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Top 100+ Best Juice WRLD Quotes on Love and Life
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The internet has a never-ending list of hilarious quotes, but it’s sometimes difficult to find the best quotes of Juice WRLD out there. Fortunately, you’ve found this resource! Here is a list of the top famous Juice WRLD quotes from the young rising star that is guaranteed to bring a laugh to your face and get your day started off on the right foot.

Who is Juice WRLD?

He was born Jared Anthony Higgins in Chicago, Illinois, and began displaying musical talent at 4. When he started high school, he began to take rap more seriously than playing instruments, which helped him develop this talent.

His use of his cellphone to record songs and post them to SoundCloud marked the beginning of his journey toward WRLD Domination. Before adopting a more practical approach to his rap musical identity, he went by JuicetheKidd. Now he goes by Juice WRLD.

Making Juice WRLD known to the globe began in December 2017. His three-song EP “Nothings Different” garnered popularity. A music video for the song “All Girls Are the Same” was published in February 2018.

Quotes From Juice WRLD

Quotes From Juice WRLD

You found another one, but I am the better one. I won’t let you forget me. – Juice WRLD, “Lucid Dreams”

Telling you right now, all you’ll find is a lost soul, rich and blind. – Juice WRLD, Rich and Blind

Trust me: it’s cool to invest. – Juice WRLD

I still see your shadows in my room. – Juice WRLD

Wait until my next girl finds out. Then I’m scared we gon’ break up and fall out. Drownin’ in my thoughts baby looking for a lighthouse.

Elevate elevate elevate me now I am on the ground on the ground have not been myself. – Juice WRLD

Music turns up neighbors telling me to pipe down. – Juice WRLD

I’m probably one of the biggest Drake fans you could ever find. – Juice WRLD

Why did I fall for you? I gave it all for you. – Juice WRLD

I’ve been through the wringer, tryna put a diamond ring on her finger. – Juice WRLD, Candles

You done woke me up from my eternal slumber, I’m the lightning you’re the thunder. – Juice WRLD, Flaws and Sins

Exhale depression as the wind blows. These are the laws of living in vogue. – Juice WRLD, Empty

Everybody stay positive no matter how negative life gets. – Juice WRLD, Nardwuar interview

It’s funny how the blessed ones had the most curses. – Juice WRLD, Rich and Blind

I chase thrills, you still crashin’ Hot Wheels. – Juice WRLD, Maze

Heart on my sleeve, ball with it like a throwback.

We’re perfectly imperfect children. Rose from the dust, all of us are on a mission. – Juice WRLD, Empty

Music is the best way that I can communicate with other people. – Juice WRLD, Billboard interview

Some people don’t get the credit that they deserve strictly based on the color of their skin. And technically speaking, my people made up those same genres. They created that sound in the first place. – Juice WRLD, GQ interview

I like to call myself an artist who can tap into a lot of different sounds. I can make a rap song, and then turn around and make music with a live band if I wanted to. – Juice WRLD, Elevator Mag interview

I wanna be more than a millionaire. I wanna change the world. – Juice WRLD, XXL interview

I don’t know if it’s because my heart hurts or if I am insecure. – Juice WRLD

Nobody on this earth is perfect. Everybody has their flaws; everybody has their dark secrets and vices. – Juice WRLD

I’m running to the money all the time so I can never be late. – Juice WRLD, HeMotions

If you ain’t payin’ a hundred thousand, get the features out my face. – Juice WRLD, Big

You left me falling and landing inside my grave I know that you want me dead. – Juice WRLD

I bet if you someone you never even thought about giving a chance to you’ll be the happiest with. – Juice WRLD

My school had a radio show, and when I first decided to become a rapper, I was on there, and I would, like, freestyle. – Juice WRLD

If anybody’s going through anything. I hope and I pray that you get through it.

