Top 59 Best Poetry Books Of All Time: Top Pick Of 2021

Best Poetry Books Of All Time
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It is not just that poetry allows us to comprehend thoughts and emotions in a far more meaningful manner. Still, by constantly reading poetry, we guarantee that these thoughts are continually being recognized in fresh and innovative ways every time the words come off the web page.

In any case, the best poetry books are arts that unite the basis of life via the manufacture of fact. Strike me with your intellect, doctrine, journeys, and love outside of your creative imagination. Poetry is poetry, and poetry will sharpen your being.

If you would like to secure more poetry in your own life, why don’t you begin with a number of the best sellers in poetry you can find? Penn Book will share with you our favorite poets in the blog post below. Keep reading for more information.

Top 59 Best Poetry Collections Of All Time

Poetry Book

Bestseller No. 1
  • Hanson, Whitney (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 327 Pages - 10/26/2021...
Bestseller No. 2
The Sun and Her Flowers
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Kaur, Rupi (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 248 Pages - 10/03/2017...
SaleBestseller No. 3
150 Most Famous Poems: Emily Dickinson, Robert...
  • Poetry House (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 350 Pages - 08/01/2020...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers
  • Godfred, Melody (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 208 Pages - 10/05/2021...
Bestseller No. 5
SHE IS THE SUN: A Collection of Poetry
  • Salm, Niccole (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 150 Pages - 01/24/2021...
Bestseller No. 6
You'll Come Back to Yourself
  • Angemeer, Michaela (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 139 Pages - 08/18/2019...

The Wilderness by Sandra Lim

Aria Aber, author of Hard Damage:

I can not get enough of Sandra Lim’s novel The Wilderness. Ever since my instructor Louise Glück the best poetry books by living writers advocated the poetry collections to me personally, I keep returning to it. You can not marvel at the incredible, lush intellect that goes via this original, joyous book.

The wilderness investigates the wilderness of the spirit, consciousness, memory. There is a philosophical appetite in the root of Lim’s erudite poems, that at energizing, original traces, chronicle the bewildering doubt of our own lives.

The Wilderness: Poems
  • Lim, Sandra (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 98 Pages - 09/22/2014...

Soft Science by Franny Choi

Fatimah Asghar, author of If They Come for Us:

Franny Choi’s new collection Soft Science is my obsession. Franny Choi is a fantastic innovator. She pushes the boundaries of poetry and language. The perfect book explores the very idea of softness and what it means for humans to live in an increasingly human world. Choi’s book, which draws on the ideas of artificial intelligence, cyborgs, and the Asian body to explore consciousness and what we accept, as usual, invites us to question our perceptions of reality.

To test comprehension, both the author and the reader are challenged by a series of poems called the “Turing Test.” Choi’s poems, such as “Glossary Of Terms,” break down language into a graph. We learn that stars dream about being reached and that the opposite of the ocean is a machine.

Autobiography of Death by Kim Hyesoon

Sally Wen Mao, author of Oculus:

Kim Hyesoon’s Autobiography of Death, translated by Don Mee Choi, is out today from New Directions. I have always been a lover of Hyesoon’s lively, biting wit, and this brand new collection indicates a significant addition to her incredible body of work.

The surreal traces, a fresh, emotional rawness, the steely magical of counting the times following the soul leaves the body to ramble are only stimulating. It is an auto-elegy plus also a collective elegy. Still, over that, it’s a musical journey that unravels with the miracle at the surface of the earliest human anxieties: death, decay, burial.

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Heart Like A Window, Mouth Like A Cliff by Sara Borjas

Andrés Cerpa, author of The Vault:

Heart Like a WiWindowouth Just like a Cliff adopts nuance with clarity. The Chicanx speaker goes through generations, bedrooms, bars,”that the Dean’s dinner table,” homes searchable with violence, and miracles,” when we could hold most ourselves. Adopt our bodies we come from and also our very own in precisely the exact same moment.” I like this book because Borjas’s voice rings out in every perfect poem, speaking Fresno, immunity, hardship, devotion, and love.

