Top 58 Best Paranormal Romance Books of All Time Review 2022

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Heroes using fangs or fur, heroines who will singe your eyebrows off with a wicked fireball, and evil villains often bent on world domination would be the markings of several paranormal romances, in which the activity is usually bigger than life.

Whether you are a longtime fan of magical love or merely trying to dip your toe to the genre, these Best Paranormal Romance Novels have something for every sort of reader, from soft and light, vampiric romantic comedies to cursed, brooding shifters hiding out in early castles.

Top Rated Best Paranormal Romance Books To Read

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Top Rated Best Paranormal Romance Books To Read

Bestseller No. 1
Tiger's Daughter (Shifters...
759 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 2
Immortal Rising (An Argeneau...
2,199 Reviews
Bestseller No. 3
Always Practice Safe Hex
466 Reviews
Bestseller No. 4
Wolves & Warriors: A Limited...
98 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
Her Salvation: A Rejected...
1,229 Reviews
Bestseller No. 6
A Court of Mist and Fury (A...
46,139 Reviews

If you consider it, paranormal and love go hand in hand: both involve theories beyond the world of pure scientific excuse. Therefore, it is reasonable that paranormal love, a speculative genre that investigates the center’s affairs, has taken an arrow straight through viewers’ hearts and noticed a significant boom in popularity recently.

Including witches, demons, shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and many more amazing supernatural creatures and worlds, Pennbook’s list provides over 58 of the top paranormal romance novels on the market.

As a heads up: the vast majority of supernatural and paranormal romance novels include sex scenes, so be ready for some steaminess if you choose to take a look at any of the best selling paranormal romance series below.

Willing to sink your teeth?

Moon Called, Patricia Briggs

If you ask lovers of the paranormal romance book to mention their favorite female characters, a number will cite Mercy Thompson. Considered among the very intriguing protagonists in the genre, Mercy has a number of the features expected of girls from paranormal romances but remains relatable.

She moves about life using a no-nonsense attitude, and it is refreshing to encounter a personality that may (and can) kick butt but is not ideal or invincible. She’s fully conscious of her flaws but does not complain about them.

Patricia Briggs consistently writes exceptional dialog, and Mercy Thompson is no exclusion. There are just two things that viewers will love about the set. The first is the witty exchanges between the werewolves.

The next is that the show has a well planned plot, something which isn’t necessarily present in the other front in this genre. It is nevertheless an escapist’s dream, but it isn’t a dumb romance.

It is evident that Briggs has a strategy for the show, and every book is organized towards it. There is always just the correct quantity of something: Only enough punch to become racy, just enough activity to become arousing, and just enough comedy to be pleasurable.

Moon Called[MERCY THOMPSON V01...
5,030 Reviews

Dark Lover, J.R. Ward

The first vampire book in the bestselling series Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Dark Lover Wrath is the last purebred vampire alive, and he has a score to settle. A deadly turf war is raging between vampires, their slayers, and Caldwell, New York.

Black Dagger Brotherhood is among the very well-known shows in the paranormal romance book genre. While it has not aged well (many new subscribers will probably point out its cliched and derivative), what search is like in a paranormal romance series is present and nicely implemented. Before studying this series, it is essential to remember Ward was targeting a particular audience.

If you are not for this specific audience, you may not find it as amusing as other individuals have.

Unlike a lot of writers in this genre, Ward has spent some time constructing this world. (There is a glossary in the front part of the novel that is based upon whether the reader is considered condescending or useful.)

The male characters from the show are usually macho (automobiles! Guns! Knives! Hip Hop! Muscles!), however not so macho they’re without defects.

If you are sensitive to novels where sex stereotypes are par for the program, you may want to provide this one a jump. Should you manage to exude your intellectual and ethical beliefs for a couple of hours, you will delight in this set’s fast-paced actions.

Magic Bites, Ilona Andrews

Paranormal romance by Ilona Andrews could be cheesetastic. If you are likely to enjoy the genre, you need to have the ability to take everything you read with a pinch of salt. But this does not mean it can not be dark.

Along the Kate Daniels series is among the darker ones. That is not to say there is no comedy in the show, but it is a blacker type of humor than you may discover in a similar string.

