Top 54 Best Vampire Books of All Time Review 2020

Top 53 Best Vampire Books of All Time Review 2020

There probably is not anyone who is not knowledgeable about the idea of aliens -bloodthirsty undead monsters that grow from the grave to terrorize and feed on human beings. It has been contained in tales for Centuries, and most recently, has made it into books from Bram Stoker’s Dracula into The Southern Book Club’s Guide Into Slaying Vampires from Grady Hendrix.

By sites which are devoted to reviewing books, there are hundreds and hundreds of vampire novels for readers to pick from, and herein lies the problem. Lots of men and women believe that there are too many books to select, and that is why we’ve decided to review a few of the greatest vampire novels. Novels about these undead creatures we think everyone should read at least once.

Top 53 Rated Best Vampire Books To Read


Top 54 Rated Best Vampire Books To Read

Vampires have been entertaining viewers for decades through terrifying films, TV shows, and even vampire publication collection. All these batty characters are a mainstay in regards to Halloween, as their roles can run the difference between wicked and utterly charming. They might even have you wondering, “Are aliens real?” In most stories, the vampire is a complex character who falls in love with a mortal and can not help but reevaluate their day-to-day life. Other times, however, they are the enemy and have to be stopped at any price.

Regardless of their character, more frequently than not, somebody pops with blood in their fangs (needed to). There are loads of scary, exciting vampire films out there, but lots of these vampire novels would be the inspiration for the movies that keep you up at nighttime.

Therefore, if you are courageous, you need to throw the distance apart and cozy up with those page-turners instead. Whether you are a believer in the undead or merely a superfan of writers like Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer, there is easily something that you sink your teeth into here. Catch a wooden stake and a few garlic since it is time to dive into the roundup of the best vampire novels. And remember: Never invite a sharp-toothed stranger in your house -particularly around October 31!

Here is a list of the best vampire books that Pennbookcenter‘ve recommended for you:

Anne Rice – Interview with the Vampire

A Cornerstone of Modern Vampire Literature

Louis narrates the story as he is reluctant into a vampire kind from the black Lestat. Together with his final spark of humankind, he gets the missing kid Claudia to a vampire, dooming a girl to dwell in the kid’s body.

Their narrative escapes from the streets of New Orleans into the Theatre des Vampires in Paris. Meeting their particular kind presents risks they didn’t imagine.

Instead of merely one-dimensional critters lurking in the dark, this book was among the first to learn more about humankind’s basis. Many viewers did find the book a little tedious, while others believe that this is among the essential papers to see if you would like a vampire repair.

Reviewers felt that this wasn’t a variant of witches composed for pre-teens but instead was stuffed with existential questions about good and evil. Readers predicted it haunting and stated it kept them up at nighttime.

Octavia Butler – Fledgling

A Book that is blurring that the Boundary Between Genres

A young woman finds, through appetite and pain, she is a 53-year-old vampire trapped in a teenager’s body, whose clan was wiped out by people. This publication for young adults investigates the disturbing yet profound relationships she creates with her symbionts. Their relationships dehumanize individuals while humanizing vampires.

Many readers found this a shocking read together with disturbing imagery. The writer’s secure descriptive fashion makes viewers question the integrity of what they’re reading. The book was referred to as daring, treading old avenues but producing new ones in precisely the same time, embroiling closeness, race, and identity.

Reviewers stated that this novel pushes the border between classic aliens’ stories and sci-fi tales. It reinvents the vampire book and is clearly but superbly composed with exceptional characters, thoughts, and storyline.

Stephen King – Salem’s Lot

Best Vampire books- Stephen King - Salem's Lot (1)

A Confrontation Between Good and Bad

The little township of Salem’s Lot profits three new inhabitants. Ben Mears, fascinated by the history of this town, Straker, the mysterious antique dealer, and Barlow, are never seen in people. After two young boys venture into the forests, and just one returns living, Mears comprehends the menacing presence in town.

