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Best Personalized Childrens Books
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We all love getting presents, let’s face the truth. It’s almost instinctual to open a package with your name on it and then gasp in amazement at what lies beneath.

It’s a favorite pastime of adults! Books will always be better than toys when it comes down to what’s in that folded paper. Penn Book has a wide selection of the Best Personalized Childrens Books. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Personalized Children’s Books?

What Are Personalized Children’s Books

So what exactly is a kid’s customized book?

Simply said, these are books that you may customize to include your kid in the narrative.

We’ve outlined the many categories of customized children’s books so you may choose precisely what you need:

  • Children’s books with names that may be changed: These books may not allow you to change the child’s depictions, but you can change the character’s name. Play those cute “That’s my name!” moments.
  • Personalized children’s books with unique illustrations: In these books, the children’s pictures may typically be customized in terms of their eye color, skin tone, hair color, hair cut, and gender.
  • Personalized children’s books: These may be lovely keepsakes as kids become older since they are more vivid and colorful, have fewer stories and have artwork that is more pleasing to the eye.
  • Personalized toddler books tend to include the fundamentals, such as the ABCs, 123s, animals, and people while keeping your child interested. They are more of an educational and developmental present.
  • Why not contribute your voice to family books that are just for you? Alternately, add your child’s siblings in the custom tale if they exist. It’s a beautiful present to give your kid when they get a new sibling.
  • Personalized children’s books with photographs: These personalized children’s books let you use your own images of your child and, sometimes, other family members in place of the unique artwork.
  • Christmas-themed customized books for children: These books have their entire category all to themselves! In one book, your young star may teach about the gift of giving, assist Santa, and rescue Christmas!

Benefits Of Personalized Books For Kids

Benefits Of Personalized Books For Kids

Why should you get your young one a personalized book?

Well, reading customized children’s books has several advantages:

  • Their self-confidence
  • Makes them want to read more
  • Encourages imagination
  • Increases their vocabulary
  • Inspires people to create their own works of fiction
  • Increases the likelihood that they’ll like reading in the future motivates them to read independently

Less likely to discard the book, they’ll continue reading it when kids become older.

So why are you still waiting? Take a peek at our picks for the best-customized children’s books!

Best Personalized Children’s Books

Personalized Childrens Books

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The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name

Wonderbly’s bestseller is the first on our greatest personalized books for kids list. This unique story is based on the letters of your child’s name. The story will take your child on a journey to find their missing name.

Along the way, they will meet quirky characters who can help. This personalized kid’s book is unique because of the personalization options. Personalize the adventurer for your child and pick a character representing a different moral to them.

Both parents and children love Wonderbly personalized books. There are so many choices that you can choose from. It’s easy to find the custom book that your child will enjoy.

Good Night to You

This bedtime story is beautifully illustrated and will help you read to your baby to go to sleep calmly. This personalized children’s book has soothing scenes.

The book also includes a GUND comforting bear teddy bear. (Are you tired of stuffed animals? You don’t have to worry. You can also buy the book separately.

Who Loves Me?

You may include the names of friends and family members as well as your munchkin’s nickname in the tale of this adorable customized love book. Give your child a heartwarming tale about all the loved ones in their life, from Mommy to Grandma. Additionally, the watercolor-inspired pictures in this unique children’s book make it both visually beautiful and emotionally engaging.

Where Are You…?

An interactive (and completely novel) narrative for older kids is the next item on our list of personalized books for kids. Think of it as a customized version of Where’s Waldo; your youngster will enjoy exploring the six eye-catching worlds while searching the pages for their figure. Additionally, this book may be customized in several languages, including Spanish, French, and Italian.

ABC What Can I Be?

Next in our collection of the best personalized books is this: This is a charming tale about a career. These pages show all possible careers in alphabetical order. They also include charming illustrations of your child. This is a brilliant way to teach your child letters and introduce them to all possible careers.

Be Brave

This personalized children’s book shows your child facing the first day of school jitters. However, it is supported by letters from children in Nepal and India, South Africa, and Vietnam inviting them to visit their countries and learn about bravery. Local artists create each country’s illustrations.

