How Many Wings Of Fire Books Are There In Total? Best Update [2022]

How Many Wings Of Fire Books Are There? Best Update

Wings of Fire is a children’s series about a group of five dragonets (young dragons) who are chosen to end what is essentially the dragon equivalent of a world war based on the parameters of a prophecy. Wings of Fire is particularly unusual for a children’s book because it does not address the reader as a kid.

It covers topics relevant to people of all ages, such as family loyalty, kindness, mercy, leadership, overcoming fear and uncertainty, and learning to move on after previous mistakes. So, how many Wings Of Fire books are there in all? In the next essay, Penn Book will provide you with the most thorough information.

How Many Wings Of Fire Books Are There

There are currently 15 volumes and a series of graphic novels in the Wings of Fire series, although only 5 of them are offered in the UK. The Dragonet Prophecy, the first miniseries, is made up of these. Additionally, a Netflix series is in the works.

All Wings Of Fire Books In Order To Read

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Book 1: The Dragonet Prophecy

Point of View: Clay

Dragonets are coming… to save the day.

Clay has lived under the mountain his entire life. Clay knows from his childhood that war is raging among the dragon tribes outside the mountain, a war that he and four others are destined for the end according to the mysterious Prophecy he’s been taught. Five chosen dragonets were taken from their homes while still in eggs and kept hidden away for many years to fulfill the Prophecy.

However, not all dragonets want a particular destiny. Clay and his friends can choose to be free when danger is threatening one of their dragonets. They may leave the mountain they have lived on for many years and put the dragon world on an unimaginable course.

Book 2: The Lost Heir

Point of View: Tsunami

The SeaWing’s lost heir is returning home.

It’s unbelievable to her that it is finally happening. Tsunami, along with her fellow dragonets, is navigating under the sea to the great SeaWing Kingdom. Tsunami, who was stolen as an egg from the royal hatchery, is eager to meet her future subjects and reunite with Queen Coral.

Tsunami’s return home to the country she has never known doesn’t turn out the way she expected. Queen Coral greets Tsunami with open arms, but a mysterious assassin is killing off the Queen and her heirs for years. A tsunami could be next. The ceilings were created to protect the dragonets, but this ocean is full of secrets, betrayal, and even death.

Book 3: The Hidden Kingdom

Point of View: Glory

Deep within the rainforest lies the danger.

Glory is aware that the dragon world is wrong about her tribe. She isn’t as lazy as a RainWing, and she doesn’t seem to be lazy at all. She may not have been meant to be one of the dragonets, as her older dragons remind her. But Glory is sharp, and her venom deadly… but no one knows.

Glory discovers that RainWings, which no dragon would ever consider dangerous, are full in the rainforest when the dragonets seek refuge. They sleep all day, and they don’t know anything about the rest of Pyrrhia.

Worst, they don’t know or care that RainWings have gone missing from their forest. However, Glory and the Dragonets are determined that the missing dragons be found even though it means the peaceful RainWing kingdom is forced into the middle of a war.

Book 4: The Dark Secret

The Dark Secret

Point of View: Starflight

Trouble is lurking in the shadows…

The sightings, the mysterious and mysterious NightWings, keep everything secret. From their home and Queen to their loyalty in war, they also hide their true identity. Starflight is excited and scared to finally meet his tribe after they have kidnapped their dragonet of destiny.

Starflight wants to convince his tribe that the NightWings also kidnapped a few innocent RainWings. Starflight can’t save himself from the NightWing kingdom, full of terrible secrets that no one suspects. His talons hold the fate of two kingdoms, and the other Dragonets are too far from him to help. Starflight must find a way for Starflight to be brave before it’s too late.

Book 5: The Brightest Night

Point of View: Sunny

One will have the firepower of wings.

Sunny has always taken the Dragonet Prophecy seriously. She is ready to do whatever it takes to help Pyrrhia’s Dragons. She has good ideas for how to accomplish it if someone would listen.

The shocking news has shaken Sunny’s faith and belief in their destiny from Morrowseer. Can anyone end this horrible war and pick a SandWing queen again? What if all they’ve gone through was worth it?

Sunny must decide if her destiny is already written.

Or can five dragonets save the world and change their fates?

