Top 21 Best Zombie Books of All Time Review 2021

Top 21 Best Zombie Books of All Time Review 2020

You love zombies and want to look for the Best Zombie Books? You have seen 28 Days After, for example, one hundred times, and you’ve got strong feelings about The Walking Dead (both the series and the comic books). Nevertheless, there are so many zombie things out there which you have probably missed some of the best zombie novels. Until you have consumed all, do you claim to be a genuine zombie fan?

Top Rated Best Zombie Books To Read

Top Rated Best Zombie Books To Read

Every fan of terror knows that eventually, there is going to become a zombie apocalypse. Irrespective of if corpses rise from their tombs or any flu-like jolt turns ordinary people into flesh gobbling ghouls, there will come a day when society the entire world of the dwelling succumbs to the whims of their deceased. Obviously, for people interested in being ready for it either almost or emotionally, these books provide a glimpse into humanity’s untrue destiny.

Below will be the best zombie novels 2021 within this terror genre-novel that Pennbook is certain to have the readers sleep with one eye open or stocking up on canned goods for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Zone One by Colson WhiteHead

Zone by Colson whitehead cover this post-apocalyptic universe, citizens are split into two groups: the infected and the uninfected. The uninfected attempt to construct the culture that existed before the jolt from Zone One (situated in Manhattan), but bands of infected still lurk around the own island. Teams of civilians, such as our protagonist Mark Spitz, are tasked with eliminating those infected settlers, but of course, things do not wind up going according to plan.

All this might seem like conventional zombie fodder, but it Colson Whitehead’s competent hands; the standard zombie narrative is taken in new and thought-provoking directions.

Feed by Mira Grant

Perhaps you have heard of The Nocturnal Reader’s Box? Otherwise, as a zombie buff, you should check it out since they frequently include horror novels, which you may not know otherwise. I had not heard of Mira Grant’s Newsflesh Trilogy until Feed (the first publication in the series) showed up in my mailbox.

In this trilogy, cancer was cured, but it has grown a new illness, one which infects the brain and produces a bloodthirsty appetite in its hosts. However, where did this disease come from? Twenty years following the virus’s spread, two bloggers are on a mission to discover the reality.

The Forest Of Hands And Teeth by Carrie Ryan

This is the very first zombie publication in a sequence. A fence is all that stands between the village and the “unconsecrated” lurk on the opposing side. As far as the villagers understand, there’s absolutely no life out the town, and Mary longs to escape her humdrum life and determine what lies beyond the fence. She wants to find the sea. When Mary begins to suspect corruption at the village, her urge to leave intensifies. However, what to do about each of the zombie-like beings awaiting her on this fence’s opposite side?

Bruja Born by  Zoraida Córdova

Bruja Born from Zoraida Cordova This is your next publication in the Brooklyn Brujas show, and like the name, suggests this book is all about witches. Nonetheless, it’s about a bruja who conjures an army of the undead when trying to bring back her boyfriend to life, making this publication count for a zombie book.

Even though this is the next book in the series-Labyrinth Lost being the first, they are more companion books than lead sequels, with distinct bruja sisters serving as the narrator to everyone.

The Reapers Are The Angles by Alden Bell

The planet was plagued with zombies for 25 decades. Temple is too young to recall a while before zombies run from a killer. She awakens a virtually barren post-apocalyptic wasteland of a planet, looking for a few refuges and a few salvation. This book is ideal for people who adored The Road from Cormac McCarthy but also believed that books could have been better if it had more zombies inside. No? Just me?

Cell by Stephen King

Mobile by Stephen king covers No terror list is complete without at least one Stephen King book. So here is the King book for you, zombie lovers. You have probably heard that a mobile phone can give you cancer, but did you realize it can also turn you into a zombie? That is the assumption of King’s publication.

The cell becomes the harbinger of technological warfare, wiping users’ brains and leaving them nothing but aggression and the need for destruction. Do you understand that one aunt you have is still so arrogant about not possessing a mobile phone? She is going to love this novel.

Monster Island by  David Wellington

It’s one month after a global disaster. The most “developed” nations of the world have fallen to the shambling zombie masses. Only a few pockets of humanity survive – in places rife with high-powered weaponry, such as Somalia. In New York City, the dead walk the streets, driven by an insatiable hunger for all things living…

Monster Island places a whole lot of doubtful components with each other, and somehow it works. Picture this: a bunch of Somali college women turned into soldiers, a former United Nations weapons inspector, an undead guy named Gary who looks much brighter than the typical zombie, early mummies…the list continues.

