How To Get Paid To Read Books? Best Full Guide [2021]

How To Get Paid To Read Books

Spending time with family is one of the top priorities for many people and financially safe and free. Earning money from home attracts both of these fantasies together. Countless individuals around the globe have discovered ways to make money from the comfort of their houses using the resources provided by the world wide web.

Serious question: do you wish to get paid to see? You may laugh it off initially, believing that that seems too good to be true. However, it is not. You can get paid for spending some time on which you love: reading books. Then, how to make money reading books or how to get paid to read books?

How To Get Paid To Read Books?

The secret to #Hack is book reviewing, in which you provide your private view of a book after you are finished with that. (If you want to get more information, check out this informative article to discover how to write a book review.) Because books are constantly being printed, book reviewers are usually always in demand.

Therefore, whether you are a voracious reader of nonfiction, genre classics, fiction, or indie books, there is probably an outlet that is ready to compensate you if you browse (review) them! Without further ado, here is a definitive collection of the 17 sites which can allow you to get paid to see.

Kirkus Media

1. Kirkus Media

Purchase: Freelance basis

If you have ever stumbled upon a book’s Amazon page, you’ll have heard of Kirkus Reviews. It is among the most respected sources of book reviews on the market, publishing lots of blurbs that you will find on Amazon or even on the cover of your favorite titles.

You need to wonder: where do each of these reviews come from? That is where you come into the picture. Kirkus Media lists an open program for book reviewers. As of right now, they are primarily looking for individuals that will review English and Spanish-language Cartoon names. A few of the qualities they need in reviewers include experience, a keen eye, and an ability to write about a 350-word inspection in just two weeks.

To apply, send your resume and writing samples! You will discover more about this possibility here.

2. Reedsy Discovery

Pay: Tip foundation

A powerhouse in literary books, Reedsy Discovery provides book reviewers the opportunity to read the most recent self-published books before anybody else. It is possible to navigate through countless fresh stories before choosing one that matches your interest. And if you’ve built up a new book reviewer on Reedsy Discovery, you can liaise with writers who contact you suitable for a critique.

Its application process is straightforward: complete this form to be chosen as a book writer. As soon as you’re approved, you can begin looking through the shelves and studying instantly. Yet another thing: book reviewers may get advice for their book reviews. Clients can send $1, $3, or $5 as a token of admiration (which, let us be fair, all of the book reviewers deserve).

Whether this system intrigues you, you can “discover” more about how it functions on this site.

3. Any Subject Books

Purchase: Freelance basis

Any Subject Books is full-suite self-publishing support. More importantly for you, it hires book reviewers onto a book-by-book foundation to help them examine new books.

They are big on in-depth, honest, and objective reviews. No fluff here! They are also pleased to provide you books on your favorite genres, so if you are a voracious reader of war fiction, then you will not typically be requested to read the most recent paranormal love struck (or vice versa).

Regrettably, Any Subject Books isn’t now open to book writer software, but wait again; this might change at any moment.

4. Book Browse

Purchase: Free ARCs

First Impressions is a program provided by Book Browse where members get to see Advance Readers’ Copies, or ARCs, of books months before the book. Between four to six names can be found every month, and you’ll be able to choose whether you’re interested in studying any by simply reacting to their members-only newsletter.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility that you will not always get the book that you asked for, because Book Browse has 25 ARC copies of every book on order. If you’re paired with a book, Book Browse inquires your review is about 50 to 100 words without exceeding 300 words. Note that Book Browse will provide you with the book at no cost but won’t cover you for your review.

5. Online Book Club

Purchase: $5 to $60

Online Book Club’s FAQ begins with a warning for many aspiring book reviewers: “First of all, this isn’t some mad online get-rich-quick scheme. You won’t find rich and you will not have the ability to leave your day job.”

That daunting reminder apart, Online Book Club’s installation is reasonable, and of course, simple. You’re going to find a complimentary copy of the book, and you’re going to get compensated for your review of this book. What’s more, it’s among those few websites that are transparent about their payment charges (anywhere between $5 to $60). To begin the sign-up process, submit your email.