Heart Like A Window, Mouth Like A Cliff
  • Borjas, Sara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 95 Pages - 03/15/2019...

Too Bright to See / Alma by Linda Gregg

Tina Chang, author of Hybrida:

I have been rereading the late Linda Gregg’s luminous poetry collections, Too Bright to See & Alma. Her classic poems occupy a soul distance full of love, traveling, family, passion, and dedication to the energy of this organic world.

Her speakers concurrently engage with the world while standing in the distance to watch its excruciating beauty: “Each day/I walk into the border of this world/and look in the sea. /And return to my property.

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Magical Negro by Morgan Parker

Jayy Dodd, author of The Black Condition ft. Narcissus:

It isn’t that my adoration for Magical Negro is inarticulable; it’s that the set gives language into the unspeakable demanding no alternative.

Parker speaks for her private oeuvre of Ancient Black characters found in the volatility and vulnerability Magical Negro provides a survey of enrolls for Parker to talk through. In three actions, Parker delineates rigorous knowledge from this immaterial or commodified.

Magical Negro
  • Parker, Morgan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 112 Pages - 02/05/2019...

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Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan

Deborah Landau, author of Soft Targets:

Whether she is writing about the struggle and glamour as well as angst of being a young woman in NYC, or the debilitating near-simultaneity of watching a dad’s dying and raping a kid, Hannah Sullivan’s debut series, Three Poems, is packed with all the grit and feel and intensity of a life lived now as”fog lifts away such as garage doors, MacBooks get moving. /A woman with medication sores stones by a steamed-up Bikram studio… And you facilitate out behind enormous Ray-Bans, counting on the paths.”

Three Poems
  • Hardcover Book
  • Sullivan, Hannah (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 80 Pages - 01/14/2020...

Good Bones by Maggie Smith

Kim Dower, author of Sunbathing on Tyrone Power’s Grave:

Emily Dickinson said, “If I feel physically as though the top of my head were removed, I know that is poetry.” The title poem of Maggie Smith’s Great Diets will require your mind to place it back with dread and tenderness gently.

Shocking in its stunning simplicity, this homage to motherhood is psychological, confident, shadowy, optimistic, frightening. Smith joins the worst of the planet to use the very best of what the earth can be. This perfect book of poems is a love letter along with an invitation to those who wish to make this world beautiful

When You Ask Me Where I’m Going by Jasmine Kaur

Jasmine Kaur’s debut is a collection of poetry and prose that tells a story through poetry and prose. It is a unique book for poetry lovers. When You Ask Me Where I’m Go is broken down into six sections. It documents the life and struggles of a young woman who feels little recognition and tries to make her family a better place. This new book contains thoughts about our culture, inequalities, and trauma, as well as paths to healing. It empowers readers to stand up to what they believe.

Hybrida by Tina Chang

Brenda Shaughnessy, author of The Octopus Museum:

Tina Chang’s piercing Hybrida is a breakthrough novel much more romantic, messier Chang’s signature radiance revealing how profoundly intertwined love and fear could be. The poet’s eloquence matches a mommy’s ferocity directing the encounter of parenting-race black kids in the present cultural climate.

A mom can protect her kids from racism and other murderous risks in so many ways. Chang finds those manners, creates them, digs them out with their hands. She rips apart categories that could define her children into injury, and she rages using a power that will have readers crying.

Hybrida: Poems
  • Chang, Tina (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 144 Pages - 10/27/2020...

Invasive species by Marwa Helal

Gala Mukomolova, author of Without Protection:

Since it’s timely and since it’s created of pure Arie Invention Think, everybody needs to have a copy of Invasive Species by Marwa Helal in their desks at this time. Invasive Species is revolutionary in the sense that it can change “see I am attempting to break the mold I don’t have any form” and extreme since it seeks linguistic roots: “therefore that I left my life: ” I, Invasive species.”