Stephen King has stressed the reader, raising the degree of importance as one turns the pages. Though occasionally readers found the writing somewhat formulaic, they enjoyed how the author demonstrates how the shadow inside human souls is much worse than any creature lurking out.

This book is considered a classic American Gothic, such as Dracula re-imagined. Readers believed that King remains true blood to the vampire legend and adds his distinctive storytelling to make an original publication.

Tananarive Due – My Soul to Keep

A Novel that is examining the Desperation of Love

Violent deaths encircle Jessica and her little family. Her husband David, loving and attentive, makes the unthinkable confession he comes from an ancient Ethiopian sect that exchanged their humankind for immortality. His brethren are asserting David because of his own, and his family is at risk.

Reviewers found this novel powerfully well-written with intriguing insights into the writer’s experiences living as a minority in the USA. Readers did believe the propensity to return and forth through the years a little jarring.

The writer paints a surprisingly precise symbol of what the results are in long-term relationships when a stranger appears in our spouse. We recognize we never understood them whatsoever. The narrative encapsulates an individual’s capability to justify the abusive activities that they do in the name of love.

Grady Hendrix – The Southern Book CLub’s Guide to Vampire Slaying

A Book that is showing that the Resilience of A Underestimated Housewife

Patricia Campbell’s life has lost its guilty pleasures. The only bright thing is her book club. But once an artistic and sensitive stranger moves to the area, she’s initially drawn to him. Shortly, local kids go missing. It’s all up to Patricia and her book club for the base of the situation.

Readers loved seeing an aged traditional tale of vampire searching seen via the lens of this docile housewife. It’s a magical mixture of horror, satire, and humor. But some readers believed that the book dragged at a few points.

This publication contains underlying messages regarding sexism, patriarchy, racism, women’s roles, and domestic abuse. But also, it has characters that stand up for themselves regardless of the barriers they face.

Kohta Hirano – Hellsing – Vol. 1

Struggling Vampires using a Vampire

Hellsing is a traditional Japanese manga beloved by the entire world over. The mission of this organization Hellsing would be to ruin the supernatural forces of evil that threaten Queen and Country.

It unites exceptionally detailed yet visually barbarous art with an enjoyable story. The storyline is sparked with terror, unforgettable characters, and quirky comedy into a graphic novel.

Because it is the initial volume of this manga collection, a few found this picture book’s design to be somewhat slow. But, other readers loved the focus on world-building along with the corresponding magnificent artwork.

The pacing gets quicker as the quantity persists. Readers loved this narrative combined gore and horror with hilarious, suspenseful tales. Reviewers also enjoyed how the plot was simple to follow, with flashbacks skillfully weaved into the primary storyline.

Catherine Jinks – The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Being a Vampire Isn’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be

This funny book turns the idea of the vampire on its mind. The narrative follows Nina and her dull life as a grownup vampire trapped in an adolescent’s body. But one day, a man’s supernatural being is cryptic and ruined; other vampire misfits have to band together to get the killer.

Readers found that the representation of witches as whiny immortals clinging to the remnants of the humankind extremely funny. Simultaneously, the figures were well written with completely developed characters, which made them remarkably endearing.

Some readers did believe that the characters were too listless at first. On the other hand, the genre changes from a typical vampire book to some murder mystery with vampirism, which makes it a fascinating read.

Richelle Mead – Vampire Academy

Ancient Bloodlines Fight for Supremacy at a YA Series

Lissa Dragomir is a deadly vampire that has a rare gift of exploiting the earth’s magic. She’s protected in the barbarous immortal Strigoi by Rose, her half-human half-vampire bodyguard. Both of them are sequestered at the Vampire Academy, a location that could be the most hazardous.

Because it is the first of a YA series, readers were amazed how excellently the writer Richelle Mead constructed the world of their Moroi, dhampirs, Strigoi, and the Academy. Laced with action, love, and unforgettable characters, this novel series is a fun read for most vampire lovers.

