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Top 34 Best Romantic Comedy Books of All Time Review 2021

Top 34 Best Romantic Comedy Books of All Time Review 2020

You’re looking for the Best Romantic Comedy Books. So this article is perfect for you.

A fantastic rom-com can spare any lousy day with a comfy time-worn storyline, heartwarming love, and a great deal of laughter. Rom-coms are still an undying genre, and fortunately, they are offered in publication form, also! These love stories are both amusing and sweet, steamy, and psychological.

Continue reading to get Sleepless in Seattle-fashion meet-cutes, modern fairy tale knights, wedding comedies, Shakespearean fans, the most recent Pride and Prejudice retelling, and a few adorably odd couples.

Top Rated Best Romantic Comedy Novels To Read

Top Rated Best Romantic Comedy Novels To Read

Here is a list of the best romantic comedies books Pennbook recommended for you:

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Baseball celebrity Gavin Scott’s love is on the stones at Lyssa Kay Adams’s cute The Bromance Book Club. As a consequence of his inability to properly communicate his feelings, Gavin’s spouse has asked for a divorce. But with a bit of help from a secret love book club run by some of Nashville’s most renowned men, he may only have the ability to save his union and find out a thing or two about love from the process.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

Chloe Brown is a body favorable, chronically sick heroine who’s on a mission to measure beyond the comfort zone at Talia Hibbert’s Get a Life, Chloe Brown. Her strategy involves enlisting the assistance of hot handyman Redford “Red” Morgan to instruct her how to be awful, but she soon learns Red is far more complicated than she ever gave him credit for.

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavours by Sonali Dev

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavours from Sonali Dev have just two of my favorite things: love and meals. Dr. Trisha Raje is the most gifted neurosurgeon in San Francisco, but she nevertheless emphasizes her traditional Indian American household. DJ Caine is an up-and-coming chef used by Trisha’s family, but he believes they are trapped. DJ and Trisha do not agree about anything, but the odds, they wind up falling for each other anyhow.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

The Proposal starts with the final cringeworthy moment: an undesirable baseball arena proposal. Nikole Paterson turns down her boyfriend’s proposal despite each of the baseball lovers hoping she will say and can be promptly whisked off by a fantastic Samaritan physician named Carlos Ibarra. Shortly, she and Carlos embark on a rebound relationship, which may only be a little more.

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

A buff conference provides the background for Jen Wilde’s varied love Queens of Geek. Young celebrity Charlie is in the forum to promote her very first film, but she also captures the eye of Alyssa Huntington, the trendy woman star she has had a crush on for ages. Meanwhile, Taylor, who’s on the autism spectrum, utilizes the con for an opportunity to go outside her comfort zone because she investigates the potential for love with her very best guy friend.

There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

Set in precisely the same world as her acclaimed YA book When Dimple Met Rishi, There is Something About Sweetie from Sandhya Menon is your body good book which you will wish was around when you’re a teenager. Sweetie is a devious runner using a complicated relationship with her mother.

At the same time, Ashish’s recent separation has directed him to consent to allow his parents to put him up with a wonderful Indian-American woman. Their love will be an experiment to them equally, but it does not take long for Sweetie and Ashish to realize they are ideal for one another.

Love at First Like by Hannah Orenstein

Eliza Roth and her sister Sophie co-own a jewelry store in Brooklyn. One night, after learning of an ex’s participation, Eliza inadvertently posts a photograph of herself wearing a diamond ring on that finger into her Instagram account cherished by 100,000 followers. Sales skyrocket, media rolls, and Eliza learns her private life is great for business. So she’s got a choice: keep the ruse or clean up the misunderstanding. With mounting fiscal stress, Eliza sets off to obtain a bogus fiancé.

