Do The Witcher Games Follow The Books 2024? Best Update

Do The Witcher Games Follow The Books

Witcher books or game first? Do the Witcher games follow the books? The Witcher is a set of dream action role playing games developed by CD Projekt Red and released by CD Projekt. It’s based on the book series of the same title by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, behaving as sequels to the narrative of this book. I was reading to find out more.

Do The Witcher Games Follow The Books

CD Projekt’s games do occur after Sapkowski’s books, but it does not automatically indicate you ought to hold off on playing with them until you have surmounted the eight books published so far.

The ideal reading arrangement for The Witcher books does not quite match the launch order and can be as follows:


The Witcher Book Order Of Reading

  1. The Last Wish
  2. Sword of Destiny
  3. Season of Storms
  4. Blood of Elves
  5. Time of Contempt
  6. Baptism of Fire
  7. The Tower of the Swallow
  8. The Lady of the Lake

Put entirely following the events detailed in the books; the matches must be performed in release sequence:

  • The Witcher
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Even though the Witcher video games have been put in precisely the same world, years after the events portrayed in the books, playing with them won’t spoil the story of these books.

You will meet lots of the very same personalities and see a number of the very same places. However, the protagonist Geralt of Rivia suffers from amnesia during many matches and can’t recall events in the novels.

This is a convenient way of CD Projekt ensuring that gamers unfamiliar with The Witcher can readily get involved, even though these years after, it means that you don’t need to be concerned about diving and experiencing the matches you would like.

Watch more about The Witcher Game Series Timeline

The Witcher Games

The Witcher Games

The Witcher matches out of CD Projekt Red occur relatively far ahead following the books. They follow Geralt of Rivia’s experiences after he’s interacted with the mythical Wild Hunt, a bunch of ghost riders that are thought to usher at the end of the planet.

Geralt also joins with different characters in the books throughout his trip. The matches wrap up several plotlines that Sapkowski himself has to pick up if he’s interested in doing this whatsoever. In the end, The Witcher games happen a few years following both the books and Netflix’s The Witcher.

On the other hand, The Witcher games will also be amazingly faithful to the books in how they signify Geralt’s world all around. Everything concerning witcher lore, creatures, and the overall political landscape which occurs over the matches is accurate, more or less, to how Sapkowski has made it.

Even though The Witcher 1 happens after the books wrap up and consequently do not have a heavy number of spoilers for people seeking to browse The Witcher books.

The suggested arrangement of consumption between these two mediums is the books and the matches. However, they are independent of each other, so lovers can go in another sequence and still receive a lot from their Witcher books.

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The Witcher TV Show

The Witcher TV Show

Netflix’s The Witcher period 1 occurs roughly in precisely the same time as the brief stories from Your Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, but surely before the books themselves.

The chronology of Netflix’s The Witcher will make things a little cluttered concerning understanding precisely what’s happening and after. Still, it is generally known that the experiences. Geralt is around and happening approximately 100 years afterward. He turned into a witcher.

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Ciri’s era is still relatively young, too, simplifying the books when she starts to train her abilities and understand her location on the planet. Netflix’s The Witcher liberally occurs at the start of the chronology of their house as a complete and is certainly not a prequel or anything of this kind it is the start of the three characters’ journeys.

Moving ahead, fans seeking to get in front of this series should appear towards Season of Storms or Blood of all Elves. Season of Storms is not likely to be the basis of another period of Netflix’s The Witcher since it works pretty far away from the primary point of these books, which is precisely what season one setup.

That makes plasma of Elves the most likely candidate for the foundation of another season, given Netflix’s The Witcher stays as accurate to Andrzej Sapkowski’s eyesight as it did at first, so audiences who would like to understand beforehand what Yennefer, Ciri, and Geralt get around if they are together more frequently in year two can find a sneak peek by starting The Witcher books.

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Who Was The Strongest Witcher?