This fresh poetry collection defends genres and will explain to you just how you can break apart the bureaucracy of everyday life (and omnipresent regimes) just like a shrub breaks open an older sidewalk.

Rabbit by Sophie Robinson

Eileen Myles, author of Evolution:

It was something we sent out when the Beatles arrived in America our blackness and our white blackness and now it’s back. It’s the same with the UK and American poetry. For example, New York school (Frank O’Hara) in New York is seeing a surge in young UK poets’ work, and they are explaining it to us.

Sophie Robinson, a young queer poet of thirty-something years old, is making waves on both sides. She has a slightly fuzzy white book called Rabbit from Norwich’s Boiler House Press. It is more or less considered bootleg. It is a beautiful lyric and rhythmic book—Feminist, abject and funny; dark, intelligent, promising, lovelorn; political, seismic. Rabbit is my favorite book of the year. This is the American version!

New And Collected Poems: 1931–2001 By Czeslaw Milosz (1911–2004)

This poetry collection celebrates seven years of Czeslaw Milosz’s extraordinary career. Milosz, widely regarded as one the most important poets of all time, is a master at probing inquiry and graceful expression. Milosz was a member of the Polish Resistance in Warsaw during World War II. He defected to France in 1951. His work brings to light the political awareness of an exile.

New and Collected Poems: 1931-2001
  • Milosz, Czeslaw (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 800 Pages - 04/04/2017...

The Complete Sonnets And Poems By William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

The Best Classic Poetry Books

This is the first fully annotated, modern poetry that brings together Shakespeare’s sonnets and all of his poems (including those attributed after his death). An extensive introduction explains Shakespeare’s development as a poet and how the poems relate to the plays. Notes provide detailed explanations of the language and allusions. The edition is accessible and well-written, but it also takes into account the most recent scholarship.

John Donne’s Poetry By John Donne (1572–1631)

John Donne was an English poet, preacher, and a major representative of the metaphysical poets of the period. He is also a significant representative of the metaphysical poets. His works are known for their realistic and sensual style include sonnets, love poetry, religious poems, Latin translations, epigrams, elegies, songs, satires, and sermons.”

Robert Frost’s Poems By Robert Frost (1874–1963)

The Best Twentieth-Century Poetry Books

Robert Frost’s Poems includes all of Frost’s most well-known poems, plus dozens more, in a portable anthology. Here are Birches’, Mending Wall,’ ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,’ ‘Two Tramps At Mudtime,’ ‘Choose Something Like a Star’, and ‘The Gift Outright,’ which Frost read at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.

Frost is always there to help, whether he’s mending a wall or just stopping by a forest on a cold evening. His melodic lines and professional rendering of the human condition are sure to touch hearts.

Robert Frost Early Poetry Collection, 1913-1924: A...
  • Frost, Robert (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 218 Pages - 06/11/2021...

Picture Bride By Cathy Song (1955–)

“Cathy Song’s Picture Bride won the winning volume in the 1982 Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition. It is a book about people, their many journeys. Richard Hugo, a distinguished poet, said that Cathy Song’s poems were flowers. They are colorful, sensual, and quiet and are used almost shyly to offer bouquets to the moments in life that seem minor but, in retrospect, are the most important. She reminds the world, which is often indifferent and brutal, of what matters to the human spirit. ”

Selected Poems By Rita Dove (1952–)

“Here is a collection of Rita Dove’s extraordinary poems, which, as the nation’s Poet-Laureate 1993-1995, brought poetry into millions of lives. Rita Dove’s Selected Poems are evocative and deeply felt. They resonate with ordinary people’s voices, Rita Dove’s Selected Poems are marked by lyric intensity, compassionate storytelling, and a lot of heart.

Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States and Presidential Inaugural Poet, has a powerful and memorable voice in her collection. The poem “The Hill We Climb” was read at the inauguration ceremony of the 46th president of the United States, and other poems that reflect her commitment to the environment and racial equality, and gender justice. Gorman will speak for America.

