How To Post Quotes On Instagram Story And Post? Best Full Guide 2024

How To Post Quotes On Instagram

What are some creative ways to post quotes on Instagram? Quotes can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can serve as inspiration, affirmations, or just something funny and lighthearted to brighten someone’s day.

How To Post Quotes On Instagram? This blog post will explore how you can use quotes creatively on Instagram. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Power of Instagram Quotes For Your Business

Instagram quotes are often thought of as fillers for content schedules.

They do more.

Motivational quotations are popular. Short, witty, and eye-catching information can motivate and inspire.

Companies brand Instagram quotes:

  • Get more engagement
  • Creativity Boost
  • Their strong brand is important, but most importantly, it highlights their strengths.
  • Communicate with your audience on an emotional level.

Quotes may inspire and promote your brand.

Imagine consistently developing company quotes. Sharing motivating quotations with followers helps boost engagement and content sharing.

Engagement improves Instagram’s algorithm. This keeps your posts visible.

Thus, Instagram quotes might boost brand affinity if the material matches your goal.

The Power of Instagram Quotes For Your Business

How To Post A Quote On Instagram?

Including Instagram quotations in your content strategy maximizes their use.

Market with these quotes. Please use them more carefully. Random Facebook quotes are bad.

Audience-relatable quotes matter.

These Instagram quote ideas enhance your brand.

Share inspiring content

Instagram quotes inspire followers best. Many brands utilize #MotivationMonday or #InspirationDaily to post inspirational quotes weekly.

This strategy must be brand-specific.

Fitness brands can utilize #FitnessMotivation to inspire followers to exercise.

Publish testimonials

It is extremely helpful to increase brand engagement by sharing social proof. Instagram is one platform that allows you to do this. You can encourage your followers to leave feedback about your products by sharing testimonials.

Share team quotes

Many companies use their Instagram account as a way to promote their culture. Your employees can share their thoughts on Instagram, which is a great way to promote your company’s culture.

This will help you showcase your culture and attract top talent. You can also visually show your humanity.

Tell a story

Instagram is a great place to share stories. A good story is hard to miss.

Visual quotes are a great way to share memorable quotes as part of your campaign or narrative.

Share excerpts from your content

Quotes maximize content reuse.

To sample a blog post, share a quote.

Podcast quotes can highlight key points.

Interview quotes can urge your followers to watch the video again.

How to Post Quotes on Instagram With the Use of an App?


This is a challenge for brands to post quotes every day on Instagram. How can you do this without it looking dull?

These are the best Instagram quotes. They are so creative and unique.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a designer to create similar effects. You can easily create quotes for Instagram using many online apps.

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These are the top best app for posting quotes on Instagram:


Social media image creator Canva is popular. It generates quotes using many design templates.

Canva makes it easy to modify quotation colors, fonts, themes, and styles.

Instagram Stories’ simple editor lets you resize posts.

Save your templates for future Instagram quote creation.


PicMonkey also does everything. It can generate graphics, templates, and edit photographs, including backdrops. They have millions of stock photographs, movies, and animations. This tool’s drawbacks. Subscribe to download and share your photographs.

You get 1GB cloud storage or limitless storage with a premium subscription. Edit anywhere, save to the cloud, and access designs from any device.

Adobe Spark

Another popular tool for designing social media content is Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is not only a tool to create quotes, but it’s also a powerful graphic design tool that can be used for all of your marketing activities.

Adobe Spark can create new quotes with different font styles, colors, and font options.

Adobe Spark works just like Canva and will save you time creating engaging quotes.

You can use the tool to create thousands of images and designs for free. However, you can upgrade your plan to access premium templates and to create branded Instagram posts.

It would help if you remembered that you could not remove the Adobe Spark watermark logos more than once.

Word Swag

Word Swag

Word Swag makes it easy to create Instagram quotes in just a few steps.

This tool lets you create quotes with your text layouts, backgrounds, and images.

Word Swag integrates with Pixabay to provide a library of thousands of photos. You can also find inspiration from hundreds of quotes and thoughts.

You can download the app for iOS or Android free of charge, but you can also purchase additional features such as fonts, colors, and the ability to add a logo.


Text2Pic is a great tool for creating quotes if you need access to different font styles and formatting options.

Text2Pic is easy to use. You can also connect it to your Instagram account to share the quotes.

You can easily take your quotes to the next level with the built-in typography generator.

You can purchase additional backgrounds and fonts for an additional fee.

Quotes by Creator

Quotes Creator can make a quick option for your Instagram quote creation.

This tool is available for both iOS and Android. It offers a great user experience, many fonts, backgrounds, and fonts for your quote images.

