Top 14 Best Tarot Books of All Time Review 2021

Top 14 Best Tarot Books of All Time Review 2020

Reading the Best Tarot Books frequently means reading everything and anything we could get our hands on! From publications and guidebooks to sites and sites – as Tarot readers, we all like to get a great deal of information out there.

However, while people love to understand, at times, it may result in overwhelm. With all these choices to choose from, how can you know what to select? Where should you invest your energy, time, and cash?

Several decades back, I shared my take on the best books on tarot. With numerous new tools available in the industry today (including my own!), it is time to upgrade the listing.

Top Rated Best Tarot Novels To Read

Top Rated Best Tarot Novels To Read

Before you spend some time looking at your next guidebook, browse this list of the best tarot books that Pennbook recommended reading:

For Beginner Readers

The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin

If you are a bookish tarot woman, then you have probably heard of Jessa Crispin.

Known on the internet for her writing and her job with, Crispin’s publication is a fantastic way for creatives to integrate tarot in their practices.

If you’re searching for inspiration or a means to approach your next project, this book encourages you to appear to your tarot. Crispin guides you through the process, making it simple.

And the best part? There are only some fantastic old-fashioned tips for creatives within this publication.

Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont

The Everyday Tarot guide combines the best elements of a novice guide to Tarot with self-help and health components. There are tons of actions and suggestions in this book for the way it is possible to use the Tarot to help you get to your new objectives.

If you enjoy the notion of Tarot but need the means to concentrate your readings, then this novel is right for you. This manual focuses primarily on intimate relationships, professions, and other kinds of goals instead of focusing on broad thoughts and theories.

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners by Joan Bunning

“Show-to novel with 19 lessons and exercises that are numerous, starting with the fundamentals and gradually moving to innovative concepts so you can learn how to read the tarot at your own pace. Contains signatures for all of the cards. The writer first introduced this class to the Internet and proceeds to provide site support for pupils with queries. One hundred seventy-eight illustrations are utilizing the favorite Waite deck.”

The Crowley Tarot Handbook, by Akron & Hajo Banzhaf

The Crowley Tarot Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the methodology and background of tarot reading together with the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck. For people who are prepared to delve deeper into the significance of the cards made by Lady Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley. This guide provides a detailed analysis of this symbolism and the myriad correlations from the fields of astrology, music, and art, Maya, Tree of Life, the Runes, components, along with archetypal correspondences.”

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot-Lately!! by Dusty White

The writer subverts traditional tarot novels by placing starting readers off on a profoundly personal journey together with the cards. Together with his signature witty, brash, and confessional design, he provides a no-bullshit approach to understanding tarot, dispelling the myths, and exhausting old information that gets recycled repeatedly.

Despite its clickbait-y name (two exclamation points!!), in the Simplest Way to Learn Tarot-Lately!! White contains exercises that enable you to deepen your connection with all the cards directly through worksheets and actions. It is an enjoyable way to find out the tarot and a way that helps you develop skills for producing a system of significance that’s tailored to your exceptional instincts and intuition. This is just an outstanding publication.

Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer

I have included four novels by Mary K. Greer in this listing because she’s a legend that has made her place as a master tarot teacher. Tarot for Your Self is a superb introduction to tarot reading with a concentration on creating an individual experience with all the cards. I believe Tarot for Your Self is the finest first workbook for comprehending the tarot via a spiritual (not religious), individualized manner.

Through exercises designed for you to study instantly without anxiety, Tarot for Your Self dispels the frequent myth that you shouldn’t read for yourself. It asserts why your connection with the tarot is the most important one which you’ll cultivate.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot – Liz Dean

This tarot book is decidedly among the most excellent tarot books, to begin with. I love to use this publication for a manual as its easy-to-use, yet comprehensive enough.

It provides simple to act measures about the best way to start studying and choices for various card spreads, frequently followed by a comprehensive description of each card of the essential and minor arcana.

And so, I feel this is one of the most excellent tarot books for novices in the marketplace. You won’t regret purchasing this book when you’re merely looking outside, to begin with, tarot, and need a promising debut.

Tarot Cards: A Beginners Guide of Tarot Cards – Julia Stetson

Whereas the top list’s first-mentioned novels provide a promising debut in everything tarot, the attention in this novel is much more on the particular cards to allow one to be aware and to observe chances when usually it could be difficult.

The publication explains the objective of tarot cards and also the significance behind each particular card. Every card that’s clarified has an image of the card with a transparent explanation of what’s to be viewed, so that you may recognize them when you view them, irrespective of your card deck.

The book also explains in detail the way to perform a tarot reading and then propagates to utilize it.

Particularly for those who have a background in oriental faiths such as Dao and Buddhism, this book is intriguing. This is one of the best tarot books for beginners, the reader will become evident that the author has a genuine passion for tarot and discusses the sacred nature of merely choosing the ideal tarot card deck, certainly a must-have for your tarot bookshelf.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig, Evelin Bürger

Discover everything you ever wanted to understand about the planet’s most popular tarot deck. The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot details the ten main symbols on each card from the deck complete with hundreds of examples for easy use. Besides an explanation of these symbols, every card is given a brief interpretation by subject:

– Main significance – Prognosis or trend – Spiritual significance – Love and connection significance – Daily significance – Success and enjoyment meaning

Composing in a handy format designed for quick reference, European tarot authorities Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger also provide tips, tips, tips, and lore to improve your studying straight away. In these pages, You Will Discover the top ten most significant:

– Ways of Working with one card- Tips and principles for interpretation- Truth about the tarot- Interpretations for every match – Spread layout Methods

For Advanced Readers

Advanced Tarot Secrets – Dusty White

This publication reveals the innovative spread methods and trade secrets used by the very best psychics, tarot readers, and mediums on the planet daily.

