How To Get Advanced Reader Copies Of Books 2024? Best Tips

How To Get Advanced Reader Copies Of Books

What are precisely advanced reader copies? How to get advanced reader copies of books? If you’re questioned about these terms, do not skip this guide to broaden your comprehension field about it using Penn Book.

What Is An Advance Reader Copy?

What Is An Advance Reader Copy

An advance reader copy, often known as a confirmation, is a copy of a book that is typically sent to reviewers and bookstores before it is officially released. This can be done to make sure that reviews are written in advance to support the promotion of a new book release and influence other readers.

ARCs are available in both physical and digital forms, the latter of which can be accessed via online resources like NetGalley.

You can view all books offered on this website and request them using your accounts. You must read them and talk about your review with NetGalley; this gives you a user rating that publishers can use to decide whether to choose you for upcoming releases. Use services like Edelweiss, which offers the same opportunity as NetGalley.

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What Are The Guidelines For Reviewing An ARC?

When you receive an ARC, it is important to remember that the book is not yet finished and may change before it is published. With that in mind, here are a few guidelines for reviewing an ARC:

  • Try to avoid spoilers in your review. This can be difficult, especially if you loved the book and want to gush about all of the amazing things that happen, but try to focus on the overall story and themes instead of specific plot points.
  • If you noticed any typos or errors, mention them in your review but don’t dwell on them. Remember that the book is not yet finished and these things will hopefully be corrected before publication.
  • Be honest in your review. If you loved the book, say so! But if you didn’t, that’s okay too. Just be respectful in your criticism.
  • And finally, have fun! Reading an ARC is a privilege and an opportunity to be one of the first people to read a new book. Enjoy it!

Benefits To Using Advance Reader Copies

Benefits To Using Advance Reader Copies

If you are an avid reader, you know that there are many benefits to using advance reader copies (ARCs). For those who are not familiar with ARCs, they are simply advance copies of a book that are sent to reviewers, booksellers, and others in the book industry prior to the book’s official release.

While ARCs are not always available to the general public, there are a few ways that you can get your hands on one.

  • The most obvious benefit of using an ARC is that you get to read a book before it is released to the general public. This is especially beneficial if you are a fan of a particular author or series, as you do not have to wait for the book to be released to find out what happens next.
  • Additionally, reading an ARC can give you a head start on writing reviews or participating in online discussions about the book.
  • Another benefit of using an ARC is that you can provide feedback to the author or publisher. This feedback can be invaluable, as it can help shape the final product. Additionally, it is always exciting to be a part of the process and to know that your feedback is being taken into consideration.
  • Finally, ARCs are often less expensive than purchasing the finished product. This is because publishers typically offer discounts on ARCs to encourage people to read and review them. Additionally, many times you can find ARCs at library book sales or online auction sites.

Overall, there are many benefits to using ARCs. They can save you money, provide you with an early look at a new book, and allow you to participate in the publishing process. So, next time you see an ARC, don’t hesitate to pick it up!

How To Design An Advanced Reader Copy?

How To Design An Advanced Reader Copy

The most comprehensive edition of your work accessible at the time of publishing should be included in an advanced reader copy. Include a notice to prospective reviewers or book sellers on the book’s opening page.

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This might be a personal message from the author, or it could be something more broad. In any case, be careful to note that the book is unfinished.

A possibility to collect book reviews and give retailers a sneak peek at the book is an advanced reader copy. Include a page that explains the publishing date, the book’s price, the format, and the target audience to everyone who obtains a reading copy.

Include a book overview, publishing schedule, and marketing strategy on the book’s back cover. Read my post How to Master the Book Back Cover with Templates & Examples for additional details about the book back cover.

Possess you a website? Do you have any scheduled interviews or advertising campaigns? Will you do a tour, either in person or online? This is your chance to impart that knowledge.

Here is a sample of an advanced reader copy from Kristin Cashore’s YA book Bitterblue. Keep in mind that the book’s cover clearly states that it is an advance reading copy, not a copy intended for sale.

An example of an advance copy remark that alerts the reader that the book isn’t completed can be seen in the second picture. And the whole book marketing strategy is described on the back cover.

