Top 6 Best SAT Prep Books of All Time Review 2020

Top 6 Best SAT Prep Books of All Time Review 2020

There are many best SAT Prep Books lists on the market, but we believe that almost all are not very good or comprehensive. Because of this, I have attempted to compose a lot of better guides.

Within this guide, you will discover which books are crucial to your SAT prep, which books you may use to improve your section scores, and books you will need if you are aiming to get a high score. What’s more, you will discover how to use those SAT prep publications for successful studying.

This manual is fairly comprehensive, so below are some reference links you can use to jump into various reports. Nevertheless, Pennbook suggests reading the entire manual if you’re able to!

Who Is This SAT Prep Books Guide For?

To begin with, this manual is for students that are seriously interested in test prep. You have to get motivated to receive a high score, and you have to be inclined to install hard labor. Getting through these novels will require dozens of hours only because the SAT covers so much stuff.

If you’re planning to study only five hours or so, your pick of a book will not make much distinction. In cases like this, it’s ideal for concentrating on taking a formal SAT practice test and reviewing your replies. Your score will not go up considerably in the long run with such small prep time, so don’t expect any miracles.

Purchasing SAT prep publications is your first and most straightforward measure of SAT prep. You will want to put in backbreaking work to receive the dent improvements you desire, however. In the subsequent sections, we describe the most effective techniques of getting the maximum from every SAT publication we recommend.

Second, this manual targets students who wish to improve their scores by over a hundred points. To consistently score so considerably higher on the SAT, you are going to want more than just tips; you will have to comprehend the actual content being analyzed, in other words, the underlying mathematics concepts and grammar principles. Do not bother with unsuccessful “tips” that make you feel as if you have heard something once you genuinely have not.

If you are seeking to improve your score by 50 points or so, nevertheless, you may do this by merely retaking the SAT, mainly if you’ve chosen the exam just once.

Finally, to improve your SAT prep book score, you will have to get a superb research approach. It is not sufficient to read a book cover to cover. It would help if you concentrated on your weaknesses by cleaning the material you fight with the maximum.

Alas, many students invest tons of hours poring over a single publication after another without improving their SAT scores. Why? Since they do not know what their weaknesses are and are not focusing their time on their flaws.

Without learning how to strike the weak spots, you won’t improve your SAT score! It may sound obvious, but it is relatively difficult for most students to perform this nicely. I write a good deal more about preparing for the SAT within my guide to a fantastic SAT score. It is also how I made our online SAT program to perform all the hard structural functions for you.

In the end, if you are serious about SAT score improvement and also wish to study with high prep novels, this is the manual for you.

Top 6 Rated Best SAT Prep Books To Read

Top 6 Rated Best SAT Prep Books To Read

Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy

Students and teachers alike have reported good experiences with Kallis’ Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy novel. This book provides six full-length practice evaluations, including up to approximately 24 hours of exercise testing.


  • The SAT queries are usually realistic and carefully mimic official evaluation queries.
  • Kallis goes past the official manual’s straightforward explanations to provide step-by-step answer explanations for every question. These in-depth descriptions to help you know any errors and fix them for the next period -a crucial strategy for improving your scores.
  • The publication discusses 101 subjects you’ll find about the SAT and provides a clear, focused presentation of basic grammar, literature, and mathematics concepts. Past content inspection, this publication gives some evaluation of the variety of query types, enabling you to have a much more strategic approach for your homework.
  • Kallis goes within the construction, structure, and subjects covered on the SAT in detail, so you’re going to have a solid grasp of logistics before test day. This review will help you save time in reading some directions and rate yourself because you will know just what to expect on the SAT.


  • Although this novel does a fantastic job providing realistic training questions and content inspection, it is less helpful for studying essential SAT approaches, such as time management and removal. Since this publication highlights the “learning by doing” approach, it will not devote a great deal of time moving over mentality and crucial test-taking strategies.
  • This publication is relatively expensive at about $30 on Amazon.
  • It demands a whole lot of freedom and self-discipline. You will want to take responsibility for dividing the content in the very best way and sticking and designing some effective study program. While the practice questions are there, it is your choice to place in the job and get the most.

SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition

I strongly suggest SAT Prep Black Books because of its educational strategies and test guidance. As it is called, the SAT Black Book was composed by Mike Barrett, and he took the opportunity to comprehend the evaluation inside and outside. Inside, he goes over the various kinds of queries and introduces critical suggestions, like identifying catchy wording and  “distractor” response options.


  • This book is excellent for students who wish to know about the arrangement, format, and suggestions of the SAT and people who want to obtain practical strategies in answering queries and saving time.
  • It may be handy for pupils of all degrees because Barrett customizes his guidance based upon your target score.
  • It provides comprehensive answer explanations for queries on the initial four official SAT practice tests. Where the College Board fails to help you through the steps of a clinical problem or describe why other answer choices are wrong, this book guides you through every question on every practice evaluation in detail.
  • It can help alter your mindset when taking the SAT. It’s possible to integrate the book’s explanations and approaches into your approach, so you’re more assured when answering each query type. Though the Black Book is fantastic for strategy, however, it is less helpful for analyzing theories.


