Best It Is What It Is Quotes Of All Time [In 2024]

It Is What It Is Quotes

If you wonder who the author of the famous phrase “It is what It is” is, you’re not the only one. This phrase is widely used and quoted in many situations. It is a great idiom that contains more than just a kernel of truth. In just a few words, this saying conveys a wide range of emotions. Here are the best It Is What It Is Quotes.

It Is What It Is Quotes

What comes, when it comes, will be what it is. Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

Even so, I’m somebody.

I’m the Discoverer of Nature.

I’m the Argonaut of true sensations.

I bring a new Universe to the Universe

Because I bring the Universe to itself. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep

I’m glad I see with my eyes and not the pages I’ve read

Night doesn’t fall for my eyes

But my idea of the night is that it falls for my eyes.

Beyond my thinking and having any thoughts

The night falls concretely

And the shining of stars exists like it had weight. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

I consider a dream like I consider a shadow, answered Caeiro, with his usual divine, unexpected promptitude. A shadow is real, but it’s less real than a rock. A dream is real if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be a dream but less real than a thing. That’s what being real is like. ― Álvaro de Campos

On a whitely cloudy day, I get sad, almost afraid,

And I begin to meditate about problems I make up. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

And since today’s all there is for now, that’s everything.

Who knows if I’ll be dead the day after tomorrow?

If I’m dead the day after tomorrow, the thunderstorm day after tomorrow

Will be another thunderstorm than if I hadn’t died.

Of course I know thunderstorms don’t fall because I see them,

But if I weren’t in the world,

The world would be different

There would be me the less

And the thunderstorm would fall on a different world and would be another thunderstorm.

No matter what happens, what’s falling is what’ll be falling when it falls.

(7/10/1930) ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

I saw that there is no Nature,

That Nature doesn’t exist,

That there are hills, valleys, plains,

That there are trees, flowers, weeds,

That there are rivers and stones,

But there is not a whole these belong to,

That a real and true wholeness

Is a sickness of our ideas. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep

Accept the universe

As the gods gave it to you.

If the gods wanted to give you something else

They’d have done it.

If there are other matters and other worlds

There are. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

“All my friends seem to be smart arses. Don’t ask me why. Like many things, it is what it is.” – Markus Zusak

“The Madden Curse has really taken on a life of its own. People just love talking about it, and it is what it is, but I look at it as a challenge.” – Drew Brees

“High school made me realize that a lot of people will change just to fit in.”

“It is what it is. I can’t change what’s happened to me.” – Giles Duley

Fernando Pessoa

Les dieux sont ceux qui ne doutent jamais. ― Fernando Pessoa

It’s the poet we love in Caeiro, not the philosopher. What we really get from these poems is a childlike sense of life, with all the direct materiality of the child’s mind, and all the vital spirituality of hope and increase that exist in the body and soul of nescient childhood. Caeiro’s work is a dawn that wakes us up and quickens us; a more than material, more than anti-spiritual dawn. It’s an abstract effect, pure vacuum, nothingness. ― Álvaro de Campos

The amorous shepherd has lost his staff,

And his sheep are straying on the hillside,

And he didn’t even play the flute he brought to play because he was thinking so much.

No one came to him or went away. He never found his staff again.

Others, cursing at him, gathered his sheep for him.

No one had loved him, in the end.

When he got up from the hillside and the false truth, he saw everything:

The great valleys full of the same green as always,

The great distant mountains, more real than any feeling,

All reality, with the sky and the air and the fields that exist, is present.

(And once again the air, that he’d missed for so long, entered coolly into his lungs)

And he felt that the air was opening again, but with pain, a liberty in his chest.

(7/10/1930) ― Alberto Caeiro, O Pastor Amoroso

A kid thinking about fairy tales and believing in fairy tales

Acts like a sick god, but like a god.

Because even though he affirms that what doesn’t exist exists,

He knows things exist, that he exists,

He knows existing exists and doesn’t explain itself,

And he knows there’s no reason at all for anything to exist.

He knows being is the point.

All he doesn’t know is that thought isn’t the point.

(10/1/1917) ― Alberto Caeiro

If I talk about her like she’s a being

It’s because talking about her I need to use the language of men

Which gives personality to things,

And imposes a name on things. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep

Praise be to God I’m not good,

And have the natural egotism of flowers

And rivers following their bed

Preoccupied without knowing it

Only with blooming and flowing.

This is the only mission in the World,

This to exist clearly,

And to know how to do it without thinking about it.) ― Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep

Between what I see in a field and what I see in another field

There passes for a moment the figure of a man.

His steps go with him in the same reality,

But I look at him and them, and they’re two things:

The man goes walking with his ideas, false and foreign,

And his steps go with the ancient system that makes legs walk.

I see him from a distance without any opinion at all.

How perfect that he is in him what he is — his body,

His true reality which doesn’t have desires or hopes,

But muscles and the sure and impersonal way of using them. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

Nothing at all reminds us of something else when we pay attention to it.

Each thing only reminds us of what it is

And it’s only what nothing else is.

The fact that it’s it separates it from every other thing.

(Everything’s nothing without another thing that’s not it). ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

I was born subject like others to errors and defects,

But never to the error of wanting to understand too much,

Never to the error of wanting to understand only with the intellect.

Never to the defect of demanding of the World

That it be anything that’s not the World. ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro

You tell me I have to crush a field of babies to keep breathing? Sure. You say people who rely on me aren’t going to live unless I turn someone’s head into a bowl of gravy? I’m there. I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t think about it. It just is what it is. It’s survival. ― Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, Vol. 26: Call to Arms

I’m not sure what the future holds but I do know that I’m going to be positive and not wake up feeling desperate. As my dad said ‘Nic, it is what it is, it’s not what it should have been, not what it could have been, it is what it is.’ – Nicole Kidman

Those people have seen something. What it is, I do not know, and I am not curious to know. – Albert Einstein

One good thing about the past is that you can’t change it. So there’s no reason to go back. It’s there. It is what it is. The only thing you can change is right now and what’s happening next. – Neil Young

It is what it is. Either walk on or accept. – Deborah Lawrenson

Where every man on earth to become atheist, it could not affect God in any way. He is what He is in himself without regard to any other. To believe in him adds nothing to his perfections; to doubt Him takes nothing away. – Aiden Wilson


Is it what it is a good saying?

Is it what it is a good saying? This popular saying is often used to describe situations where people need to accept things as they are. It can be a good way to encourage someone to move on from a difficult situation.

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What are good short quotes?

There are many good short quotes. Some are funny, some are inspirational, and some are just wise words that can help you in life. It really depends on what you are looking for. A good place to start is by reading some quotes from famous people or by looking up quotes that relate to your current situation. Whatever you do, make sure to choose a short quote that you can remember easily.

What are some deep quotes?

There are many deep quotes that can be found online. Some of these quotes are about life, love, and happiness. Others are about sadness, loss, and grief. Whatever you are looking for, you can likely find a deep quote that speaks to you.

What is the saying of Mark Zuckerberg?

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It is what it is quotes can be interpreted in many ways. Some people may see them as inspirational, while others may view them as pessimistic. No matter what your interpretation is, one thing is for sure: these quotes will make you think about life and its many complexities.

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