Some readers felt the storyline was a bit predictable. On the other hand, the world-building and the character of the characters drove the narrative forward with lots of biting comedy from Rose.

The Vampire Diaries – L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries - L.J. Smith (1)

You are probably knowledgeable about the strike CW TV series that was motivated by this four-part publication collection. The books follow popular high schooler Elena Gilbert, who drops to a tumultuous love with vampire Stefan Salvatore-and also we can not overlook his trouble-making brother Damon.

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Twilight – Stephanie Meyer

This is one of the best vampire books for adults; The famous (or notorious ) Twilight saga that spawned five movies, along with a cult after buff “Twihards,” tells the story of Bella Swan, a normal teenage girl who sees herself entwined from the vampire world when she falls hard to its alluring Edward Cullen.

The Wonderful – Renée Ahdieh

Best-selling writer Renée Ahdieh returns with this two-book show collection in 19th-century New Orleans. A spell-binding forbidden love is in the middle of the thrilling puzzle when French-expat Celine falls in love with the town of New Orleans-and also the pioneer of this mysterious La Cour des Lions band, Sébastien. After a serial murderer sets his sights, Celine, she’s trapped up in the dark underworld swirling around her.

The Vampire Tapestry -Suzy McKee Charnas

In Suzy McKee Charnas’s fantasy book, vampire lovers enjoy the first spin on the supernatural monster. The book’s most compelling character, Edward, might be a vampire, but he is different from all and expects to make peace with all the life he has to lead one of the people.

The Merzetti Impact – Norah Wilson

Delano is a physician who worked for over 100 years to develop a vaccine that protects the exposed from the rogue vampires, which are always. The vaccine is based on features of their Merzetti household since there are anti-vampire properties within their blood. However, Delano’s arch-enemy, Radak, ruins the vaccine and the new girl in Delano’s lifetime, Ainsley, a nurse using a genetic gift that Delano might love to work with for more than merely her bloodstream.

No products found – Danielle James

Angel is a rock star that meets the beautiful Breanna, living a healthy life until she meets Angel. When Angel provides her work, she immediately takes it, although she’s unsure whether she will have the ability to perform the task without succumbing to his charms. When a ninja vampire begins killing everybody with a link to Angel, he guarantees to protect Brea. However, if the vampire decides to go after her rather than Angel, he’s altered his plans to be sure they possibly escape alive.

Moonshade – S.J. West

Sarah is interested when a guy whispers three words to her ear: “find meSarah.” Afterward, her life is turned upside down again. She can not eat or sleep until she meets an enigmatic guy who helps her locate the mystery she is attempting to fix. But after it seems like they are making progress on her issue, he disappears, and she begins to discover her family’s past and understands she had a function previously that many people would not know.

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Vampire Girl – Karpov Kinrade

Arianna is finding out that demons and creatures are real, and they’re here to wreak havoc on her life. When her mother falls into a coma, she finds a pact was made with the devil before. But the devil has come to Arianna rather than her mother. Arianna signals another settlement so her mum can reside, and she begs for the distress of becoming Hell’s princess. However, where she anticipated pain and suffering, she finds beauty and magic instead.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse is merely a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and among her colleagues checks out.

Perhaps with a vampire for a boyfriend is not such a smart idea.

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Undeniable – L.J. Baker

Ariana and her brother Chase have been living off the grid with a little group of other people ever because vampires took over the entire world. But they are found and brought to the vampire world, with the vampire king, Alexander has been drawn to Ari. Ari is reluctant because she’s ever been taught that vampires are weak, but she finds herself intrigued with this handsome guy and his own half-brother West. Day after day, she’s unsure of what to do, and things are just getting more complicated.