This innovative how-to guide for professionals charges anywhere from $100 to $1,000 an hour.

I truly improved my precision and strengtheneth my instinct and reading by practicing the exercises and enjoying the games detailed within this book.

Suppose you would like to take your readings to another level and differ from many others. In that case, this is the publication that is the practice you want to develop into a proficient tarot reader.

Tarot and Astrology: Boost Your Readings with the Wisdom of the Zodiac – Corrine Kenner

The science of astrology is an essential method to integrate with your tarot readings since it joins with tarot for centuries.

Within this user-friendly publication, Kenner makes it effortless to research and learn out of this intriguing intersection, even if you don’t have any astrology knowledge in any way.

She’ll help you begin your travels by talking about both tarot card and astrology basics, the cards’ archetypal symbols and vision, the twelve signs of the zodiac, and the planets.

Tarot and Astrology: Boost Your Smile, together with the Wisdom of this Zodiac, will instruct one to unite tarot and astrology on your own -and enlarge your tarot training when improving your life.

The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling – Rana George

Not too much an innovative tarot reading novel, but more so a publication on overall fortune-telling. I opt to incorporate this novel on the listing to broaden your range onto card-readings to improve your skills and skills further.

For over 150 decades, the Lenormand deck has been a favorite divination tool across the globe and also a must-read if you would like to turn into a leading reader.

From straightforward questions to critical issues, the Lenormand provides a glimpse of the near future if you want it most.

The vital Lenormand consists of old-school reading procedures, contemporary methods, tips, and strategies for working with numerous spreads, and approaches to utilize the Lenormand in your following tarot reading.

Tarot Card Combinations, by Dorothy Kelly

“Tarot Card Combinations is a distinctive, comprehensive, and thoroughly functional demonstration of translating the tarot card, which has helped tens of thousands ace the ancient divination. Dorothy Kelly’s easy-to-understand approach shares everything one should learn to unlock the narrative presented when the cards have been drawn. What makes this novel unique is Kelly’s demonstration of cards in endless combinations, showing how the cards relate to one another and endowing every card with richer significance and much more subtle nuances than when considered independently.”

Keywords for the Crowley Tarot, by Hajo Banzhaf

“​This easy-to-use reference provides a useful dictionary and summary so that you may easily check card meanings and interpret the symbols for various events. Included will be the amount, glyph, astrological attribute, overall significance, exactly what the card supports what it cautions against, and how you may use it if you draw it as your card to your day or card to the year. Sure to be a classic in each tarot library.”

Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack

“Offering an abundant collection of fresh thoughts mixed in with educational discussions about Tarot’s checkered past, this tarot guidebook features advanced approaches to translate and utilize Tarot, and an abundance of first spreads to test for yourself-such as propagates for predictive, emotional, magic, and spiritual readings. All seventy-eight cards have been researched from new angles: history, psychology, art, and an assortment of religious and occult traditions, using cards from seven varied decks so that you can easily compare and contrast.”

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth by Benebell Wen

Designed for beginning in addition to experienced tarot readers, the Holistic Tarot provides an original and easy-to-follow approach to using this tarot deck for tapping into subconscious wisdom and creativity.

The tarot deck was used as a divination tool for at least two centuries; However, the tarot remains most commonly considered “fortune-telling,” the authentic power of this tarot is based on its capacity to channel an obvious route for our profound instinct to glow through. Consulting the tarot might help clear imagination blockages, and describe ambitions, work through complicated decisions, and create a sense of relationships and emotions.

Whether employed for easy decision-making or understanding your life’s purpose, studying tarot may be an indispensable tool to be more aware of the aspects that could help or hamper your efforts toward achievement.

In the best book on tarot, writer Benebell Wen provides a comprehensive guide to using the tarot to boost personal growth. Wen provides a thorough summary of the history of the tarot and a broad collection of theories on its usage (including its connection to Jungian archetypal psychology and traditional Chinese divination practices) before digging deep into those best-known tarot systems, the Rider-Waite-Smith.

Beginners will get a comprehensive guide to working with the tarot, such as choosing and caring for a deck, how to learn and don’t forget the features of this significant and minor arcana, the interpretation of cards and spreads, the function of meditation at a tarot training, and also how to use the tarot for improving relationships, professional advancement, and personal elegance.

More sophisticated practitioners will love nuanced theoretical discussions about the tarot in addition to practical advice about studying other tarot cards and establishing a practice.

Containing over 500 examples and thorough info on every card in addition to numerous spreads, the tarot book is a whole compendium of research that each practitioner must have in their library.

How to Begin a Daily Tarot Practice:

1. Get a Tarot deck and guidebook.

If you’re at all doubtful of Tarot, then I believe that the Everyday Tarot set is ideal. I’d read through the manual in its entirety before you attempt to perform a reading.

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2. Start with a single card spread.

This is a simple method to integrate the Tarot into your hectic lifestyle. Settle in with a cup of tea and then pull your everyday card. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about how it could fit in your day to day life or get out your Everyday Tarot.

3. Start practicing Tarot together with buddies.

If you would like to begin practicing with friends, I would advise a simple three-card spread using a pleasure, crowd-pleasing deck, such as those connected above.

Video: Easy Tarot Spreads for Beginners

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