Top 10 Best GRE Prep Books of All Time Reivew 2020

Top 10 Best GRE Prep Books of All Time Reivew 2020

Studying for the GRE is time-consuming; you do not have to waste valuable time and cash on homework books, which will not serve your requirements. The very Best GRE Prep Books for you depends on several things, including what sort of graduate program you are interested in getting into, the abilities you want to develop to develop each part of the exam, along with the disparity between your present and target scores. Pennbook has compiled a listing of the best books for GRE preparation 2020, categorized based on what test-takers are usually searching for.

What Makes A Fantastic GRE Prep Book?

The best GRE study guide will exhibit strategies and provide hints that can keep you on track and score high on it. How do you determine if any 1 GRE study book is ideal for your requirements?

Below is a listing of what you should search for in any GRE prep book:

  • A fantastic GRE Research book must contain practice questions similar to or illustrations of actual GRE questions.
  • A fantastic GRE practice publication will have queries that resemble and examine precisely the very same theories as actual GRE questions.
  • A fantastic GRE study guide will possess comprehensive, in-depth explanations that help solidify your knowledge of this content.
  • The best GRE publication will provide clear and consistent guidance with actionable exercises to assist you in browsing the exam.

Below is a listing of GRE prep books that have been rigorously tested to meet those criteria.

Top 10 Rated Best GRE Prep Books To Read

Top Rated Best GRE Prep Books To Read

Manhattan Prep GRE: Set of 8 Strategy Guides

The Manhattan Prep GRE: Set of 8 Strategy Guides is one of the most incredible sets of GRE prep books on the market these days, for it is comprehensive content in GRE topics. Six of those eight novels are insignificant math-content places. Question types include algebra, fractions, decimals, proportions, geometry, number properties, and term problems. These publications are excellent guides to the kinds of qualitative comparison and data interpretation questions you may notice at the GRE test.

Manhattan GRE prep books are a set of 8 GRE books created by Manhattan Prep, a favorite test prep.

Six of those eight books offered by the group are centered on quantitative coughing and math, ideal for anybody struggling with the test’s mathematical section.

This collection is designed for the student who wants to begin at the start, with no prior understanding of this GRE pattern.

This collection teaches clear notions from a superficial level.

Both verbal study novels provide excellent strategies for your GRE test, assisting you to save time.

The cost of these evaluation novels is high in comparison to other study guides. However, the material within is quality research material, which can allow you to achieve high scores.


  • This collection of GRE prep books are detailed, with in-depth explanations and training problems.
  • This collection includes eight comprehensive books on different subjects, compared to the Normal single-book arrangement with multiple subjects.
  • These books provide you access to internet elastic evaluations for additional study.


  • The cost is higher than what most pupils are eager to pay.
  • The substance isn’t acceptable for last-minute analysis.
  • The practice problems are fundamental, best for novices

Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus 2020

This GRE book has become the latest edition quickly from the GRE prep book stadium.

You may get access to online tests that you may finish from the PC, tablet computer, or telephone.

The publication provides multiple procedures to find out the info.

The program provides one-to-one tutoring with Kaplan teachers.

Every query is well-categorized. Many include an issue score.

You’ll have access to the research material from the publication in addition to online.


  • This publication is a comprehensive manual, providing multiple learning Choices.
  • This publication provides access to movies and internet tutoring, along with this book’s material.
  • There are a whole lot of practice tests inside the substance.


  • It lacks sophistication in mathematics, which GRE is famous for.
  • It merely teaches the formulation, but not always clear notions of each topic.

The Official Guide to the GRE

This GRE prep book consists of the real test-makers.

It contains all of the things you require for the examination.

It’s by far the most dependable and precise source.

The qualitative segment’s various themes of algebra, geometry, data analysis, and much more.

AWA is one of the most significant portions of the examination.

AWA part will provide you a good notion of your writing caliber and will guarantee you a fantastic AWA score.


  • It’s produced by ETS, the company that administers the GRE.
  • The very best aspect of this GRE prep book is AWA.
  • To get a fantastic AWA score, you’ll be able to understand the standard of writing demanded.


  • You can’t entirely rely on this publication.
  • If your foundation of math isn’t robust, this book isn’t worth buying.

Manhattan Prep’s 5 Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

Suppose it has to do with the heaviest GRE publication, Manhattan Prep’s 5 Lb. This book wins hands down! Close for an ideal GRE source. This book is excellent for students of prep amounts. The clinic questions increase in difficulty levels, which means that you can target your ability range and examine your flaws. Math and verbal training questions, together with phrases and idioms, make it a one-stop alternative for your homework.

Each clinic query is followed with a thorough explanation in addition to analysis. What’s more, there is an assortment of online resources that come bundled with this particular book, including a massive GRE practice question lender, an online GRE debut, and a record of challenging GRE questions.


  • Bestseller GRE prep book for several decades.
  • Covers most clinic query types with equal weightage to all segments.
  • AWA topics are contained after the publication.
  • Quant question explanations are nicely detailed together with hints.
  • An innovative quant segment is much harder in contrast to a real GRE.
  • Over 1,800 realistic training questions
  • A fantastic addition to Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides


  • Limited vocabulary practice concerns using fewer flashcards.
  • Focuses more on studying comprehension passages and not as much on text/sentence conclusion.

Cracking the GRE (4 practice tests) from the Princeton Review

This GRE prep book is devised by Princeton Review, a favorite resource of GRE testing.

The practice test will benchmark your AWA section.

It provides six full-length online practice tests with detailed answer explanations for rating reports.

With all the study guides, you’ll receive online access to this exclusive premium portal site for additional competitive advantage.