The personalized story books for kids are printed on recycled paper, and Librio books donate one to a child in dire need through Room to Read for every book purchased. Be Brave is for children aged 4-8.

If My Pet Could Talk

Do not limit yourself to human loved ones. These sweet personalized books for kids are for pets too. This story includes your child’s name as well as their pet’s and will help your baby bond even further with your dog or cat.

I Can Change the World

Personalized children’s books that are engaging and impactful are the best. The personalized cover of this book is about good deeds. It conveys that kindness is highly valued.

The Tale of the Three Little Pigs

Are you looking for classic books that feature your child’s names? You can now personalize a fairytale with your child’s name or character. Your toddler can join the Story, and they will have fun building houses with the pigs. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as the pigs!

Little Monster of Happiness

The next one in the greatest personalized books is Little Monster of Happiness. This is more evidence that personalized storybooks are excellent teaching tools. This charming Story teaches children all about happiness.

These drawings depict your child as the main character on an adventure with the Happiness Monster. Many books can help you understand this concept. Play stories offer a variety of books to help children understand their emotions.

That’s MY Cake!

This charming tale about sharing can help you get over sibling rivalries. This book, which is based on teamwork, will teach your children that sharing is caring. For a truly unique children’s book, add up to four characters or names.

Welcome to the World

This personalized baby book is a great way to celebrate a new baby. This story takes children on an unforgettable journey around the globe. You will be amazed at the colorful illustrations that will capture your child’s attention.

You can personalize the book by adding your child’s name and skin color as well as hairstyle. You can even add a character to each parent!

Baby Board Book

This book is custom made for children and showcases photos of your family. Children can learn through familiar faces. You can choose from pre-made themes such as My Favorite People, or you can create your title.

Add text and your favorite photos to complete the project. These personalized books for kids make a wonderful way to introduce your child to distant family members and friends.

Wow, You’re One!

This personalized baby book makes a wonderful and unique gift for a first birthday. As the animals reveal interesting facts about the number 1, join them on an adventure. Include the baby’s name on the cover, dedication page, and throughout the Story.

This custom baby book is guaranteed to make you and your partner giggle. Are you looking for personalized books to give your toddler? This Etsy seller also sells books for toddlers aged two years old.

A New Sibling for You

It isn’t easy to become a sister or brother. This personalized, thoughtful children’s book includes both the names of the kids to ease the transition.

My Little Lovebug

This personalized book for children is the sweetest. This love themed story will remind you, child, that they are the best. Each page is beautifully illustrated and features a funny animal pun for your child.

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Don’t Push the Button

Put Me in the Story has personalized books that can be used for all different occasions and ages. It even includes children’s favorite characters like Curious George and Pete the Cat.

These interactive personalized books for kids, Don’t Push the Button, is a favorite of ours because it uses many interactive elements.

The book encourages children to press a button, shake it, and interact with the characters to move the Story forward.

The Sneaky Snail Store

You can personalize books from The Sneaky Snail Store for any occasion. Birthday? Take a look! Check! You should! Hanukkah? Check! Personalize your book for $25-30 with the child’s name, skin tone, and the name of the gifter. This will create a story that will be a delight to the little one.


Are you looking for options upon options? Dinkleboo has a plethora of personalized children’s books for you. These books are great for little readers who love to have adventures with their favorite characters. The average book starts at $24.99. Books with licensed characters, such as Barbie or Thomas the Tank Engine, start at $34.


Frecklebox claims that every page of Frecklebox’s books will feature your child’s name! For the ultimate personalization, books can also include the child’s gender and a dedication message. Hardcovers are $34.95, while soft covers cost $21.95. Frecklebox also offers My Name Is for $49.95, personalizing your order with a video dedication.

Smart Story

SmartStory’s Jungle Mystery is a customizable children’s book. This story is appropriate for children from the ages of zero to eight.

Using this book, you can make your main character look just like your child. It can be personalized with your child’s name and gender. You can add glasses or freckles.

You can also add photos of your child and other family members to the illustrated avatar. These photos will be added to the story throughout, adding a layer of personalization. You can add pictures of your parents, grandparents, or siblings to the story.

