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Top 38 Best Personalized Children’s Books of All Time Review 2021

Top 38 Best Personalized Children's Books of All Time Review 2020

You’re looking for the Best Personalized Children’s Books, ideal for sprinkling a small amount of additional magic into storytime?

There are shelves upon shelves values of unique novels with protagonists kids adore. But imagine your little one’s pleasure if they watched themselves on the webpage? As you are building your set of informative, inspirational, and enjoyable children’s notes, throw in some super-special personalized kid’s books!

Top Rated Best Personalized Books For Kids To Read

Top Rated Best Personalized Books For Kids To Read

Personalized novels for children inspire creativity and promote lifelong reading. They also make excellent gifts! So we’ve rounded up a list of our favorites, including books about puppies, princesses, trucks, Santa, plus a good deal more. These personalized books for children will construct self-confidence, teach life lessons, and, on top of that, develop a stable relationship with novels!

Here is a list of the best books that Pennbook recommended reading:

My Trip to the Alphabet Zoo

First, in our roundup of personalized storybooks? This cute zoo-themed narrative. The pages depict your child meeting distinct creatures in alphabetical order. It is a genius approach to help teach them their characters while also introducing them to beautiful animals.

Great Night to You

If your target is to read the baby gently to sleep, try out this adorably illustrated bedtime story. The personalized children’s book features soothing scenes. Bonus: It also includes a soft teddy bear from cherished plush toy manufacturer GUND.

Who Loves Me?

With this particular candy personalized adore publication, you can’t just work with your kid’s name to the narrative and your family and friends too! Gift your small one a story about all of the men and women in their own life who adore themMommy and Grandma, with this endearing narrative.

In My Pet Could Talk

Do not stop at humans nearest and dearest! Pets are a part of their family also, which is really where this candy personalized children’s book comes from. The narrative incorporates your child’s and pet’s name and is likely to assist baby bond with your dog or cat more.

1-2-3 Come Explore with Me

When it’s time for the tot to find out amounts, personalized storybooks make excellent teaching programs. This whimsical narrative walks (or should we say flies and drives ) children through different counting exercises. The drawings reveal the central character (your child) traveling everything from trains to ships.

Where Are You?

We will finish off our listing of personalized books for children with an interactive (and completely innovative) story for older kids. Consider this a custom made edition of Where’s Waldo-your child will spend hours of fun looking for their personality on the webpage.

Look Who’s Coming

This is a magical personalized children’s lift-the-flap novel. It’s possible to insert photos of your kid and exceptional individuals in her or his life, and everybody will become a participant of this narrative. Children will have a lot of fun after the straightforward narrative, highlighting distinct animals, identifying vivid colors, and even more.

My Very Own Name

Celebrate a child’s unique name and the first, award-winning storybook “My Very Own Name”-in the acclaimed My series. This custom made title publication is a fantastic Christmas gift to surprise small ones this holiday season! Inside this professionally bound storybook, animals bring letters one by one before their first, middle, and last names are spelled. A jackal brings a J, an ostrich brings an O, and so forth. In the end, the animals celebrate because they have created the perfect name.

Perfect as a personalized toddler gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift, this delightfully illustrated story helps kids learn to recognize letters and spell their words.

My Very Happy Birthday

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a personalized gift created out of thick, durable webpages -ideal for infants and toddlers. In this beautiful story, “My Very Happy Birthday,” Duck, Mouse, Turtle, Bluebird, and other buddies have come together to prepare a unique birthday celebration and cake for your little woman. This attractively illustrated book is a fantastic gift idea for women and carries a personalized cover and a printed dedication from the sender.

Santa Is Coming to My House

Your son or daughter will light up with delight when they see their name woven into the narrative using Santa and his elves! Give the gift of a personalized storybook this season by turning your kid to the start of the exciting new holiday classic that awakens through Santa’s journey as he presents gifts. Celebrate the narrative with your child’s name and generate a unique dedication page with a photograph and message from you.

