How To Read More Books? Best Full Guide 2021

How To Read More Books

It is easy to see that reading books can positively impact your mental and physical health. These benefits can last a lifetime. These benefits begin as early as childhood and last through senior years. How To Read More Books? Did you ever wonder about this question? You might be interested in learning more about the best way to read other books from Penn Book.

How To Read More Books?

These tips will help you find more time for reading, avoid burnout, and achieve your goals. It would help if you remembered that not all ideas work for everyone. This list can be a source of inspiration, but you don’t necessarily have to follow all the recommendations. Reading should be enjoyable and not be a chore. I hope you find this list helpful in achieving your reading goals.



Intentionally spending more time reading is the best way to read more. It seems simple, right? It’s easy to keep your resolution to read throughout the year. The best thing is to incorporate reading into your daily routine. You can read before you get up in the morning while you have your coffee. Or, spend your lunch break reading. Reading will become a habit once it is a part of your daily routine.


You only have so much time in a day. You can double your time if you can do two tasks at once. While you read a book, do something else that requires your full attention. While I’m working out, cleaning, or walking, I enjoy reading or listening to books. The most difficult books can be saved for when you have your full attention.


It is not a way to achieve your reading goals. You will lose all enjoyment from reading and slow down your progress by sticking with books you don’t enjoy. It is important to quit early and not feel guilty. You can declare a DNF (didn’t finish) if you don’t feel the book after 20-30 pages. Then, move on to something you love. It’s too easy to hate books.


You won’t get bored if you have a book. It’s amazing how many hours you can fill with reading when you have a book at your disposal. There are many places where you can squeeze in more pages, such as waiting for the bus, at the grocery store, at the doctor’s, or even on an elevator ride. You don’t have to carry a book around, so I recommend an e-reader.


Sometimes, no matter how much you love a book or the story itself, you don’t feel like reading it. This can be a problem if you have a lofty reading goal. Reading multiple books simultaneously can help you move forward. There are many ways to read multiple books simultaneously, but I think the most important tip is to ensure that each book is unique in its genre and style. It is easy to keep the plots in historical mysteries separate from those in contemporary romance novels and keep them out of nonfiction books on politics. This helps you have a book that suits your mood, so you don’t miss any of your daily reading time.


Setting a goal to read more books is a great way to make it easier. A goal will help you stay motivated and ensure you are on the right track. Goodreads Reading Challenge can help you track your progress and keep you on track. Be realistic about your goal. It will discourage you if it isn’t achievable.


Book hangovers are a common problem for those who want to read more. To keep my reading pace up and avoid book hangovers, I find that changing up the genre of the books I’m reading is the best way for me to do so. Have you just finished a sci-fi novel? You can continue the story with the true crime! Are you still reeling from the romance novel that you just finished? Next, try a humorous memoir! This keeps you entertained. It also helps avoid direct comparisons between books of the same genre and eliminates confusion between plot lines or characters.


I believe in reading outside your comfort zone. The best books are about discovering new places and experiences, so don’t be afraid to explore the world of books. You can also read comics and graphic memoirs like Rep. John Lewis’s March series. You can also dive into poetry and novels in verse like Elizabeth Acevedo’s The Poet X. Robin Ryle’s She/He/They/Me is a book that allows you to choose your path. You may discover your new favorite thing, and it will change your reading experience.


A reading tracker can help you keep track of your book goals and provide insight into your reading habits. Book Riot’s digital book tracker and Read Harder journal are my favorites, but there are many other options. You can find one that suits you and helps you reach your goals. You might even notice patterns in your reading habits, which could help you to read more books over the year.


LISTENING TO AUDIOBOOKS ISN’T CHEATING. Audiobooks can be a great way to learn and retain information. Multitasking is possible with audiobooks. An audiobook can be listened to while you drive, exercise, walk, or do other tasks. It’s also a great way to avoid eye fatigue if you have been reading a lot. If you are new to audiobooks or unsure if they will work for you, I recommend that you start with a memoir written by a famous author, such as We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. You can also try short stories or essays shorter and easier to listen to, such as We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, Samantha Irby.