Fellow entrepreneur Blake looks like the ideal match. And in real life that he shows promise, also. He’d be suitable if only Eliza did not feel attracted to somebody else. However, Blake does not understand Eliza is “participating”; Sophie asks Eliza to get an impossible amount of cash, and Eliza’s location begins to spiral out of control. She can either remain to participate online or fall in love in real life.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz is the nearest thing to a priest in this aspect of the Atlantic. Together with his intrepid sister and the Veep’s genius granddaughter, they are the White House Trio, a gorgeous millennial advertising plan because of his mum, President Ellen Claremont. Global socialite responsibilities have drawbacks -precisely when photographs of a confrontation with his longtime nemesis Prince Henry in a royal wedding escape to the tabloids and sabotage American/British relations.

The strategy for harm: Maintaining a fake friendship involving the First Son and also the Prince. Alex is busy handling his mum’s bloodthirsty opponents and political aspirations with no uptight royal slowing him down. But under Henry’s Prince wrought stone, there is a soft-hearted bizarre having a dry sense of humor and over one ghost haunting him.

Since President Claremont kicks off her reelection bid, Alex finds himself careening to Henry’s critical connection that may derail the effort and upend two countries. And Henry throws everything into question for Alex, an spontaneous, charming man who thought he understood everything: What’s well worth the sacrifice? How can you do all of the good you can perform? And, above all, how will history remember you?

Crashing the A-List by Summer Heacock

Following four months of unemployment, former book editor Clara Montgomery remains stuck sleeping on her small brother’s awful sofa in Queens. Determined to maintain her minuscule savings accounts undamaged, she takes a job clearing out left-handed storage units. Still, she is on no account ready for stumbling upon lifeless snakes or seeking to identify precisely where the ceaseless stench of beets is emanating from.

When Clara comes across a once possessed device by an escort service, she discovers that the brothel “résumé” of a younger Caspian Tiddleswich is a remarkably famous British celebrity. Her very best friend believes she needs to sell the sanity to some tabloid to finance her way off the sofa out of hell. Still, Clara instead manages to monitor Caspian’s contact information, intending to guarantee her lips are sealed.

Regrettably, Caspian misinterprets Clara’s effort at altruism and shows up on her doorstep, accusing her of blackmail. After the paparazzi catch a photograph of them together, Caspian’s PR team finds a chance to promote his most recent film-and. When Clara would like to atone for her “crimes,” she will have to play together. Pretending to be Caspian’s girlfriend looks like it’ll be a tolerable, if somewhat intimidating, penance… till their imitation love becomes something more than either of them anticipated.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Stella Lane thinks math is the one thing that unites the world. She’s up with calculations to forecast customer buys – a job that gets her more money than she knows what to do together, and far less expertise in the relationship department than an ordinary thirty-year-old.

It will not help that Stella has Asperger’s and French kissing reminding a shark to become its teeth cleaned by pilot fish. Her decision: she needs a lot of practice – using a professional. That is the reason why she hires escort Michael Phan. The biblical and biblical stunner can’t manage to turn down Stella’s deal and agrees to assist her to check off each of the boxes onto her lesson program – from foreplay to more-than-missionary place…

Before long, Stella not merely learns to love his shouts but to crave the rest of the things he is making her feel. Shortly, their no-nonsense partnership begins making a strange sort of sense. The pattern that emerges will also persuade Stella that love is the ideal form of logic.

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Agreeing to attend a marriage with a man guy who becomes trapped within an elevator is something Alexa Monroe would not normally do. But there is something about Drew Nichols that is too difficult to resist.

On the eve of the ex’s wedding festivities, Drew is with no plus one. Until a power outage strands him with all the ideal candidates to get a bogus girlfriend…

Following Alexa and Drew have more fun than they ever believed possible, Drew must fly back to Los Angeles along with his occupation as a pediatric surgeon. Alexa heads home to Berkeley, where she is the mayor’s chief of staff. Too bad they can not quit considering another…

They are two high-powered professionals on a collision course toward the long-distance relationship disaster of this century-or closing the gap between what they believe they want and what they genuinely wish to…

The Royal We by Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan

American Rebecca Porter wasn’t one for fairy stories. Her twin sister, Lacey, has ever been amorous, who fantasized about elegance and royalty, fortune, and fame. Nevertheless, Bex seeks experience at Oxford and finds himself living down the hallway from Prince Nicholas, Great Britain’s future king. And if Bex can not resist falling for Nick, the individual behind the prince, it propels her to a world that she didn’t expect to occupy, beneath a spotlight she’s not well prepared to confront.

