Top 8 Best MCAT Prep Books of All Time Review 2020

Top 8 Best MCAT Prep Books of All Time Review 2020

If you would like to be a physician, you’ll have to conquer the Medical College Admission Test, often called the MCAT. The grueling 7.5-hour examination contains four segments: the Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems Section, the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems Section, both the Emotional, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Section, along with the Critical Evaluation and Reasoning Skills Department.

Sound like a good deal? It’s, and you’ll require a fantastic manual or two to get you through the process with your sanity – and medical college admissions prospects – undamaged.

We also interviewed dozens of high-scoring med school students (520+ on the MCAT) and several MCAT prep course creators in order to bring to you the truly best list of MCAT prep materials. To help you ace the exam, Pennbook rounded up the best books for you.

Top 8 Rated Best MCAT Prep Books To Read

Top Rated Best MCAT Prep Books To Read

The MCAT is a notoriously challenging and time-consuming examination, one that needs at least two months of concentrated study.

Furthermore, your MCAT score and GPA (i.e., your stats) would be the single most crucial element for medical school admissions. Therefore you must do in addition to possible on the examination.

A considerable portion of your MCAT functionality is dependent upon how you research. Everybody learns differently. Some students prefer to study independently and others in classes. Some students enjoy the construction of MCAT classes; some have more self-discipline; others favor the responsibility and personal attention of a committed MCAT tutor. There’s no wrong or right answer. We have observed students do well on the MCAT with everyone using these methods.

Nevertheless, your MCAT score can be determined by using the ideal research materials. Though the MCAT requires a substantial understanding of mathematics, natural sciences (i.e., chemistry, physics), and social sciences (i.e., psychology, sociology), it isn’t strictly a science evaluation. Instead, every part requires knowledge and comprehension of how to succeed on the MCAT mostly.

Irrespective of how you decide to study for your examination, you will probably buy MCAT prep stuff, and you have probably wondered which is the very best book.

Kaplan MCAT Total 7-Book Subject Review + Online Materials

This Kaplan analysis place is hands down the most suitable choice for studying for your examination, but only if you’ve got enough time and commitment to experience all seven books. (If you do not commit to doing so, then perhaps self-studying is not for you, and you need to register to get a training program.)

These novels were highly suggested by just about any high-scoring student we spoke to. For a great reason- they are highly detailed with fantastic visuals and well-structured practice questions in each chapter.

Not one of the other MCAT novels was as comprehensive as such. Kaplan even offers the “celebrity feature” that tells you which segments and what substance are most likely to be highlighted in the evaluation.

If you are concerned, you won’t find sufficient training with this novel, do not worry. They have the conclusion of chapter review segments, three online practice exams, and ​random questions during the book to keep you on your feet. If that is not enough, you could always look at the Khan Academy movie lender.

But you’ll be 95% prepared after reading through each of the novels and working on your weak areas. You may still acquire the MCAT Psychology and Sociology publication because the Kaplan psychology one who comes in this package will not cover 100 percent of the data you want to understand.

Even though this is the most expensive thing on the list, it also provides you the biggest bang for your buck since you get seven clinic novels and three comprehensive practice evaluations, which is much more than you get from anybody else.


  • Very detailed
  • Great graphic representations of theories
  • Lots of exercise questions
  • The “celebrity feature” tells you what is Very Likely to be on the actual exam.


  • Expensive
  • Very in-depth, with a great deal of content. Might not be the best for all those crunched for time

Sterling Test Prep Books

Sterling does not offer you a package of research materials like Kaplan or even Examkrackers. Still, you can make your package for roughly precisely the same cost as Kaplan.

Sterling’s very best aspect is they upgrade their books each month to ensure the material covered finest reflects the current MCAT. It contains different books for each subject. Some interesting topics we’ve found include biological and biochemical foundations of the living system; and chemical and physical foundation of the biological system.

Their “high return” MCAT questions novels each have over 1200+ queries on particular topics that are ideal because the perfect method to get ready for the MCAT is to take comparative tests over and over again.

Each book also has detailed explanations for every question in the trunk, and their service staff is remarkably responsive, so if you do not know the answer at the rear of the publication, they would be eager to assist you. (It is like having a private tutor!)​

But, remember that while the novels are within a summary of the foundations, even if that is the first time learning about a particular topic, it may be better to buy a different publication or utilize Khan Academy or some similar source to learn it before practicing.