All Of The Things I Wish For You

Prepare for hours of storytelling fun together with our personalized children’s novel, including illustrations by Hip-Hip’s Allison Black and phrases by Mark Sperring. Customize the cover, images, and narrative itself to make the most economical gift for little ones. Printed on high-quality Mohawk newspaper, it will go down well with the mamas and papas too.

I See Me!

I See Me mission is to bring smiles of pleasure and pleasure by making each person feel unique with distinctively personalized novels. Their stories’ objective would be to show each kid how special and unique he or she is, teach the kid how to spell their title, and build vocabulary skills.

Put Me In The Story

Set Me In The Story places growing readers at the center of the activity by producing an immediate, profound connection to the narrative, the second, and the grown-up who made it feasible. When children see themselves at the center of this activity when their favorite superheroes request them to join with the group by title, once the princesses they feign to be through playtime, ask them about their dreams for the near future. Kids feel a minute, profound connection to the narrative – and studying generally.


Wonderbly is the industry leader of this personalized book market as it’s annual revenues near $36 million. They think there is nothing more magical than a kid’s creativity. It is beautiful, unlimited, and precious. Wonderbly generates meaningful, paranormal personalized stories that let kids envision themselves doing incredible things. From learning in their particular identity to finding the world around them and growing compassion, curiosity, and optimism, our fabulous tales help prepare kids for every chapter of life ahead.

Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes has taken the idea of personalization to a whole new level. It is possible to pick everything which defines the protagonist of this narrative. Also, in a few of the books, you may even specify different characters such as mother, a little sister, or brother. Have a look at their very best vendors “When Jacob Grows Up” in which you may select 10 or 15 tales in the kind of poems from a wide variety of 20 entirely. So many excellent choices!

Librio Books

If you’re seeking to be a do-gooder and your book purchase, then Librio Books is the place to be. In Librio Books, it is possible to customize The Tree, the Essential, and Me, together with the kid’s title, a representative personality to make an exceptional narrative for your small tot.

Magic Door Adventure

Magic Door Adventure Behind the Magic Door may be personalized with the child’s name, a personality to represent them in the narrative, and a devotion message. The rhyming scheme for your history relies upon the spelling of their kid’s name, so every child will have a one of a kind book that’s mainly made for them.

My Given Name

My recognized Name has two choices of publications ready to be personalized to your kid’s reading pleasure. The children’s book of Nursery Rhymes combines traditional nursery rhymes with personalized poems and could be personalized with the child’s name and commitment. The Small Stork and My Provided Name tell the fascinating tale of how a kid received their distinctive title and may be personalized with the child’s title, a representative character, and a unique dedication.

Twas The Night Before

To get a customized take about the classic Christmas classic, consider The Night Before. Brimming with lively, detailed art and full of everything from advice on pets and your hometown to around four family members, it will add a unique touch to the holiday season.

I Can Change The World

Composed to inspire and uplift, I Can Change The World encourages young readers to do modest acts of kindness to affect positively. Additionally, it supplies many customizable options, like the skin tone, full title, and hair color of your personality.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Does your kid get to obey a heroic adventurer who looks at her as she hunts for her lost moniker at The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name? Still, she will also meet exceptional characters based on each letter, leading to an extremely individualized narrative.

Alice in Wonderland Personalised Books

We love this smart, personalized upgrade of Lewis Carroll’s classic story, which places your kid in the middle of Wonderland, together with the opportunity to feature around six other loved ones as principal characters.

Personalized Children’s Book Round The World: The Magic Seat

This magical journey will understand your child head off on a wild African safari and up the most significant measures of the Great Wall of China. Your child is the star during the publication, and you may also opt for the title, clothing, skin, eye, and hair color of this personality.

Personalized My Book Of Nursery Rhymes

This beautifully composed personalized children’s book is packed full of classic nursery rhymes, from Ring-a-Roses into Humpty Dumpty – however, together with your kid’s name embedded throughout the examples.

