How To Make Wooden Signs With Quotes? Best Full Guide 2024

How To Make Wooden Signs With Quotes
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Penn Book also includes an illustrated instruction booklet with an easy method with detailed step-by-step instructions (and pictures!) via “how to make wooden signs with quotes

We’re all searching for the right words to say. Words that will inspire, motivate and remind us exactly what is important in life. Quotes are a favorite way of doing this, but they can’t just sit on your computer screen they need to be seen by others! This is why we created our DIY Wood Sign Kit with Quote. It has everything you’ll need to make your own custom quote sign using wood from sustainable forests.

Our kit includes high quality design templates and pre-cut wood pieces so you don’t have to cut anything yourself or worry about getting measurements wrong it’s as easy as following the instructions included in the How to make DIY Wood Signs With Quotes!

What You Need To Make A Wooden Sign

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It was so much more fun to cook in my kitchen that I completed 90% of it. We gutted the old kitchen and installed hardwood floors, cabinets, and new appliances. I was able to cook again after installing an oven that can reach higher temperatures than our older one.

I have always wanted to make wood signs, and this verse from Acts is my favorite. It was the perfect fit for our table. You won’t believe how easy it is to make a sign using a wooden frame.

Signs can be made with either 1/4″ plywood (lower priced, available in smaller sizes at craft stores and often pre-sanded) or 1/2″ plywood (more expensive, but it is strong enough to attach the frame to the plywood).

Materials And Tools

Wood board: You can use a variety of wood types for your sign, such as cedar, pine, oak, or birch. The size and thickness of the board will depend on your desired sign dimensions.

Sandpaper: To smooth out any rough edges or surfaces on the wood.

Paint or stain: To add color and protect the wood from weather damage.

Brushes or rollers: To apply the paint or stain to the wood.

Saw or jigsaw: To cut the wood board to your desired size and shape.

Drill and drill bits: To create holes for hanging or attaching the sign.

Measuring tape and pencil: To measure and mark the wood board for cutting and drilling.

Letter stencils or vinyl lettering: To create the text for your sign.

Painter’s tape: To mask off areas of the sign you don’t want to paint or stain.

Sealer: To protect the sign from moisture, UV light, and other weather-related damage.

How To Make Wooden Signs With Quotes & Free Printable?

Step 1: Make The Base Pane Of The Sign


Start by creating the base for your sign. You’ll start by making the base of your sign. You can buy 1/4″ and 1/2″ plywood at home improvement stores. Recently, I noticed that craft shops also carry 1/4″ plywood panels. However, I haven’t seen 1/2″ panels at craft shops.

Option 1: To attach the wood frame boards to the panel, you will need to add some extra to the back. It is difficult to nail 1/4″ plywood onto the sides. I used two 1x2s, which I cut to the same length that the plywood’s longer side.

You can have them cut down by the staff at your local home improvement store, or you can use a simple saw to cut through them. Next, attach the two boards to the back panel by nailing through it with 1” nails. If you wish, you can fill the nail holes with wood filler.

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Option 2: 1/2” plywood is thicker, so you don’t have to attach the 1×2 frames boards to the back. For this next step, cut 1/2″ plywood to the dimensions of your sign.

It’s time to stain or paint the plywood. You can paint your sign white by priming it first to prevent knots from bleeding through.

These large signs may require several of them, so you might need to use a few.

Watch more How to Paint DIY Wood Signs video tutorial.

Step 2: Design Lettering For Sign

You can start to set up your quote or lettering while the paint is drying. PicMonkey is a free online program that I used to create the verse. PicMonkey offers a variety of fonts for personal use. If you’re looking to make a sign to hang at home, PicMonkey can help you design with any fonts. You will need to buy fonts with a commercial license use if you intend to sell any of the signs.

PicMonkey allows you to create lettering for signs. Here’s a detailed tutorial! This tutorial will show you how to create lettered graphics or transfer a pre-made graphic to wood to paint. Check it out and come back to see the rest of the sign building tutorial.

*Update: I have created a graphics library that includes many images, lettering, and text I used in DIY projects. This verse is included!

Scroll down for more wood sign ideas!

How to make wooden signs with stencils

Stenciling, a popular method of making DIY wooden signs, is very effective. Stenciling allows you to be creative, whether you are looking to create wooden name signs or a beautiful design for your board.

After spraying semi-permanent adhesive spray on the back, position the stencil on the board. After choosing the right place for your design, hold the stencil for about a minute to ensure it stays in place.

You can now paint the stencil using a sponge brush or similar. For best results, use up and down motions. Use very little paint, and don’t apply too much to ensure it doesn’t bleed underneath the stencil.

Once you are done, remove the stencil and allow the board to dry completely.

This is how wooden signs made with stencils look.

How to make wood signs with vinyl lettering and elements

You can also make wooden signs with quotes or patterns using adhesive graphics and letters. Vinyl ones are the most elegant, but you can also use other decal materials.

Before applying vinyl stickers, you need to have a smooth surface. You will need to have a smooth surface with a paint layer so that the vinyl stickers stay put.

You can either use a vinyl cutting machine or order pre-made graphics and vinyl letters. After you have created your design, remove the transfer paper carefully. You should keep all parts of your design, including letters and elements, in place.