Together with the courage and gore, there is a badass heroine that is never so strong that she is unbelievable. Or absurd. She is a beautiful departure from the usual heroine tropes you’ll discover in other strings and is among the most down to earth.

With this particular genre, there is always a chance of things being overly cliched. This is particularly true regarding the female protagonists that are more frequently than not clones of one another.

If you’re trying to find a heroine that stands out from the rest of these, then Kate Daniels can take action. She is impulsive to the point of unpredictability. That is great, as you are always surprised by her choices.

Among the trademarks of this paranormal romance series is a mixing of traditional noir elements. You would think that both of these things would work nicely together; however, if there is no careful balance between them, they are sometimes a terrible mix. It is a fantastic thing that Ilona Andrews is gifted enough to accomplish this.

Cry Wolf, Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf is a spin off of Briggs’s favorite Mercy Thompson series. For Briggs lovers, this show is filled with the things which produce her such an influential writer. She excels in writing compelling characters and dialogue, and the primary personalities in Alpha, and Omega Anna and Charles, are all fantastic examples of the.

Whether a writer is useful in creating an exciting personality has a great deal to do with how the character develops as the activity progresses. This is only one thing that makes this show so popular: Anna’s evolution is sensible, well-written, and gratifying.

It is possible to like Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega as different series, but it would be a shame if you did not read them equally because everyone adds thickness to the world they discuss.

Additionally, they balance each other nicely since the Mercy novels are more action concentrated, while love is the fundamental characteristic of the Alpha and Omega books.

Fantasy Lover, Sherrilyn Kenyon

The trick to a great paranormal love is to make sure that it doesn’t take itself overly seriously because of vampires. A few of the animals that look in these kinds of paranormal romance series are absurd, and as soon as an author does not keep this in your mind, it produces a bizarre separation between reader understanding and writer intent. Sherrilyn Kenyon is guilty of the. These novels are not only dramatic, but they are also Kardashian level dramatic.

Luckily, Kenyon’s gift for writing dialog makes it worth your time to wade through the hysterics. If that is not enough for one to try that, then how she has written, the friendships between the feminine characters ought to be sufficient to convince one that the show is well worth a go. (Interesting side notes: Kenyon’s viewer has the most significant proportion of male readers of almost any paranormal romance writer.)

She is also not terrible at writing sex scenes and steers clear of awkward metaphors and gross descriptions. While the figures are generally traumatized, Kenyon somehow manages to write this as obviously as you can. It is refreshing to locate a string where self-diagnosed broken characters do not suddenly become unbroken whenever they meet their soulmate.

The Darkest Night, Gena Showalter

This series of Gena Showalter is grown up using a capital A. Do not give this to some fourteen year old for a gift. Do not give it to your mom. Keep it at the guilty pleasures and midnight binges box that is beneath your mattress.

Showalter’s narrative design is not terrific. Her writing is floral and saccharine, which’s jarring considering the violent and dark events which transpire.

Be warned: There is nearly as much blood flow in this series because there was through the Red Wedding. (#too soon #RIP Robb #peoplewhohasthagaredouchebags). You might find it tough to digest the Tarantino esque murder sprees from the novels, but something is fascinating about the world’s shadow.

Additionally, this is one of the best new paranormal romance books on the paranormal genre rather than vamps, tramps, and wolves; this show is all about Greek gods and demons. It isn’t for everybody, but if you’ve run out of choices, this is an excellent show to sink your teeth (HA) into.

[(The Darkest Night)] [By...
1,463 Reviews

A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness

One of the best supernatural romance books, A Discovery of Witches sets off the epic fantasy trilogy that introduced Harkness to the spotlight. Diana Bishop is similar to many young people: she chooses her legacy for granted.

Unlike several other young folks, she’s descended from a long line of witches, and she wants nothing to do with witchcraft. When she comes across a bewitched alchemical manuscript in a library, the Oxford campus, she immediately discards it.

However, not before she reads something which amuses a long dormant underworld filled with supernatural creatures. If Diana restores the entire world to how it had been, she will have to start brushing up on her magic and quickly.

