Top 21 Best Marriage Books for Couples Should Read [2022]

Best Marriage Books for Couples Should Read
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It can be challenging to see that your marriage might not end in your favor. It can be challenging to share your life with someone you don’t know well, especially if it isn’t something you have done before. To be happy and have a successful marriage require commitment, love, and work.

Top relationship experts and authors write these healthy marriage books in their respective fields. They offer valuable insights that can help anyone, regardless of whether they’re planning on getting engaged, newlyweds, or empty nesters—reading on to get more best marriage books.

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Best Books About Marriage All Couple Should Read For Healthy Relationship

Best Books About Marriage


Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations For A Lifetime Of Love, By Dr. Sue Johnson

Communication is key to a successful relationship. Emotionally focused therapy is a method that aims to reestablish safe emotional connection and preserve the attachment bond. Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations For A Lifetime Of Love outlines an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy.

It can be used as a guide to help you work through the more complex topics that may (and should) arise within marriages. Practical exercises and case studies are included throughout the book to show you how to connect and open up with your spouse. This relationship book presents you with how to open up emotionally and be fearless with your spouse.

About the author: Dr. Sue Johnson, a leader in clinical psychology, is an acknowledged authority. She is well known for her Emotionally Focused Therapy approach. Her entire career has been dedicated to helping many couples connect and communicate better.


Total Marriage Refresh by Dr. Wyatt Fisher

Although I am biased as I wrote it, the Total Marriage Refresh is my favorite book on marriage. This is my seminar on steroids. It includes more insight, more tools, and more case studies. This book is highly recommended if you enjoyed my marriage retreat and want to explore the concepts further. If you have never attended one of my seminars, this book is for you, but you want to learn the top six steps towards marital happiness.

These six steps are: establishing a covenant strong foundation, owning your failures, learning how to share power, creating emotional attachment, cultivating sexual fireworks, and remaining in love. This book can be used by all couples, including newly engaged and those in need of marriage counseling. The clip below outlines the top four reasons you should read Total Marriage Refresh.

Wired For Love: How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain And Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict And Build A Secure Relationship, By Stan Tatkin, PsyD.

Each person is unique, so what works for one may not work well for another. This book uses neuroscience principles to explain how each of us is wired differently. It will also help you understand your partner and vice versa. This book offers ten guiding principles that will make your marriage last. These include learning how to fight, so no one loses to get healthy conflict resolution, creating a safe couple bubble, morning and evening rituals, and the loving brain to keep everyone connected.

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, is passionate about the clinical aspects of healthy relationships. He is one of the best psychobiological marriage therapists who teaches couples therapy.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy For Dummies

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) is one of the most effective approaches for couple therapy. EFT is an efficient approach to couple therapy. I recommend the book to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of how we work together.

The book explains complex concepts in a way that is easy for laypeople to understand. This book is like going behind the curtain to find out precisely what couples therapists do to help them overcome dysfunctional patterns, fighting, and disconnection. The book’s case studies show the wisdom and skill of the authors.


The Sex-Starved Marriage by Michele Wiener Davis

According to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, sex can be good for your mental health and bodily health. Sex with your partner is a great way to build emotional bonds, reduce stress, and improve cardiovascular health. Also, sex can lift your mood.

These are the reasons Davis encourages couples to increase their libidos and to find a way for them to connect sexually, even if their sex life drives don’t always align.

Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence by Esther Perel

Perel encourages partners to unleash their erotic intelligence, keep sex, intimacy, and monogamy exciting. How do you do it?

This book’s main point is that both spouses need to be apart for personal growth and have a sense of autonomy within their strong relationship.

Spending time as a couple can be a great way of strengthening your long lasting relationship. However, too much time together can ruin your curiosity and make sex seem boring or repetitive.

Here’s how to make room for fantastic sex and sexiness in your life. Consider an open ended evening instead of a date night from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, when you hurry out the door and then rush back in time to pay your babysitter. See if you can arrange for your children to be picked up the following morning. You open up new opportunities for the wildness and unpredictability of sexual desire to grow by generating greater space.

Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away: Real Help for Desperate Hearts in Difficult Marriages

Best Self Help Books for Marriages in Crisis

This book is for those in a marriage who are ready to give up. Gary Chapman, a marriage and family counselor, believes that both spouses can take easy to follow steps to improve their marriage in a troubled marriage. He helps them recognize and reject the myths of marriage and teaches readers how to understand and accept their partner’s actions and take responsibility. Loving Your Spouse can help you communicate with and connect to a partner who is not communicative, workaholic, unfaithful or depressed.


I Love You, But I Don’t Trust You: The Complete Guide to Restoring Trust in Your Relationship by Mira Kirshenbaum.

Anybody who has experienced infidelity in a marital relationship has probably asked the question, “Is this worth saving?”

It doesn’t matter how partners have betrayed each other; trust can be almost impossible to regain.

Kirshenbaum assures couples that there is light at the end and that they can save their marriages, even if dishonesties have damaged them.

This book explains how to rebuild trust and forget the past. This book discusses the different stages of healing and building intimacy and security within a serious relationship.

Anyone who has been betrayed in a severe relationship will find this book invaluable.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary D. Chapman

The Five Love Languages are the perfect addition to any list of best marriage books for married couples.

Gary Chapman is a name you may have heard of if you’ve ever taken an online relationship quiz together.

About Gary Chapman: Gary Chapman, a pastor, and doctor, has a long history of mentoring couples. He hosts A Love Language Minute on the radio and conducts regular marriage conferences.

It is not common for people to show their love in the same way. This can cause a disconnect between those who want to do their best but can’t find the right way. This book will help you discover which of the five love languages your spouse speaks.

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving gifts
  • Physical touch

A couple may feel different even if they are in love. This is where the five love languages come in.

This book will give you a better understanding of your partner’s love and desire to receive love. This marriage book offers a fascinating look into a whole new world of affection. Consider other love languages while you are reading the book.

The Normal Bar by Chrisanna Northrup, Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., and James Witte, Ph.D.

Is there normal? Is your relationship normal or not? What is the typical relationship between a couple communicate, problem-solve, and make a happy marriage relationship work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are most likely normal.

This book is all data. This book, based on research based on 100,000 participants in the study, helps couples understand what is expected in a relationship.

You can take a deep dive into the personality of the average couple and see how they deal with their race, gender, sexuality, and having children.


The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert by John Gottman

John Gottman, an author, has been studying married couples from a scientific perspective for many years. His research culminated in The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, which includes questionnaires and exercises to teach couples how to resolve conflict better, find common ground, and have more intimacy. This guide will help you regain harmony and love in your relationship if it is suffering from stress.

About the author: Jon M. Gottman, PH.D. claims to be able to predict divorce with 91% accuracy. After a long career dedicated to the study of couples, he is now able to do this. You can also check out his other marriage books; feel free to look at some of his other work there are 42 of them!

Here are the related Top 24 Best Relationship Books of All Time Review 2022

Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love by Marcia Naomi Berger

Berger, in his final marriage book, suggests that couples should spend thirty minutes each week communicating.

Couples can communicate by sitting down together every week to talk about their relationship.

Couples can complement and praise each other on the good things in their relationship by attending weekly marriage meetings.

This helps to reinforce positive emotions. Weekly meetings allow partners to share their thoughts and make suggestions for improvement.

Communication is more accessible when there’s a time limit of 30 minutes per week. Each partner knows that they will have a weekly platform to express themselves, solve problems, and feel heard. These practical tips and techniques have helped thousands of couples develop more profound, more meaningful connections.

Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up

A manual for the married and the coupled up called Marriage Rules: A Manual for The Married and The Coupled Up. It uses a unique format to reach couples who are looking to improve their relationship.

It contains more than 100 rules and is the perfect guide in today’s social media world with its short attention spans. It provides solutions to both old and new relationship problems and practical advice on avoiding road bumps and fuel to begin meaningful conversations necessary to building a successful partnership.

