Top 21 Best Sailing Books 2022 Every Sailor Shouldn’t Skip

Best Sailing Books of All Time
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You can have unforgettable holidays, see new places and go on exciting adventures by sailing. There is no age limit to sailing. Sailing is open to all ages, at any speed, whether you are cruising, racing, or fast. You can also enjoy sailing solo or with your entire family. You should learn to sail if you are given the opportunity. 

There are many great sailing books on the market, but these will help sailors for a long time. If you enjoy boating, sailing, high-seas adventures, unique travel destinations, or just enjoying a relaxing read, this book is for you.

These are not all historical. Some are fiction. Others are reference guides. These are not in any particular order. Reading the nice post below to explore more about the best sailing books.

The Best Books About Sailing For Everyone

The Best Books About Sailing For Everyone

Maiden Voyage
373 Reviews
Across the Savage Sea: The...
8 Reviews
The Kon-Tiki Expedition
1,106 Reviews

Maiden Voyage By Tania Aebi

Best How to Sail Book

Tania Aebi, 18, was unsure of her future and drifting. Tania Aebi, 18, was drinking a lot in New York City bars. Her father gave her an ultimatum and told her to go to college or solo, and she became the youngest person to sail solo around the world. It was a strange set of options, but he believed it might give Tania direction.

Tania accepted the offer of her father’s sloop and began a three-year journey. She fell in love with the sea, just as her father predicted. This is her inspiring and thrilling story about her maiden voyage around the globe. She was the first American woman and the youngest to complete the trip.

Jillian Schlesinger, a filmmaker, documented Laura Dekker’s remarkable 518-day journey. She is the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly.

Maiden Voyage
373 Reviews

Across the Savage Sea By Maud Fontenoy

Best books on sailing

Maud Fontenoy, the legendary sailor, tells the narrative e of her first solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. She was also the first woman to complete such a voyage, which can be said about many of her other nautical achievements. She was also the first woman to sail solo to cross the Pacific Ocean. However, she did so by taking on the smaller Atlantic.

Fontenoy was not afraid to take on a challenge. She chose the most dangerous route and was determined to prove her worth as a sailor. Maud Fontenoy was able to make history with only a rowboat, two oars, and a rowboat. She recounts her journey in Across the Savage Sea. Her memories are colored by nostalgia and terror.

Left for Dead by Nick Ward

Left for Dead may be the most riveting of all the sailing books. This book is the thrilling story of Nick Ward’s encounter with the deadliest storm in the history of modern sailing, which is the riveting tale of Nick Ward’s encounter in the Fastnet Race 1979. The conditions were perfect for the 600-mile course’s first two days.

On the second day of the 600-mile course, however, conditions were not ideal. A massive storm struck the Irish Sea and claimed the lives of fifteen men. Ward was alone on his boat as he faced the storm. Left for Dead, tells Ward’s harrowing, inspiring story of how he survived that night.

Godforsaken Sea By Derek Lundy

The treacherous route that the Vendee Global Race takes across the Southern Ocean makes it so famous. The narrative of 16 competitors who set out on the epic journey to the South Ocean in 1996 is told in Godforsaken Sea.

This story of Derek Lundy is lighthearted and humorous, but it also features hair raising encounters at the power of nature. Godforsaken Sea is a captivating narrative about the spirit of those who have pushed the limits of human endeavor.

A Voyage for Madmen By Peter Nichols

Nine sailors embarked on the most challenging race of their lives in 1968: to circumnavigate the world nonstop single handedly. This feat would change the course of sailing forever. Only one of the nine men would make it to the finish line, earning fame, wealth, and glory ten months later. The reward for the rest was madness, failure, and death.

Kon-Tiki By Thor Heyerdahl

This is a great story. This is another real life account of a long time at sea. However, it’s not as dangerous as the last entry. Thanks to the good Lord Kontiki is the narrative of an incredible adventure: a 4,300-mile journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean.

Thor Heyerdahl, a biologist, was intrigued by the Polynesian legends and believed that the South Sea Islands were settled by an ancient race thousands of miles away, led by Kon-Tiki, a mythical hero. He tried to prove his theory by replicating the legendary voyage.

Adrift: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea

Adrift is the story of Tami’s remarkable forty one day journey to safety in a boat wrecked with no motor or masts and little hope of rescue. This is a narrative of love and survival on the high seas, an inspiring tale about the resilience of the human spirit and the transcendent power and love.


Stop Drifting, Start Rowing By Roz Savag

Roz Savage attempted to row 8,000 miles alone across the Pacific Ocean in 2007. Even though she had successfully crossed the Atlantic in the previous year, the Pacific presented Roz with new challenges and overwhelming currents. This was both within and outside of her office.

Although crossing the largest ocean on Earth may seem far from everyday life, Roz’s lessons about the inner journey, ocean, and the world can be applied to everyone. She tells stories of her journey across the ocean and offers insights into living a fulfilling and happy life.

Two Years Before The Mast By Richard Henry Dana

Two Years Before The Mast is a book written by Richard Henry Dana, Jr., an American author. It was published in 1840 after Dana’s two year sea journey.

This is a short but powerful book that will appeal to Californians like me. Richard Henry Dana, Jr.’s memoir Two Years Before the Mast tells the story of a Harvard student who became a sailor by collecting hides along the California coast and returning home in the cold and bitter winter, having been made richer by the experience. Although he tries to appear like a seasoned sailor when he arrives aboard, he soon realizes that real experience makes a good sailor.

He kept a journal throughout the voyage, and after his return, he wrote the well known American classic Two Years Before the Mast. It was published in 1840, the year of his admission as a barrister.