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

Although Immortals After Dark doesn’t claim to be classic literature, it is one of the best paranormal romance series. This series contains 15 books for those who want to be lost in a world and not wait for new books to come out.

The leader of the Lykae clan, Lachlain MacRieve, spent years being chased by vampires. When he finds out that Emmaline, his fated mate for thousands of years, now is half a valkyrie/half-vampire, he is none too thrilled. However, you know what they say: opposites attract. Yet as both begin to create an intense bond, an ancient evil from Emmaline’s past comes to light.

Can their love withstand the struggle to bring this shadowy being down? Place into a richly build world with loads of warmth, A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole an urban fantasy is guaranteed to fulfill your vampire cravings.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

Series of urban fantasy books, narrated by the title character, Anita Blake. Anita lives in a parallel world, similar to our own, save that not just do things such as vampires and shapeshifters exist, but their existence is public understanding.

The books follow Anita’s conflicts with all the supernatural. She tries to address many different mysteries, come to terms with her skills, and browse an intricate collection of intimate and political connections.

Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

If you believed the fire and brimstone were for demons rather than angels, then think again. Since archangel Raphael desires vampire hunter Elena’s help in tracking down an angel gone rogue, their venture will unleash a fire within her.

As she tries to withstand temptation, she turns her fiery blaze to the pursuit, which means just one thing: enemies cried. Angels’ Blood provides an intriguing approach to two kinds of beings frequently over used and underdeveloped.

Dragon Bound, Thea Harrison

Pia Giovanni and Bilbo Baggins have something in common: they have both been stolen by a dragon. But while Bilbo leaks Smaug’s anger, Pia ends up recorded you could even say Dragon Bound.

And while Pia will not accept her destiny as Dragos that the dragon’s captive, she can not deny he has sparked a profound yearning and fire within her.

Dragon Bound (Elder Races)
1,288 Reviews

Kiss of Midnight, Lara Adrian

When person Gabrielle Maxwell witnesses a vampire murder outside a nightclub, Breed warrior (a vampire who has to protect both his type and people), Lucan Thorne is having no option except to introduce Gabrielle into the dark underworld he resides in.

It is a world filled with danger the danger that’s begun to reach a boil and Lucan has to be single minded about ensuring that the protection of those he’s sworn to defend.

However, as Lucan and Gabrielle soon find out, love has a means of upending the best laid plans. Just do not begin reading this before bed; you will be up well beyond the Kiss of Midnight.

Lord of the Fading Lands, C.L. Wilson

When Rain Tairen – King of the Fey planet missed the girl he adored, he had been pushed so mad with despair, he ruined the Fae globe and hauled to the Fading Lands.

But today in Lord of the Fading Lands, placed a million decades after, the world he’d left so long ago is under threat, and Rain can’t permit dark forces to take it on. Will he manage to bring back life into the Fae kingdom his heart?

Shadow Rider, Christine Feehan

Stefano Ferraro is your definition of a playboy. But he is also the leader of this Ferraro family company (both legitimate and illegitimate). There is an additional wrench to throw to this equation: the Ferraros are shadow riders, so they effectively control dark and light.

Stefano has ever thought that this was a skill unique to his loved ones. However, Francesca Cappello, the rookie in Chicago, will put that concept into the evaluation. Shadow Rider is your steamy beginning to a thrilling bad-boy series.

Some Girls Bite, Chloe Neill

Ahead of the events of Many Women Bite, Merit spent days pouring over textbooks to write her thesis, but she spends her time studying how to become a vampire and attempting to match with her new undead peers in Hyde Park’s mansion.

While she is being initiated into the fascinating world of Chicago’s vampire nightlife, she begins to understand that someone may be out to receive her and take her out of undead to just plain dead.

Shattered Silence (Darkstar Mercenaries Novel 2), Anna Carven

A hot silver alien protagonist called Enki has finished his latest assignment. His sole mission is to fight the demons in till he hears a distress signal in Sector 9. It is a human girl named Layla, and that he knows he should risk it all to rescue her. What he never expects is your romance that unfolds.

