Does Books A Million Buy Books? Best Full Guide 2024

Does Books A Million Buy Used Books

Books-A-Million, Inc., also Called BAM!, is a bookstore chain in the USA, managing 260 stores in 32 nations. Stores range from 4,000 to 30,000 square feet and sell books, magazines, collectibles, toys, engineering, and presents. Thus, Does Books A Million Buy Used Books? Reading to know more.

Does Books A Million Buy Used Books?

Books-A-Million purchases used books through its in-store BAM! Employed Buyback program, which can be found at participating locations.

To discover more about Books-A-Million’s coverage on purchasing used books, we contacted the corporate client support department and Books-A-Million shops in Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

About 30 percent of the shops we contacted stated they engage in the buyback program. The buyback program is open at particular times, which vary by place, agents told us.

To learn whether your regional store purchases used books, put in your town in the Books-A-Million shop locator and assess out the BAM! Employed Buyback box.

Click on Store Info to observe the regular store hours, and BAM! Employed Buyback hours in your closest location. Of the shops we assessed, the most regular buyback hours were Sunday through Thursday from noon to 6 pm.

Be aware that while Books-A-Million includes a New & Used Marketplace on its site, you can’t sell books to The market operates in partnership with select vendors. 2nd & Charles, a used book and networking shop possessed by Books-A-Million, purchases books; visit our related search to learn more on this 2nd & Charles trade-in app.

Books A Million


Sellers have to be 18 years old and show a legitimate, government-issued photo ID (for example, a driver’s license) to take part in the BAM! Employed Buyback program. Moreover, the books you bring should fulfill the following prerequisites for Books-A-Million to purchase them:


Books-A-Million won’t accept books that are indicated with highlights or margin notes. Additionally, it won’t take damaged books, like the ones that show signs of water damage, have loose bindings, or possess missing or torn covers.

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The only genre which is BAM! The employed Buyback program explicitly doesn’t take textbooks. It will otherwise take both fiction and nonfiction books but favors teenagers, young adults, children’s books, graphic novels, and current releases.

Format, Edition, and Age

Books-A-Million prefers to get hardcover books but will take paperbacks if they’re in good shape and the name, author, or genre is in demand. Exclusive variations are okay, but the books can’t be book club variations or condensed variations.

Additionally, it favors recent releases and won’t accept obsolete books, consumer support agents stated, though they could not extend a particular book age limitation.

Books-A-Million generally doesn’t purchase classic, classic, or rare books but might accept a book that’s several years old when the shop believes it’s going to sell.



Most shops have a limit of around 50 books per trade. If you would like to market a larger quantity of books, you may either earn 50 books at one time or get in touch with the regional store to produce an assessment appointment.

There’s no set limitation on the highest value of books that Books-A-Million will purchase simultaneously; nevertheless, remember that all readers need to satisfy the buyback state requirements detailed above.


The BAM! The Employed Buyback program doesn’t offer you massive payouts; you’ll often get an offer of about $0.50 to $1 per book in money. (Note: Many Books-A-Million places may also supply store credit, but the shops we contacted stated they pay money)

The shop could be inclined to pay more for the latest releases or people in favor condition. Its cover scale depends on its capacity to market the book, considering its age, illness, and the requirement for each specific title.

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Buyback Procedure

who buys used books near me

When you fall off the books that you would like to sell, you will want to provide the partner your contact number. Based on how active the buyback counter is and the number of books you deliver, you could have the ability to navigate the shop and find an offer on precisely the same day.

You might even leave the shop; you’ll be given a text message once the partner finishes processing your books.

When you come back to the counter, the partner will provide you with an offer for your books, and you’ll be able to opt to accept the deal or not. The partner will give you money for any books that the shop purchases and return some books it doesn’t get.

How Does the BAM Buyback Program Work?

How Does the BAMBacBAMBuyback Program Work

  1. Welcome to you

first trip? For account opening, provide your ID. Any legally issued picture ID will do. A minimum age of 18 is required. Let’s start now!

  1. Commence here

Put all you have in a tote. We will handle the rest. Orders must consist of no more than 50 items. If necessary, use several containers. We purchase what. A variety of things, take a look at our most popular things in a brochure.

  1. Wait time

We’ll estimate how long you may have to wait. When your offer is prepared, choose to get an email or SMS. Evaluating more things requires more time.

  1. Have fun

You may explore a ton of stores while you wait. The fun truly never needs to stop, from the newest best seller to the trendiest in pop culture.

  1. Your demand

Earn money for your gently used stuff. Offers are made as a lump sum, not as individual items. You could get things back to you. Stock levels and product quality may impact offer.

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How much does books-a-million pay for used books?

Books-A-Million comes with an in-store buyback program available during limited hours, which vary by location. It generally pays approximately $0.50 to $1 per book, with a limitation of 50 books per purchase if you don’t create an appointment.

Can I sell my books to Books-A-Million?

Books-A-Million has teamed with a community of vendors to provide you with books that are hard to find, used, rare, or out of print. Each book has a description supplied from the bookseller, which means you’ll discover variations in the way each book is clarified. Shipping & Return Details are helpful.

What does Books-A-Million buy?

Books-A-Million, Inc., also Called BAM!, is a bookstore chain in the USA, managing 260 stores in 32 nations. Stores range from 4,000 to 30,000 square feet and sell books, magazines, collectibles, toys, engineering, and presents.

Does Barnes and Nobles sell used books?

We’ve got a massive assortment of textbooks available for sale right from, and also we operate with Marketplace vendors. Most of them have been accepted by Barnes & Noble to provide the most extensive inventory of textbooks online. A number of our favorite books are recorded at up to 70 percent off.


Based on our research, it appears that Books A Million does not buy used books from customers. However, they may be willing to buy certain types of books from vendors. Suppose you have an extensive collection of used books you want to sell. In that case, you may consider contacting a local used bookstore or an online bookseller such as Amazon or AbeBooks.

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