How Many Black Books Are There? Best Full Guide 2022

How Many Black Books Are There

You don’t need to know anything about Hermaeus, as you will soon be familiarizing yourself with the tricksy Daedric Prince. The Daedric Prince, a Daedric Prince of memory and knowledge, has decided to scatter the powerful Black Books across Solstheim in Skyrim.

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Black Books are mysterious and otherworldly tomes. They provide a reader with extraordinary knowledge and abilities that are beyond what mortals can imagine.

These are Daedric artifacts that Hermaeus Mora created to attract mortals to his service. Some of them appear to have been written in ancient times, while others are from the future. Because they are full of hidden knowledge, these books are highly sought after.

Miraak, the Dragon Priest, was given one book by Hermaeus Mora. This eventually led to him learning how Dov could bend his will. The First Era also contained another book that the Dwemer found. The Dwemer were experts in using and acquiring hidden knowledge, so they began to examine it to uncover its secrets.

Black Books


The Black Book opens and takes the reader to a place in the realms of Apocrypha. After the area has been explored, a book is placed on a pedestal. The book can be read to unlock a special power or ability.

The Black Book in Apocrypha is not opened when you open it. Instead, the Dragonborn is taken back to Solstheim. This allows you to exit Apocrypha without needing (reaching for) the hidden knowledge book usually found at the end of each Apocrypha scenario.

This is particularly important when reading Waking Dreams, but without activating the last main quest, At The Summit of Apocrypha, because once you reach the Word Wall for Dragon Aspect, there is no visible exit. However, the Dragonborn’s door is locked.

Black Books cannot be read in Solstheim. If you try to read a Black Book from Skyrim, the message will be: “A vision in Solstheim swims in front of your eyes, and then it is gone.”

Once the message has been acknowledged, the inventory is closed, and the surrounding area shakes briefly. If the message is received while you are doing something like woodcutting or sitting down, it will say: “You are not able to focus on what your reading.”

Hidden Knowledge

Each Black Book, other than Waking dreams, ends with a fixed (on a pedestal) book containing three pieces of Hidden Knowledge. Each item is represented by a glowing green sphere that hovers above the book. When activated, the active power or effect associated with that area is granted. One effect can only be activated at a given time.

However, the Dragonborn may return to any area at any time to activate another effect. To return to Solstheim, activate the edge of the book that is on the pedestal. The achievement Hidden Knowledge will be awarded to those who have learned the secrets of five Black Books.

How Many Black Books Are There?

Black Books 2

Black Book: Epistolary Acumen

During the quest The Path of Knowledge, found in Nchardak.

  • Dragonborn Force: Your unrelenting Force Shout can do more damage than usual and may even cause the death of your enemies.
  • Dragonborn Flame: A fire wyrm rises from an enemy’s corpse when you use your Fire Breath Shout to kill them. It will fight for you for 60 seconds.
  • Dragonborn Frost: The Frost Breath Shout of Dragonborn Frost encases foes with ice.

Black Book: Filament and Filigree

During the quest Unearthed, Kolbjorn Barrow was found.

  • The secret of Arcana: Spells don’t drain Magicka for more than 30 seconds.
  • The secret of Protection: For 30 seconds, the damage is halved for all physical and most magical attacks.
  • The secret of Strength: Power attacks do not drain stamina after 30 seconds.

Black Book: The Hidden Twilight

Located in Tel Mithryn near the Staff Enchanter.

  • Mora’s Agony – Summons a field is writhing tentacles to poison foes.
  • Mora’s Boon – Completely replenish Health and Stamina.
  • Mora’s Grease – Freezes targets between Oblivion & Tamriel for 30 seconds. This makes them immune to any damage.

Black Book: The Sallow Regent

Found in White Ridge Barrow

  • Seeker of Might: 10% better combat skills and 10% more efficient Smithing.
  • Seeker of Shadows: 10% better stealth capabilities, 10% improved Alchemy.
  • Seeker of Sorcery: A 10% cost reduction on all spells and 10% better Enchanting.

Black Book: The Winds of Change

During the quest The Final Descent, found in Bloodskal Barrow.

  • Companion’s insight: Followers are safe from your shouts and attacks.
  • Lover’s insight: +10% damage to the other sex and 10% lower prices than those in the same sex.
  • Scholar’s insight: Two levels of skill enhancements are available for reading skill books.

Black Book: Untold Legends

Benkongerike, just after the Word Wall.

Bardic Knowledge: A spectral drum that plays for 300 seconds to replenish stamina and recovery.

Black Market: A Dremora merchant spawns for 15 seconds

Secret Servant: The Dremora butler is spawned for 15 seconds. The total carrying capacity is 148 points.

Black Book: Waking Dreams

During the main questline, found in the Temple of Miraak.

Reset a skill tree and refund perk points spent at the cost of dragon souls.

black book in Skyrim


How do I get the last black book in Skyrim?

His research indicates that Epistolary Acumen is inside. So you can navigate through the ruins to find the Black Book.

Can you change Black Book powers?

Each Black Book Quest allows you to choose from three abilities after you complete it. You can change these abilities by going back to the Black Book.

Can you remove black books from inventory?

According to multiple discussions and the wiki, Dragonborn Black Books (of Hermaneous Mora) still quest items that cannot be dropped or sold after completing the relevant quests.

What is better Dragonborn force flame or frost?

Frost decreases the target’s stamina; force creates distance, and flame reduces one’s health. Force is the best choice in the early game because you will have all three words at the start of the main questline.

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