Dating Nick immerses Bex in ritzy society, dazzling ski excursions, and dinners at Kensington Palace with his enchanting, bothersome brother, Freddie. However, the connection also will come with unthinkable bags: hysterical tabloids, Nick’s amazing and a lot more convenient ex-girlfriends, along with also a royal family whose personal life is a lot thornier and more tragic than anybody on the outside understands.

The pressures are nearly too much to endure, as Bex struggles to reconcile the guy she loves using the monarch he is fated to become.

That’s how she puts into trouble.

On the eve of the marriage of the century, Bex is confronted if she is sacrificed for the love-her profession, residence, and loved ones, possibly even herself-will, who have been around for nothing.

When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri

Katie Daniels is a perfection-seeking 28-year-old attorney living the New York fantasy. She is engaged to enchanting art curator Paul Michael, has made her way up the ladder in a multinational law firm and contains a grip on flats in Soho and the West Village. Suffice it to say; she’s come a very long way from her Kentucky upbringing.

However, the carpet is swept from beneath Katie when she’s unexpectedly dropped by her fiance, Paul Michael, leaving her devastated and missing. On a whim, she agrees to have a drink with Cassidy Price-a self-assured, sexually promiscuous girl she meets on the job. Both form a newfound friendship, which soon brings to question what Katie thought she knew about gender -and adore.

When Katie Met Cassidy is a romantic comedy that explores the way that, as a civilization, while we might have come a very long way concerning gender equality, a female’s capability for an insult to sexual joy nevertheless stays completely taboo. This publication tackles the question: Why, when it has to do with female sexuality, why are really so few girls figuring out exactly what they need and going out and doing this?

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Rhiannon Hunter might have revolutionized romance from the electronic world; however, in real life, she just swipes directly on her profession -along with also the occasional hookup. The cynical dating program founder controls her love life with a few Important principles:

– Naked pics are by invitation only

– When a person stands up you, block them with extreme prejudice

– Protect your heart

There are no rules to regulate her fascination with her latest game, former pro-football participant Samson Lima. The alluring and sweet hunk woos her magical night… and disappears.

Rhi believed she had buried her harm within Samson, ghosting her until he abruptly surfaced months afterward, still large, still amazing -in league with a business rival. He states that he will not fumble their next chance, but she is wary. A temporary bodily partnership is one thing, but a merger of hearts? Certainly, that is too high of a risk…

Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Since many romance books are about blossoming connections, Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella is the story of a married couple seeking to attract spontaneity back in their own lives by surprising each other. These surprises frequently go awry, which makes this read both funny and heartwarming.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Emma Lord’s Tweet Cute is You Have Mail for Generation Y. Pepper is an overachiever who conducts the social networking accounts for her family’s chain of hamburger restaurants. At the same time, Jack does the same because of his family’s deli. Afterward, a stolen grilled cheese recipe leads to a Twitter war involving Pepper and Jack, even as they fall in love in an anonymous conversation program.

The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting

This romantic comedy novel had any deep emotions to address, namely sorrow and dread, that were perfectly with comedy and hot sex to deliver you a brand new baseball player to fall in love with. Fate brought these two back together after nearly a decade apart, and I feel that people are afraid to risk their souls to the point.

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

Imagine if you ran into a middle college celeb crush? What starts with this cute rom-com assumption turns somewhat deeper when his household endures catastrophe years afterward, and he suddenly must rely upon his old law school classmate/superfan.

Melissa began this novel when she could not sleep in the middle of the night and ended up reading the entire thing right through.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

We all know you are reading this for book recommendations, but we have to mention that they did a fantastic job with all the Crazy Rich Asians film.

This is one of the very few times it would not be awful to see the film. There are many characters in this novel, and it requires some time to get all of them down. The film would be just like a little primer before digging into seeing it.

The film and the book will be humorous. The narrative follows different branches of a, you guess it, a crazy-rich household in Singapore. They are royalty, and the younger generations are expected to fall in line with their lifetime (and partner )choice)s.