A personal dedication can be written and printed on the first page.

After making your selections, you can view the entire book with your customizations.

My Magic Name

My Magic Name books are unique and customizable.

My Magic Name creates personalized children’s books that are illustrated and written with letters from your child’s names for them to discover.

To make it more personal, you can add family members or pets to the mix, along with your child’s hometown.

You cannot change your child’s appearance in the book.

I See Me!

I See Me! There are personalized storybooks and coloring books for every occasion and interest. You can also find studier boards for babies.

They include themes such as trucks, dancing and bedtime stories, superheroes and religious stories, and trucking and dancing. Some even feature Disney and Marvel characters. There are also books available for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, or birthdays.

The book you choose will have different personalization options. You might choose to personalize the book with the child’s name and appearance.

You have the option of making your character look exactly like your child or replacing an actual photograph.

You can see the final product in a preview as you customize your product. This will help you make sure it’s set up correctly.

What is your favorite one in the personalized children’s books? Please free sharing with us and lovely readers.

Personalized Kids’ Book Dinos & Diggers

With the help of this rhyming narrative and its adorable images, remind your child of how valuable they are to you. This unique baby book serves as a photo album and a unique tale by including your emotive photographs. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t like dinosaurs and diggers. There is also a story with ice cream and unicorns as its topic.

Amazing Day Children’s Book

The focus of this entertaining customized baby book will be your child. The bright graphics that illustrate a day’s possibilities may be interspersed with sweet images. Additionally, you may customize every aspect of the design to write the tale for your child down to the last detail.

Personalized Alphabet Zoo Story Book

Education done. Imaginative drawings? Check. Witty rhymes? Check. Numerous five-star evaluations from satisfied customers are included in this unique baby book, which includes everything. Your youngster will remember learning the ABCs more thanks to the parent-approved choice. Even better, you may customize the story’s front message.

Why Do These Books Make Such Great Gifts?

Why Do These Books Make Such Great Gifts

Any child will, of course, be thrilled to see their name and face in a book. What else, therefore, makes these works so outstanding?

It’s a really great present since it’s a totally original book. It’s not unusual for kids to get duplicate gifts on holidays and birthdays since they accumulate so many presents. A customized book ensures that the gift will be one-of-a-kind.

As soon as the newest, trendiest thing is out, kids tend to replace their toys and other presents. A customized tale is less likely to lose its freshness as fast. They may appreciate and cherish it for a very long time.

Whether To Personalize Or Not?

Whether To Personalize Or Not

A customized book provides a fantastic and distinctive present for the exceptional youngsters in your life. When kids identify with the heroes in their books, they will look forward to reading time. They’re likely to treasure it for many years with additional touches like featuring family members and a personal dedication note.

Both children and their growing minds will like these novels. They will gain greater self-assurance, creativity, and curiosity by reading a narrative in which they play the hero.

When your kid reads a tale about themselves doing new things and conquering challenges, their self-esteem will soar. They will develop a passion for reading, essential for becoming successful adults.

As you can see from our list of top customized children’s books, many possibilities are available. It’s surprisingly simple to make one of these really thoughtful presents, thanks to the option to customize and preview your book in real-time.

FAQs About Children’s Personalized Books

At what age should I introduce a personalized story to a child?

Children of all ages love personalized books. Most websites we researched provide options for kids from birth through elementary school age.

What are the benefits of personalized story books?

Children’s imaginations and self-esteem grow thanks to personalization. Additionally, the thrill of playing the lead role in their favorite novel will undoubtedly whet their appetite for more reading.

How should I introduce this book to a child?

All ages and circumstances will enjoy reading these novels. It’s a beautiful opportunity to spend quality time with your child since they will likely be delighted to hear a tale about themselves.


The best-personalized children’s books are specifically tailored to the interests and needs of the child. They should be engaging and entertaining while also providing valuable life lessons.

Personalized books can help children develop a love for reading while teaching them essential life skills. They are also a great way to give your child a unique and special gift. They are also a great way to teach your child about themselves and help them develop a love for reading.

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