Can You Gift Kindle Books? Best Complete Guide 2023

Can You Gift Kindle Books

If you’re searching for a gift idea, remember that many essential book shops have the choice to give books as gifts. Among the advantages of having an ebook for a grant is that you do not need to go pick it up or wait for it to be sent; ebooks can be delivered wirelessly in only a couple of minutes in most situations, or you could opt to get it delivered to a particular date.

So, can you gift Kindle books along with the way to do this? Reading to find out more.

Can You Gift Kindle Books?

Amazon Buying and Gifting are a choice to promote your eBooks by purchasing multiple and only copies to contribute to a targeted audience. You can conduct a social networking site, gift your books to readers on occasion, or send duplicates to newsletter readers.

It is possible to promote your books by purchasing single units to ship to specific people or purchasing numerous copies to provide to a larger audience.

  • Purchase for Others – eBook gift (single copy): You can gift one eBook. When you grant an eBook, the receiver receives a redemption code and can decide to take your eBook gift by redeeming the code. You could even swap it for a gift card (the US only).
  • Purchase for Others – Prepaid eBooks (single and multiple copies): You can buy one or several prepaid eBooks as gifts in one purchase. We produce a set of salvation links (rather than salvation codes), one for each replica of this book. The buyer could repay any unredeemed copies within 60 days or maybe re-gifted at any moment. Recipients can’t swap eBooks for gift cards or other products.

How To Gift A Kindle Book

How To Gift A Book On Kindle?

Gifting a Kindle book is simple! Here is the way to bring your Nearest and Dearest oodles of ebony pleasure in three simple steps:

Proceed to the Amazon Kindle shop and look for the book that you would like to purchase.

On the right hand side of the page, under the “Buy Now” button, click on the button that states “Give as a Gift.”

You can now choose how you would like the book sent. You may either have the gift email delivered directly to the receiver or you personally.

If you’ve got the gift emailed to the receiver, you can define the date you would like the email delivered, and you’ll be able to add a personal message. If you decide to have the gift emailed to you personally, after that, you can publish the email and hand deliver it.

Five Reasons To Gift A Kindle Book To Everyone In Your Life

can you gift a book on kindle

1. Prevent the holiday shopping madness

Want to receive all of your holiday shopping done before the December craze stinks? Amazon permits you to pick a shipping date for your Kindle book gift. That means it’s possible to purchase books for your entire family in July, and while everybody else is running around in December, such as their minds are on fire, you can put your feet up and feel smug.

2. Get the most bang for the dollar with Deals of the Day

If you are already signed up for Book Riot’s Book Bargains newsletter, you can do this here. You will also find them printed daily on the site. We are speaking about Kindle books for about $2 – $3 a pop, buddies. Just sayin’. It is possible to purchase your finest five books for $10. They will love you eternally.

3. Because Kindle books are so easy to swap

Sometimes you believe that an individual will enjoy a book, and they don’t. Or, as happens to me all the time, they do love it and already possess it. Sure, it’s possible to swap a book for a different one in the bookstore, but just how many individuals do this?

The fact is it is a great deal simpler to switch an ebook. If the book you chose is not their shake, your buddy can change it for an Amazon gift card and purchase the book they desire.

4. Because sometimes it is the only option

Some books don’t exist in print. This is particularly true in specific genres, love, and fantasy, for example. There are some outstanding books out there that just get printed digitally. If you are restricting yourself to just buying paper books, you (and everybody you give a Kindle book to) could be missing out.

5. Ebooks make excellent budget friendly gifts

I love independent bookstores. I owned a small company for seven decades, and I understand how hard it’s to make a go of it. But we live in the actual world, and many people do not have unlimited amounts of money. Ebooks are often less costly than their print counterparts. If you are buying gifts on a budget, then Kindle books are your friend.

Gift (Wrap) A Kindle Book

Six Creative Ways To Gift (Wrap) A Kindle Book

For a few of the book loving individuals in your own life, the email announcing that the book’s coming within their Kindle library may be sufficient to fill them with happiness. However, do you not love unwrapping a gift? It is a joy that shouldn’t be reserved for children. Below are a few fun ideas to ensure that your nearest and dearest have something to start (besides an email).

The traditional empty box wraps a box of any size the book shaped, the greater and places a note telling your buddy to verify their email. You may throw into a ziplock of legumes or popcorn if you genuinely need to confuse them or get fancy with a few excellent bookish wrap papers.

Tuck the gift into a tin of biscuits: If you are handy with a mixer, whip up a batch of biscuits, pack them in a beautiful container, and also stick a card inviting your friend to enjoy the yummy snacks while studying the book that is currently sitting inside their Kindle library.

Or you might use this brilliant notion. Just re-paint your tin together with the name of this book.