Crazy Rich Asians are the first in a trilogy, and also you can grab the box. All three novels are excellent.

Well Met by John DeLuca

Can you recall the Gilmore Girls episode where Luke needed to operate the Renaissance Faire for Liz?

Flip that around to some woman named Emily needing to assist HER sister outside by taking her location volunteering in the Renaissance Faire.

And rather than being grouchy, she is the lighthearted one along with also the Faire volunteer coordinator is your grouchy one.

Can they struggle in summer, or will Simon reveal his winning side, like Luke?

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

Nadia understands the 7.30 train each morning without fail. Well, except when she oversleeps or pops up in her friend Emma’s after too much wine.

Daniel does make the 7.30 train daily, which is simple since he has not been able to sleep properly because his father died.

One morning, Nadia’s eye catches sight of a post at the daily newspaper:

To the adorable woman with all the coffee stains on her gown. I am the man who is always standing close to the doorways… Drink each day?

So starts a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and also the energy of the written sentence.

Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Could a romcom-obsessed romantic eventually go through the meet-cute she always dreamed of will never compare to fiction, in this magical debut adult novel from Kerry Winfrey.

Annie Cassidy fantasies of becoming another Nora Ephron. She spends her days writing screenplays, watching at Seattle, and awaiting her movie-perfect meet-cute. If she could find her very own Tom Hanks – a guy who is sensitive, sweet, and possibly possesses a houseboat-her problem will evaporate, and her life could be ideal. However, he is nowhere in sight.

When a movie begins filming in her area, and Annie receives a job in place, it seems like a hint. Then Annie matches the direct performer, Drew Danforth, a cocky prankster who could not be less like Tom Hanks when he tried. Their meet-cute is much more of a meet-fail, but shortly Annie finds himself sharing a few timeless rom-com minutes with Drew. He can not be an actor who is leaving town in a few days. . .can he?

Evvie Drake Begins Over by Linda Holmes

In Maine’s sleepy seaside town, recently widowed Eveleth “Evvie,” Drake seldom leaves her big, painfully empty home almost a year following her husband’s death in an auto accident. Everybody in the town, her very best friend, Andy, believes grief keeps her locked indoors, and Evvie does not correct them.

In NYC, Dean Tenney, former Major League pitcher, and Andy’s childhood best friend is wrestling with what gloomy athletes living their worst nightmares call the “yips”: he can not throw directly ahead; worse, he can not figure out exactly why. Since the press storm warms up, an invite from Andy to remain at Maine seems like the best opportunity to hit the reset button on Dean’s future.

If he moves into an apartment in the rear of Evvie’s home, both make a bargain: Dean will not inquire about Eve’s husband, and Evvie will not inquire about Dean’s baseball career. However, rules have a funny way of becoming busted -and what begins as an unexpected friendship soon turns into something longer. To move ahead, Evvie and Dean might need to reckon with their pasts-the spirits they have ruined, the secrets they have maintained -but in life, like in baseball, there is always an opportunity -until the final out.

The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson

Charlotte Gorman enjoys her job as an elementary school librarian and can be pleased to experience life through her novels’ pages. That could not be more opposite from the identical twin sister. Ginny, an Instagram-famous beauty queen, was pursuing a crown because she had been old enough to say “world peace,” and she isn’t giving up till she wins Miss American Treasure.

However, suppose Ginny has a face-altering allergic reaction the night ahead of the contest. In that case, Charlotte abruptly finds herself at a switcheroo that the twins have not successfully pulled off in decades.

Woefully unprepared for the glittery world of hair extensions, false lashes, and push-up bras, Charlotte understands, after walking a mile in her twin’s sky-high stilettos, there could be more to the pageant circuit than simply a sparkly crown.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Lucy Hutton has ever been sure the wonderful woman can find the corner office. She is charming and accommodating and prides herself on being adored by everybody at Bexley & Gamin. Everybody except for coldly effective, impeccably attired, physically intimidating Joshua Templeman. And the feeling is reciprocal.