Call Us What We Carry: Poems
  • Hardcover Book
  • Gorman, Amanda (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 240 Pages - 12/07/2021...

The Selected Poetry By Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892–1950)

Edna St. Vincent Millay, one of America’s most renowned poets and winner of the Pulitzer Prize 1923, defined a generation through her passionate lyrics. Her intoxicating voice of freedom has made her one of America’s most beloved poets.

The Essential Gwendolyn Brooks by Gwendolyn Brooks (1917–2000)

Gwendolyn was a poet who merged themes of modernity with urban experience in many forms. Editor Elizabeth Alexander writes that “Her formal range is most impressive,” and she experimented with sonnets. She is nothing less than a technical virtuoso. The Essential Gwendolyn brooks start with A Street In Brownsville. It contains poems from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie Allen. The book ends with a poem from In Montgomery and Other Poems. Brooks is a keystone of 20th-century poetry. This collection will leave readers sighing in agreement with her thoughts.

The Complete Poems Of Emily Dickinson By Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)

Best Poetry Book Classics

“Only eleven poems by Emily Dickinson were published before her death in 1886. The uniqueness of her work did not allow it to be published. This book is a distillation from the three-volume Complete Poems. It contains the original text of all 1,775 Emily Dickinson poems.

Poems by Emily Dickinson, Three Series, Complete
  • Dickinson, Emily (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 142 Pages - 01/20/2016...

On Love And Barley: Haiku Of Basho By Basho (1644–1694), Translated By Lucien Stryk

“Basho was a great Japanese poet and the master of haiku. He was also a Buddhist monk and a long-term traveler. Each poem is a metaphor for the natural world, such as the cherry blossom, leaping frogs, summer moon, winter snow, and other elements that suggest the fragility of human life compared to the beauty and drama of the natural world.

Passing Through by Stanley Kunitz (1905-2006)

Stanley Kunitz’s meticulous narratives and detailed descriptions lead the reader to a profound reality. Passing Through was written by Kunitz at the age of 90. It is both retrospective and poetic. The universal wisdom that the poems contain has stood the test of time. This book won The National Book Award and contained poems that were not found in his other collections.

Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine (1963–)

Best Poetry Books By Living Writers

This new book was a finalist for the National Book Award. It also has several other honors. It’s one long poem with pictures, slogans, and social commentary. It reads somewhat like an essay. Rankine takes a keen eye on American citizens and makes the reader consider the racially charged consequences of everyday interactions. Her work is open to ambiguity, but she urges the reader not to turn away.

Some of these encounters may be minor, appearing slips of the tongue. In contrast, others are intentional offenses in the classroom and at home on the tennis court with Serena Williams and Zinedine Zidane’s soccer field.

Citizen: An American Lyric
  • Graywolf Press
  • Rankine, Claudia (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages - 10/01/2014...

The Selected Poems By Federico Garcia Lorca (1898–1937)

“Lorca is loved for his lyricism and immediacy, clarity, and poetry. He also excelled at incorporating techniques of symbolism with deeper psychological shades. Lorca’s poems are most beloved for their beauty. Spanish folk traditions and gypsy songs influence Lorca’s poetry.

Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson (1950–)

The classicist Carson mixes both periods and forms in Autobiography of Red. It is both a poem and a novel. The work also serves as a recreation of an ancient Greek myth and a modern-day coming-of-age story. Summary: Geryon, a young boy who is also a red-winged beast, recounts his tortured life beginning at five years old. As Geryon grows older, Geryon finds refuge in taking photographs and in his relationship with Herakles. With its imaginative form, Autobiography of Red is a charming sketch of an artist who struggles to accept the joys and sorrows of growing up.

Selected Poems By Langston Hughes (1901–1967)

This first collection of poems of Langston Hughes, The Weary Blues, in 1926, electrified Americans and launched a revival in American black writing. Hughes’ poems celebrated the experiences of invisible men and women. They included slaves who “rushed the boots of Washington,” musicians on Lenox Avenue, the poor and the lovesick, and losers in the “the raffle of night.”