U.S. Review of Books

6. U.S. Review of Books

Purchase: Freelance basis

U.S. Review of Books is a nationwide company that reviews books of all sorts and publishes those testimonials in a popular monthly newsletter. It works to get a book reviewer straightforward: once a book title is submitted, reviewers may ask to see it and receive a delegation.

A routine inspection for U.S. Inspection of Books is anywhere between 250 and 300 words. They’re looking mainly for educated opinions and professionalism in testimonials, together with succinctness. To apply, submit a resume, sample function, and two professional references via email. But we would advise that you check out some previous examples of the book reviews here to get a better feeling of what they’re searching for.

7. Women’s Review of Books

Purchase: $100 per inspection

Women’s Review of Books is a long-running, highly-respected print book part of Wellesley Centers for Women. This feminist magazine was released 36 decades and is on the lookout for more book reviewers to combine their drive.

If you intend on writing reviews for Women’s Review of Books, you must be conscious that its checks are printed”in the support of activity and consciousness.” The majority of its authors are also journalists, professors, or book reviewers who have a few years of expertise behind them. Should you meet these qualifications and are approved, you’re going to be paid $100 per inspection.

To pitch an overview afterward, send them an email with a short proposal. For additional information, click here.

8. Upwork

Purchase: Variable

If you are a freelancer, you are probably already knowledgeable about Upwork! Among the most significant marketplaces for salespeople, Upwork has hands in each business’s pie. Therefore it will not be a surprise to find out that individuals who are searching for freelance book reviewers frequently post listings on their market.

Since each task caters to a single customer, the qualifications and requirements will differ. An inventory, for example, might seem like that one, or maybe this one. It may be a one-time project, or so the gig may become long-running cooperation with the customer. Usually, the list will define the book’s genre, which means you will understand what you are getting before you agree to collaborate with the customer on the other end.

To begin, you will want to register as a freelancer on Upwork. Discover more info on Upwork’s FAQ here!

9. Moody Press

Purchase: Free ARCs

Moody Press is a nonprofit publishing house of Christian names and Bible study tools. If that is the market, you’ll undoubtedly be considering Moody Press’ Blogger Review Program! Included in this program, you will receive free copies of the book published by Moody Press.

Like many other programs on this listing, you will not get compensated for your inspection. However, you’ll find a free book. Moody Press additionally asks you to write your honest review within 60 days of studying it. To have a feel for this, consider linking the MP Newsroom Bloggers Facebook class, where you can interact with present members of this program directly.

10. New Pages

Purchase: Variable

Not interested in writing anything more than 300 words? Are fast flash book reviews more at your own pace? If so, becoming a NewPages reviewer may be just your speed. is an online portal site to small presses, independent publishers and bookstores, and literary publications. More to the point, they’re on the lookout for brief book reviews (generally between 100 and 200 words) on any current literary magazine or book that you have read.

If you are a lover of books from small presses or unidentified magazines, better: that is precisely the type of reviewer NewPages needs to utilize if you want to check through some of the previous book reviews to see whether your design matches, take a look at their book review record.

11. Publishers Weekly

Purchase: Freelance basis

Publishers Weekly is an online magazine dedicated to global book publishing, and everything entails. More pertinently, it frequently reviews both broadly printed and self-published books, meaning it will sometimes have a telephone for book reviewers. As of now, it is closed to the software; however, if you access its Jobs page every once in a while, you may see an opening again.

12. Tyndale Blog Network

Purchase: Freelance basis

Tyndale Blog Network conducts a My Reader Rewards Club program, which relies on an innovative rewards program. Should you sign up as an associate, you can make points for particular activities that you choose on the website (as an example, encouraging a friend to the program and also sharing an immediate connection to on Facebook each brings you 10 points).