A picture book advanced reader copy is simpler and provides details on the book’s specifications and pricing. This is because many picture books get ARCs for early reviews even when a significant marketing strategy is not associated with the book, but middle grade, YA, and novels often only receive them for books with a huge scheduled release.

How do authors and publishers use ARCs

How Do Authors And Publishers Use ARCs?

Self-published writers and publishers utilize advance review copies in several ways:

Acquire book reviews

Among the most excellent methods to obtain word of mouth marketing and establish credibility to your book is to get people to read your magazine and place a review on the internet or in a book.

By sending critical influential reviewers ARCs, you can make sure that thoughts of your book are going to be printed in time to receive your book’s release. To allow enough time, be sure that you look into the books you’re targeting. They might have particular guidelines.

The time to disperse ARCs is typically just three to six months; however, with the arrival of digital ARCs and internet networking, the lead time can be far briefer, as little as six months to get some reviewers.

Advertise to bookstores and libraries

ARCs are utilized to lure library and bookstore representatives to inventory a book on their shelves. Standard publishing houses commonly disperse countless ARCs for this objective. Self-published writers may follow this practice to attempt and go stocked in a shop.

Build excitement from subscribers

Everyone loves free stuff, mainly if nobody else can purchase it yet. That is precisely the type of excitement you construct if you give away ARCs to subscribers in anticipation of your book’s release. Publishers and self-published writers can use social networking to establish giveaway competitions to market a book.

Sites like Goodreads make it effortless to conduct a giveaway. By giving your ARCs to possible fans and readers, you can create testimonials, word of mouth marketing and reinforce your relationship with your audience.

Enhance the book

Even though the significant goal of ARCs is book promotion, another advantage is getting comments from subscribers before a book is published. This permits time for modifications and improvements if testimonials and opinions identify a significant defect in a narrative.

By making crucial changes determined by trusted resources, you can release the very best edition of your book, which will be well recognized and loved by subscribers.

If you are looking for the best ways to get books, go check out How To Get Mending Books? Top Full Guide [2022] or How To Get Google Play Books For Free? Best Full Guide [2022] before reading on.

Advanced Reader Copies Of Books

How To Get Advanced Reader Copies Of Books (ARCS)?

Be a book blogger/grammar/tuber

The very best method to get ARCs is in case you’ve reached a stage of some type from that to chat about them. For me, this is my website and my Instagram account. You do not require several programs; only you will do if it’s possible to show you’ve got an above average viewer for talking books.

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Most Bookstagrammers use that as their only platform, and you will also find Book tubers doing the same. However, a mix and match the purpose is that it will help to have some platform. Not all publishers need you to have one, however.

Librarians and booksellers frequently have access to plenty of ARCs, too, because of the nature of their job.

Take a presence on Goodreads and Amazon as a reviewer.

That means writing reviews for the books you have read. Leaving just a star rating doesn’t count as a review. The more testimonials you go, the greater your opportunities to be seen as a valid reviewer.

Ask from Edelweiss or even NetGalley.

These sites function as a middle man between publishers and subscribers to present free ebook ARCs. It is possible to review available books and request a copy of any you desire. You need to register for an account. And simply because you ask for a book does not mean that you’ll be accepted.

Each writer has standards for approving requests. Also, it can help to read up on these before you ask.

Additionally, it is essential not to overwhelm yourself by asking a slew of books you will then feel bound to see ahead of their book dates.

Goodreads giveaways.

If you’d like ARCs, the more active you’re about Goodreads, the more remarkable. At all times, there are various programs recorded. Some are for physical copies, and a few are for ebook versions. This is a superb way to find soon to be published books.

My friend Monica obtained her first Goodreads giveaway book this week and sent me this picture. I am super jealous because I’ve been trying to receive my hands on a copy of the magazine for months! What a fantastic cover, right?

Reach directly to publishers.

When there’s a specific book coming out, you desire to have an ARC of, study who’s publishing it, then visit their site. Most entrepreneurs have contact info for the asking.

Then send an email asking for your backup. It can help clarify why you are requesting it, where you will examine it, and what sort of following you’ve. I have attempted this course several times with no success, though I hear from additional book bloggers it functions.