Never been afraid to die but I always been afraid to die before I get where I’m going. – Juice WRLD

People will do you wrong over and over, but the one time you call them out your suddenly the bad guy. – Juice WRLD

Honestly the way I make music, you know it is like I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I try my best to make time with music that doesn’t have an expiration date. – Juice WRLD

We are trying to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak. – Juice WRLD

Best Juice WRLD Love Quotes

Juice WRLD Love Quotes

I stay to myself a lot. – Juice WRLD

I miss my mom, I miss my friends, I miss my house, I miss my pet.

She told me to put my heart in the bag and nobody gets hurt. Now I am running from her love I am not fast so I am making it worse. – Juice WRLD

Get outta line and you get punched in your face. Shouldn’t have been around here in the first place.

If you ever get jealous, just remember I chose you out of everyone else. – Juice WRLD

They all always notice when you acting different but they never see what they did to make you start acting that way. – Juice WRLD

I smoke my dope and I pop my perky and lock my phone cuz ..the old fans know

Even in high school, I went through a lot of relationship issues, and that’s at the center of my music. – Juice WRLD

Tell me that it is all okay I have been waiting on this all damn day. – Juice WRLD

You were my everything. Thoughts of a wedding ring. Now I’m just better off dead. – Juice WRLD

The goal in life is not to live forever but to create something that will. – Juice WRLD

Ain’t nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence. – Juice WRLD

I have these Lucid Dreams where I can’t move a thing. – Juice WRLD

You just gotta learn to live and love on.

Thank you, God, for waking me up when u ain’t have to. This life is a blessing I won’t take for granted. – Juice WRLD

One thing my dad told me was, never let your woman know when you’re are insecure. – Juice WRLD

I need to work with your legend. – Juice WRLD

I usually have an answer to the question. But this time I’m gon’ be quiet.

My music is straightforward because I want to give people me and let them know they’re not alone in going through the things that they go through. – Juice WRLD

I got voices in my head, they keep me up at night.

All I ever wanted was real love. Got a pint of the lean, I done lucked up.

Once you fall in love you fall, there’s a reason why we use that word. – Juice WRLD

Don’t let the scale define you. Be active Eat Healthy Be Happy. – Juice WRLD

Either I am a grow with you or outgrow you, I am not standing still for nobody. – Juice WRLD

I got family members that are police officers. I don’t get any problem if you a cop, as long as y’all doing y’all job, and y’all not harassing. – Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD Quotes About Life

juice wrld quotes about life

I know I have a purpose, but I don’t see the purpose. – Juice WRLD

Hate it when they play both sides. Too low in my life. Gotta stay high, gotta stay high.

I think it’s important to add a personal aspect to your music – that’s what makes it authentic at the end of the day. – Juice WRLD

Uh, people love to talk about the money that they make/Nobody wanna talk about the money that they save. – Juice WRLD

I’ve always been involved in music. Whether it be taking piano lessons or something, I always have. – Juice WRLD

Lucid dreaming is dreaming but you being aware that you’re doing it. – Juice WRLD, #Lucid Dreams Quotes Juice WRLD

Don’t run from me, you can’t have it any other way. It’s me or no one.

I feel like that’s what’s going to be most respected at the end of the day, that I’m able to do so many different things and become less of a rapper and just more as a musician. – Juice WRLD

I feel as though if you’re able to control your dreams, you have more power and control over your mind like you could reach more areas of your mind. Therefore, I feel like it creates the ability for you to achieve more things in reality. – Juice WRLD

I can admit and say that I have feelings. – Juice WRLD

By default I’m kind-hearted and it’s a gift, not a curse, you just gotta know who to show your kind heart to.