Veiled – Stacey Rourke

Vinx is really on a mission since the vampires slaughtered her entire family and nearly killed her. However, she awakens, and later, a group of scientists left her into a force to get back in the vampires. She moves ahead with a vengeance that’s just about unheard of, together with the ability to infiltrate their ranks and prove just how evil they’re ultimate. She’s determined that nothing could prevent her in this project, even as she wonders how she’ll endure all of it.

The Vampire Heir – Juliana Haygert

Thea attends a celebration at a castle full of vampires, but she’s just there for her work. If she unwittingly becomes a vampire servant into a priest called Drake, she finds out there’s more to him than she ever anticipated. Her feelings begin to stir whenever she is near him, but she works extra hard to ensure it does not affect her ability to perform her job. Everything she knows is that ultimately, her secret would save everybody or ruin them forever.

Strawberry: A Vampire Romance – Lena Fox

After Kitty, an actress, takes on a job for a vampire’s alluring sufferer, she gets more than she bargained. A light-horror narrative that will keep you guessing leaves you wondering whether she’ll achieve her goal in the long run, which will produce the vampire realizing her blood isn’t the only thing worth giving to him. While she’s learning about vampires, she ends up learning about herself too, which might change everything she understood, moving ahead.

More Than Blood – Amanda Vyne

Gabrial is a home marshal investigating a murder, and Kel is currently employed as a vigilante. They come together, and sparks fly even though Kel is angry later because she realizes the home which Gabrial belongs to is precisely the same one that threw her family on the roads when she was a kid. As she assists Gabrial in locating the killer, she’s got to take care of her feelings and how they have to confront her past to catch the killer finally.

Undone – Brenda K. Davies

Abby has been attempting to overlook Brian, a vampire, for several decades, but if her twin sister Vicky goes missing, she enlists his help to find her. Brian was involved with only bad for at least two hundred decades, but he decides to accept the job of assisting Abby. As they work together, the two are fighting with an attraction to one another. This renders her with mixed feelings, and with the expectation, he can protect her from what’s very likely to occur next.

The Vampire Wants a Wife – Andie M. Long

Shelley possesses a fighting relationship service and matches a vampire who’s looking for a wife. She thinks it may be funny, but it ends up being somewhat frightening, especially when she begins receiving death threats at her doorstep. To make matters worse, her innovative relationship program lets her know that this individual’s soulmate does not have any clue what to do. If she tries a connection with this handsome man or neglects him?

Forbidden Taste – Jennifer Ashley

Mariah is a worker of the LAPD looking for a vampire that has been concealed for several hundred decades. She finds him and brings him into the authorities, but he discovers her more fascinating than he thought she would be. He would like to make it here, while she’s only hoping to complete her mission so she can go to another. Then hazard stems, and he understands that Mariah will be at risk if he does not make the proper choices.

Darkest Temptation – Rachel Van Dyken

Mason, a werewolf, was lonely since his partner died centuries past, when Serenity, a vampire, comes into his own life and wreaks havoc on it. This is a forbidden paranormal romance story, as wolves and vampires do not partner, but Mason can not help the way he feels about this beautiful creature. She’s driving him mad, and ultimately, he believes that his inner mechanism, which may balance good and evil, may be sufficient to make this connection work.

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Ryder – Patricia A. Rasey

Ryder is a vampire sent to infiltrate a ruthless cartel covertly, but if he meets the gorgeous niece of the cartel’s leader, he falls hard. Gabriela is accustomed to staying near home and protecting both her heart and if she meets Ryder, she automatically thinks he may differ from the remainder. Ryder drops for her, also, but if she later finds what he is up to, she feels helpless. Would these two forget about the past and eventually be together?

Blood Bond – Helen Hardt

Best Vamprie books - Blood Bond - Helen Hardt (1)

When Dante strikes the blood bank in a hospital since he’s actually in need of blood, it’s ER nurse Erin who grabs him. She understands that she needs to turn him to the government, but for some reason, this horny, enigmatic young guy melts her heart instead. Dante attempts to control his urges, but it will become hard because he’s just escaped from the captivity that held him captive for ages. Which of them is going to triumph at the ending, or is it both of these?