How can each of these components fit together in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world? This book was a fantastic read, especially for fans of the zombie genre.

World War Z by Max Brooks

Sure, you could waste your time and watch the World War Z film, but the book was better in every manner conceivable. World War Z (the publication ) manages to frighten readers using its plausibility, as it seems like a zombie apocalypse that may happen. Brooks’ gritty zombie publication shows what could occur in a post-war civilization when zombies are involved, and also, the unforgiving brutality of it hits close to home.

This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

A frequent theme about zombie apocalypses is that zombies may develop into the least of your concerns when other people are involved. In this isn’t a Test, that motif has become the most prominent.

The novel is set at the height of a zombie epidemic and follows six pupils that visit the local high school for refuge. Even though the ravenous undead pound on the doors and windows to get indoors, the six people fight for survival inside the institution’s walls.

It is a novel that delves into the desperateness of an individual’s survival and how much people will go when they are made to locate away.

Eat, Brains, Enjoy by Jeff Hart

The great news: Jake’s dream woman, Amanda Blake, eventually knows his title.

The good thing is that they contracted a mysterious stunt virus and devoured half of their senior group’s minds. Currently, Jake and Amanda have been on the run in Cass, a teenager psychic delivered by the government’s top-secret Necrotic Control Department to track down them. Jake and Amanda deal with the existential guilt of having their very best buddies and set off to remedy the zombie virus. Cass fights with a developing psychic difficulty of her own-one, which will lead everyone on an epic trip throughout the nation and make them wonder what it means to be alive. Or undead.

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

From the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic America in which Benny Imura resides, each adolescent needs to get work when they turn fifteen or obtain their rations cut in half.

Benny does not wish to apprentice as a stunt hunter with his dull older brother Tom, but he does not choose.

He anticipates a boring job whacking zoms for money, but what he receives is a vocation that’ll teach him what it means to be human.

The Rising – Brian Keene

Jim Thurmond, a decided dad, is fighting his way throughout a post-apocalyptic stunt landscape to locate his son. Founded by Martin, a preacher still holding into his religion, and Frankie, a recovering heroin addict with an indomitable will to endure, Jim travels from state to state and city to city, facing an endless onslaught of undead hordes, and the evils committed by his fellow man.

City of the Dead by Brian Keene

In this sequel to THE RISING, cities have been overrun with the undead legions, intent on ruining what is left of their dwelling trapped inside a fortified skyscraper, a couple of survivors ready to make their final stand against an unstoppable, relentless enemy. With each hour, their opportunities diminish, and their numbers dwindle, while the deceased’s positions continue to grow. Because sooner or later, everybody dies. And it comes back, prepared to kill.

Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson

Boone and Walker would be the last members of this Floating Dragons biker gang. After the zombie apocalypse turns the world upside down, they hit on the open street to find America. No obligations, no principles, no strategy. Much like Frank and Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they all want our steeds and sidearms.

Dead in the West by Joe R. Lansdale

Mud Creek, Texas, is doing fine – a real, thriving little community using a resort, a café, a church, and this livery and saloon. It seems like only the ideal kind of location for Reverend Jebediah Mercer to pitch a tent and maintain a revival. They should not have gotten together and lynched that Indian medicine man, however. They shouldn’t have done. It is a fantastic thing that the Reverend can take because, in the dark of night, the dead person of Mud Creek is climbing, and they are hungry.

Patient Zero from Jonathan Maberry

Joe Ledger, a Baltimore detective, has murdered the same terrorist twice in 1 week. He understands there is seriously something wrong with the entire world. Having a mortal bio-weapon at the hands of terrorists, Ledger must halt the zombie disease from spreading. Also, it seems like the destiny of the planet is in his palms. If you want high stakes and fast-paced zombie tales, this highly ranked and superbly composed book is the one for you.

My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

Angel Crawford does not have much going for her, and living with her alcoholic deadbeat of a dad is not helping. However, if she overdoses on painkillers and ends up in a hospital, she wakes up as a brand new man, a new man who unexpectedly craves intelligence. After getting an odd occupation invitation in the morgue, she admits not to say no. She starts her entire life-solving crimes and puzzles, while attempting to remain alive but understanding that eating brains is oh-so-wrong.

