How To Return Chegg Books 2024? Best Full Guide

How To Return Chegg Books

Chegg is an online learning and education services portal offering everything from deep discounts on textbook rentals to assignment assistance from specialists to internship and scholarship assistance. And, given the present change to online learning, its sources are more useful than ever.

Chegg’s providers are numerous, and the absolute variety of choices can be overpowering. So we have broken down all of the strategies to spend less, your GPA, and your sanity. So, how to return Chegg books for refund? Reading to find out more.

How To Return Chegg Books?

Returning your book to Chegg is super simple!

  • Catch the books which are expected.
  • Get your prepaid UPS return label.
  • Bundle up them in any box. You do not need to use your orange Chegg box.
  • Slap that return tag on the box.
  • Drop it off in the nearest UPS shop on or before your due date!

Using UPS allows you to return your books to people at no cost. It is possible to use this prepaid return label to send your texts back through UPS. If you can not return your books utilizing Neighborhood Parcel, you will be liable for any shipping charges back to Chegg.

Chegg Books

What To Expect After You Drop Off Your Package?

When the delivery carrier has obtained and scanned your bundle (s), you are all set! Now, you should not be charged any extra fees for your books.

It may take up to 2 weeks to process your books as soon as you drop them off in the delivery carrier.

We’ll email you once we have received your package. Then you’ll get an extra email for every book as it is checked in.

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What Happens If I Return a Chegg Book Too Late?

Chegg is a digital instructional company that provides textbook rentals. The business has a simple rental coverage. On the other hand, the content differs for digital and physical books. Should you go back to the book too late, then you may either pay an extension fee or a substantial late fee for any issues coming into a book, contact customer services.

Chegg is an American educational firm with roughly 4 million readers. They provide services like textbook rentals (both physical and electronic) and online tutoring, amongst others.

So far as textbook leases are involved, they are typically rented out using a particular due date as in a conventional library. Consequently, you have to return the book before or on the due date as agreed between you and the corporation.

The fantastic thing is that Chegg has a relatively clear cut return policy, as we’ll see below. There’s a different policy for returning electronic textbooks and for digital books.

If you do not want the textbook you leased from Chegg or picked the wrong reader, then you may return to the business within three months before ordering the book.

What Happens If I Return a Chegg Book Too Late

The procedure for doing this is as follows:

  1. Launch your web browser and then start the Chegg site.
  2. Log into a Chegg account.
  3. Proceed to print the return tag from the corporation. You’ll need to pay a small charge for this.
  4. Pack the book or books firmly in a box and then wrap it firmly. Make sure you include the prepaid return tag.
  5. Examine the return tag that will inform you of the delivery business you will use to return the normally FedEx or UPS book.
  6. Locate a drop-off place for the delivery provider and choose the box.
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You should notice it may take up to fourteen days to process a return petition as soon as you’ve dropped it off in a delivery carrier. The business will then email you whenever they get your package. They’ll message you about every book separately.

They’ll also email you if your refund has been confirmed. Then you’ll get a refund within five days for your delivery expenses.

how to return chegg rental books


Can I make Chegg book return in any box?

It is possible to use almost any box! You can reuse (and recycle) your orange Chegg box or utilize any blank box to return your book. So long as your shipping company accomplishes it, so will we! Books you need to return could be transmitted in 1 package to save cash!

How do I return a Chegg book online?

Chegg’s textbook return policy. You might want to log in if you have not previously done so. Pack your books firmly in any box, then tape the return label to the chest. Drop the package off in the delivery carrier cited on your tag.

Why is Chegg charging me monthly?

I have a Chegg Study subscription. In the event you signed up for Chegg Study at any stage, the subscription might have revived and which could be the charge you’re seeing. If you can’t find an applicable subscription, consider logging in with additional potential email addresses you may have used to register to get a Chegg account.

Do you get your money back when you rent books from Chegg?

Digital Return Policy: If you are not happy with any electronic book that you lease or buy from us, or else you cancel a course and do not need it, then you might return it for a complete refund within the first 14 times by visiting your My Account page and following the directions for returns.

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Is Chegg legit?

Is valid? Yes, it certainly is. As an Issue thing Pro, you should begin answering questions with no fear of non-payment or abuse details. I’ve been using CHEGG for over 1.5 decades now.

How long does Chegg take to ship books?

In the United States, we deliver anywhere! Depending on the delivery method selected, where the book is coming from, and where it is going, shipment can take 1–10 business days. During the ordering process, you will see your delivery options.

Where to drop off Chegg books?

Deliver it to your neighborhood UPS location on or before the due date! You can return your books to us for free if you use UPS. You can send your books back via UPS using this pre-paid return label. You will be liable for any shipping costs back to Chegg if you cannot return your books through Neighborhood Parcel.


Hopefully that you men will feel fulfilled with the step for how to reunite Chegg books.

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