Writing a review for a Tyndale or even NavPress book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble provides you 10 points, with a maximum limit of 50 points in 30 days. Subsequently, you may use your accumulated points for more books from Tyndale’s shelves. If it sounds like something which could be up your alley, check their FAQ here.

13. Booklist Publications

Purchase: $12.50 to $15 per inspection

Booklist is the American Library Association’s highly admired review journal for librarians. Fortunately for freelance authors, Booklist assigns freelance book reviews that change from blog articles for Your Booklist Reader to printed book reviews from Booklist magazine.

As the website itself indicates, you must be acquainted with Booklist Publication’s outlets (including Booklist magazine, the quarterly Book Links, along with The Booklist Reader site ) and its writing style. Reviews are typically very brief (no more than 175 words) and professionally composed. You can discover more of its guidelines here, along with a record of previous Booklist testimonials here.

To apply, contact a relevant Booklist editor and also be ready to submit some of your previous writing samples.


14. Instaread

Purchase: $100 per outline

Not interested in composing crucial takes on the books which you read? Then Instaread could be for you. Instead comes an open call for book summaries, which celebrates”the vital insights of fresh and traditional nonfiction.”

Each outline should be approximately 1000 to 1500 words, making it a good bit longer than your regular flash book inspection. But, Instaread will compensate you heartily for this as of 2019; Instaread pays $100 for every outline you compose. It is possible to peruse Instaread’s advocated Style Guide on this webpage or download Instaread out of the Program Shop to have a better sense of your program.

15. NetGalley

Purchase: Free ARCs

If you have dreamed of getting an influencer from the book reviewing neighborhood, you might choose to provide NetGalley an appearance. To put it differently, NetGalley is a service that connects book reviewers to publishers and writers. Librarians, bloggers, booksellers, media professionals, and teachers can all subscribe to NetGalley to see books before publication.

How it works is pretty straightforward. Publishers place digital inspection copies on NetGalley for perusal, in which NetGalley’s members may ask to see, review, and recommend them. It is a win-win for both writer and writer: the writer can discover enthusiastic readers to provide an honest overview for their books. The reviewer will also get access to a vast catalog of books.

The cherry on top is that NetGalley membership is 100% free! Just use this form to register. And in case you’d like additional details, you can dive into their FAQ here.

16. getAbstract

Purchase: Freelance basis

Are you an avid reader of nonfiction books? getAbstract is a website that outlines 18,000+ nonfiction books into 10-minute snacks. Their Career Opportunities page frequently includes listings for authors. At the time of the article’s composing, getAbstract is on the lookout for technology and science authors, to sum up, the most recent magazine articles and books. They cover on an independent basis, so use through their site to receive additional information.

17. Writerful Books

Purchase: $10 to $50

Beautiful Books is an author services company that provides everything out of beta scanning (you guessed it) book reviews. Therefore, they are always on the watch for book reviewers using new and persuasive voices.

Among the advantages of this gig is that you could review any book you need (even though they favor modern award-winning American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand writers ). Finding a frequently paid gig with Writerful Books is not a warranty, but if you regularly print quality reviews for these, they can contact you.

To use, you are going to need to have the ability to provide previous book inspection samples. Here is the project listing if you are interested in finding out more about this function.


How can I make money by reading books?

Yes, now we could get paid to read books; Opportunities are turning and providing opportunities to twirl matters productively by making cash.

How much do book readers get paid?

Experienced or knowledgeable narrators could expect to make $168.25 an hour or 1,346 to get a completed sound book of eight hours. Conversely, non-union narrators with experience can earn between $90 and $250 per final hour. But, it’s more common for the ceiling to be $150 per hour to get a non-union narrator.

Is reading books on the internet for free prohibited? Generally, no. More significantly, many books and other reading material are all accessible online. The writer made it, or the writer or copyright laws have the books today belong to the general public.

Can I get paid to sleep?

(CNN) Sleeping at work is one thing, but getting paid to get it done? That night, a company centered on sleep wellness is supplying $1,500 for just taking a rest daily for 30 days.

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