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The Jade Mountain Prophecy

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Book 6: Moon Rising

Point of View: Moonwatcher

For now, Pyrrhia is at peace.

The war between the tribes has ended. Now the dragonets in the Prophecy have a plan to make lasting peace. Jade Mountain Academy is a school that will gather all the dragonets and teaches them how to live together.

Moonwatcher doesn’t know how she feels about school. The young NightWing, hidden in the rainforest her entire life, has a terrible secret. She can see the future and read minds. It is exhausting, noisy, and dangerous to live in a cave filled with many other dragons.

Moon is overwhelmed by her secret abilities and bombarded with strange thoughts in just a few days. Moon is faced with a difficult decision when a dragon attacks the academy. Or risk all to save her friends?

Book 7: Winter Turning

Point of View: Winter

Daring mission… or a fatal mistake?

His entire life, Winter has been a disappointment for his royal IceWing family. Winter is disappointed when his sister Icicle runs from Jade Mountain Academy, fleeing horrible crimes and possibly planning more. He knows they need another chance to make things right if he can find her.

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Winter’s new classmates Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli won’t allow him to make this dangerous journey independently. They don’t seem to grasp that IceWings can solve their problems, which is the superior dragon tribe.

Winter is thankful to have someone help him when his search leads them straight into Queen Scarlet’s vicious talons. Even the bravest dragons cannot follow Winter to the Ice Kingdom, where he will have to face the greatest threat: his family.

Book 8: Escaping Peril

Escaping Peril

Point of View: Peril

The most dangerous dragon of Pyrrhia is undertaking a mission.

The Peril was always loyal. First to Queen Scarlet, who used Peril’s fatal firesales to kill many dragons in her SkyWing arena. Peril now adores Clay, her dragonet friend. When Scarlet threatens Jade Mountain Academy, Clay’s only friend, Peril, sets out to stop Scarlet and save Clay.

One problem is that Turtle, a persistent SeaWing, insists on joining the party. Turtle is concerned about his friends who fled Jade Mountain Academy in search of Scarlet. Peril worries that Peril might accidentally burn Turtle or intentionally burn him for being so irritating. Peril can’t escape her firesales and her reputation as Pyrrhia’s deadliest dragon.

Peril is faced with deciding who to trust when she’s offered the chance to give up everything to start a new life.

Book 9: Talons of Power

Point of View: Turtle

There is a hero for every villain.

He doesn’t see Turtle as one of the heroes he hears about in books. He would use his animus powers to aid Pyrrhia if he was. Turtle is now aware that Darkstalker has returned. He’s the evil and impossibly old dragon of Pyrrhia’s most infamous legends. And stay hidden.

Jade Mountain Academy’s other dragons, however, find Darkstalker fascinating. He charms all he meets, even Turtle’s most skeptical friends. They are all convinced that the ancient dragon is now different.

Turtle isn’t so sure. Turtle isn’t so sure. He watches Darkstalker from the shadows and realizes that someone must stop this powerful dragon. He is a true hero. Turtle doesn’t have the time or resources to search for one. He might have to save the day by himself.

Book 10: Darkness of Dragons

Point of View: Qibli

The clock is ticking.

Qibli is certain Darkstalker must be stopped. He knows that he can stop Darkstalker if he has magic. Qibli can rewrite history with just a fraction of the ancient dragon’s all powerful scroll. He could make war end forever, make every dragon happy, and maybe even cast a small spell so everyone would like him.

Darkstalker’s harmful influence continues to spread across Pyrrhia and entraps or kills every dragon in the seven Tribes. Qibli is unable to grasp the small animus objects that he borrowed from Turtle. Qibli’s talons are finally able to make a difference with some clever thinking.

Prophecies can be difficult to rewrite. Will Qibli be the magic force Pyrrhia is looking for, or will he bring Jade Mountain, his family, and friends to their knees?

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent Prophecy

Book 11: The Lost Continent

Point of View: Blue

Everything is changing.

Blue the SilkWing is happy. His Hive life is secure; he loves his family and has plenty to eat. Pantala is at peace since he can remember. SilkWings, HiveWing, and HiveWing work in harmony and, because they are vigilant, have never seen a dangerous LeafWing for many years.