Sailing Alone Around the World, by Joshua Slocum

Slocum’s famous account of his solo journey around the globe, which was the first person to do so, can be found on nearly every sailors’ bookshelf. It is also excellent inspiration for Graham. Slocum set sail solo circumnavigation from Boston in 1895 aboard his wooden 36-foot sloop Spray. Slocum sailed approximately 46,000 miles in three years.

Sailing Alone Around the World is a fascinating tale that includes close encounters with pirates off Gibraltar and breakfasting with flying fish in the Pacific. He also visits Henry Stanley in South Africa.

The Old Man and the Sea By Ernest Hemingway

Best sailing novels

The Old Man and the Sea was one of Hemingway’s most beloved works. It tells the story of an old Cuban fisherman who is down on his luck and faces his most extraordinary ordeal, a constant, painful battle with a giant marlin out in the Gulf Stream.

In strikingly modern style, Hemingway presents the classic theme, Courage in the face of defeat and personal triumph over loss. This hugely popular novella, written in 1952, confirmed Hemingway’s power and presence in literature and was a significant factor in his 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Riddle Of The Sands By Erskine Childers

Carruthers, an employee of the British Foreign Office, agrees to join Davies on a yachting vacation. Carruthers believes that Davies’ yacht Ducibella will be a luxurious vessel with a crew. When he finally arrives at the port to meet Davies, he is disappointed to find a small sailing boat. They sail together across the North Sea to the Baltic and then on to the Frisian Islands off the coast of Germany. Carruthers must quickly learn how to sail the small boat.

South: The Endurance Expedition By Ernest Shackleton

Although most of my sailing was tropical, this good book convinced me to continue it that way. Shackleton and his team are on an epic battle of man against the elements. They must survive over some of the most treacherous terrains around the world.

Shackleton and his team are faced with treacherous, harsh seas filled with mountainous glaciers, icebergs, and huge waves. They also face unending starvation and the threat of death to stay alive.

South!: The Story of...
229 Reviews

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die: Sailing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations By Chris Santella

Best sailing adventure books

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been exploring the oceans for sustenance, wealth, and adventure. Fifty Places to Sail Before you Die lists fifty of the most spectacular sailing locations in the world, as shared by champion racers and renowned adventurers.

The venues range from Newport’s quaint New England port to the breathtaking passage around Cape Horn to tranquil island retreats such as Mopelia. The book Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die includes vivid descriptions of sailing spots and stories from some of the best sailors in the world. It also contains enough information and photographs to assist sailors who want to chart their adventures.

Taking on the World, by Ellen MacArthur

British sailor MacArthur holds a record for solo sailing by a woman across the Atlantic. She has also circled the planet in record time. In her autobiography, she describes her remarkable second place finish at the age of 24 in the Vendée Globe, the most difficult single handed yacht race in the world. She faced harsh wind conditions, mountainous waves, and leaden skies in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans.

Love with a Chance of Drowning By Torre DeRoche

Torre DeRoche found the man she was looking for, and he soon began to sail around the world in a bit of a boat. DeRoch convinced that he was the right man for her, followed him aboard the boat, despite her fear of the sea.

DeRoche does her best to keep their relationship and each other afloat despite the constant rage of the ocean after sea. DeRoche’s travel memoir reads like a comedy love story. Her style of storytelling is not typical for stories about time at sea.


As Long as It’s Fun: The Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey By Herb McCormick

Best cruising books

Lin and Larry Pardey are well known to anyone interested in small boat voyaging and cruising. The Pardeys were world girdling sailors who traveled the planet on small, motorless boats they built. They earned their reputations through their eloquent (and sometimes controversial) storytelling of their experiences through a series of best selling manuals and books, seminars, and boat shows.

Encounters of a Wayward Sailor By Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones is the 20th century’s most famous sailor. At the age of 17, the mariner set sail for the Royal Navy. The majority of his life was spent on a boat or ship for the next 30 years. Jones wrote sixteen sailing books.

The Complete Sailor By David Seidman

Although this is a shorter story than the others, it will still provide you with a guide on sailing. This book is ideal for beginners, whether you’ve never sailed before, have only sailed once, or have been sailing for a long time. It also contains enough information to help those who are interested in learning more.

Gipsy Moth Circles The World by Francis Chichester

Francis Chichester launched his 53-foot ketch “Gypsy Moth VI” from Plymouth in August 1966. He would complete a one-stop circumnavigation, making him the first to do so.

Chichester’s voyage broke records, won him a knighthood, and inspired the next generation of sailors to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race and become the first person to sail nonstop around the globe.

Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea By Steven Callahan

Steven Callahan was trapped in an open water raft after his ship crashed in a race. He was able to inflate the safety raft of his ship just in time and was able to dive into his sinking boat to retrieve food, water, and other emergency supplies. He survived for more than two months stranded at sea thanks to this risky maneuver.

Callahan shares his tale of getting lost in one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Adrift is as energizing and inspiring as the sea. It will remind its readers about the incredible power of the ocean.


Best Books Sailing

Other Best Books Sailing Considered:

  • The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier
  • Adrift: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea by Tami Oldham Ashcraft


It takes dedication and passion for learning how to sail. Every day brings new learning and new accomplishments. It is an incredible experience to learn the skills that will enable you to steer your boat. Sailing gives you a sense of freedom and accomplishment. It pays off when you are out on the water enjoying the fruits and benefits of your hard work. Penn Book hope you enjoyed the article.

You can find the best sailing books that will take you to the high season on this page.

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