How Does Renting Books On Amazon Work? Best Full Guide 2024

How Does Renting Books On Amazon Work

Amazon has among the best prices on textbook rentals (especially given the alternative for free delivery and 30-day yields). But, it always pays to look for comparisons, particularly if you’re squeezing every cent. Then, How Does Renting Books On Amazon Work? Reading to find out more.

How Does Renting Books On Amazon Work?

Books On Amazon

Renting books on Amazon is a cost-effective way for students or anyone to access a large selection of academic texts. Here’s how it works:

  1. Search for the book you need: Go to and search for the book you need. Look for the option to rent the book instead of purchasing it.
  2. Choose a rental period: You can rent a book for a period of time that fits your needs, such as a semester or quarter. The rental period starts on the date that you receive the book.
  3. Place your order: Once you’ve chosen the rental period, you can place your order and make payment. You will receive the book via shipping, usually within a few days.
  4. Read and study: You can read the book on your computer, tablet, or other device using the Kindle app, or you can print the pages you need.
  5. Return the book: At the end of the rental period, you need to return the book to Amazon. They provide a prepaid shipping label for your convenience.

Note: When renting a book, be mindful of the rental agreement and the conditions for returning the book. You may be charged a fee for late returns or for returning a damaged book.

Important points to notice about this process

  • You have the option to buy the item you’ve leased, and you will be charged more than the original cost of this book.
  • In case you choose to extend the duration of the lease, you will be billed for that.
  • A valid credit card at least 45 days to expiry needs to be submitted to have the ability to lease a book.
  • It is possible to use gift cards for your first lease, but a charge card has to be billed if the gift card comes with a minimum balance that would not cover the lease fees.
  • When you finish the rental, you’ll get constant email reminders about your return.

Should You Use Amazon for Renting Books

Whether or not you should use Amazon for renting books depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Cost: Renting books on Amazon can be a cost-effective way to access academic texts. It is usually much less expensive than purchasing the book, and you can save money compared to buying a new or used copy.

Convenience: Amazon has a large selection of books available for rent, and the process of renting and returning the books is simple and straightforward. You can also read the book on your device using the Kindle app, which makes it easy to access the material whenever and wherever you need it.

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Quality: Renting a used book from Amazon can sometimes result in receiving a book in less-than-perfect condition. However, Amazon has a process for reporting damaged books and they will replace the book if necessary.

Availability: Some books may not be available for rent, or the rental period may not align with your needs. Make sure to check the rental options before placing your order to ensure that the book is available for the length of time you need it.

Ultimately, whether or not you use Amazon for renting books depends on your budget, convenience, and academic needs. It’s worth considering, especially if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to access academic texts.

How long is the rental period?

amazon textbook rental review

Amazon rentals are often on a per-semester basis, meaning that you can have the ability to use the textbook during the session, before finals, before you’re able to initiate a return.

Pupils, however, lack the initiative of returning books on time, and they largely linger for more than they ought to. It’s always essential to go back to the book on time since this will bring in more fees on your credit card and that you filed together with the company.

How to extend a book rental on Amazon

To extend a book rental on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Amazon account: Log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Your Orders” section.
  2. Locate the book rental: Find the book rental that you want to extend and click on the “Manage Your Rental” button.
  3. Choose to extend the rental: In the Manage Your Rental section, you should see an option to extend the rental. Select the new rental period and click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Review and confirm: Review the details of the extended rental period, including the new due date and any additional fees, and then click on the “Confirm Extension” button.
  5. Payment: You will be prompted to make payment for the extension fee, which is typically based on the rental period you choose.

What if You Are Late?

There’s a statement on the site I will quote for impact.

Suppose your book isn’t obtained with a postmark of this expected date or an earlier date. In that case, we’ll automatically expand your textbook lease period by 15 days and bill you to get a 15-day expansion.

Whether the textbook is still not received with a postmark of this expansion due date or an earlier date, then we’ll bill you the cost (at the time of lease), no rental charges, and, if appropriate, expansion fees previously paid. Please don’t send the book to us after you were billed the buyout cost which textbook is yours to keep.