Arisen Series by Glynn James, Michael Stephen Fuchs

Want to spend your time on some long-haul zombie collection? Afterward, Arisen will match your invoice. Filled with stressed military actions, these best zombie apocalypse books visit Fortress Britain since the previous standing expects 50 million Americans trapped in a world of seven billion undead. Humanity’s sole prospect of survival lies with the Alpha Team – a skilled commando who set out to obtain an elusive cure.

The most persuasive quality of the series is its complicated balance of fast-paced actions with deep characterizations. Main characters keep their core identities; nevertheless, they also evolve into their relationships with other people. Additionally, the writers are pros in nail-biting story build-ups. You’ll end up completely immersed in this addictive zombie storyline, because of continuous narrative preparation laid out by every publication. This is the best zombie book series for reading!

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

A good deal of folks hasn’t learned about this Zombie publication. Just a couple of you may have seen the film “The Girl with the gifts.” In case you’ve seen the movie before, you’d probably not read the publication. However, the reality is that the book is genuinely potent and nothing like the film.

Therefore, if you have not read the book simply because the film wasn’t that particular, I’d recommend you give it a chance and think me M.R. Carey will not disappoint you.

The Girl with the gifts is a distinctively heartfelt zombie book you won’t resist to cease. The story is about a woman, “Melanie,” who’s a unique woman and goes to a particular children’s college.

An epidemic comes, and people worldwide get infected by a parasite that happens over individuals’ minds and turns them into zombies. Melanie and her friends are also changed but in another manner. While they have an appetite for human flesh, they nevertheless believe, love rather than that deadly.

She jokes she will not sting, but folks do not take her seriously. It’s an original thrill zombie publication that would help keep you glued until the end.

Married With Zombies by Jesse Petersen

Jesse Petersen has attracted a genuine chucklesome with Married with Zombies. It is definitely among the most beautiful comic books on the market, and the show is just one of those rare ones in which the books get better and better.

Sarah and David are in a significant crisis of the union. I even decided to seek out assistance and go to a counselor. Upon arriving in the workplace, the not-so-happily married couple sees Dr. Kelly munching on his prior customer.

Petersen’s sarcastic design and amusing tales where quite real characters with authentic discussions will cause you to laugh through each page.

Married With Zombies is an exciting spin on the entire zombie apocalypse since the few are working through their problems.

All in all, the writing is quite entertaining; there are a whole lot of great, tricky discussions. Finally, the adorable and relatable characters make the story into an entirely yummy, saucy, zombie slaughter.

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Alice in Zombieland is a fun and enjoyable young adult zombie narrative. On the other hand, the story has nothing or little to do with the original Alice in Wonderland tales aside from the catchy name. Although Gena Showalter has done a fantastic job developing a kick-ass lead female character, it must experience precisely the same problems in Zombieland like the Alice we understand and love had to in Wonderland.

Alice has lived life abiding by her dad’s rules, who had always been sure zombies exist. Following her loved ones’ tragic death, she moves to a new school where everybody is behaving oddly. Shortly Ali must realize that she might need to toughen up to combat zombies. In addition to Cole, the poor boy of the college, they start their experience.

It’s a fun and effortless book with zombies, where nothing indigestible or gore comes together. The figures have distinctive characters, unique voices, which is a rare find from the young adult love dream world.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

R is using a no-life catastrophe -he’s a zombie. He has no memories, no individuality, and no heartbeat, but he is somewhat different from his fellow Dead. He might sometimes eat people, but he would rather be riding abandoned airport escalators, listening to Sinatra from the comfy 747 he calls home, or collecting memorabilia from culture’s ruins.

And he meets a woman.

First, because of his captive, then his reluctant guest, Julie, is a burst of living color in R’s grey landscape, and something within him starts to blossom. He does not wish to consume this woman -although she seems yummy-he wishes to protect her. However, their unlikely bond will cause ripples they can not envision, and their despairing world will not change without a struggle.

The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell

For twenty-five decades, culture has lived in meager enclaves, guarded against the deceased’s jolt. Temple wanders this blighted landscape, keeping to himself – and maintaining her allies inside. She can not recall a time before the zombies, but she remembers an older man who shot her and the younger brother she cared for before the catastrophe that places her on a personal journey toward salvation. Going back and forth between the insulated remnants of the brutal frontier outside, Temple needs to decide where finally to create a house and discover the salvation she attempts.

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All appropriate, zombie lovers. That is our list of the best zombie books. We are sure we have left off many of your favorites, so make sure you let us know what you’d increase the list from the remarks section.

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