Shattered Silence (Darkstar...
706 Reviews

Caveman Alien’s Trap: A SciFi Alien Fated Mates Romance (Caveman Aliens Book 5), Calista Skye

When Caroline is trapped in an alien caveman world, she feels impossible, understanding these aliens are just interested in impregnating human women.

However, when The parkers the girl he is captured, he finds himself mesmerized by her beauty. Steamy scenes and tons of risk make an exciting paranormal romance book involving the mysterious warrior and the girl he has fallen for.

Power of Five: Reverse Harem Fantasy, Book 1, Alex Lidell

Lera is only trying to live her own life as an orphan taken in by a cruel master. The woods is the border between the human world and the immortal world, and yet one day, which edge is crossed when four fae warriors look for Lera.

They magically jump to her fifth warrior, regardless of her being a person. What they discover is their bond is more robust and dangerously alluring than they could have anticipated.

Lost to the Nighttime, Adelelee

This beautifully well-written vampire love tantalizes readers with not just the sparking sexy chemistry involving protagonists Alexander Cole and Evelyn Bromwell but the classic story of a pick between two worlds.

If Evelyn weds the guy, she is supposed to settle into a good life, or if she follows her heart and wants to get a guy who’s locked himself from the world? This publication brings well-developed characters that excel in a complicated and fascinating story.

Lucifer’s Daughter (Queen of the Damned Book 1), Kel Carpenter

After Ruby Morningstar lands himself in prison, she is bailed out with a deliciously sexy stranger that moves her entire life upside down.

Ruby is half-succubus, and her handsome new buddy starts to open her eyes and lies she has been told her whole life. She matches the infamous four horsemen of the apocalypse, and her fascination with them is irresistible.

This inverse harem urban paranormal romance is filled with explicit sex and a great deal of activity as Ruby and the four horsemen face a threat like never before.

A Shade of Vampire, Bella Forrest

Praised for using a similar breed and draw as the Twilight series but with deeper personalities, this novel follows Sofia Claremont’s experience as she’s kidnapped into a fantastic island on her seventeenth birthday.

Together with her only hope for protection being tied up within a relationship to the vampire whose harem she inhabits, Sofia might need to use all her wits and charms to remain alive.

A Shade of Vampire
15,147 Reviews

Vampire Girl, Karpov Kinrade

When Arianna Spero’s mother ends up in a coma, which shows her previous deal with the devil, Arianna is prepared to rescue her mum’s life by minding her own. She understood her choice could be harmful, but she did not know it would direct her into the most unexpected paranormal romance.

Praised for its complicated portrayal of love, intense character development, and purposeful exploration of the way Arianna adheres to her new world, this publication is a thrilling read.

The Hunt, Susan Bliler

Vesa Watson has been captured by wolf shifters during The Hunt, a convention for the bunch that trapped her and another girl. She won’t back down or reveal weakness, desperate to become liberated from these types of shifters that wish to push her into an arranged marriage.

Afterward, she catches the attention of Haddix BloodMoon, who’s attracted to her dominance and strength. Vesa never intended to fall for her captor, but Haddix stones her world, rather than merely in the sack.

Awakened (Vampire Awakenings 1), Brenda K. Davies

This is a timeless story of a dark, poor boy with a secret to conceal and the irresistible girl he knows he must leave but can not.

The background is a school campus, and it follows school senior Sera, who’s having difficulty with her boyfriend, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed.

That is when she meets Liam in his frat house. Read along as Sera finds out that Liam is, wondering when the love they have built up for this stage will probably be sufficient to keep them all together.

A Cage of Moonlight (Dark Fae Academy Book 1), Jenna Wolfhart

Shapeshifter Bree has been made to train with all the Dark Fae to utilize her as a weapon. What she wants is to take the Dark Fae.

You will then find the four fae guys that are incredibly irresistible regardless of their decision to wreak havoc in Bree’s life. Bree would like to withstand their match of cat and mouse and reveal they can stand her ground. This hot tale is filled with steam and action, which will make you wish you’re part of the world.

Actual Men Snarl (Actual Men Alter Novel 2), Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix

Ally Rose is a wolf sisterhood who desires nothing to do with some other of her type. When Kade Blackwood finds himself in a small Georgia town, he smells his partner.