Toxic In-Laws: Loving Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage by Susan Forward

ToxicToxic In-Laws: Loving Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage is a powerful tool to help couples deal with toxic in-laws. ToxicToxicIn-Laws is a New York Times best-seller and bestselling author. Forward shares real life stories from couples who have struggled to deal with toxic in-laws such as the controllers or the critics. Her goal is to help readers find peace in chaos.

Although you cannot change your in-laws, this book can help you change your outlook. Forward helps couples communicate their frustrations constructively. It also offers coping strategies to help protect their marriage against outside influences.

The ADHD Effect on Marriage

Many spouses of someone with ADHD don’t know how to handle it. This book is simple. It validates and normalizes the experiences of ADHD spouses. This book is for you if your partner is impulsive and seems to ignore everything you say. It has been life-changing for many of my clients!

The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Know to Make Love Work

The New Rules of Marriage recognizes that times have changed. Women are no more expected to be subservient in a marital relationship, nor are men expected to provide for their spouses. Terrence Real, a therapist, and author offers tools to help women and men create the relationships they desire and deserve. He also helps them repair any past damage.

This book will teach readers to set limits, communicate needs and desires, listen and respond, and seek outside help.

Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman, leading researchers in marriage, present eight conversations to readers on critical topics such as money, trust, and sex. The Gottmans’ forty year long research into make or break topics, including spirituality and curiosity, as well as a sense of adventure, is the basis of their step by step guide. Interactive prompts and activities will be provided for readers. They will also validate their efforts and encouragement to fix or strengthen what they have already done.


The Art of Loving

In The Art of Loving, author, psychologist, and social philosopher Erich Fromm frankly addresses all types of love. He discusses family love, self-love, and, for religious readers, a love of God or a higher force, in addition to romantic love. He thinks that since all capacity for love feed into one another if you can strengthen one connection, you can automatically strengthen all of others. Maturity, self-awareness, bravery, and understanding are all important issues.

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

You must first love yourself before you can love someone, you’ve undoubtedly heard. This book promotes radical acceptance, which may be the most important tool for self-compassion and self-love. Because we’re designed to oppose and reject ideas, feelings, sensations, and even portions of our bodies that we see as problems, this notion is revolutionary. When we are able to let go of our resistance, true healing and change may occur. But how do we go about doing that?

The 80/80 Marriage: A New Model for a Happier, Stronger Relationship by Nate and Kaley Klemp

So, full disclosure: we wrote this book. But here’s the thing: there’s a catch. We created this book because we didn’t think anybody else had done a good job of exploring the specific circumstances of contemporary marriage. Nobody has addressed the dilemma that many modern couples face: how can you be equals and in love at the same time?

Our book explains why the common practice of aiming for 50/50 fairness fails and leads to animosity. We propose a new, better marital paradigm based on the concept of extreme generosity.

The book is chock-full of activities and techniques to help you develop this new mentality of extreme giving. It also includes techniques for establishing a framework of objectives, limits, responsibilities, power, and sex that will help you and your spouse achieve shared success as a couple.

Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, co-authored by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, has offered millions of readers practical ways to construct a more happy relationship.

Using behavioral science, social learning theory, Gestalt therapy, and interpersonal neuroscience research Getting Getting the Love You Want explains how to rekindle stale relationships, eliminate negative interactions, and settle power disputes. In addition, Hendrix and Hunt discuss becoming better friends, laughing more in a relationship, having a similar vision, and listening more intently to one another.

Getting the Love You Want: A...
1,141 Reviews

Other recommended books:

  • Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
  • Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda by Jennifer Hurvitz
  • Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski


Relationships can be complicated. These best sellers will help you with everything from in-law issues to how the bedroom works and improve your communication skills.

Be committed to your spouse, to your family, and to the life you have created together. You can support each other in every way, both emotionally and daily. These ideas will help you and your spouse stay together through the years. We hope that the book list above has taught you something new and exciting. It’s always great to learn more about marriage, as there is so much to learn and so many great resources out there. Happy reading!

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