The Gentleman – H.P. Mallory

When Bryn fantasies that her whole family is murdered, she awakens and considers it is a warning instead of merely a fantasy. When she meets hot Dureau, she must remind herself that she’s sworn off men, but between this stranger and Sinjin, a guy who has shown an interest in her, what’s she to do? And how can her fantasy and the coming of Dureau play within these situations?

Vampire’s Faith – Rebecca Zanetti

This is an intriguing, fast-paced publication that centers around the narrative between Ronan, a vampire that has landed in a world where witches are concealed and where evil still exists, and Religion, the girl he finds after viewing her in his fantasies for centuries. The crime is all going to touch either of them, and their attraction to one another may night be sufficient to thwart it. This publication is hot, action-filled, hot, and quick, from the very first page to the past.

To Love a Vampire – Jody Offen

Kayla and Zak, her vampire lover, have a sometimes passionate, sometimes tumultuous relationship. Both of them are stubborn and decided not to allow the other person to reach them, but that’s appearing increasingly impossible to perform. This is a humorous, sexy narrative that offers you a lot to look forward to, and no matter what happens within their connection, it’s sure to leave you desiring more. Just do not attempt to guess what’s going to happen next since it’s always a surprise.

Vampires Like It Hot – Lynsay Sands

When Raffaele attracts a half-dressed girl from the sea, he’s immediately smitten with her. Jess is a goal of those rogue vampires going around biting tourists, but until then, she even believed in vampires. When she and Raff work together to resolve the puzzle, they have two things in common: that they did not understand how terrible the problem is, and also the sophistication and intensity of the connection, that takes them both by surprise.

NOS4A2 – Joe Hill

Victoria McQueen includes a particular gift-one that enables her to find missing items and be in the ideal place at the perfect moment. It saves her from Charlie Talent Manx’s tight car rides that lots of kids before her own fallen prey. However, years afterward, Charlie can not help but search down the one child that got away.

Fevre Dream – George R.R. Martin

If you’re an ordinary TUL reader, you understand I have yet to see a George R.R. Martin book. If you’re new to me, I am rather sorry to break that information to you. Please do not drop me as a skunked red wine your aunt inadvertently put in the refrigerator.

Fevre Dream is on my TBR list since, quite honestly, I believe I will like this vampire story over GOT. But not sorry. All I know is that a guy is ready to risk anything to get immortality, which seems to vanish to me personally. Especially when Joshua York is just one odd fellow with strange hours and eating customs.

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

Did you ever observe a whole lot of vampire novels for adults happen in New York? Having lived, I get entirely it-and many understand I Am Legend, a post-apocalyptic, viral narrative. If you’re searching for novels about vampires, film The Walking Dead of all bloodsuckers. Robert Neville is the last living person on Earth. Everybody else is craving blood just like I want a glass of wine after a tough day of blogging. Neville is a vampire hunter throughout the afternoon, looking for a remedy to this Darkseeker virus. Who will endure the vampire-apocalypse?

Undead As a Doornail – William F. Aicher

Indie author William F. Aicher is at it again and now using an indie vampire publication for adults. If you love critters, you will want to check out Phoenix Bones: International Dragon Hunter, a brand new publication series in 2019. While each one the books won’t concentrate on vampires, Undead for a Doornail introduces monster fans to Phoenix Bones along with a wicked vamp underworld.

Descend to the catacombs of Paris as Phoenix hunts for a lost woman, smacking into a mortal rave party. I mean, lair. Gruesome and humorous, Phoenix is my kindred soul: He enjoys his booze and has a potty mouth. Plus, he readily pukes over gross items like me.