  • It will not have some of its SAT practice concerns. Instead, the publication has to be utilized in combination with the official SAT practice tests. It pertains directly to official SAT queries and provides thorough explanations, particularly for the most challenging questions.
  • The Black Book concentrates on the plan and understands the SAT, so it is not the most potent source for reviewing content and concepts. If you seek to relearn sentence parallelism or terminal functions, for example, ultimately, you’d want an extra resource.
  • Though I find this novel to be composed in a reasonably engaging fashion, this is ultimately a matter of opinion; in different words, Barrett’s justification fashion and evaluation strategies may not work for everybody.

Princeton Review 10 Practice Tests for the SAT, 2020

If it has to do with supplemental research material, the Princeton Review 10 Practice Tests for the SAT, 2020 Edition: is a favorite choice for people who wish to score high with this College Board test. This item includes ten full-length SAT practice tests, each query type, and over 1,500 practice questions that will assist you in complying with the universal information that practice makes perfect.

To be clear, this Princeton Review SAT prep book isn’t a detailed study manual but a successful SAT practice publication. That is why it may not be the only book you’ll need if you would like to acquire a fantastic SAT score. It does not contain concept and subject discussions; therefore, it’s best combined with a publication that’s solely dedicated to this.

This book provides, nevertheless, a hands-on vulnerability to the SAT mathematics and English sections. It may not be produced by the real people who made the evaluation, but its practice evaluation and practice questions are top quality. They are hard enough to challenge you and help you answer questions in precisely the same vein as the real test questions. They are also able to promise to help build your confidence in handling the official SAT examination.

Additionally, it includes excellent response explanations for the SAT practice tests and 1,500 practice questions. This is only one of its strongest suits since it helps you further progress on your SAT training because 1,500 practice questions are a lot. With its comprehensive discussions of the replies because of the practice evaluation, you may undoubtedly better comprehend the examination.

In addition to its full-length practice tests and queries, besides, it includes a portion at which you could learn about the accurate SAT grading system. While it is not precisely the same as the College Board’s grading system, this publication provides you a fantastic estimate of your score in the event the practice test you took was the actual examination, though remember they’re only practice examinations.


  • Difficult practice tests that cover each question type
  • In-depth answer explanations
  • A lot of sample problems to utilize
  • 1,500 practice questions


  • Includes a Couple of similar practice problems since the 2018 variant

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2020 Edition (Official Study Guide for the New Sat)

For what might be the most exact content, receive the College Board The Official SAT Study Guide, 2020 Edition (Official Study Guide for the New SAT). This is the official SAT study guide produced by the very men and women who left the real exam. With this novel, you can make sure to learn pretty much the specific same items that the College Board will utilize to produce your evaluation scores and ought to be contained in your arsenal of hanging homework publications.

Many pupils utilize the official study guide since it is undoubtedly among those must-haves if you would like to prepare for the examination fully. It is highly recommended as a reference book for everyone your SAT prep attempts. You could also effectively utilize it as a starter book if you don’t understand how to approach the preparation process.

Why is the College Board SAT publication value your time? As stated previously, it is produced by the very same people (The College Board) who created the SAT; this novel is likely to teach you precisely the very same information used to make the exam. This may boost your chances of scoring good and provide you a great deal of confidence in confronting this evaluation as it’s official SAT practice questions from past examinations.

Even though some folks lack the test-taking tips section, it does a great job of talking content. It helps you cover the regions you will have to understand to crush on the SAT, so it is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to your SAT prep toolbox having the most precise practice evaluations.

This publication includes eight full-length practice tests that are crafted and introduced in precisely the same manner as the real examination. Additionally, it has practice questions and comprehensive info on each one of the examination sections. A whole lot of users found its SAT essay writing manual very helpful.


  • Produced by the Very Same people who created the SAT
  • Includes 8 SAT practice tests
  • Students, tutors, and teachers highly suggest to me.


  • Some people find explanations rather complicated.

Barron’s SAT with Online Tests

Another famous comprehensive prep novel is the 29th edition of Barron’s SAT with Online Tests. Like the majority of other names from this test prep material writer, this name is considered one of the fantastic SAT prep publications should you require a study guide and online clinic which can allow you to cover all of your bases.

Why is the Barron’s SAT a favorite choice is its pervasive format. It is among those few books which perform well in covering almost everything you want to undertake in prep for the actual SAT. It is very compact and contains short but powerful explanations of the core theories so that you may go over each of the things which will potentially come out from the examination.

Apart from its own six full-length practice tests, which will help you keep an eye on your progress, it also includes a diagnostic evaluation and just clinic choices. This makes it a much more valuable study guide as it may guarantee to aid you in the start to the conclusion of your homework process. In addition to these, also, it includes a great deal of helpful test-taking tips that should instruct you to take on the SAT during evaluation day efficiently.

