Best Love Vs Lust Quotes [2021]

Best Love Vs Lust Quotes

You might be in love if you feel butterflies in your stomach and daydream about your future together. Is it love or lust? It can be difficult to distinguish between them at the beginning of a relationship. Is it love or lust? Is this a relationship that can last beyond the sexual connection? To understand the difference between love and lust, you can read the Best Love Vs Lust Quotes.

Love vs Lust: 12 Differences You Need to Know

Love vs Lust: 12 Differences You Need to Know

1. Loving is person-centered, lust is pleasure-centered

Giving what you have to help someone is the fulfillment of love. When you see someone happy and doing well in life, you are satisfied.

Lust is a desire to feel fulfilled and be with someone. You can find fulfillment by engaging in sensual activities that satisfy your sexual needs. These acts of pleasure can make you feel satisfied.

2. The physical appearance of a person is not what defines love; it is the lust that does

You would never consider leaving your partner if he/she gets older or becomes fatter. It is more than just superficial affection. It is more than what you see with your eyes.

However, lust is not based on physical attraction. You eventually decide to leave if the other person becomes less appealing.

3. Loving someone is eternal; lust is temporary

Love is a long-term commitment to each other and to care for them. It is strengthened over time. Your partner and you work together to solve conflicts that could endanger your relationship. You don’t want to lose your partner, but you want it to last forever.

However, lust isn’t about satisfying selfish needs so making the relationship last is not a priority. You don’t think it matters if you part ways with someone. However, you see your relationship only as temporary and that you can always find someone “hotter” than him/her.

4. Love is about long-term commitment. Lust is an unattached transaction

As we discussed in the previous numbers, love is about making your relationship last. You want to have a family, or in other words, you see your future together. This requires a commitment to be faithful and endure throughout your life.

If you can’t imagine yourself marrying this person in the future but you are happy doing ‘fun things’ together now, it’s lust. You don’t have to be together. Both of you have an open relationship. This means that you both can search for another partner if necessary.

5. Love views the other person in love as a partner, lust sees them as a sexual object

If you love someone, you view him/her as your partner (if you’re in a relationship) or your spouse. You can’t make decisions on your own in any situation that could affect your relationship. This means that when you make decisions you must always take into consideration the views of your partner. Your partner is not just a need-gratifier.

Respect and honor the needs and desires of a partner. However, lust often violates them in order to satisfy their own wants. It doesn’t matter if your partner disagrees with you. He/she doesn’t have the right to interfere with your life. You both only benefit from each other’s company.

6. Love builds; lust destroys

The love you have for your partner will make you a better person in all aspects of your life. This motivates you to do your best because you want to make your partner happy. You want to support your partner to succeed. Because you want your loved ones to be fulfilled and happy, you want them to reach their dreams.

If you are unhappy in your relationship, you may only be there for the physical benefits. Although lust can satisfy your sexual desires, it will also cause you to lose your spiritual and emotional well-being. You lose self-respect as you engage in carnal pleasures, even though you know it is not more. It can make you feel unmotivated to achieve your highest potentials.

7. Lust takes, love gives

Lust takes, love gives.

Love is self-sacrificing. Your partner will receive a portion of yourself, sometimes all of it. You are looking to give something that will help your partner in some way.

Lust can take from your partner on the other. This is about you taking advantage of your partner and making it work for you. You will not compromise your needs in order to fulfill your own desires.

8. Lust produces joy, love produces joy

Relationships built on love are joyous, even in the face of difficulties. It doesn’t depend on what happens. Your partner can make you feel great.

You enjoy the thrill of attraction but just makes you want to be with someone. Because of the ‘fun,’ you stay together and keep your days from becoming boring.

9. Loving is not something that waits, but lust is right now

Patience is a virtue that helps us find the right person for our lives and to be the person we deserve. In love, we don’t rush things, especially when it comes to carnal activities, which can have a negative impact on our partner’s future. Because you don’t want to leave your partner with emotional scars, STDs, or unplanned babies, you work together to keep each other safe.

Lust and its desire to satisfy our immediate needs quickly consume us. Lust is a powerful emotion that can consume you quickly. As long as you are satisfied, it doesn’t matter what the consequences will be.

10. Love is a loving thing; lust is a disappointment

Respecting the principles and decisions of another person is a sign that you love them. Even if that means denying yourself something you desire, you wouldn’t force someone to do something they don’t want to.

If you only feel lust for someone, you will be disappointed and angry when they don’t give you what you want. You should be able to fulfill your desires and needs.

11. Love is a sacrifice; lust seeks other means

Lust doesn’t focus on anyone. It all comes down to your sexual desire. You should look for another partner if your partner is not able to satisfy you.

12. Love involves trust; lust does not

If there is love in a partnership, it is an agreement between the partners to be faithful to one another. You invest trust in your partner, which is essential for a lasting relationship.

Trust is not required for lust. It is hard to hate when someone demands loyalty. Please don’t mistake jealousy for love. If you feel jealous of someone you see with another person, it’s because your pride has been stepped on.