Place the transfer paper on your sign. It sounds simple, but it can be complex with large designs. It is essential to ensure that the placement is correct. You won’t be allowed to alter it once it has been fixed. To remove any air bubbles, rub the entire surface with a squeegee.

Slowly remove the transfer paper. You can see where parts of the design are starting to peel off the transfer paper. Use a squeegee or a brush to apply the vinyl to the board.

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You are now ready to make DIY wood signs.

Note: Apply the vinyl stencils one section at a time

The first vinyl stencil should be placed on the backing of the wood sign. Make sure your ruler is 1″ away from the sign edge and the edge of the square outline.

The first section of the sign should be applied. For a step-by-step guide on how to apply vinyl to wood signs. You can also find the vinyl application details in this how to make vinyl stencil tutorial.

For the second section, repeat these steps. Line up each section using the square outline edges. Leave a 1-inch space between the signboard edges and the square outline.

It is also a good idea to take off a tiny bit of the transfer tape when you are lining up the square.

Step 3: Make And Attach Wood Frame


Once the stain or paint has dried, you can attach the frame to the wood. Four 1x2s will be needed, each cut to two lengths. I laid the plywood on the ground, then measured the height of each board. These two pieces were cut and placed on the frame. Next, I measured the length of the bottom and top boards. These boards will cover the edges of the frame’s top and bottom.

I bought 3/4″ thick cedar panels instead of 1x2s to frame my DIY project. I added a little bit color to the frame. After they have been cut, you can stain them with a color of choice.

Weather wood Stain is an amazing product that weathers wood. It was a wonderful product that brought out the beautiful wood’s knots and veins.

After the frame has dried completely, you can attach it to your panel.

You will attach each frame board to the 1x2s at the back of the plywood panel. You will nail the top every few inches. However, the sideboards you will only nail to the top and bottom 1x2s.

Use 1/2 inch plywood to make your sign base. Nail the frame directly into the plywood.

Once it’s all assembled, you can hang it on the wall. Two sawtooth picture hangers were used on the back. However, you could also use d rings on either end of the back. This kit includes both sawtooth and D-ring hangers.

You could buy 1/2 inch plywood if you don’t want to add a 1×2 back to your panel. The plywood should be thick enough for you to attach the wood frame, but it will be a lot heavier.

Here’s a peek at the 98% completed eat in kitchen. I have only completed the trim in this area of the wainscoting, so this will need to be done in the rest. It will be done eventually. (Apply stain to your trim pieces using a paint brush or sponge)

I recently renovated the entire dining room for $100. I also added a new dining table to the space. This is how the room looks right now. You can also see the complete transformation here.

How To Decorate Your House Using Wooden Sign

Decorating your house with wooden signs is a fun and creative way to add a touch of rustic charm to your interior design. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to a space or to make a statement with a bold and graphic sign, there are countless ways to use wooden signs to decorate your home.

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Wall Art

One of the most popular ways to use wooden signs in home decor is as wall art. Whether you have a blank wall in need of some character or are looking to create a focal point in a room, a wooden sign can add visual interest and personality to your space.

You can choose a sign with a favorite quote or saying, a cute graphic or image, or a personalized message to make the space truly your own.

Another way to use wooden signs in home decor is to create a gallery wall. By mixing and matching different sizes, colors, fonts, and styles of wooden signs, you can create a cohesive and visually interesting display that is uniquely your own.

This is a great way to showcase your personality and style, and to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Labelled Doors

You can also use wooden signs to decorate your doors. Whether you want to label or decorate a door, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or closet, a wooden sign is a great way to add a personal touch to the space.

You can choose a sign that matches the style and color scheme of the room, or that features a favorite quote or image to make the space truly your own.

Other Places

In addition, you can use wooden signs as part of your mantel decor. Whether you choose to lean a sign against the wall or to hang it above the fireplace, a wooden sign is a great way to add a touch of warmth and personality to your living room or family room.

Other ways to use wooden signs in home decor include placing them on bookshelves or display shelves to add visual interest, and switching them out seasonally to keep your home decor fresh and updated. For example, you can use a sign that says “Welcome Fall” in the autumn, or “Merry Christmas” in the winter.


What is the best wood to make a wooden sign?

Pine and plywood are the best woods for wood signs. They are flexible and can be used for multiple purposes, so they are the best woods.

How do you write on raw wood?

You will need two coats. You can avoid smudging the wood grain by sanding the area first and then applying Elmer’s Glue. It is white and drys clear. It can be thinned with water if it becomes too thick. It will be easier to write on if you apply a second coat.

Can I use Sharpie on wood?

Sharpies can be used on almost any surface, including wood. Sharpie has a range of permanent markers available in different colors and tip widths. This makes them a great craft tool. They are affordable and can be used on any surface, even wood.

Have you had any other questions? Feel free to direct us for more information.


In conclusion, making wooden signs with quotes is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your home decor. With just a few simple materials and some basic crafting tools, you can create a unique and meaningful sign that reflects your personality and style. By following the steps and tips for making wooden signs with quotes, you can create a beautiful and long-lasting piece of home decor that you will cherish for years to come. So gather your materials, get creative, and have fun making your own wooden signs with quotes!

Good Luck!