Trapped in a shared workplace collectively 40 (OK, 50, or even 60) hours each week, they have become entrenched within a thrilling, ridiculous never-ending match of one-upmanship. There is the Staring Game. The Mirror Game. The HR Game. Lucy can not allow Joshua to conquer her anything-particularly if an enormous new promotion goes up for your shooting.

If Lucy wins this match, she will be Joshua’s boss. When she loses, she will resign. Why is she suddenly having the wildest fantasies about Joshua, Joshuassing, for work just like she has got a hot date? Following an innocent elevator ride finishes using an earth-shattering kiss, then Lucy begins to wonder if she has Joshua Templeman all incorrectly.

Perhaps Lucy Hutton does not despise Joshua Templeman. And perhaps, he does not hate her. Or perhaps this is just one more game.

Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane

If there’s one thing worse than being fired out of the town’s grottiest restaurant, it is coming home early to discover your boyfriend in bed with somebody else.

Reeling in the indignity of dual sipping precisely the same afternoon, Georgina snatches at the following task that she is offered – barmaid at a recently opened bar, which just so happens to operate from the boy she fell in love with at college: Lucas McCarthy. And whereas Georgina (voted Most Likely to be successful in her college yearbook) has achieved nothing but dead-end work in the previous twelve decades.

Lucas has not just become a broodingly handsome guy but additionally has become an authentic grown-up using a company and a dog on the way.

Meeting Lucas back not just yells Georgina’s rackety present into sharp relief but also brings a dark secret from her past bubbling to the surface. Only she knows the facts about what occurred on the last day of college and why she has let it pursue her all these years.

The Reckless Oath We Made by Bryn Greenwood

Greenwood informs an unconventional contemporary fairy tale in this book about a demanding, 6-foot-tall, temperamental Kansas lady and Gentry, her (literal) knight in shining armor. Gentry is a timid, authentic knight with disabilities along with a sword. A couple of years back, he heeded an inner telephone to be Zee’s winner, and he has kept watch over her ever since.

Nonetheless, it is not until Zee confronts a catastrophe she turns to Gentry to get assistance, and that is if their story starts.

The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

Alexa’s getting married, so her two best buddies, Maddie and Theo, must discuss bridal party duties. The one problem is that they despise each other. They have never gotten together, except for this one night, one can quit considering. Nonetheless, the notion of dating each other is foolish! They simply should ease some strain, which they do sneaking off to be lonely when Alexa is occupied.

However, if the wedding day’s pushed up and Maddie and Theo recognize they just have a couple more months of hooking up, they are shocked to find they have caught feelings. Can opposites be this drawn?

Unbreak Me by Michelle Hazen

In a romantic narrative of refreshing precision and thickness, Michelle Hazen brings together two personalities with a few heavy pieces of baggage. Andra Lawler lives on her family’s Montana horse ranch, isolated herself following an insatiable sexual assault in school. She hires only one individual to help her out with coaching the foals: LJ Delisle, a Haitian-Creole cowboy from New Orleans.

LJ is friendly, tender, and also a fantastic cook. When he sees Andra is eating frozen TV dinners by herself, he provides cooking courses and bakes his make into her heart. But just as both are becoming nearer, he’s got to go home to take care of a family crisis, and Andra must decide if she is prepared to leave the ranch to proceed with him.

The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

After being abandoned at the altar, wedding planner Carolina Santos gets a career-making chance in Mia Sosa’s The Worst Best Man. The only problem is that she has to utilize Max Hartley, an ambitious advertising pro who also happens to be her ex’s finest guy from her wedding. As you may anticipate, sparks fly because those sworn enemies are made to work together for the interest of their livelihood.

Would Love to Meet by Rachel Winters

In Rachel Winters Winters like to wed, Evie Summers’s project is dependent on creating suspicious screenwriter Ezra Chester as a writer. But he denies to pen a film filled with match cut and cries in the rain unless Evie proves to him that these cinematic situations could occur in real life, so it is up to her to prove a Hollywood romance can happen with herself as a rom-com Guinee pig.

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