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The best reading pillow for bed is not just a place to rest your head and neck while you read but an essential part of the entire reading experience.

After all, how can you enjoy a good book if your back hurts because of an uncomfortable position? How can you settle into a nice reclining chair or cozy sofa for some light reading if there’s nothing under your head? The right reading pillow will help make this time as enjoyable as possible!

Do you struggle to find a reading pillow that won’t put your neck in an awkward position? This blog post will review three popular reading pillows on Amazon to help make your decision easier!

Why Buy a Reading Pillow?

When seated straight up in bed, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy spine alignment. A headboard or standard pillows stacked together may not provide enough support. This could cause you to slouch, twist or compress your spine.

Standard pillows can lose their shape and firmness, as well as be insufficiently supported if they are constantly pressed between your headboard and your head.

Reading pillows are designed to alleviate the comfortable position of sitting for long periods in bed compared to regular pillows that you use for sleeping or as couch cushions.

A quality reading pillow is often filled with memory foam or shredded memory foam. They support your spine and conform to create pressure points, which helps to reduce strain on your neck, back, shoulders, and neck. The best pillows for reading in bed can last for many years and are designed to support your upper body weight.

Reading pillows are meant to body support the upper body and have the right shape, size, and materials to ensure that they last a lifetime.

Best Pillow For Reading

Best Reading Pillows for Reading in Bed And Your Space

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Husband Pillow – Dark Grey, Backrest Reading Pillow

Best backrest pillows

The Husband Pillow reading cushion provides back support for tall adults. The height of the armrests is 7 inches, and they extend 15 inches beyond the backrest. The zippered inner shell allows users to adjust the foam to their liking. A removable neck roll attaches via bungee cords to the top of your backrest.

The pillow cover and neck roll are made of luxurious velour and can be removable and machine washable in the machine. The back pocket is large, and the side pocket has a place to store a book or the remote control of your TV. The reading pillow is approximately 9.1 pounds in weight and has a handle built into the top for easy transportation.

Portable comfort is not just for reading in bed but also for watching TV in the living room, nursing, and other activities.


Sleep Number Rest & Read Pillow

Because of its unique chambered design, the Rest & Read Pillow from sleep number is a standout product. The top chamber is filled with plush down alternative fibers to support the neck and head.

In contrast, the bottom chamber contains a mixture of down alternative and memory foam that provides more support and conforming around the lower back. For added comfort, the pillow’s cover is made of softly knit polyester.

ATX Snuzzy Armrest Pillow with Arms

Another great option for reading pillows is the ATX Snuzzy backrest pillow with arms. It’s super comfy and supportive. This reading pillow is made with micro plush on its outside and shredded memory foam inside. It has everything you need for a great night of reading or watching TV.

The zipper allows you to adjust the firmness and the cover can be a removable and machine washable cover. Side and back pockets provide additional options for the reading pillow. The included handle and detachable neck roll make it easy to transport. It offers an extended armrest that provides adequate support for your arms. What more can you ask for?

It is vacuum packed, and it can take up to 48 hours to reach its full size.

Contour Living Flip Pillow

Best Value

Because of its unique wedge shaped design, the Contour Living Flip Pillow is versatile. The pillow can be used as a bolster or headrest and extra padding in an office chair or as a sleeping pillow.

The pillow’s top and bottom chambers have soft-down alternative fibers, making it feel high and supportive. To restore its shape, place the pillow in the dryer for a few seconds if the fill becomes too flat.

This model is more affordable than other reading pillows and ships free within the United States. The pillow can be tested for 45 days by buyers before they decide whether to purchase it. Each purchase comes with a 1-year warranty.

Contour Flip Pillow - 10-in-1...
781 Reviews

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

This ZOEMO good quality reading pillow has a rounded neck support bolster. Memory foam filled, reinforced neck rolls that are removable and can be removed help users prevent neck pain from prolonged reading, gaming, or watching TV. The 100 percent cotton blend can be adjusted by removing or adding via a zippered hole.