I had phases of listening to rap and trap, and then I had phases where I’d listen to post-hardcore, rap, grunge, metal… all that. I had different time periods of listening to different music. And now it all clashes together. – Juice WRLD

I talk about a lot of issues I go through and some of my fans go through and try to create a fellowship where people can relate to each other. – Juice WRLD

Words have a lot of power. – Juice WRLD

Even if I’m talking about something that’s negative, I look at it as putting my mistakes out there for people to learn from it. – Juice WRLD

It is hard to separate the art from the artist. – Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD Inspirational Quotes

Juice WRLD Quotes

I never thought about college, but my mom thought about it for me.
I knew 100 percent it wasn’t for me. – Juice WRLD

I don’t want to get lost in everything. I just want to keep the same work ethic. – Juice WRLD

I freestyle everything. – Juice WRLD

I feel like I inspire more people than I think I do. I just need to remember that. – Juice WRLD

I really just like making music. People call that ‘work.’ Like, ‘Oh, you’re going to the studio to work?’ No, that’s even what I do in my off day. I love recording. – Juice WRLD

I started recording in my sophomore year in high school.
I recorded things on my cell phone in my basement. – Juice WRLD

It’s good to put money back into communities. – Juice WRLD

Did I say that out loud? I am so crazy about mine. – Juice WRLD

But now I got a bigger job the world screaming my songs. – Juice WRLD

Drugs can ruin your whole life. – Juice WRLD

What am I to do it seems I fell in love with you. – Juice WRLD

Good Juice WRLD Lyrics And Song Quotes

Juice WRLD Song Quotes

And I cannot change you, so I must replace you, oh Easier said than done. – Juice WRLD

If you a real muthafucka, you gonna always gravitate to genuine energy and activity. – Juice WRLD

I love my life and the ppl it… thank you God for giving me what I have..give me strength to f**k Satan up if he comes this way..amen. – Juice WRLD

I don’t wanna ruin this one

This type of love don’t always come and go. – Juice WRLD

A minor setback paves the way for a major comeback.– Juice WRLD

I’m sad inside, but I know it’s for the best, right? You had to realize when you drew the line. I would cross the line a thousand times; you’ve got what I need, bae, I need your spotlight. –Juice Wrld

The friends that don’t evolve with you are temporary. – Juice WRLD

She does cocaine in my basement. I am her doctor, but I am running out of patience. She told me that she tryna closer to Satan. She is talking to him when she is in the matrix.– Juice WRLD

Toss my pain with my wishes in a wishing well. –Juice Wrld

Growing up means realizing a lot of your friends are not really your friends. –Juice Wrld

Breakaway from everybody break away from everything if you can’t stand the way this place is taken yourself to higher places. – Juice WRLD

Bye negative energy you’re not welcomed anywhere near me in my savior’s name, AMEN. – Juice WRLD

I’m lost tryna find my way.. but every day I realize more and more I can’t find that way without you. – Juice WRLD

I’m your everything so that everything isn’t a problem. – Juice WRLD

By default I’m kind-hearted and it’s a gift, not a curse, you just gotta know who to show your kind heart to. – Juice WRLD

The best feeling in the world is laying w my beautiful wife. – Juice WRLD

I stay to myself a lot. – Juice WRLD

Thank you, God, for waking me up when u ain’t have to. This life is a blessing I won’t take for granted. – Juice WRLD

The devil is so beautiful and strong. but don’t be fooled.. you are much stronger. – Juice WRLD

Made mistakes but that’s what life is about..my mistakes lead me to a better route. – Juice WRLD

A minor setback paves the way for a major come back. – Juice WRLD

What you don’t seem to understand is. You really took my love for granted.

Thank God, I finally found you. You put the light in my eyes when I’m around you.

Don’t know when I met you but I met you. Don’t know why I love you but I love you. It is something bound to that dress, the way it fits you. I don’t even wanna tell you to take it off but baby take it off. – Juice WRLD

Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face? — Juice WRLD

She turned that happy boy into a sad one. Ayy, she turned that happy boy into a mad one.

I just walked in the building. Look like a million, but I’m worth more than a million. – Juice WRLD, Feeling

It’s always good to put thought into shit, but something’s gonna come more from like, a feeling and heart and the soul, less like the mind. – Juice WRLD, XXL interview

I’m a music head and always will be. – Juice WRLD, NME interview

I can count the things that actually relieve my stress on one hand. – Juice WRLD

I’ll never forget about the demons I conquered. Ik I got a way to go but I still made it further than most. – Juice WRLD

I can’t tell what’s real or where I belong. – Juice WRLD

Just know that you do have the strength to get through. Whatever the fuck you goin’ through. No matter what it is.

Words can be as sweet as candy or as sharp as a blade. That’s the beauty of it. – Juice WRLD

Sometimes life’s a mess, I get high when I’m upset. – Juice WRLD

Have you ever fallen head over heels for somebody? That made promises to give you the world? Um. I really hope they held you down. I really hope it was no lying.

Everybody has their mistakes. A mistake is a mistake. Some are more severe than others, but we’re no one to judge the severity of someone’s mistake. As long as we doin’ wrong, as long as we sinnin’, you can’t judge nobody else’s mistakes. – Juice WRLD

I admit it, another ho got me finished. Broken my heart, oh no you didn’t. – Juice WRLD

Lost my mind, trapped in me. I don’t know what’s happening. I’ve been space traveling. Tryna find some inner peace.

The people I looked up to put their demons out there. They provided a path for me to walk on. — Juice WRLD

Date me break me, easily replace me. Hopefully, you see it clearly. hopefully, it’s HD – Juice WRLD

Now I am insane, demons in my brain, love peace I can’t obtain cause all these girls the same, love. – Juice WRLD

What’s the 27 club? We ain’t making it past 21. – Juice WRLD, Legends

They don’t catch feelings, but they’ll catch them a case.

Now I’m running from her love, I’m not fast. So I’m making it worse. Now I’m digging up a grave from my past. – Juice WRLD

I still see your shadows in my room

Can’t take back the love that I gave you

It’s to the point where I love and I hate you

And I cannot change you so I must replace you. – Juice WRLD

She told me put my heart in the bag (In the bag)

And nobody gets hurt (No hurt)

Now I’m running from her love, I’m not fast (Fast). – Juice WRLD

You gave me a heart that was full of mistakes

I gave you my heart and you made heart break. – Juice WRLD

I found your vibe, and I- and I found my high. – Juice WRLD

I know you’ve been goin’ through some things, uh huh

I know you don’t even love the same, do you, do you?

I know you’ve been runnin’ on empty, runnin’ on empty. – Juice WRLD

I admit it, another ho got me finished

Broke my heart, oh, no, you didn’t. – Juice WRLD

You better leave her while you got the chance. – Juice WRLD

Best Juice WRLD Captions

heartbroken quotes by rappers

Welcome to my world, dark and confusin’. Get lost in it often, the same way I’m lost in you.

A lot of men make fun of you for expressing your feelings because they don’t get it. They can’t wrap their heads around the concept of being completely honest and forthright. – Juice WRLD, NME interview

When it gets dark outside, in you I confide, you help me face my demons I won’t hide. – Juice WRLD

Shout out to Sting: that’s the G.O.A.T. right there. The goat. Greatest of all time. – Juice WRLD

You said I love you, and I said it too. The only difference is, I didn’t lie to you. – Juice WRLD

Ain’t no sleep I been feeling like a night owl. Music turned up, neighbors telling me to pipe down.

Tell me you love me, tell me everything gon’ be okay. Tell me you love me, tell me you love me and you gon’ stay.

Money is gonna come regardless. If you doin’ this for money, people gonna be able to tell. For me [it’s more important than] Sting said my music is beautiful, the fact that he performed my version of the song. — Juice WRLD

You make me want to start smoking cigarettes so I die slowly. – Juice WRLD

All gone fuck around and miss out on something with that fake heartless attitude. –Juice Wrld

You made my heartbreak, You made my heartache. – Juice WRLD

I admit it, another ho got me finished. Broke my heart, oh no, you didn’t. F*ck sippin’, I’ma down a whole bottle. Hard liquor, hard truth, can’t swallow.– Juice WRLD

I thought you were the one listenin’ to my heart instead of my head. – Juice WRLD

My world revolves around a black hole, the same black hole that’s in place of my soul. –Juice Wrld

I wanna be more than just a millionaire. I wanna change the world. –Juice Wrld

Break away from everybody. Break away from everything if you can’t stand the way this place is. Take yourself to higher places. –Juice Wrld

