheel the number of buyers will be twice as large. If women ride they must, when riding, dress more rationally than they have been wont to do. If they do this many prejudices as to what they may be allowed to wear will melt away. The reason will gain upon precedent and ere long the comfortable, sensible, and artistic wardrobe of the rider will make the conventional style of woman’s dress absurd to the eye and unenduring to the understanding.

A reform often advances most rapidly by indirection. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory; and the graceful and becoming costume of a woman on the bicycle will convince the world that has brushed aside the theories, no matter how well constructed, and the arguments, no matter how logical, of dress-reformers. – Frances E. Willard, How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle: Reflections of an Influential 19th Century Woman

Wisdom is the ability to make wise decisions and pursue them. The bible said “wisdom is the principal thing”. This means it’s the number one thing ever that you cannot bypass and expect to succeed! ― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Few of us realize our potential; because if we did, we would pursue our passion and walk in our purpose. ― Germany Kent

Germany Kent

Practice what you post…

Practice what you preach. Don’t preach faithful girls then go and practice on hoes.- Raghib Clitso

Keep calm and practice what you preach.

You preach a better sermon with your life than you do with your lips.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Practice what you preach.

I do practice what I preach when it comes to nutrition. – Mehmet Oz

I give in to sin because I like to practice what I preach.- Depeche Mode

I don’t practice what I preach. I preach what I practice. – Charles Capps

Sometimes people need to take their own advice, practice what you preach.

If you don’t practice what you preach, you’re nothing more than a hypocrite.

Live Your Message: Practice what you preach. That’s where credibility comes from.- John C Maxwell

If you think practicing what you preach is rough, just try preaching what you practice. – Bowen Baxter

I may not practice what I preach but God forbid I should preach what I practice. – Gilbert K Chesterton

Always practice what you preach, otherwise you be nothin’ more than a hypocrite….That is the truth. – Crimson Renegade

That we should practice what we preach is generally admitted; but anyone who preaches what he and his hearers practice must incur the gravest moral disapprobation. – Logan Pearsall Smith

Lead by example. Practice what you preach or don’t preach at all. Walk the talk. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Inspire, challenge and encourage people to their best, by doing your best.

Let’s practice what we preach, and with the acceptance that we expect from others, let’s stop being so damn judgmental and crucifying everyone who doesn’t fit in to our boxed-in perception of what is right. – Gillian Anderson

practice what you preach saying

So practice and observe whatever they tell you—but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice. Matthew 23:3 (Bible Verse)

Did they preach one thing and practice another, these men of God?- Roald Dahl

Some will practice what they preach…But fewer will preach what they practice…

You will achieve success when you practice that in private what you post in public.

Practice what you preach before you try to teach it to someone else.- Demontray Tekle

Practice what you preach and beyond, and if you must, only preach what you practice.

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others. – Mother Teresa

When people post inspirational quotes religiously but they constantly contradict themselves.

Too many people talk the talk, but very few actually walk the walk. Practice what you preach; Action speaks louder than words.

How much of the advice you give to others do you actually practice yourself? Living what you believe to be true is a sure path to joyful living.

practice what you preach meaning synonym

If it hurts so much to be talked about behind your back, why do you do it to everybody then try to act innocent? Practice what you preach.

Practice what you preach. Don’t be a staggering image of the same shame you place upon others. Live, love, be free. Most of all be real. – LaNina King

We have, in fact, two kinds of morality side by side; one which we preach but do not practice, and another which we practice but seldom preach.- Bertrand Russell


Talking the Talk is easy, the achievement is when one’s Talk is reflected in their own Walk. Always practice what you preach or what you preach may fall on deaf ears.- Eugene Nathaniel Butler

If you don’t practice what you preach then you have no right to teach! – Akil Victor

I don’t practice what I preach because I’m not the kind of person I’m preaching to.

Let those who do not practice all they preach stop preaching long enough to catch up.

Practice what you preach, better yet, don’t preach.

Practice what you preach. Then, once you are done practicing, do it for real.

Practice yourself what you preach.- Plautus

Practice what you preach or change your speech.

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.

Practice what you preach and learn before you try to teach.

Practice what you preach if you want to be taken seriously.

Don’t SAY one thing and DO another. Practice what you preach.

No matter what you may say. It’s your action that speaks for you.

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person; your behavior does…

practice what you preach quotes meaning


Why is it important to practice what you preach?

It’s important to practice what you preach because it builds trust, credibility, and respect. When you consistently act in accordance with your words, you demonstrate your commitment and authenticity, and people are more likely to take your advice and follow your lead.

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What are some examples of practicing what you preach?

Examples of practicing what you preach could include following the same rules or guidelines that you set for others, living a healthy lifestyle if you’re encouraging others to do the same, or treating others with kindness and respect if you’re advocating for those values.

What are the consequences of not practicing what you preach?

The consequences of not practicing what you preach can include a loss of trust and credibility, a lack of respect from others, and a failure to achieve the results you’re looking for. If you’re not willing to follow your own advice or live up to your own standards, it’s unlikely that others will be willing to do so either.


Every now and then, we all need a little bit of motivation to stay on track. Whether you’re trying to better yourself or achieve a goal, words of wisdom can be just the thing to give you that extra push. And when it comes to digital coaching, it’s especially important to practice what you preach.

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