Blue is aware that Luna, Blue’s sister, is going through her Metamorphosis. Luna will receive her wings and silk, be assigned a partner, and be given a work order before moving to another Hive. Blue will receive her silk and wings a few days later.

Blue could not have imagined what would happen when Luna’s wings grow. His world suddenly turns upside down, and he finds himself in dangers he didn’t know existed. Pantala isn’t as peaceful, and Blue isn’t safe. It’s time for him to adapt and fight for his survival.

Book 12: The Hive Queen

Point of View: Cricket

Truth is a powerful weapon.

Cricket has always been curious about the world, despite growing up in hives. Why is it that trees are forbidden in art and even in science? Why does her family seem to hate her?

The most important, most dangerous, and secret question is Cricket’s immunity to Queen Wasp’s powers. Cricket must hide from the HiveWings whenever the Queen takes control, seeing through their eyes and speaking through their mouths.

Now, she is hiding again. She is wanted to steal The Book of Clearsight with her SilkWing friends Blue and Swordtail and the fierce LeafWing Sundew. To stop a LeafWing attack, the fugitives require answers fast.

Cricket has more questions than ever. How is she to keep her secret and uncover the Queen’s most dangerous secrets? If she succeeds, can a dragonet with no power overthrow a dictatorship and end a war?

Book 13: The Poison Jungle

Point of View: Sundew

Some secrets can prove deadly.

Sundew is determined to take down the HiveWings. It’s not a secret. Sundew has made it her life’s mission to take revenge on the tribe that tried to eradicate the LeafWings from Pantala and to rip every tree off the surface.

Except for the dangerous Poison Jungle where the LeafWings survived since the war, every tree. Hiding, plotting, and waiting for a Sundew like dragon to take down the Hives.

Sundew has dark secrets hidden in the jungle. Some she is keeping and others that she is just beginning to uncover. Sundew and her companions must now uncover the oldest secret of the jungle, even if it has the power to end all their lives.

Book 14: The Dangerous Gift

Point of View: Snowfall

They can’t be protected by a wall anymore.

Although Snowfall never expected to become Queen of IceWings so young, it’s a great honor. She needs to keep her tribe in IceWing territory where it is safe and all other tribes out where they belong.

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It’s a simple and elegant plan that Snowfall has all the IceWing magic Snowfall has. This is until a storm arrives on her shore, looking for asylum.

They are foreigners, and Snowfall knows that they are untrustworthy. Snowfall has to rethink her plans as she helps the poor new tribes leave her kingdom. She might be able to keep her tribe safe, but only if she is willing to take all risks.

Book Fifteen

Point of View: Luna

Stay tuned for more information…



Legends 1: Darkstalker

Points of View: Darkstalker, Clearsight, and Fathom

Three dragons. One unavoidable, unpredictable destiny. This is the beginning…of the end.

A young prince discovers that he is hatred in the SeaWing kingdom. This ability allows him to perform amazing magic, but it comes at a terrible cost.

A NightWing dragonet’s mind can see a thousand possible futures. Nearly all of them lead to destruction and disaster.

Under three full moons, and with the attentive eyes of his NightWing mother and IceWing father watching, the most powerful dragon Pyrrhia has ever seen is clinging to his egg. Darkstalker, the dragon that will forever change the world, is also there.

Many lifetimes passed before the SandWing war and before the Dragonet Prophecy… darkness is born.

Legends 2: Dragonslayer

Points of View: Leaf, Wren, and Ivy

Humans fight for survival in the shadow of wings.

Dragons have been wondering for decades how three small scavengers killed Queen Oasis. Until now.

Go back in time to the War of SandWing Succession and see Pyrrhia through the eyes of humans.

Ivy isn’t sure the Dragonslayer can trust her. Although he may be her father and beloved ruler of Valor, she knows that he is hiding more than the treasure he stole from the sand Dragon he killed 20 years ago.

Leaf doesn’t trust dragons. They are the reason Wren, his beloved sister, has died. Now, Leaf will do anything to kill even one.

Wren isn’t a believer in anyone. After her village tried to kill her, Wren decided to shun humans. The sky is her only friend, and she doesn’t need any other.

The humans who walk underfoot in a world full of dragons are easy to overlook. Wren, Leaf, Ivy, and Leaf will all cross paths with dragons in ways that could change the fate of both species. Are they all capable of a new future? One in which humans can look up to the sky with hope rather than fear?



