How to avoid getting killed in Among Us

Among Us is the best quarantine game ever made. It is the most popular game right now since players can join in the battle with friends and family. The game must be played in a large group and this feature connects players in a fun but also irritating battle.


Carrying out tasks in the game is easy, but how you can do it without getting yourselves killed is another thing. Imposter or not imposter, you can easily be killed off in the game because of the infamous “blame”. Players can communicate with each other during the voting phase through textbox, that is why explaining yourselves to clear your name will be very tricky, especially when you are nerves. So, if you want to walk out of the game victorious, you must follow these tips that will guarantee your victory.


The environment of the game is based in a space ship that is divided into different rooms. And around the ship are electrical panels that need to be fixed, oxygen systems that need to be cleaned and many other tasks. Crewmembers have to fix them as a way to win the game. Each game allows 4 to 10 players and they can decide how many imposters they want to be in the game, going from 1 to 3 imposters. The names of the imposters are written in red and only they can see the color. During the fixing phase, players can´t talk to each other. They will have to wait until the voting phase and chat with crewmembers.
Imposters will go around to sabotage the ship and also kill the crewmembers. When someone calls for an emergency meeting, players will have to vote which one is the imposter. And remember, anyone can call for an emergency meeting. The voted one will be killed off, but he or she can still go around to do tasks. In the end, if the number of imposters is the same as or higher than the number of crewmembers, the imposters win.


Do the task when you are with more than one crew member
Everyone is afraid of the unknown, and the unknown in this case is the imposters. The imposter can kill anyone off in the game and they can do it by faking being a helping friend. So if you aren’t sure if your companion is innocent, don’t go around fixing stuff with the company of only one crewmember. Going in a large group is very ideal, too ideal to be true. So if you can gather 2 friends to go around with you, that is very recommendable already. Also, doing the task in front of someone is the best prove. That way people can tell that you are not an imposter.


Vote with the group, don’t be hasty
Sometimes you can’t hold on to your opinion in this game. Since nobody knows who are the real imposters, insisting that one person is the killer and ignoring the common choice of the group can put you in a dangerous position. So, don’t be hasty and point fingers, vote with the group and accumulate the evidence in your mind so you can tell the crewmembers who are the imposters without making yourselves seem suspicious.


Do the fake tasks professionally
Each task in Among Us requires a specific amount of time to finish. And since the imposters have fake tasks to do, knowing the time that they take is a good way to blend in with crewmembers. So if you have a task that normally takes quite some time to do, don’t move away from it too quickly or you will sign the death penalty for your imposter.

Blame on those who are struggling with their tasks
Many players aren’t familiar with every task in the game and that can make them struggle a bit. If you come across one of them, you can raise suspicion by blaming him or her for not doing the tasks properly. In other words, this person is the real imposter in the eye of other crewmembers.

Don’t kill in a spot where no one has been at in a while
If you kill a crewmember in a place where no one has been in a while, you will be the one to receive the stares. And it is very hard to blame someone for killing the crewmember when they haven’t got to that spot yet. So avoid killing in an unattended room.

Sabotage the light
Sabotage the light will give imposters a wonderful opportunity to go around and kill the crewmembers without getting caught (if you pay attention to your surroundings, obviously). The lack of lights reduces the vision of the players and they can’t see the people around them unless they are very close to each other. Take advantage of the sabotage and go on a serial kill. And remember, crewmembers can’t call an emergency meeting when a sabotage is still taking effect. However, if someone finds a dead body, he or she can report it and the sabotage will be fixed immediately.

Blame the crime on the one who is closest to the body
One can’t kill crewmembers without approaching them, so blaming those who weren’t near to the dead body is very dumb. You will become the suspicion yourselves. So, blame the crime only on those who have approached the area where you kill the crewmembers. And be prepared to answer questions because you will have to explain why this crewmember is the imposter.

Among Us is a very spontaneous game and it is hard to tell how the game will end. But if you follow these tips, surely you will be able to survive longer, or even win the round. The game is very exciting to play and you can spend the time with your friends during the pandemic. So if you haven´t tried the game, catch up now and install it before the hype ends. The game is now available on mobile and PC.

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