Even if you purchase the Kaplan bundle, it may be well worth it to invest at a Sterling publication for the topic that you are weakest in.


  • Upgraded books Sure to pay for the new examination
  • 1200+ queries for Certain topics
  • Very responsive service staff that is almost like your personal tutor


  • It just includes a synopsis of subjects. You will want to learn them everywhere.

MCAT Psychology and Sociology

The MCAT psychology segment is a mess because there aren’t any terrific reviews novels for it.

We wrote a post all about the blend of research materials you need to use to be sure that you’re ready.

But should you choose to purchase just one book for your examination, we recommend getting this one ​as it’s the maximum custom passages. All of this publication does not cover you need to have the ability to work out with Khan Academy and other online resources.

They have greatly improved the publication since the previous version, and it currently comprises a full-length examination and the actual practice segments in the magazine.

The passing question and dispute explanations are tremendously helpful, and if their glossary is not the best, that is why you are purchasing this book, are you?


  • Widest variety of clinic passages to your examination
  • Includes great explanations and passing breakdowns


  • The top of the worst. The psychology part is a wreck without an excellent.
  • Will Have to use other resources to be completely ready.

Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review

It was another stalwart on the planet of MCAT prep for quite a while. While inspection classes are their huge attention for several decades, they’ve expanded into MCAT test prep publications to match their course offerings. Their top show, the Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review, is yet another fantastic choice for a heart study guides when preparing for the MCAT exam.

This set is a thick bundle and features several volumes:

– MCAT Biochemistry Review

– MCAT Biology Review

– MCAT Physics and Math Review

– MCAT General Chemistry Review

– MCAT Organic Chemistry Review

– MCAT Sociology and Psychology Review

– MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Inspection

This set comprises a lot of practice questions and three complete evaluations to test your knowledge after reading the materials. We enjoyed the diagrams and color images in addition to the summaries in each chapter that help the reader digest the substances. There are additionally some test-taking strategy info but nothing revolutionary.


  • Comprehensive MCAT prep at a Sensible price
  • Properly organized text, pictures, and practices evaluations


  • Dense and challenging to read occasionally.

Examkrackers MCAT complete study package

Examkrackers MCAT’s complete research package is overall, Jonathan Orsay writes the second greatest study guide. It provides short and extensive info. It gives this sort of information that you genuinely have to understand about the exam. You won’t be wasting your own time analyzing topics that aren’t associated with the exam.

It provides you six MCAT practice publications: organic and general chemistry, sociology and psychology guide, physics, verbal analysis, and maths. Bio 1: Biochemistry guide and Bio 2: System manual.

This book is relatively concise. It helps you learn precisely the things you want to learn more about the exam. It includes a full-time schedule, which is very helpful because it is incredibly efficient.

This MCAT prep book ​simplifies topics like organic chemistry, biochemistry, and biological sciences that can readily learn those topics.

This book will provide 24 questions that will strengthen your articles and 32-minute examinations. They’ve corrected most of the errors from the preceding version of the MCAT prep book, and they have added more training questions. It also has physics and chemistry guides.

The most critical problem with this ​MCAT prep book is that the ancient copies of verbal rationale were faulty. A few of the pages have been deleted, but now the problem has been fixed, and you won’t face any issues.

After every chapter, practice exams are granted. There are a few fantastic developmental evaluations that can help you think logically. Saving time in the exam is quite essential. Hence the book provides time-saving hints throughout every MCAT material.


  • It provides “must-need” questions.
  • It provides short and extensive info.
  • It provides a 35 minutes test after every chapter.
  • It’s pictures that are incredibly informative and useful.
  • It provides two manuals.
  • The novel is brief.
  • Avoids unnecessary info.
  • Provides a complete-time program.
  • Provides 24 questions inside every lecture.


  • Fewer examples of sociology and psychology.
  • Physics books might have a cohesive and clear idea.
  • CARS does not have a ‘real-life ‘concept.

The Princeton Review MCAT, 2nd Edition: Total Preparation for Your Top MCAT Score

This book is the best complete study manual and the first single publication study manual. This MCAT prep book provides an excellent overall overview of the examination. The general outline is brief and does not waste your own time.

The Princeton inspection is in 1 source that is intended to help decode the test easily. It provides access to 4 full-length practice tests online and reviews all of the topics and strategies that will enable you to crack the examination easily.

This book provides a fantastic summary of the examination. It offers a significant number of training questions, and the research guide includes unique strategies for breaking every query type.