Winglets 1: Prisoners

Point of View: Fierceteeth

Fierceteeth is aware that she could have been a dragonet of destiny. She is a better NightWing than her strange brother Starflight. Her hopes of Glory were crushed. Now Queen Thorn holds Strongwings and her, waiting for them to go on trial. Fierceteth wants to share her story before it’s too late.

Winglets 2: Assassin

Point of View: Deathbringer

Deathbringer is eager to become the NightWings’ next assassin. He’ll help the NightWings determine who wins the war between the Pyrrhia dragon tribes if he convinces them to send him on one mission together with Quickstrike.

Deathbringer is forced to make an unanticipated choice when their mission turns unexpectedly. This will alter his path and possibly change the course of the war.

Winglets 3: Deserter

Point of View: Six-Claws

Six-Claws, a happy SandWing who works hard and is loyal to his Queen, is cheerful and dynamic. Six-Claws is a loyal SandWing who will do anything to save Blaze, the youngest SandWing Princess when she wanders off in a sandstorm. It turns out that even loyalty doesn’t guarantee safety in the Sand Kingdom.

There were three SandWing princesses before the war of SandWing succession… and one Queen.

Winglets 4: Runaway

Points of View: Arctic, Foeslayer, and Snowflake

A different destiny existed thousands of years before the dragonets were created.

Legendary characters include Prince Arctic of IceWings and Foeslayer of NightWings. According to legends, their parents were Pyrrhia’s most notorious dragon. Her Mother, Foeslayer, and the NightWings kidnapped an IceWing prince before they could become the parents. This act sparked a bitter rivalry that lasted for thousands of years between the tribes.

It all began so simply: Foeslayer and Arctic were in love. They wanted to be together, but instead of falling in love, a runaway dragon became an escapee and changed Pyrrhia forever.

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Wings Of Fire Graphic Novels In Order

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novel 1: The Dragonet Prophecy

Point of View: Clay

Every dragonet has a destiny.

Clay, who grew up beneath the mountain, was chosen with four other dragonets to fulfill a mysterious prophecy. This will end the war between the Pyrrhia dragon tribes. Clay isn’t sure about Prophecy, but Clay cannot imagine not living among the dragonets. They are his best friends.

When one of the dragonets becomes endangered, all five jump into action. They will all choose freedom over fate together on their terms.

Graphic Novel 2: The Lost Heir

Point of View: Tsunami

There are secrets and betrayal in the depths.

Tsunami is thrilled to be returning to the SeaWing Kingdom. She’s tired of living under a mountain all her life and wants to be reunited with Queen Coral, her mother.

The Queen greets her long lost child with open wings. However, a vicious assassin is killing the throne’s heirs, and the Tsunami could be next. The Sea Wings were created to protect her and the dragonets, but the ocean may be the most dangerous.

Graphic Novel 3: The Hidden Kingdom

Graphic Novel 3: The Hidden Kingdom

Point of View: Glory

The rainforest is dangerous because there are dangers everywhere.

Glory is aware that her status as a lazy RainWing is not what she thought. Perhaps she was not meant to be one of the dragonets, but Glory is sharp. Her venom can be deadly, even though that’s still a mystery.

Glory discovers that RainWings have taken over the Rain Forest and is now seeking shelter from the dragonets. They eat nothing but leaves, and they don’t know anything about Pyrrhia.

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Worst, they don’t know or care that RainWings have gone missing from their forest. However, Glory and the Dragonets are determined that the missing dragons be found even though it means the peaceful RainWing kingdom is forced into the middle of a war.

Graphic Novel 4: The Dark Secret

Point of View: Starflight

Trouble is lurking in the shadows…

He hopes to find out some NightWing secrets when his tribe takes Starflight.

Starflight is not the only one who knows the truth. Not only is the Nightwing’s living in a miserable, dark place, but they have also imprisoned innocent RainWings. Starflight is alone and stranded, and he only wants to return to his friends.

Starflight is now alone, and the fate of the two kingdoms rests in his hands. Starflight has no one to rescue him. Starflight must find a way for bravery before it’s too late.

Graphic Novel 5: The Brightest Night

Point of View: Sunny

One will have the firepower of wings.

Sunny has always taken the Dragonet Prophecy seriously. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to help Pyrrhia’s Dragons. She has good ideas, and she’d listen to anyone who would listen.

The shocking news has shaken Sunny’s faith and belief in their destiny from Morrowseer. Can anyone end this horrible war and pick a SandWing queen again? What if all they’ve gone through was worth it?

Sunny must decide if her destiny is already written.

Or can five dragonets save the world and change their fates?

Other Books Of Wings Of Fire

The Winglets Quartet

The Winglets Quartet

Everybody knows the stories… but do they know the truth?

Fiercetooth [sic], NightWing obsessed by what could have been and should have been. Deathbringer is determined to be the next great NightWing assassin. Six-Claws is a loyal SandWing who will soon discover that loyalty has a price. Foeslayer, the NightWing, is a dragon who has fallen in love with a kidnapper, and Prince Arctic, the IceWings, is a runaway who was taken captive.

These four stories will help you to delve deeper into the world of Pyrrhia.

Forge Your Dragon World

Draw your destiny and write your legend. Then, take flight!

You are the legend!

Are you a talented artist? Are you interested in telling your own stories about dragons? This official Wings of Fire journal will help you gather story ideas, create amazing dragon characters, and imagine new worlds. You can also decide how to tell your story. You’ll find it easier to interact with the Wings of Fire series through the guidance of Tui T. Sutherland.

This guide will help you tell your story with TuiT. Sutherland, #1 New York Times bestseller author of Wings of Fire.

A Guide to the Dragon World

Like never before, dive into the world of Wings of Fire!

This guide will feature new art and maps, as well as stories and folklore by Tui Sutherland. Each chapter will provide a detailed look at the Pantala and Pyrrhia tribes. This guide is sure to be a gift worthy and stunning.

Official Wings of Fire Coloring Book

This official coloring book will allow you to fly high in the world of Wings of Fire! This coloring book is based on Wings of Fire, the #1 New York Times bestseller. It features all your favorite Dragons and includes 96 pages of amazing scenes for you to color.


What Genre Is Wings Of Fire?

Tui T. Sutherland is the author of the Wings of Fire children’s fantasy book series, which is available through Scholastic.

Are there Wings of Fire Book 15?

Book Fifteen is the fifteenth book of the Wings of Fire bestselling series and the fifth in the third arc. Luna is the main protagonist. The current publication date for this book is March 1, 2024.

Who is Starflight’s mother?

Greatness listened and spoke for Battlewinner, her mother. Battlewinner was hiding behind the wall, submerged in lava due to an Icewing’s Frostbreath. Starflight panicked when the NightWings asked for information about the paintings and declared that Glory was planning an assault.

Who is Starflight’s daughter?

Peacebringer, the daughter of Starflight and Fatespeaker. @Summers Hardy is the author of this character.

What are Goldwing Wings of Fire?

Starflight is her half brother. She has expressed her complete disinterest in him and wished that he would pass away. She thinks she would make a better Dragonet and envies his growth off the NightWing Island.

What are the Goldwing Wings of Fire, and what do they mean?

The most striking yet beautiful feature of Goldwings is their diamond shaped scales that run along with their wings and on their faces. The horns of a Goldwing are curved downwards and tipped in gold. Their spikes can be either silver or golden, depending on the color of their full scale.

Where does Wings of Fire take place?

The setting for this tale is Pyrrhia. Pyrrhia is a continent in a mythical realm where dragons are the only animals present. Seven distinct dragon tribes exist. They go by Seawings, Ice Wings, Mud Wings, Sky Wings, Sand Wings, Rain Wings, and Night Wings.

Does Wings of Fire take place on earth?

As mentioned above, it takes place on Earth, and dragons have developed, despite not being the predominant species until the Scorching.


In conclusion, “Wings of Fire” is a popular book series written by Tui T. Sutherland. The series is set in a mythical world of dragons and focuses on the adventures and struggles of a group of young dragons as they discover their true identities and fulfill their destinies.

The series has been well-received by readers of all ages and has been praised for its captivating plot, endearing characters, and rich world-building. If you enjoy fantasy stories with a strong emphasis on friendship, action, and self-discovery, then “Wings of Fire” is definitely worth checking out.