  • It’s among the very best GRE prep books to find out plans.
  • Thorough explanation of basic math concepts.
  • Practice evaluations of the AWA segment are incredibly excellent.


  • Reading comprehension isn’t great.
  • The mathematics part is sub-par to the actual GRE questions.
  • Practice tests aren’t about precisely the same degree of difficulty as the actual GRE exam queries.

Barron’s Essential Words for your GRE 2020

A fantastic grip on the language section is imperative to conquer the GRE examination. Besides studying the challenging vocabulary, it would help if you employed it within an analytical and complicated circumstance. Thus, you not just must learn the significance of different words; you also have to understand its program kingdom. Barron’s Essential Words for your GRE 2020 helps you achieve just that! It will help build vocabulary together with the appropriate execution of these words.

The publication focuses on constructing simple terminology power and then moves upward in trouble amounts. The debut features the 800 frequent language words to the GRE together with their definitions. A pre-test additionally assists you to improve familiarity with the GRE language standards. The sample phrases, practice quizzes, and flashcards will also be there. Additionally, it features pre-written clinic exercises that further examine the vocab quotient of their pupils.


  • An Excellent Selection of high-frequency GRE words
  • GRE vocab flashcards help memorize the high-frequency words quickly.
  • Incredibly helpful for eleventh-hour prep.
  • Extensive vocabulary with over 20000 words.


  • Cards don’t comprise a phonemic spelling.

500 Essential Words: GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards

If you’re especially searching for a review substance to enhance your language skills, this pair of cards is what you want.

It’s made up of two amounts, with phrases grouped according to the level of difficulty.

The initial volume is where you’ll discover vital words or those already familiar to you.

On the flip side, the next volume includes a more sophisticated set of phrases.

Some can argue that ​the supposedly advanced phrases continue to be quite common and don’t pose sufficient challenge.

When it might be a useful purpose, there are many equalizers you need to consider.

In the rear of every card, you’ll discover rich details regarding the word. It may provide you the assurance to state you understand the term entirely from definition to use and synonyms.

This is, in fact, quite helpful even if you look past the GRE. Whether from the corporate world, in the company, or at whatever career you might pursue, there’s absolutely no doubt that extensive vocabulary and excellent communication abilities are crucial success factors.

Though content is the principal concern for any prep substance, a nicely thought out packaging will not hurt.


  • Two volumes of vital and innovative words
  • Complete information in the back of all cards
  • Pre-punched cards have been held together with a ring for the advantage.
  • Includes durable box


  • It might be too simple for somebody with innovative vocabulary.

ETS’ Official GRE Super Power Bundle 2020

Practice tests are the essential facet of the GRE examination prep. The publication package includes full-length practice evaluations featuring questions that are ready by the ETS official examination team – so they’re worth their weight in gold. Plus, it will not get any better than this book to check your abilities before sitting for the real thing.

It features all of the three prep publications from GRE, i.e., the Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Questions, Official Guide to the GRE, and the Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Questions. You save a large quantity of cash when you get this bundle.


  • 600 real practice questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Four actual GRE tests with two simulated computer-based tests
  • It comes straight from GRE manufacturers, so the authenticity factor is enormous.
  • Two tests can be found online, whereas the other two could be retrieved from Kindle.
  • The issue difficulty level imitates the GRE design.
  • Questions are elastic to excite real-world evaluation experience.
  • Free practice evaluation at the CD-ROM.


  • Focuses more on practice questions and full-length evaluations.
  • Some problem explanations could be overwhelming because of confusing details.
  • Prefer the paperback variation since the Kindle variation may have formatting mistakes.

GRE vocabulary flashcards + program (Kaplan prep evaluation )

This collection has a total of 500 cards.

Kaplan clears up things by providing not just a definition, however synonyms and complete sentences using the term in context.

Every card is about the size of a business card.


  • Compact and mobile.
  • Kaplan has provided a lot of words.
  • Kaplan has also provided an excellent companion program.


  • These vocabulary flashcards may not be intended for long term analysis, but the substance on these is comprehensive.
  • These flashcards are a superb source for studying for your GRE.

Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

This book by the Educational Testing Service is created for students who have difficulty with the verbal exam practice questions. 150 REAL GRE Verbal Reasoning questions-direct from the test manufacturer! The very best method to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning step of this GRE revised General Test is using actual GRE test queries -and that’s what you may discover within this excellent guide! Specially made for you by ETS, it provides 150 real GRE Verbal Reasoning questions with complete explanations.

Additionally, this manual contains an authoritative summary of the GRE Analytical Writing step, full of sample writing jobs, and scored sample answers.

ETS can show you just what to expect on the exam. So for in-depth training and precise, dependable test preparation for the GRE Verbal Reasoning step, this manual is your very best option!


  • Same Degree of difficulty as from the GRE examination.
  • It’s among the very best GRE books to get ready for verbal reasoning.
  • It provides 150 actual GRE questions.
  • It’s categorized at various levels like easy, moderate, and challenging.


  • This study manual is just for practice.
  • Cheaper quality paper is used.
  • A few of the explanations for correct answers aren’t explained adequately.

Official GRE for Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions

ETS can publish this publication. A few of the GRE prep book pieces are just like the primary official manual; nevertheless, there are 150 new queries.

All in all, the questions provided within this guide are more complicated than the official manual, which is ideal if you would like to get ready for the worst.


  • New pattern Current with all the revised GRE.
  • Questions will test your comprehension of theories.
  • Questions are more complicated than principal exams.


  • This publication is just for practice, not for learning.
  • No additional explanations of particular topics are provided.

Nova’s GRE Math Bible

This GRE prep book is created for the older GRE design. There aren’t many queries; however, the book is most excellent at building theories. