How Many Books Are In The House Of Night Series? [2022]

How Many Books Are In The House Of Night Series

I have never read a YA novel that made me think about the impact of books on readers like the House of Night series. Imagine if you had to go to school to become a vampire. House of Night might be the best choice for young adults. Next, How Many Books Are In The House Of Night Series? Continue reading to learn more.

What’s the House of Night?

PC Cast wrote House of Night. House of Night was written by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. It is a series of fantasy novels for young adults that follows the adventures of a teenage vampire.

The story is about Zoey Redbird, a sixteen-year-old girl who is now a “fledgling Vampyre”. It is now required that she attends the House of Night Boarding School in Tulsa (Oklahoma).

How Many Books Are In The House Of Night Series?

House of Night Books in Order

House of Night Books in Order:

Marked – Zoey is admitted to the House of Night. There, she will learn how to become an adult vampire and after she has changed. Not all who are selected get to do so. Zoey is not your average fledgling. Nyx has marked her as special.

Betrayed – Fledgling Vampyre Zoey redbird has settled in at the House of Night. She finally feels at home, like she is part of the family. She has at least one boyfriend. The unthinkable happens. Teenagers are being murdered, and all evidence points to the House of Night. While danger lurks around Zoey’s former life, she realizes that her unique powers could also be dangerous to those she loves.

Chosen – Dark forces are at work in the House of Night, and Zoey Redbird, a fledgling vampire, finds herself on the school’s path to sanity. People who seem to be friends end up being enemies. Strangely, even sworn enemies can become friends. Stevie Rae is her best friend, and she is struggling to keep her humanity. Vampyres begin turning up dead, and Zoey’s horrible step-father, the People of Faith, get tired of living side by side with vampires.

Untamed – Life is hard when your friends get pissed at. Ask Zoey Redbird. She has gone from having three boyfriends to having none, from having close friends who supported and trusted her to be an outcast in just one week. The only friends Zoey has left are the undead and the unmarked. Neferet declared war on humanity, which Zoey feels is wrong.

Hunted – Zoey and her gang have to find a way of dealing with an unexpected danger that could bring them all down. Kalona, Neferet’s powerful new consort, is under her spell. However, a past life may hold the key to his rapidly spreading power. But what if it reveals Zoey truths that she cannot face? The red fledglings are doing well, but is that really what they mean?

Tempted – You’d think that Zoey Redbird and her gang would be able to get away with it after they banished Kalona, Neferet, and their gang. However, Zoey is still haunted by A-ya’s mysterious yet fundamental connection to Kalona. She was the only person who could tempt Kalona’s soul and body. Their friendship and the House of Night are at stake when dark secrets and unspoken suspicions are revealed between Zoey Rae and Stevie Rae.

Burned – Zoey’s soul is broken. It seems increasingly unlikely that she will be able to bring herself together again in time to join her friends and restore order to the world. Stark is the only living person capable of reaching her. Stark must find a way. How? Stevie Rae, Z’s best friend, wants to help her but has many problems of her own. The Red Fledglings have been acting out. Stevie Rae is hiding something that could be the key to Zoey’s return, but it also threatens to destroy her entire world.


Awakened – Neferet was exonerated by Vampyre High Counsel and restored to her position as High Priestess at Tulsa’s House of Night. She has taken revenge on Zoey. Queen Sgiach is training Zoey to become the new queen of the Isle of Skye.

Dragon’s Oath – Novella. Dragon Lankford was not always an instructor at House of Night. He was once a student, young and talented. The mistake that cost him everything could be the key to Zoey’s and the rest of the vampires’ victory against Darkness…

Destined – Zoey is now safe and sound with Stark, her Guardian Warrior. She is also preparing to face Neferet. It would make things a lot easier if the High Counsel saw the ex-high Priestess as she is…

Lenobia’s Vow – Novella. Lenobia, before becoming Zoey’s favorite professor and House of Night’s powerful horse mistress, was a 16-year-old girl. But she had enough problems to last a lifetime.

Hidden – Zoey finally has what she wants: the truth is out. The High Council has thrown out Neferet’s evil, but she is not on her side. So why is she still wreaking havoc across the vampire universe? A mysterious fire ravages the stables, and then Neferet makes an unstoppable move that will put them all to the test.

Revealed – Neferet, severely altered by her fall, is now even more dangerous than ever. Her quest for revenge will cause havoc on Zoey and her friends as well as humans. Tulsa is witness to chaos and the House of Night is to blame. Zoey can stop Neferet before her anger escalates to war. Will someone else step in to take Neferet’s place?

Kalona’s fall – Novella. The Terrible Secrets of Kalona’s Past are Revealed: From Warrior and Lover to Enemy and Betrayer,

Redeemed – Zoey, who has released the Seer Stone to Aphrodite and given herself to the Tulsa Police, is now isolated from her mentors and friends. She is determined to face the punishment that she deserves, even if it means her body rejects the change and eventually dies. Only her love and support can save her from the Darkness within her spirit. But, a terrible evil has emerged from her shadows, stronger than ever…

House of Night and Other World Books in Order:

House of Night and Other World Books

Kristin Cast and PC have decided to commemorate the tenth anniversary of ‘House of Night’ by embarking on a new adventure together with the Nerd Herd.

Loved – Zoey is turning eighteen years old, and the Nerd Herd have been living in various parts of the country for nearly a year. Stark calls them all back to Tulsa to surprise Z. T-town isn’t all good. Strange and dark signs are beginning to appear – could it be that Neferet is stirring? Zoey isn’t willing to risk disaster again and calls upon her newly reunited friends for protection. It’s so easy.

Lost – Follow Zoey and Stevie Rae to an alternate version of the House of Night. There, dangers can take the form of friends, while allies can be found in the most unlikely places. Will Z ever return to our world, and Heath go to his? Stark will forgive her if she returns to our world.

Forgotten – Kalona, who was held captive in the earth for hundreds of years by the Darkness within his heart, was not released by Neferet. What happened to Kalona, the Other World’s Kalona. It seems as though he has been forgotten or never existed.

Found – Zoey is aware that Darkness can bring with it an old enemy. As Zoey discovers more, she is more certain that Neferet is back. The Nerd Herd will once again have to dig deep to save the world.


Is the House of Night series a movie?

The TV adaptation of the House of Night Vampire Book Series “House of Night” is coming. PC PC.

Is Netflix Making a House of Night series?

Don Carmody, David Cormican, and Shadowhunters’ producers adapt House of Night to Netflix. According to our sources, Netflix will distribute this series.

Does Stark Die in House of Night?

Nyx forces Kalona, Stark’s wife, to give Stark a piece of his immortal soul so that he can return to life. He was the first Warrior to go to Otherworld to save his High Priestess and return.

Who killed Professor Nolan House of Night?

Patricia is crucified, and her head was pierced with a stake. It is later revealed that Neferet was the one who killed Patricia, a vampire.

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