Who Was The Strongest Witcher

  • 8 George Of Kagen.
  • 7 Erland of Larvik.
  • 6 Letho.
  • 5 Eskel.
  • 4 Lambert.
  • 3 Vesemir.
  • 2 Geralt.
  • 1 Ciri.

The Witcher Timeline Vs Books

We start with a summary of all The Witcher books in reading order as The Witcher was initially a book series. The Witcher Boxed Set of the novels is furthermore offered.

  • The Last Wish (1993)
  • Sword of Destiny (1992)
  • Blood of Elves (1994)
  • Time of Contempt (1995)
  • Baptism of Fire (1996)
  • The Tower of the Swallow (1997)
  • The Lady of the Lake (1998)

Should You Play The Witcher Games In Order?

Due to the Netflix adaptation of the original novels, The Witcher has recently seen an increase in popularity, bringing in more readers than ever. Unfortunately, some fans could get caught up in the excitement to the point where they fail to recognize that playing the first two games isn’t required to appreciate the third.

Should You Play The Witcher Games In Order`a

Which Characters From The Books Are Not In The Games?

There are several characters from the Witcher books that are not in the Witcher games. One such character is Dandelion, a bard and close friend of Geralt.

While he does make a cameo appearance in one of the games, he is not a major character. Another character absent from the games is Geralt’s lover, Yennefer. She also makes a cameo appearance, but her role is very small.

There are many other characters from the books that are not in the games, including Geralt’s daughter Ciri, Triss Merigold, and Zoltan Chivay. These characters are all important to the story, but their absences are understandable.

The games are focused on Geralt’s adventures, and there is simply not enough time to include every character from the books.

Do The Games Add Anything To The Lore Of The Books?

The Witcher games are based on the Witcher books, which are a series of fantasy novels written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The games expand upon the lore of the books, adding new elements to the world and the characters.

For example, the games introduce new monsters and creatures, as well as new locations and areas. The games also add more depth to the characters, providing new backstories and motivations.

In addition, the games add new plotlines and side-quests, giving players more to do and see in the world of the Witcher.

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Overall, the games do a great job of expanding upon the world and lore of the Witcher books, and provide an enjoyable and immersive experience for fans of the series.

Which Is Better, The Games Or The Books?

There are many things to consider when asking which is better, The Witcher games or the books? On one hand, the games offer a more immersive experience with better graphics and gameplay. On the other hand, the books provide more depth and detail to the story.

In the end, it really comes down to what you are looking for in your entertainment. If you want an exciting and visually stimulating experience, then the games are probably the better option. However, if you want a more detailed and fleshed out story, then the books are probably the better choice.



Is The Witcher 3 connected to the books?

As the Netflix series, The Witcher 3 is a version of this Sapkowski short story collection. When there are several subtle differences between the books, the series, and the sport, The Witcher 3 is a superb way to immerse yourself within this world.

How much do the Witcher games follow the books?

Even though the Witcher video games have been put in precisely the same world, years after the events portrayed in the books, playing with them won’t spoil the story of these books.

Does Geralt die in the books?

Geralt and Yennefer were married, but shortly after, Geralt died of a heart attack, and Yennefer died of sorrow. This might be why at the close of the book, Ciri has psychological problems. He’d finally meet Ciri, to lose her forever. Ciri could have shed a tear at the end because she knew they’d never meet.

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How old is Ciri in Witcher 3?

Ciri is 21 at Witcher 3. She was born in 1251, based on her diary entry in the match.

Are the Witcher games a sequel to the books?

Witcher matches are direct sequels, picking up where books are left. TW2 and TW3 are far more joined with books than TW1, which has been a little more stand alone.

Why is Ciri’s hair white?

Why is Ciri's hair white

Ciri’s white hair is due to genetics. Both her mom and grandmother have white (silver) hair, specifically explained in the books. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s fate telling our hero Ciri is her daughter. Her hair color is hereditary; Pavetta and Calanthe had precisely the same ash blonde hair color as she did.