The Vampire’s Mate – Zara Novak

When Ansel and Kat are summoned to assist a vampire living contrary to a robust set of vampire slayers, new friendships have been formed in their quest to survive. Ruth, Kat’s sister, is trapped at the Red Maintain and wants to escape, and if she gets to know the following runaway, she begins to have feelings for him. But who is this mysterious man? And can she trust him just like she believes she could? A tale of lust, love, and friendships, and a finish that will not disappoint.

Love Bite – Lynn Best

After Brooklyn, a school student spends a romantic evening with a vampire called Armando; she wonders why she awakened the next morning craving bloodstream. She feels like he is the only person to answer each of the questions she has, but if she appears for him, he’s nowhere available. She sets out to locate him to understand what comes next, but will she find him before she does something which everybody around her will repent?

The Vampire’s Prisoner – Zara Novak

Kat walks right into a dark vampire pub for just a little research and finds Ansel, a vampire that she can not help but begin to fall in love with. Ansel runs for his life by the men and women who once held him captive, and his life is turned upside down when he meets Kat. Shortly, Kat is on the run together, and they’re preparing for conflict collectively when Ansel decides that if he must cover his life, he’s going to do whatever possible to protect Kat.

A Shade of Vampire 42 – Bella Forrest

Within this novel, you go back to Shade and all your favorite personalities, where you may experience a puzzle that should be solved, a great deal of suspense, and naturally, brand-new romances to relish. You also meet some fantastic new characters, and your heart will be pounding on the very first page of the past. Excellent writing and interesting happenings finish the narrative, which you won’t ever forget.

Chosen by the Vampire Kings – Charlene Hartnady

Tanya is scheduled to its picking ceremony, which just occurs every one-hundred decades so that she’s got a shot at becoming picked by one of those vampire kings. The one problem is she doesn’t wish to go. But after she gets there, she is picked by King Brant, much to her surprise, and she promptly starts to produce methods to escape this arrangement. Perhaps she can escape, but can she escape the king’s flawless body and grin?

Michael’s Soul Mate – Lorelei Moone

Anna does not recall how she came close to death’s door on that night long ago, but she does remember how Michael saved her. After discovering herself in Michael’s mansion and getting a fresh lease on life, it’s all up to her to attempt to determine what happened on that fateful night. Through all of it, she learns that having friends and a lover by her side would be your very best approach to handle anything that life throws at you, particularly when you’re immortal.

Alexander’s Blood Bride – Lorelei Moone

When Kat attends Alexander’s yearly Halloween celebration, she has no clue what to expect, and also among the first things that happen is that Alexander seduces her. The problem is that Kat is a deadly girl whom each vampire in the city wants to drain. He decides to do something that may not be that smart; he chooses to protect her from the city’s vampires. Flirting with death is inviting because this vampire-mortal connection will prove to the viewers.

Tempting Raven – Jessica Sorensen

Raven is picked as the vampire queen to Rhyland’s vampire king, however, both hate one another. She decides to take her destiny and accept the throne, and her kingdom is rife with insanity, murder, and all types of danger. She tries to forget about her connection with Rhyl and focuses on creating her country a bit better. Things become complicated when she finds that Rhyl could be more challenging to manage than she anticipated, in more ways than you.

Dark Vengeance – Nikki Landis

Andre is a nightwalker whose occupation is to look out for the critters that threaten his entire world, and then he and Mare begin a connection. A love story between two distinct people in two different worlds. And involving individuals, supernatural beings, and sisters, and of course that their growing relationship matters, is just about to get complicated for both of them.

Twice Bitten – Lynsay Sands

Elspeth is an immortal who’s enjoying true liberty for the first time after leaving her house and branching out. She’s following a fling, not even a soulmate. At least not till she loves some of the freedom that she’s been craving all these years. When she matches Wyatt, but she realizes he could be equally a fling and a soulmate. Wyatt recalls her out of the past, though Elspeth has abandoned the episode. It is not long until they embark upon an experience of their own, which will prove what their connection is made of.