It is Ally, and he will do anything he must do to protect her from the wolf who hunts. Can Ally learn how to trust Kade and locate a happily ever after with alluring?

Real Men Shift
3 Reviews

Moonshade, S.J. West

Sarah Marcel was feeling nervous and confused until she meets a guy she believes is the reply to her problems. However, if Julian fades, she attempts to get him back into deep mysteries. She understands that her loved ones have some dark secrets, and her responsibilities to yesteryear are catching up.

The Dark Lily, Juliette Cross

A Cinderella esque retelling where vampires are the ruling class and the heroine expects to assassinate the vampire prince through a masquerade ball.

A fresh spin on the vampire love with fairy tale elements, an actual rebellion, and two individuals who find themselves attracted to one another, despite being labeled as enemies.

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, Molly Harper

For readers who want their paranormal romance on the milder side with a wholesome dose of comedy, The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires are an ideal match.

The heroine is the concierge for vampires, managing their day enterprise. What she does not anticipate is locating her new client lying on her kitchen floor, poisoned.

Kiss of Steel, Bec McMaster

A steampunk lite paranormal love in which the leather clad, British protagonist is very similar to Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The heroine, Honoria, is torn between holding her hatred against being won by the candy, Cockney vamp who purchased her a pork dish.

A Quick Bite, Lynsay Sands

Lissianna is a classic vamp who only needs to find Mr. Right. But, there is only one problem with her vampiric lifestyle: she can not deal with the sight of blood.

But, Lissianna’s mother has an ideal answer, and she has left it tied to her daughter’s mattress. This is hoping that the hunky psychologist, Dr. Greg Hewitt, can heal Lissianna rather than end up as dinner.

Love Bites: Book Two (ARGENEAU...
1,260 Reviews

A Certain Wolfish Charm, Lydia Dare

Simon Westfield is a rake of the maximum order. He is also a werewolf. Girls either love him or fear him except for Lily Rutledge. She does not find him out to be his fan, and she does not cower in his life. She wants his help and her nephew, a young boy who has come to be somewhat crazy.

Kodiak’s Claim, Eve Langlais

A paranormal spin on town woman and state boy pairing using a Kodiak bear shifter and an unapologetically blunt insurance investigator.

The only real catch to Reid Carver visiting Tamara Roberts as a fitting mate is that she has been hired by his enemies to explore his transport company. Naturally, she is an individual.

Her Perfect Mate, Paige Tyler

Special Forces Captain Landon Donovan is on a new mission from the Department of Covert Affairs, but his spouse is something that he did not expect.

She is a woman who does not look very powerful in his view. What he does not immediately recognize is that Ivy Halliwell isn’t any ordinary girl. She’s feline DNA.

Savage Hunger, Terry Spear

Kathleen McKnight is looking for the guy who saved her life when she had been taken captive by a drug lord in the Amazon rainforest. It has been a year since her capture and rescue, and accusations still plague Kathleen.

She expects that by tracking down Connor Anderson, she can begin to heal. What she does not expect is that he is not only a guy but a jaguar shifter.

The Smoke Thief, Shana Abe

Place in England where dragons are extremely real; a shapeshifting marquess follows the gem thief causing quite a stir amongst the towns wealthy and prosperous. He does not expect the burglar to be a gorgeous halfling: half-dragon half-person, together with the coveted capability of the shift to smoke.

[(The Smoke Thief)] [Author:...
279 Reviews

Legend of the Highland Dragon, Isabel Cooper

What is a dragon to perform in London? Highlander and dragon, Stephen MacAlasdair, leave Scotland for England on a temporary Organization.

His objective is to repay his father’s business affairs and maintain different alliances set up. But he does not anticipate a nosy, scholarly secretary to pry into his or her dealings.

Darkest Flame, Donna Grant

MI5 agent Denae Lacroix is tasked with spying on the Scottish Highlands’ mystical Dreagan Industries and using herself as bait. What Denae does not expect to find would be a warrior king that has not been amongst people in more than a million decades.

Dark Vortex, Stella Marie Alden

To be able to make sure that his clan yells, Jack has to find a mate along with her magical abilities that need to be equally as powerful as his.

He is convinced that Zoe is the girl, but the warrior healer hybrid vehicle doesn’t know how to utilize her skills to try out Jack’s concept fully. Not only will Jack need to train her and convince her to become his partner, but Jack is not the only one after Zoe.

Rag and Bone, K.J. Charles

Crispin Tredarloe is taking excellent care to exploit his magic skills as a warlock. His prior master was a fatal and dangerous guy, and Crispin is doing his very best to convey he’s reformed.

But, Ned Hall, Crispin’s secret fan, is not especially fond of magic, and Crispin’s skills are considerably affecting their connection. A Regency romance with elements of puzzle and a link exacerbated with the complications of the supernatural.

Cursed by Fire, Jacquelyn Frank

After attempting to steal immortality from the gods, Dethan was cursed to some grueling punishment to endure for all eternity. But there is a way out.

If Dethan can make an army to conquer a goddess’ enemy, then he will be free. He does not plan on falling in love with a princess and heir to the throne of Hexis, Selinda, in the process.

Cursed by Fire: The Immortal...
98 Reviews

The Unleashing, Shelly Laurenston

The protagonist is a Viking who functions as Odin. The heroine is a war veteran into a sign of vengeance. For readers who enjoy their paranormal romances with many actions, explicit detail, and strong groups of girls, ” The Unleashing is your first book in what would be your new favorite show.

Dark Witch, Nora Roberts

Iona Sheehan is led to Ireland with her Nan’s vague instructions to a real castle. Iona Sheehan believes she has found her sweet spot when moving to Ireland to work at a local stable. She’s working for dreamboat Boyle McGrath.

What could a girl ask for more? What goes up must also come down. Dark Witch? Down is represented by an evil ancient that has started to poison her family tree.

There, Iona reconnects with her cousins and develops a crush on the stable regional proprietor. What begins as a way of exploring her legacy becomes a discovery of magic and one’s fate.

Burns Like Fire, Mandy Rosko

Jack Marilla is out for revenge following a home fire scarred man who claimed the lives of his loved ones. He firmly believes he knows who did it newcomer, Cindy Chase.

However, when he eventually gets his hands on her, then she admits he is innocent. Jack does not know if to place his quest for vengeance to break or maybe mete punishment about the incorrect woman.

The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood), J.R. Ward

Sola is running out of her reckless past, trying to turn over a new leaf. There’s 1 part of her can’t live without Assail, the guy her heartbeats. She does not understand his secret he is a vampire out of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

If his life is at stake, Sola should risk it all for the man she loves. Can Sola be in a position to protect not merely her nearest and dearest, but her own heart?

House of Darken (Secret Keepers Collection Book 1), Jaymin Eve

When Emma proceeds to Astoria, Oregon, she’s advised not to mingle with the elites, particularly her bad boy neighbor, Lexen Darken. Emma’s guardians vanish, and she has to know her neighbors along with his equally handsome brothers.

A friendship turns into something a lot steamier than the witty and intelligent Emma discovers she can not withstand the boys. Keys of town, the Darken boys, and the disappearance of her guardians leave Emma’s world rocked.

House of Darken (Secret...
1,002 Reviews

Rogue Cyborg (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 6), Grace Goodwin

Makarios of Kronos is a rebel smuggler who gets caught by the Hive. If he manages to escape another kind of jail, the Colony, he’s got liberty.

Creating a deal with the stunning, sharp witted witch Gwendolyn Fernandez is the very best opportunity, but Gwen has been chased from the Hive Nexus, who desires himself. Even though Makarios and Gwen discover a fiery hot link between them, hazard threatens to ruin what they’ve got.

Her Alpha Mismatch (Matchmaker Book 3), Emilia Hartley

Regina Woodward, a ferocious fox shifter, has just about given up on love until her very best friend Nessa gets the crazy notion to put her up with Oscar Torres.

Oscar is a brick wall not keen to allow Regina in. Oh, and he is an alpha bear shifter. Nobody in her household would approve, but as she has to know Oscar, she discovers herself falling more challenging than expected.

Taming Chaos (Darkstar Mercenaries Novel 1), Anna Carven

Go to Zarhab Groht using a silver hot mysterious warrior Torin Mardak on a hazardous mission to receive deadly Calladium firearms off the road.