You can choose from five different colors for the soft velour cover. The pillow is almost 6 pounds in weight and can be carried around with a handy handle.

The longer and broader armrests provide more excellent arm support. Try it out if you’re still not convinced. The product also comes with a 3-year warranty and a 100% refund.

Malouf Foam Filled Reading Pillow

Best Memory Foam Reading Pillow

The Malouf Foam Filled Reading Pillow is a traditional shape pillow that supports the back, shoulders, and arms. Moldable, contouring memory foam is used to fill the reading pillow. This allows you to shape the pillow to right support different parts of your body.

The soft and stretchy velour cover is made from rayon from bamboo and polyester. The pillow’s breathable cover and soft surface, shredded memory foam inside help regulate body temperature and prevent heat buildup. The Malouf Foam Filled Reading Pillow is available in a dark, neutral grey color. It can be spot clean only.

Brentwood Crystal Cove Wedge Pillow

Best Bed Rest Pillows

Best reading wedge pillow

Infused with charcoal, Brentwood’s Crystal Cover Wedge Pillow is more commonly used as a resting pillow in bed than a reading or sleeping pillow. Wedge pillows are bed pillows designed to support the correct sleeping position. These pillows are not soft enough to be snuggled on. Crystal Cove Wedge Pillow’s stiff features provide gentle support for the upper back and lumbar.

Although this pillow does not have arm support, it relieves the pressure on the back and shoulders. Customers have praised this pillow for its ability to relieve respiratory problems, neck pain and improve blood circulation.

Unlike other reading pillows, this bed wedge is made from solid memory foam and CertiPUR–US (r), heat activated cooling material.

The wedge pillow is hand made in the USA and comes in one size: 24 by 24 by 10 inches.

The Company Store Down Free Bed Rest Pillow

Most Comfortable

The Company Store’s Down Free Bed Rest Pillow provides balanced comfort. The fill is made from alternative down fibers, which perfectly replicate the softness and lightness real down without triggering allergies.

The shell is made of combed cotton that should be easy on the skin for all people, especially those with sensitive skin. The overall feel of the pillow is medium. This ensures a good balance between support and cushioning.

All orders over $50 within the contiguous US are eligible for free shipping. This includes all sizes and compositions of the Bed Rest Pillow. This product is also covered by The Company Store’s 90-day return policy and a lifetime guarantee against any structural defects.

Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow, Neck Support, Back Support

Best For Neck Support

Linenspa’s reading pillow features a removable neck bolster, which can be adjusted for personalized support. A long lasting loft is achieved by using shredded memory foam and support foam. Linenspa has been registered with CertiPUR US, certifying that their shredded memory foams are safe, non-toxic, and pure.

The velour cover is a neutral stone or navy blue and complements many interior decor colors. The cover cannot be machine washed, so spot cleaning is advised. The reading pillow is approximately 15 pounds in weight and has a handle for easy portability.

Keen Edge Home

The Keen Edge Home reading pillow offers firm back support and armrests to help relax your neck and back muscles. This pillow is ideal for those who enjoy reading, watching TV, or playing video games.

The pillow is made with high-quality memory foam shredded. The filling allows for airflow and molds to each user’s body.

Velour covers in the cream are machine washable and have a zipper.

The backrest is 20 inches high. This is standard for adults, but it’s a good height to have for older children.

The Keen Edge Home bed rest pillow comes with a warranty. However, we couldn’t find out the length of that coverage. The return policy was also a problem.

Although a pillow is a great way to relieve pressure points, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as adjustable beds. Learn more in our guide.

Lorna Pillow Cover & Insert

This Nestl Bedding pillow is an excellent choice for those who love reading pillows in bright colors. It also features a variety of cover tunes, such as royal blue or lavender. This best pillow for reading is not just about the colors.

There’s so much more to it than that. It measures 14 inches H x 13 inches W x 8 1/2 inches D. The velvet outer shell makes it very soft to touch.

The pillow is made of polyester and can be opened via a zipper. It is easy to wash the pillow in cold water by removing the insert. A side pocket is included in the pillow to hold small items, such as glasses or a cell phone.