The mug or hot drink approach: Stick a bow on a mug and then sip on a card telling your friend that they will soon be studying a brand new book while enjoying a comfy beverage in their fresh mug.

If you feel adventurous, you may even put a tiny bag of tea or coffee in the mug. Want to go the additional mile with a book related mug? Have a look at these beautiful Harry Potter mugs, excellent sci-fi glasses, or those typically awesome bookish mugs.

The envelope approach: As a teen, I understood the best gifts were those. They were extraordinary gifts, such as, for instance, a visit to a show downtown or walnuts outside at my favorite restaurant. There is nothing wrong with an easy charge card to go together with your book gift.

Wrap a book, not the one you’re gifting: Wrap a text you have in brown paper (a paper bag is perfect for this). Then compose the name of this Kindle book you purchased on the front, along with a small personal note (if you need it) on the trunk. Wrap the entire thing up. Just do not forget to recover your book when your buddy has opened the gift.

Or have a page by a bookstore and give a Kindle book as a blind date. You can compose a couple of clues about the book you are giving on the brown paper cover, then tuck a copy of the email indoors.

Get humorous: Get creative with the name or subject matter of this book. Giving your mother a replica of NK. Jemisin’s The Rock Sky? Locate an excellent flattish stone, draw some clouds onto it with a sharpie, and see whether your puzzled mother can figure out what the current reality is. Do not be bashful; have fun and go crazy!

Digital Book Gifts

A Few Other Fantastic Digital Book Gifts

Kindle books are not the sole gift option available for electronic book fans! Listed below Are Some additional Fantastic ideas for digital gift giving:

Audible: Audiobooks make excellent gifts! Audible permits you to provide six or 12 month gift vouchers. A three month membership is $45, not a bad bargain, and also a fantastic gift for the conducting, cruising, laundry doing book fans in your life.

Comixology: Comixology is Amazon’s digital comics platform, and it is superb. If you’re trying to find the best gift for those comics fans in your lifetime, it provides several fantastic choices.

A Comixology Unlimited subscription costs $5.99/month and also provides access to tens of thousands of comics. A three month gift subscription is an affordable gift that will provide your loved one with hours and hours of comics reading enjoyment.

To gift individual comic books or graphic novels, only look for the book you’re searching for, and then click the ship as gift button. You might even purchase a Comixology gift card. Your friend does not have to be a part of Comixology to redeem a book or gift card; they have to get into the free program.

Kindle Unlimited: To your book addicted people in your own life, consider a gift membership to Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99/month, membership permits access to tens of thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. You can give a 6, 12, or 24 month membership; even the lowest price is six months at $59.94.

Alternative Options – Loan a Kindle Book

Alternative Options – Loan a Kindle Book

It’s possible that you accessed this page to give away a book you find fascinating rather than to purchase an ebook for a buddy who enjoys reading.

You may always use the lending option for a more relaxed setting. You may lend a Kindle book to a friend or member of your family using Amazon’s lending service without making a new purchase. Following are the steps.

  1. After going to with a web browser, log into your Amazon account.
  2. Go to your account page by selecting it from the website’s upper right corner.
  3. Click “Manage Content and Devices” to access that page.
  4. If the book is available for loan, choose the action button next to it; the button will be clickable.
  5. Select “Loan this title” from the menu.
  6. Along with a note, provide the recipient’s email address to share the book with them.


Can I send a book to someone else’s Kindle?

Share qualified Kindle books up to 14 times together with your buddies or loved ones. During the loan period, you are unable to browse the loaned book. Select the Activity button and then pick Loan this name in your apt title. Enter the receiver’s private email address and an optional message, then choose to Send.

Why can’t I gift a Kindle book?

Why can you not provide a Kindle book as a gift to your fellow Kindle user? It is true: On, you may send a printed book to somebody for a gift. Amazon deftly sidesteps this problem in their Kindle gift service webpage, but the main point is that you can’t directly buy a Kindle book for anybody on your own.

How do you tell if a Kindle book can be loaned?

You can tell whether a book is qualified for financing on the book’s detail page scroll down to the Product Details section on the Kindle book page. There’s a bold faced legend referred to as Lending: and it will inform you if the lending attribute is enabled (it is from the Product Details section.

Can I access Kindle books on multiple devices?

Amazon’s Kindle permits you to use one account and also have a book on multiple stereo apparatus. Additionally, it is likely to get the books on non-Amazon devices running the Kindle program. Some books impose limitations on the number of devices on which you can have a book at precisely the same time, though this changes from book to book.


The Can You Gift Kindle Books is a great way to give someone a special gift. It allows you to purchase a book and have it delivered to their Kindle device. This is a great way to show someone you care about them and want to give them a thoughtful gift. Thank you for reading!

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