How To Find Audiobooks On Spotify? Top Full Guide 2024

How To Find Audiobooks On Spotify Top Full Guide
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Audiobooks are a great way to keep your mind active and engaged, even when you’re doing something else. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to consume literature, especially if you’re someone who enjoys multitasking or has a lot of down time. Unfortunately, not all audiobook platforms are created equal.

Spotify is a popular streaming service, with Spotify, you can listen to free audiobooks but it can be difficult to find audiobooks on the platform. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best ways to find audiobooks on Spotify in 2024.

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How To Find Audiobooks On Spotify? Best Ways to Find Audiobooks on Spotify

#1. Start with a basic search

I find that the best place to start searching for audiobooks is in the playlists. So go ahead and type “audiobooks” into the search bar on the top of your Spotify screen.

From the Top Result, you’ll see right away that Spotify has its own Audiobooks playlist. It’s fine but not terribly helpful if you have something specific in mind. It’s just kind of a big list of audiobooks. Chapter 1 from an unmarked Kafka book is thrown right with Alice in Wonderland.

So what I want you to do is scroll down the page, past the top result and past the “Songs” until you see “Artists” “Albums,” and “Playlists.” This is where the real search results are.

#2. Try Searching Under “Playlists”

Suppose you’re looking for music inspiration on Spotify. In that case, your first stop might be to head over to playlists, and searching for audiobooks is not different. Playlists are one of the best places to start since there are tons of audiobooks all in one place, making it much easier to browse.

In the search bar on your app, simply type in the word “audiobooks.” Some autosuggestions will pop up, but head down to the “see all playlists” tab to view the full list of audiobook playlists on offer.

Spotify has a few officially curated audiobook playlists. There’s one simply titled “Audiobooks”, which has a great selection of popular titles, but there are also playlists for a huge selection of topics and genres. Some of these are put together by Spotify, while others are playlists made by individuals who have a particular interest in different types of audiobooks.

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There’s a bestsellers playlist, a classics playlist, as well as playlists for all kinds of genres, from sci-fi to romance to young adult and much more. There’s even a playlist for audiobooks narrated in the “Queens English” for those who want to brush up on their elocution.

You can browse by language too, so if you’re looking for audiobooks in Spanish, for example, type in “Spanish Audiobooks” into the search bar. You’ll find a huge selection of playlists, from big names like Duolingo to playlists in Spanish curated by everyday listeners.

#3. Try Searching by “Artist”

Typically when browsing Spotify, we think of “audiobook artists” as musicians, but there are plenty of famous authors also listed under “artists,” with tons of their best works converted into audiobook format.

If your favorite author is well known, there’s a good chance they’ll be on there. Try typing their name into the search bar under the “artists” tab. With any luck, they’ll already be a featured artist, and you can browse all of their audiobook titles in one place.

For more inspiration, check out the “Fans also like” section towards the bottom of the page. This is a great way to discover new authors who are similar in style, and you might just find your new favorite audiobook here.

A lot of the major players in the literary world are featured as an artist on Spotify, from the likes of George Orwell to Kurt Vonnegut to Jane Austen.

If you have a favorite audiobook narrator, searching in the “Artists” section is also a great idea. If they’re a popular narrator, they’ll likely have their own artist’s profile, and you can search their entire available catalog right there in one place.

#4. Try Searching in “Podcasts”

Besides music and audiobooks, Spotify has a huge selection of fantastic podcasts that are free to everyone, whether you are a paid subscriber or simply using the free version.

Be sure to check out everything they have to offer in the podcasts section, but pay particular attention to the audiobook-based selections. A lot of publishers, especially the smaller independent publishers, are releasing their audiobooks for free in the form of podcasts.

The best way to browse what’s on offer is to head over to the “Books” section under the “Genres” tab. Here you’ll be able to browse by interest or genre.

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If you’re in the mood for a classic book but you’re not sure which to choose, check out podcasts such as “Audiobooks Daily,” a podcast featuring the very best of public domain novels and short stories. Every episode is either a full audiobook or, in the case of longer books, they’re released chapter by chapter.

How to Listen to a Full Audiobook on Spotify?

How to Listen to a Full Audiobook on Spotify

If you’re not used to navigating Spotify, trying to figure out how to listen to a whole audiobook in order can be a little confusing. There might be random chapters listed, for example, chapter 4 or chapter 7, but of course, you’re going to want to start from the beginning and listen to the audiobook in the order it was intended. So what to do?

Simply click on the title of the audiobook you want to listen to and head over to the “full album” tab. Since Spotify is primarily a music streaming platform, full audiobooks are referred to as albums, with each section or chapter classed as “tracks.”

As soon as you click the “play all” tab under the “album” section, you’re good to go. The audiobook will play all the way through from beginning to end.

Premium Vs. Free

Be aware that if you haven’t signed up for Spotify Premium yet, and you’re using the free version, it’s harder to find audiobooks that play in order. Just like when you’re listening to music, the free Spotify version doesn’t give you as much control over the order you can listen to tracks. And, of course, you’ll have to listen to some pretty annoying ads too.

If you want to use Spotify for listening to audiobooks as well as music, then it’s worth signing up for the super affordable monthly subscription.

If you are looking for the best audiobooks, visit Top 44 Best Audiobooks Of All Time: Top Pick 2024.

Best Places To Find Audiobooks On Spotify

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In the course of researching this piece, I found some intriguing audiobook sources. Here are some of my favorites, but look around on your own, and you’re certain to find something that appeals to you.

Audiobooks: I really like the Audiobooks artist page, which maintains playlists of audiobooks by genre. And when I say genre, I mean everything. The playlists there range from nonfiction about wellness to new books to best sellers to children’s books. It also includes a short audio track describing the process of finding and listening to full audiobooks, in case my explanation above made no sense.

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Doctor Who: If you’re a Whovian, you are in luck! Doctor Who’s artist page has several playlists of Doctor Who audiobooks.

DBS Audiobooks and Wordscape: Some profiles are sources for lots of classic audiobooks. Think Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and other old works. If you like classics, it’s definitely worth poking around on these two pages.

Various Authors: Various Authors is, hilariously, the name of an artist page. I’m recommending it because they release various collections of short stories from different genres, written by, well, various authors. So if you’ve just got a short amount of time, or you’re listening on the free mobile app and are stuck with shuffle, you can listen to a short story at a time.

Spotify’s Women’s History playlists: Last year, Spotify compiled playlists of books, stories and poetry for Women’s History Month. Those are still there! Check them out!


Does Spotify Have Audiobooks?

Yes, there are audiobooks available on Spotify! Spotify has grown in popularity as a music and podcast streaming service, so this shouldn’t be surprising. It’s only natural that they’d host audiobooks, which they do in plenty.

Can You Download Audiobooks On Spotify?

When browsing certain Spotify audiobooks or audiobooks playlists that you want to listen to, hit the three small dots and choose Save to Your Library to download Spotify audiobooks. Then you may download an audiobook playlist that you have already stored.


Even if you’re doing something else, audiobooks are terrific to keep your mind busy and engaged. Audiobooks are an excellent method to read literature, mainly if you prefer multitasking or have a lot of spare time. Unfortunately, not every audiobook platform is the same.

Spotify is a famous streaming service that allows you to listen to audiobooks. We hope the preceding material aids you in your knowledge acquisition. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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