Personalized Cinderella Story Book

Set your kid in the heart of the rags-to-riches narrative, which can be brought to life with beautiful illustrations. Your child’s name will look within the story, with a beautiful message at the beginning and a picture on the rear page.

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly Dean and James Dean

My youngest kid adores this trendy blue cat with a great passion. Having her name and film sprinkled during this optimistic narrative solidified it as a favorite. The positive message and bright illustrations make it an excellent addition to your shelf.

The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Title by David Cadji-Newby

This hot, highly customizable novel features a small boy or girl who dropped their title and searched for it. The story changes depending on the letters of your kid’s name, so every book is exceptional.

I Love You So Much… by Marianne Richmond

Insert your child’s name and photograph for the heartwarming story to make it a personal and purposeful manifestation of love. It is an extra special gift for any event.

My Name Is Not Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry.

My daughter enjoys being the star of the bestselling book. She feels attached to the narrative and loves learning about prominent women from history, such as Rosa Parks, Annie Oakley, and Marie Curie. For boys, could you take a look at My Name Isn’t Alexander?

Find Me! Personalized Seek-and-Find Book

This publication is plenty of fun. Children can search for the superbly crafted collages due to their photograph, name, and speech, and faculty. Each webpage has other things to search for also. This will be your child’s favorite seek-and-find publication.

The Super, Incredible Big Brother by Jennifer Dewing

This bright, vibrant book celebrates a new baby’s coming while placing your old kid from the spotlight. It is an excellent gift for newly-minted large brothers. There is also an alternative for big sisters.

National Geographic Little Kids Book of Animals by Catherine D. Hughes

Now children can publish animals customized with their name, film, and queries to keep them engaged. Additionally, there are choices for publications about space, sea creatures, and dinosaurs.

Happy Birthday to You! by Marianne Richmond

This entertaining, bright narrative about a child’s special day may be personalized with your child’s sex, name, and photograph. There is also a page at the back of the book to document their favorite color, food, and instructor.

The Little Digger Personalised Story Book

Personalized storybooks are an excellent way to engage your child in reading since they would be the star of this story! With many different storylines to pick from, there is a storybook to match every kid. Not merely are storybooks personalized with your kid’s name, a number you can also customize further with sex, parent, grandparent, or friend, making a unique and personal narrative! Our narrative publications are laminated using a shine protective coating to prolong their own life for all bedtime readings!

A story about your kid being a small digger who functions with a few buddies to help construct a brand new school. Working together is enjoyable, and teamwork works best.

All The Things I Wish For You – Personalized Children’s Book

Prepare for hours of storytelling fun using this personalized children’s novel!

Inspire a little you to dream large with stories of magic and experience as they meet different characters on the way, by a pacifist stand into an eccentric magician, a cosmic astronaut into an intrepid explorer. Customize the cover, illustrations, and narrative itself for a unique and lasting gift. Great for baby showers, birthdays, and the holidays!

Personalized My Very Own Name Book

Teach your child how to recognize letters and spell out their huge name with this enchanting personalized publication, including your child’s name, last name, and arrival date. One by one, brightly illustrated creatures carry the letters of your child’s title (the tiger attracts art, the yak attracts any) until it is spelled out in perfect rhyme, and a party ensues.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name by David Cadji-Newby

The narrative follows a brave kid as they monitor the lost letters of the name. Along the way, they meet a lot of memorable characters who give the kid a letter from their title. Therefore, by Way of Example, a woman Named Emily would fulfill an Elephant, Mermaid, Imp, Lion, and Yeti.

This book’s great thing is that every kid’s name generates its own unique, personalized narrative.


There are a whole lot of best-personalized books for kids on the market. All the choices listed above are sure to provide an exceptional gift experience acceptable for almost any special event in a child’s lifetime.

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