How To Get Free Physical Books 2024? Best Full Guide

How To Get Free Physical Books
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The orthodox community of subscribers lacked e-reading as an extension of the reading habit instead of replacing everything that originated from centuries. Moreover, reading published books introduces many benefits for kids and grownups alike. Let’s ponder over a few of the advantages of leafing through the pages of a printed book compared with their electronic equivalent. How to get free Physical books?

How To Get Free Books?

If you are a fellow bookworm who wishes to nourish your bookish addiction without having to spend a dime, these thoughts and sites are ones I have gathered and bookmarked as my absolute favorites.

They include not simply free eBooks, but completely free audiobooks and free paperback books also!


Borrow Books From Friends And Family

This alternative is wholly undervalued but a fantastic way to browse free books. If you’ve got a name that you want to read, inquire about making sure nobody else has a copy of it before purchasing. I know I could have saved a lot of money over the years when I’d just checked with my buddies!

Start A Book Blog (Or Bookstagram)

Bloggers can get tens of thousands of free books to review from several publishing companies. I had a book site for this purpose, and it fueled my reading habit for several years!

If I were starting an internet book business now, I’d go with a site instead of an Instagram account. It is a lot simpler to get books via Amazon or even Bookshop affiliate programs, which assist you in making a small commission through anybody who buys through your connection.

Discover how to begin a site in under 15 minutes (and for super cheap!), then join through those companies to ask for your complimentary books.

Participate In Book Loyalty Programs (They Offer Free Paperback Books!)

free books by mail for adults

Who does not wish to get rewarded with complimentary books?

Some online bookstores and publishing companies offer you great loyalty programs by simply buying books through their sites or finishing other tiny tasks. When you get a certain number of things, you can redeem these points for free books!

Here are the most Well-known programs at this time:

Every 500 points earned in ThriftBooks (an online bookstore) provides you with a $5 charge to get a free book. Most books are below $5, which means you will have tons of alternatives.

You get points by buying books from their site, sharing with friends, and performing one-time activities like adding your birthday for your profile and purchasing during the cell program.

Christian-based publishing home Tyndale provides My Reader Rewards Club. While like ThriftBooks, you could even obtain free books without buying anything in any respect!

That is because you’ve got the chance to take part in polls, share social networking graphics, give opinions on excerpts you have read, and refer friends for points. When you get enough points (100 minimum), you can redeem them for free books and Bibles from Tyndale. Get 25 issues for registering HERE.

Penguin House Reader Rewards awards program 10 points for each book purchased. You may buy a qualifying name via their site or in an independent brick-and-mortar bookstore. Upload your receipt for proof of purchase. When you get 120 points (12 books total), you can redeem them for a free book.

Benefit From Your Local Library

The library is a clear one, but they provide many choices and formats to read or listen to free books. Even if they don’t have the book you need in stock, they will frequently move it out of a different library or purchase a copy for their shelves should you ask for it.

Now I’m traveling full-time and can not borrow books from a physical library, and I use the Overdrive program to download books for my Kindle. You’ve got 21 days to see the book, but here is a secret in case you won’t complete it in time. Turn in your Kindle’s plane mode to maintain the book from evaporating. Then you can complete it at your own pace!

Hoopla is a similar program to Overdrive, in which you’ve got 5 Instant Borrows per month to utilize in their enormous catalog (which extends outside of your library’s inventory!) And 5 Flex Borrows you can redeem for books your library has instantly available. For books accessible via Immediate Borrow, you do not have a waiting period!


Other Places To Get Free Books

This is my favorite site for this type of thing; I have also gotten many of my spare books out of here. They’ve got two programs free of charge: Historical Reviewer and Member Giveaway. Early Reviewer is a lot more popular and generally has a much better choice, but they are more challenging to get.

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Member Giveaway is generally only members giving off old books lying about; Early Reviewer will possess ARC’s (Advanced Readers Copies). They go round the free copies each month, and generally, the same ones do not reappear.

Goodreads is unquestionably a more popular site, making it more challenging to receive their books; however, they have a more extensive choice and are constantly more forthcoming. You may locate this in their research part and click on giveaways. It will take you directly to all of the free books. They are all physical copies also.

Figment was not designed to find free books. It is sort of something you need to earn. I have received four books from them (plus a complimentary tote bag), but I got them since I wrote and promoted a story on their site, and also the prize was a book.