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

Best For Back Support

There are three sizes of the Milliard reading pillows: a 14-inch petite, an 18-inch standard, and a 24-inch extra large. Extra large sizes have a removable neck bolster that adds 6 inches to their overall height. It is 11 pounds in weight and can be carried by a handle.

Accessible memory foam filling allows users to modify the loft by adding or removing a section. Milliard has been registered with CertiPUR US, which guarantees that the memory foam filling is non-toxic and safe. The zippered velour cover is available in light gray and can be removed for machine washing or tumble drying at low heat.

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow – Folding Memory Foam

Best Wedge Shape

Three configurations of the Xtra-Comfort wedge shaped reading pillow are available for individualized comfort. The memory foam filling contours to the body to provide support, and you can adjust the wedge pillow to suit your needs. The Xtra-Comfort reading pillows can be used to support your back while you are sitting or reclining or to raise your legs.

The cover, which is neutral in color, is made from soft and breathable polyester. It can be easily removed for machine washing. The convenient handle makes it easy to move this nearly 5-pound reading cushion from one room to the next.


Large Bolster Triangular Positioning Support Reading Backrest Wedge Pillow


Moonbase Triangular Reading Pillow Large Bolster Backrest Positioning Support Wedge Pillow


Best Reading Pillow Buying Guide

Best Pillows For Reading

A good reading pillow should be the right size, shape, material, and firm to make sitting position or recline more comfortable. These are the main features to consider when looking for the best reading pillow.


Reading pillows are filled with different materials than standard sleeping pillows. Each one offers a different level of support. Both the filling material and the outer cover matter for reading pillows’ comfort, durability, and appearance. These are the most popular types of reading pillows materials:

Memory foam: A viscoelastic, polyurethane foam that molds to the body to provide softness and plush support but returns to its original form after being used.

Shredded memory foam: Shredded memory foam reading pillows are filled using small pieces of foam. The shredded memory foam pillows shards can be moved independently within the pillow to give support in specific areas.

Shredded memory foam reading pillows retain heat less well than traditional memory foam. They are more flexible, moldable, and softer than traditional memory foam. Some models of shredded foam reading pillows can be adjusted to allow you to add or remove the filling, depending on their firmness and loft.

Fillings made of microfiber or polyester fibers are synthetic or polymer fibers that don’t hold up and memory foam.

Faux suede: also known as microfiber suede or microsuede. Faux-suede is a synthetic material that looks and feels like an animal suede. This durable, family friendly fabric is tightly woven and resists stains. The micro suede pillows can be easily cleaned with household products.

Velvet: a luxurious fabric made from densely piled, soft fabrics. However, it must be adequately cared for. Manufacturers recommend dry cleaning and hand washing in cold water, and this is machine washable.

Velour: a soft and visually appealing version of velvet. It is usually made from cotton or polyester and can be machine washable. A velvet reading pillow’s durability will depend on its fiber type. Silk velvet is delicate, while mohair velvet and wool velvet are more durable and can withstand stains. For added durability, cotton velvet is often mixed with polyester to reduce its crushing. Professional cleaning is required for velvet reading pillows.

Corduroy: Made mainly from cotton or a blend of cotton, corduroy has a soft and durable feel. Corduroy fabric has ridges running the length of it. Corduroy has a unique appearance and feel. However, specific designs can snag on claws or unravel over time, making them less suitable for pets. Corduroy covers can be machine washed.


Many factors influence the comfort level of reading pillows, including their size, armrests, material, and neck rolls.

A good backrest should be tall enough to support the user along the length of their spine.

Traditional pillows should have ample armrests that extend forward, so the user has comfortable forearm support.

You will feel warm and luxurious with soft, plush fabrics like velour or corduroy.

Neck rolls can increase comfort for some people and may even decrease neck tension and pain.


A right reading pillow should provide optimal support to the user’s body to avoid neck pain and backaches caused by sitting in an unnatural position. For a premium experience, the best reading pillows combine softness with support.