His attention is tested when he meets many people, one specifically named Steph, who catches his attention. She is lovely, curvy, and irresistible to Torin. Can Torin protect her from the Excellent risks of the Nine Galaxies?

The Soul Summoner, Elicia Hyder

Sloan Jordan can spectacularly observe folks with only a glimpse at a photograph; she can see an individual’s soul. Her power is called into activity when 11 girls are killed in North Carolina.

On searching for a killer using all the hot detective Nathan McNamara, Sloan meets a mysterious stranger. For the very first time, she can’t see his spirit. She is puzzled yet attracted to him. As the mystery unravels, Sloan’s strength and heart have been contested in ways she could never have seen coming.

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven, Bella Forrest

Some individuals, such as Harley Merlin, are automatic. Due to Harley’s ability to feel other people’s feelings, she works in a casino scoping out cheaters. How can she come to have those abilities? She does not have any idea, since her ancestry is a puzzle to her.

But this puzzle starts to unravel a bit when Harley matches a young warlock named Wade Crowley, who introduces her to a world of magical beasts and covens. Wade could be annoying and arrogant, but he’s Harley’s best chance of detecting where she comes from. If you go hunting for concealed secrets, you frequently find more than you bargained for.

Harley Merlin and the Secret...
7,836 Reviews

Ocean Light, Nalini Singh

In Ocean Light, Bowen Knight isn’t your routine security pro: he has telepathy and telekinesis powers. Plus, he returns from the dead.

However, this dead person walking understands more than anybody how meticulous life could be: his consciousness is based on a chip implanted in his mind and it can fail at any time.

Then there is Kaia Luna, a changeling who will change into the kind of a dolphin, and she has just been seized by a band who would like to watch her breathe her last breath.

Now, Bowen must travel to the sea base to rescue her and he is prepared to do anything that is needed even though it means forfeiting his thoughts (and lifestyle).

Of Blood and Bone, Nora Roberts

The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of preteen Fallon Swift. No biggie, right?

Fallon not only offers particular gifts, but she’s also The One you know, The One who depends on. However, her individuality as The One brings out violent gangs intent on maintaining the corrupt status quo, placing Fallon’s life in danger. To avert this untimely fate, Fallon now resides in the woods where older Mallick is coaching her in recovery and sparring.

Most of all, she’s learning about her legacy of faeries, elves, and shifters to get ready for her life’s most significant battle. Of Blood and Bone beautifully remains where Year One left off, proving that Nora Roberts is a power to be reckoned with in almost any genre.

Covert Game by Christine Feehan

You’re familiar with what Cyndi Lauper said: Love is a battlefield. GhostWalker Gino Makazza, a professional killer, driven primarily by demons and basically without a soul, can confirm this. Gino is unsure if Zara, a GhostWalker, is in danger. He must kill him.

Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh is an incredible writer. I’ve read all of her books and can’t wait to read more. Particularly paranormal romance books.

There are 19 books in the Psy-Changeling series and one spin-off. It’s season one.

It is both futuristic and interesting!

This series focuses on two races: The Changeling and Psy. The San Francisco area is ruled by two of the most powerful Changeling packs in North America.

A powerful council of seven creatures with different goals is controlling the icy, emotionless Psy. Some of the humans, who are often considered the weakest among the three races, have decided to level the playing fields.

Prisoner of Night by J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward is a #1 New York Times Bestseller author who loves to write stories about supernatural love and revenge. Prisoner in the NightThis is not an exception.

Halfway to the Grave

Catherine Crawfield, a half-vampire, is pursuing the undead with a vengeance. She hopes that one of the deadbeats is her father. He is the one who destroyed her mother’s life. She is then captured by Bones (a vampire bounty hunter) and forced to enter into an unlikely partnership.

Soulless by Gail Carriger

This is the first book in Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate Series. Takes paranormal romance and smashes them with steampunk’s wild invention and Jane Austin’s manners romance.

Soulless (The Parasol...
1,682 Reviews

Which are your best paranormal romance book series? please share with us and lovely readers. Happy reading!

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