Top 18 Best Torrent Sites For Books of All Time Review 2022

Top 18 Best Torrent Sites For Books of All Time Review 2020
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If you’re trying to find out more about the Best Torrent Sites For Books, generally speaking, be sure to keep reading.

When beginning to search for ebooks, different websites have different pros and cons. You must understand which ones would be the safest, quickest, and most effective.

Here’s a table of a few favorite choices.

When you complete downloading your favorite books, make sure that you receive one of the greatest e-readers, so it is possible to choose your library with you everywhere. We analyzed those too, so take a look!

What To Look For In The Very Best Torrent Sites?

Best Torrent Sites For Books

To understand what qualifies as one of the popular torrent sites, let us see these variables and rank them based on these:

Year established. The year the torrent website was started tells a good deal about its reliability. The older the website is, the more reliable it is. When it’s existed for ten, ten, or even more years after residing shutdowns, it is very likely to be among the best sites for torrenting.

Popular content. What type of popular material does it have in its library? This is another element you need to start looking into all torrenting websites. It could be a waste to go to a torrent site and not find what you’re searching for.

Countries where it’s prohibited. You can not download torrents if it is not available in their own country. But a VPN can help you to get around this limitation.

Supports instant downloads. Be sure that you check out if the torrent website supports fast downloads. It is quicker, more comfortable, and conserves more bandwidth.

Amount of torrents. See just how much floods are offered on the torrent site. This will inform you if you have tons of alternatives if one of these hyperlinks does not work.

Not all countries permit using torrenting websites. That’s the reason you want a VPN if torrenting is prohibited in your area. Besides virtually all torrenting websites, it hides your action from the ISP so that they will not have the ability to find out what you are doing.

Torrenting Safety Rules

Because copyrighted materials may be found on pirate sites like 1337x and The Pirate Bay, sharing them without the owner’s consent can result in legal action and substantial penalties.

How can I use 1337x alternatives and other websites like them safely?

  • Protect your ISP’s traffic.
  • A VPN is required to provide total anonymity.
  • Turn on the VPN app’s harmful IP address protection.
  • Activate the Kill Switch before launching the torrent client or opening any magnet links (see below in the description of VPNs).

Top 18 Rated Best Torrent Sites For Books

Top 18 Rated Best eBook Torrent Sites

Here is a list of the best torrent sites for ebooks and audiobooks for free that Pennbookcenter suggested:


Z-library is quite much like a Genesis library using a much more excellent user interface.

The website works well and will provide you with all your book downloading demands. The sole difference here is that you want to create an account.

They permit you to download free up to ten books daily using a free account and, therefore, encourage a contribution system to elevate your downloading limitations. It is a worthy cause to support in my view.

The sole drawback is they don’t have torrents, and it is only guided downloads. This makes the process more comfortable, and you wind up happy as could be.

The Pirate Bay

The best feature: Magnet links supported; peer-to-peer file sharing. The Pirate Bay has been and is the place to be when it comes to locating books and other torrents online.

You may locate any available eBook on this site for all torrent files, much as the well-known ebooks project Gutenberg, regardless of various genres or niches.

The Pirate Bay is simple to search any name on the market, and you’ll have the ability to detect just about any document you can perhaps imagine.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is comparable to The Pirate Bay which has a massive group of torrents. It is the oldest and most effective torrent search engine on the planet.

Over 200k e-books are available for download. If you aren’t able to come across the e-book you’re looking for, you can petition for that specific book on the community forum of the site.

They’ve gone downhill a bit, probably from getting closed down along with other random items.

Be sure that you use magnet links to help protect yourself if using Kickass and continuously read the evaluations. This goes without saying for any Torrent site honestly.

If there are not numerous folks thanking the uploader from the remarks, it can appear a little fishy. But occasionally, this societal proof could be fabricated, so be mindful.

It only comes with the territory of downloading items you probably should not be on the world wide web.


The very best torrent site for books is Wikibooks. This popular books torrent site includes a vast database of e-books offered in English, Deutsch, Portugues, Italiano, Hindi, and five languages. Wikibooks has a fresh UI, and hunting e-book is relatively easy.

To download ebooks for free torrents from Wikibooks, only select your favorite language and hunt for the book you want to download.

Free-eBooks. net

Free-eBooks. The Internet is just another verified torrents site for studying free ebooks. Content Free-eBooks. The Internet is well organized into various segments like Fiction, Sci-fi Fantasy, Science, Philosophy, Business, Technology, and more.

All e-books on Free eBooks. Net can be found in pdf format. What’s more, the website shows the dimensions and quantity of downloads for every ebook on the stage. Last, it’s essential to sign up for the service before downloading free ebooks.



The following best torrent site for books is 1337X. Well, 1337X has dedicated sections for both e-books and audiobooks.

1337X permits users to upload and discuss all types of e-books onto the system. The well developed UI makes it simpler for users to download and search book torrents, even utilizing the magnet connections. Using this peer to peer file hosting service you can access data from sites such as eDonkey, BitTorrent, IPFU, ZeroNet, Retroshare, etc.

This is also among the best torrent sites to download different categories like pictures, televisions, games, movies, music, anime, programs, documentaries, and much more along with ebooks.


Bookshare is among the best eBook torrenting sites in the market. Each ebook and book torrent is exceptionally well organized into various classes like Technology & Engineering, Humor, Literary collections, Psychology, Religion, and a lot more.