Best Love Vs Lust Quotes

Rob Payne

I wonder what the difference is between love and lust. – Rob Payne

Love is not lust. The two (love and lust) are poles apart. Love liberates while lust binds. – Narayanananda Swami.

Love surfeits not, Lust like a glutton dies; Love is all truth, Lust full of forged lies

William Shakespeare

Love grows, lust wastes by enjoyment. – William Penn

I know love and lust don’t always keep the same company. – Stephenie Meyer

I believe in love and lust and sex and romance. I don’t want everything to add up to some perfect equation. I want mess and chaos. I want someone to go crazy out of his mind for me. I want to feel passion and heat and sweat and madness. I want Valentine and cupids and all of that crap. I want it all. – Barbra Streisand

It this better to have love and loss Than to let our apparatus rust. – Kurt Vonnegut

Running, a close companion to death summons us to the most vivid acts of life. Our ancestors (we have forgotten) ran for food and for love, love, and lust. For us, a prime symbol of sexuality is the automobile. For the ancients, it was the chase, the foot race. Satyr and nymph, maiden and god, hot pursuit. The mythic hunters, Diana and Atalanta, available only to the males, men or gods, who could outrun them; death to all others. – George Leonard

Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation. – Mason Cooley

If they substituted the word ‘Lust’ for ‘Love’ in the popular songs it would come nearer the truth. – Sylvia Plath

In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It’s hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with and isn’t afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe. – Tori Amos

For that is what a child should be, and seldom is, the product of man and woman, of opposing natures, unified, however temporarily, by the amazing, circling, weaving dance of love and lust and God’s involvement in it. – Fay Weldon

We will cry and bleed and lust and love, and we will cure death. We will be the cure. Because we want it. – Isaac Marion

Someone asked me about the difference between love and lust. Hmmm. That will take a little thought. How to tell the difference? Well, for guys, if she looks better AFTER you’ve made love to her than before, that might be love. If you find yourself itching to get out the door afterward, probably just lust, you know? – Steven Barnes

“We smile at lovers holding hands in the park. But we wrinkle our noses if we find them acting out their lust under

the bushes. Love receives the world’s applause. Lust is furtive, ashamed, and embarrassed. Love pursues the good of the other, with self-control, concern, reason, and patience. Lust pursues its own gratification, headlong, impatient of any control, immune to reason. Love thrives on candlelight and conversation. Lust is equally happy in a doorway or a taxi, and its conversation is made of animal grunts and cries. Love is individual: there is only the unique Other, the one acted upon, the single star around whom the lover revolves. Lust takes what comes. Lovers gaze into each others’ eyes. Lust looks sideways, inventing deceits and stratagems and seductions, sizing up opportunities (fig. 9). Love grows with knowledge and time, court-ship, truth, and trust. Lust is a trail of clothing in the hallway…Living with lust is like living shackled to a lunatic.” ― Simon Blackburn, Lust

We danced our youth in a dreamed-of city, Venice, paradise, proud and pretty, We lived for love and lust and beauty, Pleasure then our only duty. Floating them twixt heaven and Earth And drank on plenties blessed mirth We thought ourselves eternal then, Our glory sealed by God’s own pen. But paradise, we found is always frail, Against man’s fear will always fail. – Veronica Franco

It is the difference betwixt lust and love that this is fixed, that volatile. Love grows, lust wastes by enjoyment. – William Penn

I write about real people in disguise. If anything, my characters are toned down-the truth is much more bizarre. – Jackie Collins

“Besides, I did love Luke—I did. But he wasn’t the only one I wanted, and wanting isn’t the same as loving. Just as I knew I loved Luke, I wasn’t sure whether I loved Adair. I couldn’t rule out that my attraction to him wasn’t an advanced case of lust, though that’s not to say it was inconsequential. Only a fool would underestimate the power of lust. Kingdoms have been won and lost, men and beasts have battled to the death over it.” – Alma Katsu, The Descent

people are taking a bottle of wine to a dinner party or for a gift, they’ll often settle on Chardonnay. – James Waldorf

Science is about predictions based on predictable facts. Life is about surprises based on unpredictable reality. – Ori Hofmekler

Wanderlust is like itchy feet. It’s when you can’t settle down. But Wanderlove is much deeper than that … it’s a compulsion. It’s the difference between lust and love. – Kirsten Hubbard

The only thing tougher than developing leadership skills is attempting to be successful without them. – Orrin Woodward

Revised regulations will never suppress federal workplace retaliation; nor will they cure the inaction of an EEOC official when justice demands fair, prompt, and judicious decision-making. – Tanya Ward Jordan

The film of tomorrow will resemble the person who made it, and the number of spectators will be proportional to the number of friends the director has. – Francois Truffaut

I like natural disasters and I think that they may be the highest form of art possible to experience – Walter De Maria

God is the only source of happiness and money – Sunday Adelaja

When they told me I needed a mastectomy, I thought of the thousands of luncheons and dinners I had attended where they slapped a name tag on my left bosom. I always smiled and said, ‘Now, what shall we name the other one?’ That would no longer be a problem. – Erma Bombeck

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