Increase Your Chances of Getting ARCs

how to get arc books

Publishers like readers who have a following in the literary world, particularly the big 5. Starting a book blog is one approach to getting followers. To help you learn from the best, we spoke with several well-known book bloggers on how to launch a blog about books.

You may get review copies of books without book blogging. It helps a lot just to have a history of consistently reviewing books on websites like Amazon and Goodreads. Our free tool Reader Rank analyzes your prior reviews and social media presence to create a reviewer profile for you. Then you may include this in your ARC requests.

We understand whether you’re new to book reviewing or want a quicker and easier method to get books. We invite you to peruse selections from our ARC book collection. It is unpaid.

Advance Reader Copy Website

We outline how to receive free books from publishers, how to gain early access to books on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter, how to get early access to books from organizations that organize virtual book tours, and how to get free physical books in the sections below.

  • Quirk Books
  • Bethany House
  • Making Connections
  • Harper Collins
  • Macmillan Publishers
  • Moody Publishers
  • Rock Star Book Tours
  • Curiosity Quills Press
  • City Owl Press
  • TLC Book Tours
  • YA Book Stop
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Tyndale
  • Twitter #booksfortrade #arcsfortrade
  • FIREreads
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How do you get rid of an ARC once you're done with it

How Do You Get Rid Of An ARC Once You’re Done With It?

There is no doubt in not needing to hold onto every single ARC you obtained, but eliminating these is sometimes a bit tricky.

You can not resell ARCs not to be left with many options if you do not need your copy. Listed below are a couple of ways you can pass in your ARCs:

  • Give them to a friend
  • Give them to your Regional library.
  • Give them to a hospital ward.
  • Give them such as shelters.
  • See if local colleges would prefer the ARCs.

6 Places to send Advance Reader Copies

So, where can you send ARCs? Here are six places to consider:

  1. Goodreads: Goodreads is a social media platform for readers, and it has a section where authors can post information about their books. Authors can also send ARCs to reviewers on Goodreads, and these reviewers can then leave reviews for the book on the site.
  2. Bloggers and other influencers: If you know of any bloggers or other influencers who might be interested in your book, you can send them an ARC. Be sure to include a note asking them to review the book on their blog or other platform.
  3. ARC programs: There are a number of programs that provide ARCs to reviewers, such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. You can submit your book to these programs, and if it is selected, reviewers who request it will be able to download a digital copy.
  4. Online bookstores: Many online bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, have programs where authors can upload digital ARCs for reviewers to request. These reviewers can then leave reviews for the book on the store’s website.
  5. Book clubs: If you know of any book clubs that might be interested in your book, you can send them an ARC. This can help generate interest in the book and get people talking about it.
  6. Libraries: Libraries are always looking for new books to add to their collections, so sending an ARC to a library.


Are advanced reading copies worth anything?

Unlike cheap goods like baseball cards or comic books, there’s usually no sentimental value attached to an advance review copy. Unless they functioned in a media workplace, collectors wouldn’t have seen one before it’s in the hands of a bookseller. They’re supposed to be valuable things above all.

Can you sell advanced reader copies of books?

ARCs aren’t books they’re pre-book review copies delivered to quite particular individuals from the author or publisher, for example, reviewing. Those individual recipients aren’t the legal owners of their houses. The writer owns the content, period. Recipients are prohibited by law from purchasing this item.

Is it illegal to sell ARCs?

The operation of ARCs would be to help them do this, and they are super expensive to create (because they are made in reduced amounts and no gain is made of them). However, in the opinion of publishers, ANY purchase of an ARC is prohibited.

Are arc books more valuable?

Yes, an Advance Reader Copies or ARC may be worth a fantastic deal more based on the book. Collectors like collecting these books since their unedited copies with errors exactly like coins or stamps with errors are worth more.

What is an uncorrected proof copy?

An uncorrected proof is a published copy of a book that has to be assessed for mistakes and corrections. They’re released before official books and are generally very clearly bound and distributed exclusively for final editing or marketing.


In conclusion, you understand what ARCs imply and how to get ARC through this wealthy article. We expect the content above will provide you with a comfortable attempt for ARC. Have you got some questions? Please feel free to comment on the chat.

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