The Quotes Creator offers a unique feature that allows you to suggest quotes for use. You can also access their attributions so you can give them credit.


VanillaPen is described as a powerful tool that can transform regular posts into beautiful posters in seconds. You will find more than 200 templates, 86 fonts, and 360 decorative elements. It also allows you to perform basic design functions like rotating, resizing, and many more. You can then export the design and share it to any social media platform you choose.

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Fotor - quotes to share on instagram

Fotor is an outstanding tool. It offers a large variety of templates, fonts, photos, and stickers that rival the best apps. Fotor’s photo editing and retouching capabilities are what make it stand out.

This feature set is similar to Adobe Photoshop but much simpler. Fotor has various tools that can be used to create amazing Instagram graphics, including blur effects and background removers.

Tips to Consider When Sharing Quotes on Instagram

Tips to Consider When Sharing Quotes on Instagram

You are familiar with the benefits of including quotes in your Instagram strategy. You also know how to create an Instagram quote post.

These are some things I recommend you remember before you start creating your quotes.

Keep your eyes on the brand

Your brand is your greatest asset. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or not. It is important to establish your branding for your quotes as well as any other posts.

Your logo, profile picture, and Instagram Stories can all be aligned to reflect your brand.

You can then reflect on this in your quotations.

Choose a quote maker that allows you to be consistent in the font and colors.

Set clear goals

What are you trying to accomplish with your Instagram account? Your content strategy should include clear objectives for every post.

Quotes are the same.

Consider what you want from your quotes. To increase engagement, you can make motivational quotes. You can also share testimonials to increase lead generation.

Setting a goal can help you measure success.

Strive for simplicity

You don’t need to complicate your quotes.

It is sufficient to have a minimal design. The main focus of the quote is, in fact, the text.

The background color and text are the most important parts of quotes. Avoid adding too much text to your quotes, as you could lose the attention of your audience.

Do not use too many fonts.

You don’t need to use too many fonts in your quotes if you want your brand to remain consistent.

It would help if you were focusing on the fonts you use for your brand. Do not use multiple fonts in the same quote.

You don’t want one font for your message, one for your attribution, and one for the logo.

Your followers might be confused by the outcome.

Final tip: Take care when choosing your quotes

Consider your target audience when deciding on the best quotes.

While not all quotes must be relevant to your brand’s business, they should still be interesting for your followers.

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You can use your quotes to create a community with people who share similar interests, concerns, and inspirations.

Your content can be used to motivate people. You can also experiment with other ideas to discover what works best.

How To Make Money Posting Quotes On Instagram?

How To Make Money Posting Quotes On Instagram

Can You Make Money on Instagram? Yes, Instagram is a legitimate source of income. You can reach Instagram’s numerous users if your organization can be represented creatively and graphically for marketing goals. Right, I get that it’s possible, but how exactly can I be generating money on Instagram, you might be asking.

Here are a few ways to monetize your Instagram account:

  1. Distribute sponsored post
  2. Develop brand ambassador skills
  3. Hyperlinks for affiliates
  4. Market physical and digital merchandise
  5. Provide services for social media marketing
  6. Creat business captions
  7. Create filters and make masks for instagram stories


How do I post a quote on Instagram?

You can either use a quote generating app, or create a graphic with the text using a photo editing app. Then, upload the image to your Instagram account as a normal post.

Can I add text to my quote image?

Yes, you can use a photo editing app to add text to your quote image before uploading it to Instagram.

How do I make my quote post stand out?

You can use different fonts styles, colorful backgrounds, and graphic elements to make your quote post more visually appealing.

Can I post quotes in my Instagram stories?

Yes, you can post quotes in your Instagram stories by using the “Type” feature or by adding a quote image as a sticker.

Can I post quotes from other people on Instagram?

Yes, you can post quotes from other people, but it’s important to give credit to the original source by tagging them or including their handle in the caption.

How do I post a quote in multiple languages on Instagram?

You can create a graphic with the quote in multiple languages, or use a multi-lingual quote generating app to create a quote post in multiple languages.


You can boost your brand by posting quotes on Instagram. These quotes don’t need to be treated as ‘fillers’ in your content calendar.

These are essential elements to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Plan. Now think about the result after you have learned how to post quotes on Instagram.

Every quote should be a fit for your Instagram marketing strategy and visual planner.

This is your chance to be noticed without spending too much time creating new content.

Instagram users love a concise, engaging, and quick quote. Make them attractive and easy to share.

Your Instagram account should be treated as a source of inspiration to your followers.

Thank you for reading!

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