How To Promote Your Books? Best Full Guide [2021]

How To Promote Your Books

If you are an author, marketing is your number one priority. To pique the interest of your target audience and encourage them to buy your book, you need to develop a marketing and promotional strategy. You need to build and maintain a good reputation. How To Promote Your Books? It’s best to start thinking about how you can promote your book before it is published. This is how it works, based on book promotion tips from bestselling authors.

How to Promote Your Books?

These are ten ways you can promote your book even if there are no funds.

1. Posts for guest blogs

Posts for guest blogs

Guest posts are still relevant, despite the rumors. Guest posts can still be a powerful way to draw attention to your work and yourself. However, the secret to writing blog posts that are aimed at your book type is to be specific.

You can do some searching to find blogs related to your niche and then reach out to them with an offer to write a post. You will find guidelines on guest postings on many blogs. If they are available, search for them and follow them.

Don’t forget to include a brief bio (one to two sentences) at the bottom of each post to point people towards your work. It might look something like this:

Bob Smith is the author of “Killing Thyme: A Cookbook Mystery”. You can find his books at

Cost: Your time is all that matters.

2. Interviews on Blog and Podcast

Many bloggers and podcasters are looking for interview subjects. You can search for content producers in your niche and contact them via their websites or other contact options.

A good pitch is essential. The secret to making a great pitch is to tell the content producer why you are a good interview. Take this example:

“Killing Thyme: a Cookbook Mystery” is the book I’m the author of. It’s partly based on my 25-years as a professional chef. It was therapy. After 25 years of being a professional chef, I wanted to kill everyone and double-murder every person who ate at my restaurant. It was easier to write a novel and get my revenge on the page.

Your podcast and blog have been a constant source of information for me over the years. I think your listeners would enjoy learning about my journey to becoming a novelist. I would love to be interviewed and have the opportunity to tell my story and promote my book.

Thanks for your thyme!

Er … time.


COST: Thyme. Er … time.

3. Create Your Podcast and Podiobooks

Podcasts are an extremely popular market because they provide free content that listeners can access and enjoy at their own pace. Podcasts are available on almost every topic. Some podcasts even have stories. These podcasts are also known as audiobooks.

Record your work with your phone, computer, or a separate recording device. These recordings can be made available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Simplecast. fm or Libsyn provide RSS feeds that allow you to distribute your content to subscribers.

At the end and beginning of each broadcast, inform viewers where to find your books and you online.

The hosting costs $15 per month.

4. Make a YouTube Channel

Video is becoming more popular than podcasting and can cover any topic you want. You can create a YouTube channel to talk about your work, share samples, interview other authors, answer viewer/viewer questions, or do anything else that interests you.

For example, you could create a slideshow that would accompany your reading. Write a few words about yourself and your work in the notes. Then link to the places people can find you online.

COST: You can make the channel monetizable and even get paid.

5. Join the Facebook reader group (and other places)

This is a tricky one because it takes a lot of time, and it can be very inefficient if you spam groups with “buy my books” messages all the time. It is much more efficient and effective to join a group as an active participant and take the time to establish yourself.

If you are a writer of science fiction, thrillers, or other genres, join groups that discuss books, movies, television shows, and more. These genres are ideal. Participate in the discussion and be a fan.

When people trust you, you can naturally tell them that you are a writer. You could say something like, “I used something similar in DaVinci Code in my book.” Although it’s not the same, it’s a similar concept.” You can also link to your book in the comments if someone asks about your book. Although most groups ban advertising outright, they are usually open to linking to something when someone asks.

Be active in the group and not just an advertiser. If you do too much promotion, it can be seen as fraud. Participate in the group discussions and be a good member of the community. The community will be happier to support you.

COST: It’s just your time, but it is worth it to build a community of people who share your interests.

6. Take a local book tour

Take a local book tour

Ask schools, libraries, bookstores, and anyone else you can think of to do a reading or signing. A portion of the book sales will go to this group. While most schools and libraries don’t charge anything, donations are welcome to help the school and library.

COST: A percentage from your book sales.

7. Promoted posts on Facebook

Promoted posts can help you get some traction if you have a budget of even $5 per day.

The post should be written like an advertisement for your book. Include a photo that grabs attention. allows you to download a stock image for free (or $1) and then place your book on top of that image. This can be used to complement the text you will write for your post.

This can be posted to your Author’s Page on Facebook. You can then share the post anywhere you want, even in groups that you belong to, if you have permission. You can also promote your post for a fee via your author page. The post then becomes an advertisement. These are very affordable and can help you gain new readers.

COST: $5-10 per day (more or less depending on your budget).

8. Use your Mailing List

Start a mailing list if you don’t already have one. Offer something to encourage people to sign up. You can offer a brief story about the universe in which you are writing.

However, make that story unique. It is only possible for people to sign up on your mailing list.

Once they’re on your mailing list, send them emails about yourself, your work, and the vacation you’re taking. Ask them questions about their lives. Engage them. Do not spam them with “buy my ebook” every day. Your mailing list should be treated like a close friend that you keep informed about your work and life.

Mailchimp can be used to create a list for free and then upgrade to paid services.

COST: No cost, but some time to enjoy the good stuff

9. Use Instafreebie

Start a group promotion by putting your book on Instafreebie. These are usually found by joining author groups on Facebook (BooksTo50K is one example).

This will help you build your mailing list and allow you to promote other books if you include an Also By page. Draft2Digital can convert your manuscript and create several promotional pages. Once you have done that, upload the ePub file to Instafreebie to get started building your mailing list.

COST: $20/month for Instafreebie subscription and Draft2Digital.

10. Group Promotions

Group Promotions

Participate in group promotions. These promotions are often found in Facebook author groups. This is where you can join forces with other authors in your genre and agree to share your work via your mutual mailing lists or social networks.

COST: With a little bit of time, but free.

These are only a few of the many options available, but your imagination is limitless. Get creative and get involved. It will be easier to pitch your work casually if you are a part of the audience you are trying to reach. Use that creative noodle to consider all non-intrusive, polite, and community-building ways to introduce your books to the people in your audience.


How do I promote my book on Facebook?

Create an author Facebook page. You can create a page specifically for you as an author to promote your book(s). Schedule giveaways, book tours, release dates. Connect with your readers in a professional space. You can also use the page for linking to your blog and website.

How much do you get paid if you publish a book on Amazon?

A book must be priced between $9.99 and $2.99 to qualify for 70% royalty in the US. Book prices below $2.99 and above $9.99 earn 35% royalties. For prices outside of the US, please visit Amazon’s list price requirements page. The rest of the tab is completed, and you can click “Publish your Kindle ebook.”

How much does it cost to market a book?

You will need to market your book once you have self-published it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be costly. For first-time authors, the average marketing budget is between $50 and $200.

Do publishers promote your book?

They can provide metadata about your book to Amazon, other online bookstores and get it into the pipelines for wholesalers. Many of these companies promote new books via social networks. … Publishers market all of their books, even though the details vary from publisher to publisher.

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For authors publishing their books through a traditional publisher, it is not important to think about book marketing. The publisher will handle book marketing and distribution. This includes arranging editorial reviews and book signing events, book launch and signing events, and a spot at a book fair. The self-publishing author, however, will have to do all of this by themselves. They can draw inspiration and advice from as many sources as possible.

This article is not meant to be a comprehensive list of book marketing strategies. It is meant to help you understand the core concept of marketing: communication about your book on as many platforms and platforms as possible. You will find many other ways to promote your book and reach more people as you read the book marketing tips. You will find that one thing leads to another. It is important to get started. Have fun with marketing!

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