I admit it, another ho got me finished, broke my heart, oh no, you didn’t. Fuck sippin’, I’ma down a whole bottle; hard liquor, hard truth, can’t swallow. –Juice Wrld

Some artists not only have good music but good personalities as well. I don’t wanna brag about myself, but people have told me that my personality matches my music—as in it has quality, as in it’s genuine and it’s real. With me, people don’t have to separate the art from the artist. Knock on wood. – Juice WRLD

Date me break me, easily replace me. Hopefully you see it clear. hopefully it’s hd – Juice WRLD

The rap game now, I’m sorry to say it but it’s so motherf*ck*ng soft. You can’t do anything without someone being offended nowadays. When did we become so soft? – Juice WRLD

Drugs got me sweating but the room getting colder looking at the devil and the angel on my shoulder will I die tonight? I don’t know is it over? Looking for my next high. I am looking for closure. – Juice WRLD

My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years then fake my death. – Juice WRLD

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Best Juice WRLD Unreleased Lyrics

Best Juice WRLD Unreleased Lyrics

Unbelievable (Freestyle) Lyrics

He prolly’ went and fucked with Juice The Kid Thats my old name, now it’s Juice WRLD Went to a different planet Now I’m up in two worlds Fuck that shit I’m up in two girls Diamonds and pearls, I’m ruling the world Revenge on my body bitch cause thats my state of mind Stevie Wonder like I said before cause I’ma rob you blind.

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Tick Tock (In The Air) Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Tick Tock (In The Air)” Oh-ah-oh-oh-oh-oh. Yeah. I been on my own shit for so damn long (Ayy) Niggas tryna steal the wave I won’t let ’em run off. They think that I’m soft ’cause I make sad songs (Hah) ‘Till we catch ’em slippin’ at the red light and peel off (Grra grra grra) Sticks in the air.

911 Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “911”. (Yeah) She do coke while I sip codeine. Rap game, crack game, serve it to the dope fiend. She like court side, still catchin’ nosebleed. 9-1-1, this bitch boutta OD. Passed out on my couch, someone take her out. Medics in n’ out, tellin’ her “breathe in n’ out”.

Grace Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Grace”. No, no, no, no (My heart skips a beat when she comes my way) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Beat when she comes my way. From her dress to her hair, she’s the perfect bae. And she never runs out of things to say. My heart skips a beat when she comes my way. Her name is Grace, yeah, Amazing Grace.

Motions Lyrics

With that song with Juice. [Juice WRLD:] I think I’m hooked on emotions (yeah) I’m in too deep like the ocean (yeah) I know I’m lost in the moments (yeah) Baby I do not condone this (yeah) But I’ve been drinkin’ and smokin’ (yeah) You think it’s funny, I’m jokin’ (yeah) But I’m so serious, without you I am delirious, yeah.

Busch Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Busch”. Too many drugs in my body, I’m exhausted (Uh) I got thugs in the lobby in the club fuck your posse. Fuck with me I leave you sitting in a coffin. Bullets eating up your body, one to the head now you silent. I remember window shopping now I cop shit.

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Bye Bye Lyrics

I hit her with a bye bye, bye bye. Your out, your mine. I’m out of pills, you’re out of lies. Stays dark outside, even when it’s day time. Like bye bye, bye bye. Bye bye, bye bye. Uh, see you later, girl I gotta question for you yea, I need a favor. Turn yourself back into a demon Imma demon slayer. Hell pool to your court take me to your lair.

Rikers Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Rikers” This shit real brazy (Gezin) This that copped off the show room floor brazy Fuck nigga Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah, let’s go Woah, woah, woah, let’s go Big ‘ol pointers bitin’ (Diamonds) Can’t even get ’em if you like ’em (Shinin’)

Willing To Die Lyrics

People think of me as a God, I think they take it too far. I think of myself as a problem, I’m a threat to all. Unstoppable, they ain’t comin’ close. Fours in the drink (Yeah) Perks in my mind make me tweak, I can’t think (Yeah) Diamonds, they wet like some soap in the sink (Yeah) Better not look at me wrong.