What does a buyout price mean?

Amazon books renting

In the statement above, the term buyout cost was utilized, and it’s vital to comprehend what it implies.

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I’ll use an example to describe this:

If Amazon and Apex websites offer to let you know the book above at $39.99 and their buyout cost is $388.50. This is essential once you’re leasing a book.

This implies that should you not return this book in time, your credit card will likely be charged $388.50 because of the buyout cost. By the statement I’ve quoted previously, when the book was billed the buyout amount, you cannot negotiate with them anymore, and neither are you permitted to go back to the reader.

Should you happen to be among those 10 or 20 percent of pupils who don’t return the textbooks in time, you will be stuck with a charge of nearly $400.

This is only one of those essential things I’d asked that you know clearly before leasing a book from Amazon.

That is, however, not ordinary. Most companies don’t typically charge these hefty prices for unreturned books. However, Amazon and Apex websites are based online companies, and they’re not beholden to any college, so they don’t deal with their clients face to face.

Should you happen to write and complain to them about the charges on your credit card, they report back to you and notify you that you violated their conditions of this arrangement. There’s essentially nothing you can do about it.

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Where Can You Find Better Deals?

Campus Book Rentals

This isn’t simple since Amazon has the cheapest rental fees online nowadays. This also implies that you might wind up utilizing their services despite their strict requirements since they are cheap and adapt pupils flawlessly.

A comparison of the Amazon book leasing and Campus book rentals.

Campus Book Rentals

  • They charge greater than Amazon on book rentals, even although they’re far lower when you compare them to the other choices.
  • They provide free delivery in two directions, which is to back you and to them.
  • This is only one of the most significant book stores for lease you will find.
  • They don’t have any limitations on writing or highlighting in the book, and you may treat the book as your own.
  • They have a live support system that will assist you with whatever you will need from them.
  • Their site is user friendly, and their extensive selection makes it simple to get what you’re searching for constantly.

Amazon Textbook Rentals

  • They constantly charge the lowest prices in regards to textbook rentals.
  • They supply a 2-day delivery for Amazon pupils on Amazon prime, and also for orders over $35, the delivery fees are free.
  • The return shipping is free.
  • They provide you with a 15-day extension interval and offer you discounts for additional semesters.
  • They’ve got an e-book service on their kindle.
  • You Can’t write or highlight the book otherwise;, you will be billed heavily.
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Here are some other rental websites you can consider

  • Barnes and Noble Textbook lease.
  • Campus book rentals.
  • eCampus.
  • Knetbook
  • Valore books.


Can I rent a book for a longer or shorter period of time?

Yes, Amazon allows you to choose a rental period that fits your needs, ranging from a few days to a semester or quarter. However, not all books may be available for rent, and the rental period options may vary based on the book.

What happens if I don’t return the book on time?

You may be charged a late fee if you don’t return the book by the due date. To avoid late fees, make sure to return the book on time or extend the rental period if needed.

What if I lose or damage the book?

You may be charged a fee if you lose or damage the book. To minimize the risk of damage or loss, handle the book carefully and consider purchasing insurance for the rental.

Can I highlight or write in the book?

Highlighting and writing in a rented book is generally not allowed, as it can make the book difficult to rent to someone else. If you need to take notes, consider using a separate notebook or digital device.

What if I decide I want to keep the book?

You can choose to purchase the book at any time during the rental period. However, purchasing the book is typically more expensive than renting it, so consider your options carefully.

Can I rent multiple books at once?

Yes, you can rent multiple books at once, as long as they are available for rent.

How do I return the book at the end of the rental period?

Amazon provides a prepaid shipping label for returning the book. Simply package the book securely and send it back using the provided label.

Can I rent books from Amazon if I live outside the US?

Amazon’s book rental program may not be available in all countries, so be sure to check the availability in your location before placing your order.


Renting books on Amazon is a great way to save money on your reading material. You can rent books for a fraction of the cost of buying them and return them when you’re done. There are no late fees, so you can keep them as long as you like. You can also renew your rentals if you want to keep them longer. Thank you for reading!

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