Reading is one of the best New Year’s resolutions. Accountability partners are a great way to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. It is helpful to have someone beside you, and even better if they can read with you. Talking about what you are reading can encourage you to finish the book. Your bookish friend may also have other recommendations based on the discussion. It’s a win/win situation!


Participate in a readathon to reach your reading goals and have fun with other readers. Bookstagrammers and bloggers often host readathons throughout the year. Participants commit to reading for a specific period. Many readathons have a theme or recommend books. Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon is a great place to start if you are new to readathons. This is a great way for you to get excited and join the academic community.



Traveling is my favorite place to read. Traveling on trains, buses, or planes gives you the opportunity to read in various places. Reading a book can help make your trip go more quickly. Don’t forget to bring a book with you next time you fly. To accommodate different reading styles, pack multiple books and ensure your reader has exciting options. Listening to audiobooks is a great option for those who are on the road.


Book clubs can be a great way for you to keep on track with your reading goals. Book clubs encourage you to complete a book within a set time frame. Book clubs are a great way for you to be more involved in your reading and share your thoughts with other members. A book club helps you release some of that “what should I read next?” pressure to prevent you from reading your next book. You can add 12 books to your annual reading goal if you join a monthly book group.


It is important to be aware of your limits to avoid burnout. Do not push yourself to read too much, and you will end up feeling tired, headache, or eye strain. This is especially important when reading material that requires a lot of focus and concentration. After reading a chapter or page, take a break to walk, eat a snack, or catch up on your favorite TV series. You don’t have to stop reading for a day. Your reading goal should be a marathon and not a sprint.


It can be expensive to be a book lover. It’s great to support authors and buy their books. However, it can be costly to purchase enough books to reach your goal. There are many options to purchase books without spending a lot of money. You can take advantage of everything your local library has available, including audiobooks and ebooks. To exchange an old book, find a Little Free Library close to you. Book swaps can be organized with your friends or at a local used bookstore. You’ll be a blessing to your budget.


If a book is repetitive or too detailed, it’s easy for people to become frustrated. This can lead them to lose sight of the goal. It’s okay to do some educated skimming if you can use it to help you get back in the book. The main takeaway from my speed-reading guide is to read every paragraph, section, chapter, and chapter. This will ensure that you can still grasp the main points without getting lost in the details. If you find yourself skimming through the entire book without enjoying it, you may want to DNF.


A comfortable reading area can make it easier to read more books. You can create a reading space in your home that is comfortable and has good lighting. This will make reading less stressful and allow you to enjoy the moment and relax.


It’s much easier to read more books if you enjoy the books you are reading. Researching new books can take up a lot of time. Talk to friends or a local bookseller for recommendations. Book Riot is where I find many of my favorite book recommendations. A book subscription service like Book Riot’s TBR service can be used. You can tell your TBR biologist which books you enjoy, and they will make recommendations that you’ll love.



Are there any bad habits that you want to get rid of with your New Year’s Resolutions? Reading can help you fill in the gaps in your life. You might want to cut down on your social media time, reduce TV time or quit smoking. You can reclaim that time to achieve your reading goals. If you feel the temptation to scroll through Twitter for too long, you can set a timer of five minutes and spend the rest of your time reading.


Is it possible to read 1000 books in a year?

An average person spends 608 hours per year on social media. An average person watches 1,642 hours of TV each year. You can read 1,000 books if you give up 2250 hours of TV per year.

Is it possible to read 200 books in a year?

Why is it so difficult to read quickly? You may now think that reading 200 books per year is impossible and you don’t have the time. It will take 417 hours just to read 200 books at 400 wpm, according to math.

Can a person read a 400-page book in one day?

Although reading 400 pages in one day may not be ideal, it is possible. It is possible to do this if you consider several factors. Not only is your reading speed important, but many other factors also play a role. You may recall the Harry Potter books being extremely popular a few years back.

What are the 7 strategies of reading?

Teachers should teach students the seven cognitive strategies for effective reading comprehension: activating and inferring; monitoring-clarifying; questioning; searching-selecting; summarizing; visualizing-organizing.

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