You need to wait for them to get competition, but if they write the best story you can and promote it contrary to others, you might not win, but you’re a better composer and promoter for this. All their books are also YA.

Paperbackswap isn’t entirely as accessible as other sites; actually, you may finally need to pay cash, but you do get free books too. You pay the postage to email someone, a text on the bookshelf, and you receive a charge; with that charge, you may order a book from another individual’s bookshelf.

It is all effortless and an excellent way to get readers. Not very accessible, but some of it’s, also. If you join with a brand new address, they give you two complimentary credits.

Numerous accounts to the identical home don’t receive free credits. However, when you begin a new one, change your address to the other version. That is precisely what my sister and I did.

free hard copy

Listia is a website where people only give away their items, such as books. You need to cover credits, but you might also give your things out and make those credits.

However, when you begin, you’re given a significant number of credits, and you can probably get a few cheap paperbacks sent to you at no cost. I do online surveys for gift cards and offer them on this; it is pretty rewarding. They also sell for a great deal.

While obtaining an actual physical book on this site is a small rarity, it could be carried out. Their sites say it ought to take up to two to three months for your book to arrive, but in my experience, the books are essentially in your home the following day.

Also, it sheds its feet for approximately a month, so be patient on this website because the readers make a comeback. It would help if you wrote a 400-word review once you finally get and read the book. However, the website has excellent suggestions about which to write about.

Booklikes are much like great reads and LibraryThing when both got together and had a kid. Their giveaway selection is not as fantastic as LibraryThing, and it is not quite as popular as great reads.

Nonetheless, it is a tight-knit community that publishes all of the excellent book reviews in its newsletter. The only problem with this website is that you need to retype all your information for all those giveaways if you register for giveaways.

However, there are many fewer people clamoring for all these books than on the other websites, making up for the tedious work.



Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

One of the most well-known charities that offer free books by mail is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Since its establishment in 1995, the library has delivered more than 133 million free books monthly to kids from birth till they start school.

More than 1.5 million children have signed up to receive free books. Although Dolly Parton isn’t well recognized for being a librarian, she certainly has the skills!

The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the Best Practices award from the Library of Congress Literacy Awards have been given to the program.

Parents may register their children in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland through the library’s website.

Bibles of America

You may quickly get free Christian ebooks from Bibles of America in addition to a free bible. To register, all you need to do is click on this website, provide your information, and they’ll give you a free bible. Thus, you are not required to input any information about your credit card.

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Free ebooks with the titles The All-inclusive Christ, Basic Elements of the Christian Life, and The Economy of God are all readily accessible.

They simply ask that you buy the bible for yourself and not as a gift for someone else.


When you discover that FreeCycle’s name is a play on the term recycle, its purpose becomes relatively straightforward. Like websites like Craigslist, it functions as a classified service. However, everything on the site is free.

The free books offered via the program are often not the most popular. However, they are still unpaid books. Make sure you often go through its website to get your golden goose from the collection since the most excellent free goods and free books go to the early birds. You really never know what you’ll look for!

free books near me

Natural Inquirer

The Natural Inquirer group aims to provide instructive readings to kids from preschool to grade 12. A free coloring book that is constantly accessible to kids features a bee who is a scientist right now.

According to their website, “The coloring sheets show the Natural Inquirer bee doing many kinds of science. A Natural Inquirer bee, for instance, is using binoculars to observe birds. According to the text, “scientists study birds.

Act now since the free book usually disappears rapidly! It’s free, available in hard copy and download, and comes in various languages.

Read Conmigo

With Read Conmigo, which means “read with me” in English, families may practice bilingualism in English and Spanish. Families may access 50 free ebooks with their online library and download free ebooks every two months by completing the free registration form.

Read Conmigo is a fantastic tool for families with children up to fifth grade who want to work on bilingual reading abilities, even if it seems that you can’t get free print books.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble

For your youngsters, Barnes & Noble provides a great summer reading activity. By the end of August, have your kid bring in their reading log, which they may access through the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading website, along with any eight novels they choose to read.

Your kid may choose a free book from their journals list in exchange for cooperation.


Even if magazines are not books in the traditional sense, reading is still reading.

If free magazine subscriptions are more your style, ValueMags will be an excellent resource for you. In addition to offering intensely cheap magazine subscriptions to services like Sports Illustrated, the site also offers free publications.

Magazine subscriptions for Popular Science and Entertainment Weekly have also been sent over the internet. To get free magazines by mail, you must create an account and provide your mailing details.