It covers mathematics, biochemistry, sociology and psychology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and mathematics, and critical analysis and reasoning skills.

It provides a full-color 16-page tear with a reference manual covering all of the critical formulas, diagrams, data, theories, and graphs for every part of the MCAT. It provides entry to 4 full-length MCAT clinic tests along with explanations of replies on the web. The specialist content delivers, ensures, and drills all of the MCAT topics. The online pupil tools portal site will comprise 39 practice passages and explanations and questions in detail.

This MCAT prep publication after each content inspection chapter provides targeted freestanding practice questions and practice passages. The only limitation of this book is that the design is awkward.

This may leave you answering queries that aren’t heard of the concept that will be provided in another chapter. You’ll be frustrated and get confused. The case queries need to be delegated to the appropriate branches.


  • First single publication study manual.
  • A concise summary of the examination.
  • Four total length online MCAT practice tests.
  • Particular strategies for breaking every query type.
  • Full-color 16-page tear with the reference manual, which covers all of the critical formulas, diagrams, data, theories, and graphs.
  • The online student software portal site will comprise 39 clinic passages.
  • Targeted freestanding practice questions and practice passages.


  • The design is awkward.

The Berkeley Review MCAT complete set 10 Novels

This research guide includes nine sets of articles and novels. This MCAT test prep publications provide two types of sciences, i.e., natural chemistry, physics, and biology, and 1 to get a verbal Department of the MCAT. This MCAT prep book is quite detailed and a fantastic publication collection. The book is pricey, but it covers everything.

The information provided is in detail. Critical analysis and reasoning skills have sample passages that are examined in detail. They’ve provided nine diagnostic clinic sets, 27 clinic passages, and 447 questions. Suppose you would like to obtain this publication to order it beforehand since the limited stock is only accessible with this particular publication. The magazine has an excellent high content.

This research guide is adequate with a few questions on this topic that are general chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and verbal passing.


  • For every concept, a clear and comprehensive explanation is provided.
  • Three thousand five hundred practice questions are awarded.
  • Practicing questions can help you crack the exam.
  • A descriptive explanation of replies is provided with a reason.


  • Book series is a little costly.
  • Content contributed is considered in detail, that’s not needed.
  • Books will not get shifted for years.
  • There’s a limit of 40 times to purchase books after the account becomes triggered.

MCAT with Online Tests (Barron’s Test Prep)

According to our review, Barron’s brand new MCAT publication is one of MCAT prep’s most inexpensive substances. This MCAT test prep guide involves a CD-ROM to provide you an in-depth explanation of these concepts.

Additionally, it has critical test-taking strategies that cover time, test anxiety, scientific problem solving, and critical evaluation, which many students find useful. We enjoy how it assesses the enlarged science chapters and addresses the subjects recommended by the AAMC.

This MCAT publication focuses on theory comprehension instead of introducing the facts for memorization. The in-depth multi-month study program may provide the pupils with a well-organized and compact manner of studying.

One drawback we have noticed is the shoddy construction of the clinic tests, which most find perplexing. The queries are not based on the real MCAT, too.


  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Includes chapters advocated by AAMC
  • Includes four online evaluations and 39 passages


  • Practice questions are poorly worded.
  • Questions not predicated on the real examination


We all know you may have many questions regarding the MCAT; below are some answers to a few of these!

Just how long is the test?

It may take anywhere between 6:30 – 7:30 to finish, based on the number of breaks you require.

What’s the MCAT scored?

There are four segments on which it is possible to find a 118-132. As a consequence, you can get anywhere between 472-528 points over the last exam.

How often can you take the MCAT?

You’re able to take it three times each year, four days in two years, and seven days throughout your whole life.

How many hours if you put into studying for the MCAT?

We advocate studying for about 250 – 700 hours based on how well you understand the material ahead.

This ends up being approximately 2-6 hours every day for 3-6 months.

What exactly does an optional break imply?

It’s possible to skip the discretionary fractures with no punishment, but you can not use the spare time in another section. We recommend using the breaks for recharging your mind with water and food, going to the toilet, and stretching your legs out, and getting the blood flowing by performing some jumping jacks.

Can you utilize old MCAT prep stuff to prepare for the new examination?

There are lots of similarities between the two examinations. Still, there are also numerous differences, so to produce your preparation as successful as possible, we advocate employing a new prep book or class.

Otherwise, you could wind up spending an excessive amount of time on subjects that will not appear on the examination.​

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