This torrent site for books shows the terminology, the amount of web pages, and provides a comprehensive description for every single ebook on the stage.

The clean and simple UI of Books-share makes it simpler for users to download and search their preferred ebooks. It’s worth noting this; you need to sign up for the service before downloading ebooks.


BookYards is just another well developed best torrent site for books. This popular site has a broad selection of over 7000 e-books and audiobooks. Moreover, there are also sites to download those e-books that are completely free.

All e-books on BookYards are well organized into different classes like Art, Fiction, Religion & Spirituality, Parenting, Biography Memoirs, Economics.

Plus a whole lot more.

Each ebook on BookYards can be obtained in pdf format. In general, BookYards is one of the most trusted books ebook torrent sites, and you can surely get some great articles to see on BookYards.


Zooqle was an up and coming torrent site but has gained a substantial following. It’s used to get everything from books to TV shows to movies, music, and games.

Google has a superb search bar that could discover any material you’re searching for. Additionally, it features an excellent looking interface that’s guaranteed to delight everybody.



ManyBooks, together with all the vision to provide an extensive library of e-books at no cost on the world wide web, is the best user interface and layout one of the ebook torrent sites.

You can easily browse through the website using jelqing, Titles, Authors, Language, Popular, Featured Authors, and Recommended. As of now, the website hosts more than 50,000 free ebook names. If you are a writer, you may also use their platform to promote your book.


Torlock is another on the list of verified torrents sites for e-books that have a clean and straightforward UI. Very similar to 1337X, Torlock also includes a dedicated department for ebooks.

What’s more, Torlock is just one among hardly any sites that the only list confirmed torrents. Hunting and downloading your favorite ebook is relatively straightforward. In ađition, there are also have many types of content categories like movies, TV shows, anime, software.


Speaking about the ideal textbook torrent sites, Extratorrents tops the list for several nations; download most okay college book torrents at no cost while maintaining yourself updated regarding information such as available seed and peers together with the dimensions on a single line.

On the site, you’ll be subjected to torrents depending on their classes like Books, Films, Games etch its books, and download any ebook torrent at no cost.

Or search your necessary title, distribute or download torrents with your buddies the same applies to various classes. Back in November 2016, the website was the 2nd biggest torrent site resulting from The Pirate Bay.



Launched back in 2008, RARGB has all of the distinct eBook torrents virtually to get combined with direct and magnetic links. This torrent site is understood by far, but this website may provide you with nearly every reading material seeing a textbook torrent.

From the small collection of the torrent sites functioning, RARBG is just one of these, holding the listing’s decisive place. It was designed back in 2008 and managed to survive with no hitches.

You’ll discover a legion of all e-books, such as textbooks, to convert and download into your choice document. Do not be confused with all the UI that may appear confusing initially, but you will quickly get used to it shortly.


FreeBookSpot is just another one on the torrent sites for e-books that primarily caters to the requirements of readers. It’s over 90 classes belonging to various genres, such as; fiction, structure, technology, audiobooks, computers, astronomy, DIY, images, psychology, hardware, etc.

Not this also, it has a nice assortment of fiction titles, but it is more famous for enlightening and non-fiction books. You may navigate their genres or sub-categories such as Expired, Most Popular, Wanted, and Selections.

They do permit registering, but that is not compulsory to find access to this content. Besides downloading ebooks, you could also share and get feedback from fellow users.


Launched back in 2003, this website provides the best solutions to customers for downloading free books and other articles through torrents.

Though focusing on movie downloads, this site is also capable of downloading torrent files for eBooks, TV shows, software, games, music, anime, etc. Why is it among the very best for eBook torrent download? Due to the safer hyperlinks to download.

Read its e-books class and find a record of book torrents to receive unique connections to download your preferred torrent, no longer purchasing thick books. With fewer advertisements, this website provides a safe route to get eBook torrents for all passionate readers on the market.

Get free books

This torrent book website is a free e-books website where prospective readers can quickly download all kinds of legal ebooks. The majority of the books can be found in several formats such as doc or PDF. There are a variety of forms of classes to pick from the listing. You do not require any registration for studying these e-books.


Another very best torrent search engine, iDope, must belong to the best torrenting site for books. It provides direct magnet links to torrents. It’s a clean and straightforward UI and a mobile friendly variant that makes it extremely simple to obtain from your mobile devices.



101Torrent, such as other book torrenting sites, allows you complimentary eBook torrent download together with films, games, TV seasons, videos, music, etc.

It’s a straightforward interface for downloading any torrent files without a lot of hassle. The home page shows the most recent pictures, audio, and eBook torrents, which are simple to download.

Library Genesis

There would be no Library Genesis without it. I’m not sure I could have survived university. Thank you, for pointing me in the right direction.

Library Genesis has just much every book ever written, and it puts them all at your fingertips. It’s easy to be hesitant about utilizing library genesis at first since it appears to be something you shouldn’t trust.


We hope you enjoyed our accurate collection of the best books torrent sites, currently busy with the maximum variety of feeders. These one torrent websites have virtually all of the books of all of the probable genres ever published on earth.

Please comment if we have missed any dependable textbook torrent so, however, do not forget to use a VPN to protect your individuality and remain safe while leafing through the downloaded book!

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