Selected Poems of Langston Hughes: A Classic...
418 Reviews
Selected Poems of Langston Hughes: A Classic...
  • Vintage
  • Hughes, Langston (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - 09/12/1990...

When My Brother Was An Aztec By Natalie Díaz

This is the debut collection. It is a fast-paced tour through Mojave life and family narrative. A sister fights against her brother on meth. Everyone from Antigone, Houdini, and Huitzilopochtli is invited to have a frank discussion.

Opened Ground: Selected Poems, 1966–1996 By Seamus Heaney (1939–2013)

Heaney compares his pen to a spade and a gun in ‘Digging,’ the first poem in Opened Ground. These metaphors help him clarify his difficult poetic task: To delve into the past both personally and historically and be aware of the potential fatality of language.

The Truth About Magic by Atticus

It can be challenging to find ourselves, but Atticus’ beautiful collection seems to make it easier. His poems range from finding our purpose, looking inwardly and outwardly, to the simple joys and challenges. Atticus reminds us of magic’s presence, even in the darkest shadows.

The Truth About Magic: Poems
  • Atticus (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 256 Pages - 09/10/2019...

The Collected Poems By Audre Lorde (1934–1992)

“Collected here for the first time is over three hundred poems by one of the country’s most important and influential poets. They represent the entire oeuvre of Audre Ladye’s poetry. Lorde published nine volumes that contain poetry. She described them as a linguistic and emotional journey through the struggles, fears, and hopes she has experienced in the world she inhabited.”

The Complete Poetry By Maya Angelou (1928–2014)

Maya Angelou was a prolific writer and poet who inspired, healed, and gifted the world throughout her long career. This new complete collection of poetry honors and celebrates Maya Angelou’s extraordinary life and preserves her writing beauty and spirit.

Selected Poems By Anna Akhmatova (1889–1966), Translated By D.M. Thomas

“Anna Akhmatova is one of the most moving and revered Russian writers. She was a poet of passion, conscience and was persecuted under Stalin and after the Revolution. However, she chose to stay in Russia to bear witness. Her poems, including ‘A Ride’ (and ‘By the Seashore), capture an emotional world. Some of her poems, like ‘Courage’ or ‘In 1940, reflect a complex approach to love and explore the dualities of her nature. Others, such as “Courage” and “In 1940,” evoke the horrors and horrors of war.

Selected Poems of Anna Akhmatova
  • Anna Akhmatova (Author)
  • Russian (Publication Language)
  • 289 Pages - 10/01/2000...

Neon Vernacular: New And Selected Poems By Yusef Komunyakaa (1947–)

Neon Vernacular, an award-winning poet’s account of the war in Vietnam, is [published by] Yusef Komunyakaa, an American poet, teaches at New York University. He is also a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

Selected Poetry By John Keats (1795–1821)

“Keats published three volumes before he died from tuberculosis at the age of twenty-five. His poetry and his extraordinary letters show a spirit that seeks vitality and deep understanding. His final volume, which includes the great odes as well as the unfinished Hyperion, attests to his astonishing maturity of power.”

bury it (Wesleyan Poetry Series) By sam sax (1986–)

sam sax’s bury it won the Academy of American Poets’ 2017 James Laughlin award. Saxophonist and enigmatic performer, sax creates rhythmic poetry that moves beautifully on the page. The poems reflect on themes such as death, identity, and connection. Tyehimba Jess (Laughlin Award judge) said that “bury it is lit in imagery and purpose that surprises or jolts every turn.”

bury it (Wesleyan Poetry Series)
  • sax, sam (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 88 Pages - 09/04/2018...