Floor It Lyrics

Bae lets have a conversation my crotch your twat. Hop in it, yea. Hop in it, yea, hopscotch. She can only get three ways out (uh) oh my god. She keep screaming oh my god, baby girl I’m not Allah (no) Different color pills, you know the deal. I was doing drugs right before the record deal. I was fighting love way before the record deal.

Sad Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Sad” (“Smile” original leak) I’d do anything in my power Want to see you just smile I want you to prosper, and come proper Even if that means I ain’t by your side I’d do anything in my power Want to see you just smile I want you to prosper, and come proper

Denial Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Denial” She want a title I’m in denial Don’t need a rifle Everyone suicidal I’ma burn a bridge I feel like a pyro I’ma say my prayers I’ll be hellbound tomorrow I’m in my sorrow Oxy-my-codone Does someone have a heart That I can borrow Tear me apart Does someone have a heart

Underworld Lyrics

[Juice WRLD:] Demon girl, how come you hold me close? I like it, don’t let go You are my overdose In the underworld, we roam (roam)-oam (roam)-oam (roam)-oam (roam)-oam (roam) I was gettin’ my heart broke, now I’m the heartbreaker She be drawin’ pentagrams, she a soul-taker When she took me to her room, all I saw was three six

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Starstruck Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Starstruck” Yeah We’re Laying in bed You see the I lock eyes Our eyes lock Our eyes locked, you can see the sadness My heart stops, every time you call my name My jaw drops You fell from the stars, and I’m starstruck You fell from the stars Girl am I lost

Who Are You Lyrics

Who are you, who are you? I keep on finessin’ you. I am the God at this, I keep on blessin’ you. Niggas be failin’, ’cause, I keep on testin’ you. I feel like I am a gym, I keep on flexin’ you. I am the best and you know it, I get the drank and I pour it. I get the gun and I show it, run up you know that I’m blowin’.

Cigarettes Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. You May Also Like. blackbear – “Dirty Laundry”My girl don’t want me cause of my dirty laundry, And I think that she knows, I’m out of control, With all of this money they all want something from me, It’s starting to show …

You Don’t Know Me Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. You May Also Like. 6 Dogs – “Faygo Dreams”Cream soda Faygo, damn I’m still dreamin’ They hate on me, I don’t know the reason Finna wake ’em all up cuz’ I know they sleepin’ I’m wide awake but shit I’m still dreamin’ Cream soda Faygo, …

Let It Off Lyrics

[Juice WRLD:] I feel like a boss, bitch, you’re fired, you laid off A killer at heart, bitch, I feel like I’m Adolf In the cut, my AK on me, I’m gonna let it off, uh Don’t believe try me, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it off Catch a body gang, that’s what we about Off the molly gang, at your bitch house Got the whole gang at your bitch house

Dark Place (Demo) Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Dark Place (Demo)” Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Lost in a dark place Trapped in the crawl space In my mind I get lost in I wake up in a coffin They tell me they care They’re just in love with the music So they’ll never know

GAME Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “GAME”. Let’s play a game, big bank, take a lil’ bank. Let’s play a game, sniper, I got range. She play games, she hyper, she love cocaine. She gimmie brain, I like it. I got the touch like Midas. She wanna fuck, I might. I’m full off of food, got the Idas.

Typo Lyrics

Choppa make you fall, like a fucking loose tooth, uh, ruthless. Like my cat do, I’ma bark like my dog do. .40 sneeze nigga, no achoo. Pull up on him, like past you. I go nuts like cashews. Bad bitches, what I like tho. Crazy bitches be my type tho. That was not a typo. But that bitch was just a typo.

Hide Lyrics

[Juice WRLD:] Really think I found my home, shorty made me feel at home She made me leave the thrills at home and I’m fine with it She really made me lose control, I’ma let my love unfold We’re just two lost souls, but we’re fine with it Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Dickinson George, Higgins Jarad.