Are the Witcher books like the game?

Aside from playing with the first two matches? Any help is greatly appreciated! Just if anybody reading is perplexed: the matches aren’t predicated on the books, they’re not a version of these books; they’re sequels set following the books, depending on the characters and world of these books in that way.

How old is Geralt?

The Witcher 3’s main character immediately stands out as unique the instant he appears in the bathtub. By the time we meet Geralt in The Witcher 3, he has traveled much, and although seeming to be roughly 40 years old, Witchers do not age as quickly as we do.

Will there be new Witcher books?

The new version was recently revealed on Twitter by the official Witcher account of Netflix. The “hardcover illustrated version” of The Last Wish is available through the Gollancz subsidiary of publisher Orbit Books. The Last Wish contains the first Witcher tales in the series’s narrative.

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What was Geralts wish in the last wish?

Geralt wanted to pass away with Yennefer. This desire would open up a convenient escape that would save Yennefer’s life and guarantee that Geralt and Yennefer’s lives remain intertwined until their very last moments.

How do The Witcher books end?

As Ciri draws to a close, Galahad continues to speak and hesitantly listens. Ultimately, she decides to take up Galahad’s invitation to join him in the court of Camelot. After this, Ciri continued with her life and finally attained the status of witchiness. At the same time, Geralt and Yennefer lived happily ever after. …

How do The Witcher books end?

How do The Witcher books end

As Ciri draws to a close, Galahad continues to speak and hesitantly listens. Ultimately, she decides to take up Galahad’s invitation to join him in the court of Camelot. After this, Ciri continued with her life and finally attained the status of witchiness. At the same time, Geralt and Yennefer lived happily ever after. …

Who killed Geralt?

Assassins of Kings, part of The Witcher 2

76 nonhumans died due to the rioting, including Geralt of Rivia, who was killed by a Rob who used a pitchfork to stab him in the chest. To cure the witcher, Yennefer of Vengerberg perished.

Is Yennefer in love with Geralt?

Even if the relationship between Geralt and Yennefer seems to be a whirlwind, there is simmering energy between the two even before the big clash. … Given that Yennefer is allegedly Geralt’s real love, their relationship seems sincere. Because of this, their relationship will be turbulent throughout The Witcher tales.

What was Geralts first wish?

The same way Geralt accidentally encountered the Djinn, so did his first desire. Due to a mistranslation of an ancient exorcism, he asked for the Djinn to disappear.

Do Yennefer and Geralt end up together in the books?

To treat Geralt, Yennefer falls unconscious. Ciri claims that she doesn’t want the narrative to finish that way and that Yennefer and Geralt are married, after which there is a party with all the other living and deceased characters from the saga, and they all live happily ever after.

Who is Yennefer ending?

Following her Ascension, Yennefer utilizes her enhanced beauty to win over the king of Aedirn and replaces Fringilla. Instead, Fringilla travels to Nilfgaard. She has been there for more than 30 years.

Is Yennefer dead in the books?

After marriage, Geralt had a heart attack, and Yennefer died from grief. That might be the reason Ciri breaks down towards the book’s conclusion. Or, like Avallac’h instructed Geralt in that cave. Ciri was someone he would finally meet, only to lose forever.

How much older is Vesemir than Geralt?

Given that Geralt seems to be getting older in the timeframe of The Witcher 3, Vesemir must be around fifty years older than Geralt.

Who is Geralt’s true love?

Yennefer of Vengerberg: According to the books and the games, Yennefer is Geralt’s “one.” She is the female Geralt most desires to be with and THE love of his life.


The Witcher games are based on the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, but they are not direct adaptations. The games take place in the same world as the books, but the stories are original and do not follow the plots of the books.

If you’re a fan of the Witcher books, you’ll definitely enjoy the games. And if you haven’t read the books, you’ll still find the games to be enjoyable. Either way, be sure to check out the Witcher games!