How To Exchange Books On Audible 2023: Best Full Guide

How To Exchange Books On Audible

You can listen to audiobooks while you do other tasks that don’t require concentration with Audible. Audiobooks are also great for when you’re tired of reading but need to relax. Audible and audiobooks, in general, are great for learning new things or reviewing your knowledge about certain topics.

If you have Audible, then you can return any unwanted audiobooks. The funds will be refunded in the same way you purchased them. You can exchange your audiobook for another if you are an active member. Then, How To Exchange Books On Audible? Here are the steps to exchange or return a book from Audible.

How To Return Audible Books?

  1. Log in to your account if you need.
  2. Click on Hi, [Your Name ]!,] at the top of your screen and then click Account Details. (You may need to sign in again to confirm your identity).
  3. In the left sidebar, select Purchase history.
  4. Click Return or Exchange next to the audiobook you no longer want.
  5. To confirm your decision, select why you want to return or exchange your audiobook.

Don’t be alarmed if you see Not eligible self-service exchange It could be that you have exceeded the maximum number of items allowed by the online tool. In such a case, you would need to contact Audible for assistance.

Exchange/Return A Book On Audible On The Mobile Site

Return or Exchange Audible Books on the Mobile Site

  • Click from your mobile device to sign in to your account.
  • Tap Menu, then My Account.
  • Tap Purchase History.
  • Click on the book that you wish to return.
  • Tap Return
  • Select the reason you wish to return the book, and then tap return.
  • You will be notified by a screen that your audiobook has been returned.

Notification: If Online Return Unavailable appears, please contact Audible Customer Care to initiate the refund.

Audible Exchange Policy

Here are some answers to common questions regarding Audible’s Exchange Policy.

What Type Of Refund Will I Get From Audible?

The same payment method you used to pay for the title will be used to refund it. Take this example:

  • Titles purchased using credits will be refunded with credit
  • A coupon can be used to redeem a title.

Members who purchased their title using credit(s) will immediately receive their credit(s), which they can use to purchase their next Audible product. Members who paid another form of payment for a title will get their refund within 7-10 business days, depending on the issuing financial institution.

Can Non-Members Return Or Exchange Books With Audible?

Can non-members return or exchange books with Audible

Non-members have the option to exchange or return two titles each six months. Contact Audible Customer Service. Chat, phone and email are all options.

Why Can’t I Exchange My Audible Book?

Audible may still allow you to exchange or return a title if it is not eligible for return. Audible states that only a limited number of titles can ever be returned via the online tool. Audible will then contact you to discuss your concerns and offer suggestions to improve your listening experience. Please note that you must request to return the audiobook within 365 days of purchase.

How Many Times Can I Exchange An Audible Book?

It is not clear how many times an Audible book can be exchanged. The Audible Exchange Policy states that Audible may limit the number and amount of refunds or exchanges each member can make.

This includes, but is not limited, to the possibility of Audible suspecting abuse of the program’s spirit. If a customer cancels the program or fails to keep their membership current, it will immediately end eligibility. Audible can cancel or modify any or all of the program terms at any time.

What Happens When I Return A Book On Audible?

Amazon owns Audible, a huge company. One could presume that this is part of Amazon’s service to customers to exchange audiobooks. This is something they pay to gain an advantage over their competitors. They don’t. (pays for it. The audiobook creators pay for the exchange!

This seems reasonable and makes sense when the audiobook is poorly produced, and people can’t stand to listen to it. Or when the story isn’t as long promised. It protects Audible subscribers and us subscribers against fraudulent publishers.

But if listeners finish a book and enjoy it enough to recommend Audible, they are expected to return the audiobook. They certainly deserve it!

Many believed it was Audible who took the loss to exchanges. They paid royalties to audiobook creators and gave you your money back or Audible credit. Until a glitch in Audible’s royalty statements, creators could see how high and how much they lost due to the unexpectedly high return rate.

The result was a resounding protest among audiobook authors. It’s important to remember that large publishers do not only create audiobooks like Penguin Random House. Many smaller publishing houses and authors pay out their own money for audiobook creation.

Audible’s seemingly generous service is free! They didn’t pay any royalties to audiobook creators, who are often small businesses or one person sharing their work with the world. An audiobook can cost thousands of dollars. If they don’t get their royalties back, authors won’t likely turn any more of their books into audiobooks. This hurts us all as listeners.

Audible responded to the outcry and changed its rules. They will pay royalties for titles returned after seven days. This is a huge win for independent publishers!

It’s important to be aware of the larger picture as an Audible subscriber and understand the terms authors and narrators receive for audiobooks you listen to.

How to Get Audiobooks Cheaper?

Audiobooks Cheaper

You don’t have to re-use Audible credits if you aren’t familiar with the audiobook market. There are better alternatives for audiobook listening. These options will allow you to listen to as many audiobooks you like legally while authors and narrators get paid fairly.

You can sign up for unlimited audiobook subscriptions like Audible’s Audible Plus (which is free for you as an Audible Premium Plus subscriber), Amazon Kindle Unlimited, which includes thousands of audiobooks Scribd, and digital libraries like Hoopla, that you can use with a local library card.

You can also buy audiobooks at a fraction of the cost of an Audible credit. For example, Amazon’s Whispersync offers Chirp audiobooks.


Why can’t I exchange my audible book?

You won’t be eligible to return a book if it says Not eligible for return. Most likely, the book has been returned after more than 365 calendar days. Audible warns that the online tool can only be used to return a limited number of titles.

Can you return audible books after reading?

The book must be returned within 365 days after purchase. The book will be returned in the same manner you purchased it. If you pay by credit, you receive credit. Even if you have listened to the book, you can return it.

Do you keep audible books after Cancelling?

After canceling your membership, you can still listen to Audible books that you have purchased. You will lose any remaining credits if you cancel your membership.

Is audible free to Prime members?

Although an Audible membership is not included in Amazon Prime, Prime members can get a discounted price on their membership. Although several Audible titles are included in your Prime membership, the total number is quite small.

Why does Audible let you return books?

The audible return policy states that you can return it or exchange it within 365 days if you are unhappy with your book. Audible states that their exchange policy is risk-free. Active members can take a chance with a new storyteller or narrator without losing credit.


There are many ways to exchange books on Audible. You can do it through the website, or you can use the app. You can also use the Audible credits that you have. Thank you for reading!

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