One Immortal – Tia Louise

Melissa flees into New Orleans, having a telepathic buddy and matches stunning Derek at a pub. Their curiosity about one another is powerful and instant, but Melissa is currently concealing from her unkind maker. After the sisters find her key, Derek decides to assist her by regaining her metabolism. He’s also intent on rescuing her life whatever the price, even though it means giving up his.

Certain Dark Things – Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Domingo is just a road child. Alt is a historical vampire with ties into some tribe from the Empire. Therefore it inevitably complicates things when Alt comes across Domingo and sees that a yummy bite, whereas Domingo appears at Alt and can be instantly captivated. Then there is the little matter of these vampire gangsters that are dogging the two of their heels- along with the cop who ends up chasing them by injury. It is a recipe for some damn danger, one which Particular Dark Matters serves up with a spoonful of gusto, rich folklore, and breathless actions.

Some of Your Blood – Theodore Sturgeon

From among the godfathers of modern science fiction comes a number of Your Blood, an epistolary novel about a soldier who comes home a bit… .strange. He is called the Army psychologist, who asks him to write down his story. The outcome is the shocking and odd selection of letters, transcripts, as well as studies. A short book, it packs an outsize punch- or if we say sting?

Dracula Unbound – Brian Wilson Aldiss

Underneath the dying sunlight of Utah, Joe Bodenland stumbles upon a dreadful discovery: an early tomb that points into some large species of people who walked the land together with the dinosaurs. Now Joe should utilize his time to stop a seemingly inescapable future, where homo sapiens are enslaved under the immortal rule of Lord Dracula, who’s inconveniently intending to climb again. Though many have attempted to accommodate the story of Dracula, Aldiss accomplishes this the most masterfully in Dracula Unbound.

Sunshine – Robin McKinley

From the post-Voodoo Wars universe of Sunshine, Rae Seddon (aka Sunshine) is a pastry baker who only wants a rest from the hustle and bustle of downtown New Arcadia. And she gets one when she gets the massive mistake of being kidnapped from the vampires. From the time she is attracted to stand before a very hunky vampire called Constantine, she will need to use all her wits to remain alive within this enthralling book from one of fantasy’s most trusted names.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Seth Grahame-Smith

Re-familiarize yourself with Abraham Lincoln: savior of the Union, the greatest President of the USA, and assured hunter of vampires. After he learned about the real reason for his mother’s passing. Lincoln promised to avenge her and recorded all of it in his writings, which were uncovered after by Grahame-Smith. Though this secret had been concealed for centuries, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is your publication that – for the first time – sheds light on Lincoln’s courageous fight against the undead and how it shaped the history of America.

Agyar by Steven Brust

A lost young guy looks one day in a little Midwestern town. He calls himself Jack Adyar. However, he does not quite seem like he belongs. Among the unique novels in the genre, unfolds through the eyes of the classic being. You won’t find the term “vampire” look after on its web pages – possibly for a good reason. Jack Agyar is your isolated, fighting “Other” who is lost in our contemporary world, to whom nobody ever thought to show the Cost of immortality.

They Thirst – Robert McCammon

From the modern-day Los Angeles they Thirst evocatively leaves, wicked descend slowly in the beginning: a single body, another there. But the body count stands up – and each one the murders appear to be happening at night. The clues point to some dark power who’s older than his legion of followers. However, what’s even more menacing is that their thirst for theirs is a desire that can never be quenched.

Children of the Night – Dan Simmons

When a study group travels to Romania on a medical mission, they are shocked to find a kid in an orphanage whose immune system could be the secret to treating cancer and AIDS. The infant is called Joshua, and he had been given the incorrect blood transfusion at the center of a deadly disease. But today, his mere presence might also bring a clan old out of time in the shadows. Vividly imagined and downright thrilling, Children of the Night is a must-read that turns the vampire mythos mind.

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