The Dream Songs by John Berryman (1914-1972)

The Dream Songs tell the story of Henry, an American anti-hero who bounces between love and sanity as he tries to find joy and love. Berryman is just as playful as his character. Dream Songs is a favorite for anyone looking for poetry with a little bit of absurdity. This book collects all 77 Dream Songs, including their continuation, His Toy, His Dream, His Rest, which won the National Book Award and Berryman the Pulitzer Prize for 1965 and 1969.

Bestiary: Poems By Donika Kelly

“This remarkable first book contains encounters with mythological monsters and legendary beasts as well as animals. Donika Kelly’s Bestiary contains a list of creatures, from the whale and ostrich to chimera and pegasus to the centaur to the griffin. They also include poems about love, self-discovery, and travel from ‘Out West to ‘Back East. ”

Ariel By Sylvia Plath (1932–1963)

Sylvia Plath, who died in April, left behind a rich life and her literary masterpiece Ariel. This collection features the poems of Sylvia Plath, the beloved poet. It includes ‘Ariel’ contains some of her most memorable poems: “Lady Lazarus,” “Daddy,” and “Paralytic,” to name a few.

Ariel: The Restored Edition: A Facsimile of...
  • Harper Perennial Modern...
  • Plath, Sylvia (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 256 Pages - 03/06/2018...

Night Sky With Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong (1988–)

Ocean Vuong’s debut book, Night Sky with Exit Wounds, won the Whiting Award 2016. His poems deal with themes such as queer identity and violence against his family during Vietnam War. He also writes about historical, familial, and individual traumas. Vuong’s style, tone, subject matter, and style are varied, making it open to all kinds of readings in this collection.

Goblin Market And Other Poems By Christina Rossetti (1830–1894)

Christina Rossetti, an English poet, and a well-known literary figure, wrote some of the most exquisite and sensual poetry in the English language. She lived in isolation like Emily Dickinson and wrote of God. She also lost her love with a passion and sensuality that seemed to come from the soul.

Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay

Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude was a National Book Award Finalist. It is an honest look at how people deal with loss and cope with sadness. This inspirational collection can bring hope to the most challenging situations with its touching real-life stories and beautiful prose.

Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude (Pitt Poetry...
  • Gay, Ross (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 112 Pages - 01/07/2015...

Leaves Of Grass By Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

“Leaves of Grass” is the unrivaled achievement of one of America’s greatest poets, an exuberant, passionate man who loved America and wrote about it like no other. Walt Whitman was an extraordinary singer, thinker, and visionary.

Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016 by Frank Bidart (1939–)

Bidart isn’t afraid to confront the darkest parts of the human psyche. Bidart often voices the “othered,” such as a child killer or anorexic woman. He also writes from his poetic perspective. No matter which channel he’s using, his voices cleverly capture the complexity of human experience. This work contains all Bidart’s poetry books, plus a new collection called Thirst.

How We Became Human: New And Selected Poems, 1975–2002 By Joy Harjo (1951–)

“This collection contains poems from Joy Harjo’s entire twenty-eight-year career. It began in 1973 when Joy Harjo was taken over at Wounded Knee. This age saw the revival of indigenous cultures worldwide through poetry; in poems of sustaining grace, How We Became Human addresses its title question.

How We Became Human: New and Selected Poems...
  • Harjo, Joy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 272 Pages - 01/17/2004...

Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas edited by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

Best Poetry Anthologies

This multilingual collection includes more than 80 poets from territories that range from Alaska to Chile. Sing includes both well-known and unknown Indigenous poets, many of whom are underrepresented in anthologies. It is a rich collection of powerful voices that includes familiar faces like Joy Harjo, Louise Erdrich, Lee Maracle, and Simon Ortiz.

Devotions: The Selected Poems Of Mary Oliver By M#ary Oliver (1935–2019)

“Carefully curated. These 200+ poems feature Oliver’s poetry from No Voyage And Other Poems, her very first book of poetry published in 1963 at age 28, to Felicity, her new collection published in 2015. Oliver arranged this timeless volume. It showcases her best work.