Regrettably, there are a couple of concerns people have about this particular book. Some believe that it overcomplicates a few points and theories. Others also have qualms about Barron’s habit of rehashing old sample queries, and it is not especially great with all the SAT writing sections.


  • Comprehensive and packed with useful information
  • Will thoroughly clinic your test-taking abilities and comprehension
  • Includes a diagnostic evaluation
  • Six practice tests


  • Explanations Can Be Very complicated.

McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2019

If you’re searching for an educational summary of the SAT’s content and structure, subsequently, McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2019 is a good option. At over 750 pages long, this vast novel goes within the SAT in excellent detail, by the number of queries to the time constraints on every section, so it is possible to know what to expect on test day.


  • It comprises five full-length SAT practice tests, such as a single diagnostic evaluation. All of these are pretty realistic and include comprehensive answer explanations for every question.
  • The publication’s practice questions are realistic and resemble official items. The Math questions mostly comprise real-world situations you would probably see about the SAT, together with problems revolving around subjects like fever and selling tickets for a performance.
  • The book is powerful because it demonstrates SAT Math theories. It breaks down all of the significant issues in detail, from expressions and linear systems to commonly analyzed ideas like geometry, basic trig, and complex numbers.
  • It provides you helpful advice in regards to mapping out your SAT research program. Very similar to our own SAT training program, this publication suggests starting your homework using a diagnostic SAT practice test and using it to form your study program. Additionally, it offers some Important strategies, like improving your calculator fluency so that you know when it will be useful and only slow you down.


  • It is feeble in Assessing Reading and Writing. While the book moves over the Math part in detail, its demonstration of both verbal sections is much more restricted and somewhat odd. Its review of these segments is much more conceptual and experimental than it’s unique to the SAT. For example, the book features chapters with names such as “Language of Truth, Truthfulness, and Beauty ” and the “Language of Dissent, Criticism, and Rebellion.” While these sections might seem attractive to book fans, they are not pertinent to this SAT-a characteristic; I consider them critical when searching for this particular, idiosyncratic test.

10 Practice Tests for the SAT, 2021 Edition: Extra Prep to Help Achieve an Excellent Score

Practice makes perfect, and also the ideal way to exercise your SAT test-taking abilities is with simulated tests. The Princeton Review’s 10 Practice Tests for the SAT provides ten full-length chances to evaluate if you’ve got the skills to ace the exam’s higher-level mathematics questions, reading comprehension passages, and language and writing segments.

Exercise-The Best Way To Perfection.

  • 10 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations
  • Hands-on vulnerability to the evaluation, with over 1,500 queries, nine samples prompts for the optional essay, and one experimental segment
  • Self-scoring reports That Will Help You evaluate your test performance

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

  • Diagnose and learn from the mistakes using in-depth answer explanations
  • Watch The Princeton Review’s methods in actions and solidify your SAT understanding
  • Learn basic approaches for attaining content predominate

Key Strategies for Researching With SAT Prep Books

There are plenty of choices when it comes to researching for the SAT out of novels. As opposed to studying them cover to cover, you’d be better served coming up with a strategy and breaking down each book into smaller, more manageable targets.

I suggest using a formal College Board clinic test to provide yourself a pre-test and develop a feeling of your beginning level, or baseline score. Utilize its response key to evaluate it and analyze your results to ascertain what regions of the evaluation you want to concentrate on in your homework.

You might save among those evaluations to take a right before choosing the official SAT so that you may acquire an awareness of how much you have improved. As stated, the other assessments could be utilized as benchmarks along the way to judge your progress, along with re-adjust your research plan if necessary.

For example, a complete publication, Kallis’ or Barron’s, may be used along with a subject-specific novel, including Steve Warner’s Math publication and Erica Meltzer’s Reading and Writing guides. Based on your objectives and requirements, you can choose how much time to dedicate to each topic to get the absolute most from your analysis.

There is a good deal of space here to personalize your research plan to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This needs a whole lot of preparation and self-discipline to follow your strategy. You will also benefit from reflecting on what works best for you regarding keeping interested, keeping information, and remaining organized.

If it appears to be a good deal of “research prep” before you get to your exam prep, then you may gain from researching SAT prep choices beyond having an SAT book listing.

FAQ’s Best SAT Prep Books

Q. Can I save cash and borrow my buddy’s SAT prep book in this past year?

A. It is not recommended since the SAT varies year to year, and also, an obsolete edition will not ensure the latest additions. If the publication is strategy-driven, it is well worth reading to select up test-taking hints, which you may use for the SAT in addition to some other exams.

Q. Our SAT prep publications available as ebooks?

A. Many are, but many high school students still opt for actual texts that may be emphasized, photocopied, and allowed. Some ebook formats consist of content inspection, which usually means that you want to appear elsewhere for interactive or print variants of practice examinations.

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