The time-tested Craigslist is still in existence and is an excellent place to get free books. The quantity and quality of free books vary widely depending on the location and the time of day, and interacting with strangers via classified ads might be a little risky.

Before the appearance of sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist ruled the online classifieds and markets. Craigslist is still a fantastic place to look for books and other goods, but use it at your own risk!


Another website where people may register for an account and obtain free advance copies of books in return for reviews is NetGalley. For printed books to be sent, reviews are required. Most books are accessible for free as either an ebook or a physical copy.

The fact that NetGalley is accessible in more than just English is perhaps its most vital feature and distinguishes it from most other review and distribution websites. Additionally, versions in French, German, and Japanese are accessible.

Enchanted Book Reviews

Enchanted Book Reviews offers free books in exchange for reviews from the recipients. Check back regularly for new titles since they only provide a limited number of free books for reviews at any time.

You need to have a blog or an Amazon account to review the books. This firm is distinct because you cannot evaluate the free book on GoodReads or similar websites.

You must provide your information for each book to receive a free copy, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. The program will terminate your participation if you fail to submit a review three times within 30 days of receiving the books.

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Free Braille books

A program conducted by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults converts written books into braille versions. They claim that they try to choose novels that both boys and girls would appreciate that were written within the last few years.

Free LEGO magazine

Free LEGO magazine

The LEGO Life Magazine is a different publication that may be sent. You just need to join up on the LEGO website, and it’s distributed four times a year to kids aged 5 to 9.

This magazine is ideal for your creative child’s mind and is entirely free. They may even have the magazine showcase their LEGO creations! This is a no-brainer since it is totally free.

Sun-Maid Recipe Booklet

Like all you chefs out there, Sun-Maid, the company behind brands for raisins, yogurt, and organic ingredients, has an added bonus. You will get a free recipe book utilizing their goods to make wholesome and delectable delights. Thank you for signing up on their website!

Simply enter your name and address information to register. You may have a free physical copy of the cookbook sent to your house or download it as a PDF.

Sun-Maid claims that raisins are a high-energy snack containing the natural sugars, potassium, fiber, and tartaric acid required to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Why not get healthier while obtaining this free cookbook?

Fresh Fiction

250 novels are available from Fresh Fiction in return for free reviews. While there are many more possibilities than on the websites above, there is tighter control over who may evaluate them.

Each prospective reviewer must submit an application to determine their eligibility. Although not everyone will be accepted, the genres and age groups of the books are strongly underlined here.

The New York Times and USA Today’s top-rated novels are regularly sent to Harlequin Reader Service subscribers. Just for joining up, you get two free novels.

If you decide to remain a member, you will be granted additional privileges and get books at a discount from their cover price. Most of the books in this category are for women. The most popular genres are romance, thriller, and inspirational works. If you believe you may like to become a patron in the future, do your research!

free paperback books


Does NetGalley send physical books?

NetGalley doesn’t provide print copies. If you would instead read print copies, it’s still possible to utilize NetGalley as a nutritional supplement to your published reading and as an instrument for managing your inspection process: Notify publishers from your critique (or inform them you have declined to inspect).

Can I read free books on Amazon Prime?

Tap or click “Read for Free” or”Read and Listen at No Cost.” The latter means there is also an audiobook. In case a free eBook comprises an audiobook, it’ll be added to your Audible accounts automatically. You can download the Audible program for iPhone, iPad, or Android; however, it is preinstalled on Fire tablet computers.

Are Google books free?

In response to search queries, Google Books enables users to see total pages from books where the search terms appear whether the book is out of copyright or if the copyright owner has given consent. Complete perspective: Books in the public domain can be found for “full view” and could be downloaded at no cost.

Why are books so expensive?

There is a significant supply and enormous need. Profit margins produce all that publishing potential (and profitable). Those financial elements help establish costs where they may be. College textbooks are mainly costly in the United States. Read Reasons Why Are Books So Expensive? Best Full Guide [2022] for more in-depth information.


In conclusion, there are several ways to obtain free physical books, including using libraries, participating in book swaps or exchanges, taking advantage of free book giveaways, or borrowing books from friends and family.

Some websites also offer free books for downloading in different formats, and you can also find free books through online communities such as Goodreads. While not all books may be available for free, these methods can provide access to a wide range of literature, making it possible to enjoy reading without spending a lot of money.