Demon Love Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Demon Love” Let me tell you about a girl that I know Her name holds too many titles Let me tell you about a girl that I know Her name holds too many titles Sadness, Oppression, Anger, Aggression Make a nigga go suicidal Freezing in my agony, but shit is getting warm

Ration Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. You May Also Like. 6ix9ine – “GOTTI”Got me, got me Rollie Ya can’t even afford it though Got me, got me, uh Gotti got it, uh Gotti got it Came up blood gang, 30 bang, Scum Gang Big choppa, big thang, let your nuts hang Who they? Don’t…

No Good Lyrics

Make ’em disappear, call me Juice WRLD wizard Bae, I’m high off narcotics, so your name I cannot remember Using Opioids openly, openly fuckin’ up my image, yeah One thing you need to know about me is All I ever wanted was love and money, yeah One thing you need to know about me is This rock-star life turned me to a junkie

All Girls Are The Same Lyrics

Juice WRLD said in an interview to POWER 92, Chicago, in April 2018, “Really that song was kinda like a compilation of everything I’ve been to like all the negatives as far as relationships.” Cole Bennett directed the official music video for this track.

Never Cared Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Never Cared”. Southside on the track, yeah. Smoking cookie crisp, huh, stupid bitch. Uh, uh, ooh, uh. Let my girlfriend hold a strap nigga no dyke. Doing drive-bys at night nigga no lights. Hating on me fuck nigga got no life. Grew up with niggas that’s locked up for life.

Jeffery Lyrics

Keep my stick on me, make you bleed. Would have never shot you if you let me be. Young Rich Nigga, that’s a guarantee. I be with a killer, like Jeffery. No Dahmer, I’m a problem. You a goon cool, I got goblins. Fuck with me, make you leak like a faucet. Mix the liquor up, skrt now I’m nauseous.

Karma (Skit) Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Karma (Skit)” Okay, it’s me again (I’ve called you, like 30 times now! Why can’t you answer the phone now?) And no I have called you back a billion times Why can’t you answer the phone? What-(yeah!) I know I’m sorry I told you, that none of that meant nothing to me!

Burn Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Burn”. I can take one percocet, start the night off I just took a 60. Burberry on me, shoot you in your back, you just got pretty Ricky. I tie the Chanel runners and I get back to runnin’ the city. And I know that it’s hell comin’, I ain’t worried, my niggas, they with me. Gotta put the narcotics down, I can feel ’em fuckin …

Stabbed You Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics “Stabbed You” The song I feel the worst, but I’m still wishing you the best Every morning woke up mad at me, reminding me of my past It seems as though I’m only good at one thing, making you upset, uh Treated me like a pest, then wonder why I left

Slick Rick Freestyle Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Slick Rick Freestyle”. I pull up on a nigga like Slick (huh), Rick (huh) One eye closed don’t miss (huh) Hop out the trap with them sticks (huh) We, just hit a lick (huh) Rich (ay), bitch (ay), you can’t tell me shit (huh) 2, 4, 6, 8 fucks that I don’t give. Bitch I’m Slick (huh), Rick (huh)

Spanglish Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. “Spanglish”. 999, oh-ohh. Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) I’m just tryna fuck his main bitch (Woah, woah, woah) I’m just totin’ on my stainless (Gang, gang, gang, gang) Nigga fuck ya’ and everyone ya’ hang with (Nigga, fuck you) Choppa talking, that bitch speaking Spanglish (Gra, gra, gra)

Hypnotic (Keep It Together) Lyrics

Juice WRLD Lyrics. You May Also Like. Lil Uzi Vert – “Erase Your Social”Know I walk with the racks on me Bad bitch want back back And you know she throw that ass on me I don’t want that girl ’cause She want me ’cause the cash on me Yeah, …

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What did Juice WRLD say about life?

Juice WRLD said, “Life is like a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs, but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.”


Overall, Juice WRLD was an incredibly talented artist who left behind a legacy of inspiring and thought-provoking lyrics. His lyrics often explore themes of mental health, love, and life in general. His words can provide comfort to those going through difficult times and serve as a reminder to never give up. Juice WRLD’s quotes will continue to inspire people for generations to come.