The memory foam shredded filling is top-notch for many pillows, including many reading pillows. Shredded foam filling is similar to memory foam in mattresses. It can also be used as pillow stuffing.

Many manufacturers offer zippered openings within the inner shells of their pillows that allow for easy access to the shredded foam. To adjust the level of support, you can remove or add the filling to the reading pillows.

Cleaning is easy

Reading pillows are subject to spills and accidents, so it is essential to make cleaning easy. Zip-off the cover and put it in the washing machine. You can also remove the pillow by removing it via the zippered opening. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the pillow and cover.

Some pillow covers cannot be removed, but they can be spot cleaned. Most messes can be removed with a quick wipe using a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Best Reading Pillows 2022

Two Different Types of Reading Pillows

There are two main styles of reading pillows available today:

Traditional – Also known as husband pillows, traditional reading pillows have a high backrest and arms. These traditional-shaped pillows are tall and wide, supporting the entire upper body, including the head, neck, and shoulders. Some luxury models include adjustable and removable neck pillows and headrests.

Modern reading pillows often have the same traditional design, but some include a round bolster to support an additional neck. A reading pillow that has a removable neck roll is best for maximum versatility with a detachable neck roll.

Wedge – Orthopedic pillows designed with a sloping. These pillows can be used for both sleep and reading, as well as for other activities. Wedge pillows are great for sleeping. They can reduce sleep apnea and back pain, acid reflux, poor circulation, and other medical conditions.

When seated upright, wedge pillows with higher inclines may be used as a backrest or headrest by being propped against the headboard. Although most wedge pillows are made from memory foam, there are also polyfoam options.

You can place them for reclining on a gentle slope or sit in a more comfortable upright position. It would help if you considered buying a wedge pillow for use when you’re seated upright in bed.

Additional Features

The pillow can be customized with a detachable neck roll. The handles can carry the pillow on the top of its backrest. The backrest has fabric pockets that can be used to store glasses, magazines, notebooks, and other small items.

Some reading pillows, especially the luxury versions of husband pillows, have unique features. These are some of the features you should consider for reading, watching movies, and working experience with reading pillows.

Handle – Larger reading pillows have a handle that makes it easier to move them from one place to another or to reposition them on your bed.

Pockets – Many husband pillows have side or back pockets that hold your phone, remote control, book, or other small items.

Armrests – Traditional and husband reading pillows are usually equipped with armrests.

Cup-Holders – Husband pillows with armrests can also include cup holders, so you can relax and enjoy a drink while on the couch.

Headrest – Many husband pillows have a neck roll or headrest that can support your neck and head while you are standing straight. Some models have a removable headrest that can be taken out to support your legs.

Removable Cover – For easier cleaning, many wedge and husband pillow models have a removable cover. To replace an old cover, you can often buy new ones.

Adjustable Loft – Husband pillows filled with shredded memory foam can have an adjustable loft. This means that you can add or subtract foam to change its shape and firmness. These such pillows can be made with extra filling, or you may be able to purchase them.

FAQs About Reading Pillows

Reading pillows enable users to relax in the comfort of their own homes with ease. These plush products are easy to use and can be found in the FAQ section.

Q. What is a reading pillow?

A traditional reading pillow is shaped like an armchair’s back and arms and allows the user to recline on a sofa, bed, or floor.

Q. How do you use a reading pillow?

To feel the softness and cushiony support of the reading pillow, place it on a sofa, bed, or floor. This semi-reclining position can be used to watch TV, play games, or read.

Q. How do I clean a reading pillow?

Slip the cover off if it has a zippered opening. Follow the manufacturer’s laundry instructions. Spot cleaning with mild detergent and a damp cloth should remove most spillages and messes.

Maybe you want to know How to Make a Reading Pillow


Whether you are reading for pleasure or getting ahead in your career, you must find a pillow that will comfortably support your head and neck. This article has given some helpful tips on choosing the best reading pillow, so be sure to read through these ideas carefully before making any purchase decisions. If you have found this information helpful, please share it with friends!

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