There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce by Morgan Parker (1988–)

Morgan Parker’s There Are More Beautiful Things than Beyonce explores the complexity of black womanhood. It’s equal parts feminist, tender, fierce, and reflective of when bodies are fought for power and wars over them. Parker’s work is both celebratory and mournful of the world she sees, and it has a wit that will make you gasp.

There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce
  • Parker, Morgan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 80 Pages - 02/14/2017...

Diving Into The Wreck By Adrienne Rich (1929–2012)

Adrienne Rich’s seventh collection of poetry aims to find, reclaim, and discover what has been lost, forgotten, or not explored. “I came to find the wreck. / The words are the purposes. / The words are maps. / I saw the damage was done and the treasures that still prevail.

Life On Mars by Tracy K. Smith (1972–)

Tracy K Smith’s Life On Mars was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It is full of interplanetary references, including David Bowie and black holes, as the title suggests. It is intimate and evokes a future filled with mystery and hope. Smith speculates about the reality of Mars and touches on her father’s death, who was one of the engineers involved in the Hubble Space telescope.

Collected Poems By Robert Hayden (1913–1980)

“In Hayden’s work, the reality of history and culture was the launch places for imagination and intelligence. His voice, characterized by musical diction and an exquisite sense of the formality and pattern of form, is a pivotal part of American literature and American life.

Collected Poems
  • Hayden, Robert (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 240 Pages - 04/01/2013...

Lyrical Ballads By William Wordsworth (1770–1850) And Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)

“Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s combined collection of poems is often cited as the foundation text of English Romanticism. Many of the poems in this anonymous, unassuming volume, which was initially overlooked, were important and have remained popular with readers ever since. These include The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the “Lucy” poems, and many others.

Trilogy by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) (1886–1961)

“The Walls Do Not Fall is the first book in the Trilogy. It was published during the London blitz. Despite the chaos, it maintains the hope that despite the loss of life, there will be new life. Finally, in Tribute to Angels, faith in love and resurrection can be found in the lyrics and biblical solid imagery.

Don’t Call Us Dead by Danez Smith

Don’t Call Us Dead by Danez Smith was a National Book Award finalist. It’s just as cutting on the page as it is when delivered aloud. Don’t Call Us Dead “opens with a heartbreaking sequence that imagines an afterlife for black males shot by police, a world where mistrust, violence, and sadness are gone and replaced with the safety, love, and longevity they earned here on earth,” according to the movie’s synopsis.

Don't Call Us Dead: Poems
  • Smith, Danez (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 96 Pages - 09/05/2017...

Oceanic by Aimee Nezhukumatathil (1974–)

Roxane Gay says Oceanic has “a true sense of wonder.” The New York Times describes Oceanic as “strange and lush,” and Nezekkhamatathil adds details and nuances to create folk tales suitable for today’s age. In one of her poems, she brings Niagara Falls to life and describes a C-section scar in another. It is easy to feel reverence for nature in this piece.

The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath

The poetry collection brings together all Sylvia Plath’s poetry in one place. This book is a must-read to those who love the beloved author. This collection contains nearly 400 pages of poetry magic. You should add it to your library now. This book will help you overcome any obstacles in your life.

Urban Tumbleweed: Notes From A Tanka Diary By Harryette Mullen (1953–)

“Urban Tumbleweed” is Harryette Mullen’s exploration into spaces where nature and city collide. Mullen’s stanzas are based on a daily walk and reflect the traditional Japanese tanka. This poetic form is suited to recording fleeting impressions, describing transitions in the environment, and contemplating the place of the human being in the natural world.

Self-Portrait In A Convex Mirror By John Ashbery (1927–2017)

Ashbery’s poetic power is reaffirmed throughout the volume. These poems are ‘of astonishing freshness and adventure, in which dazzling orchestrations language open up areas of consciousness that no American poet has ever attempted to explore.”

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror: Poems (Penguin...
  • Ashbery, John (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 96 Pages - 01/01/1990...

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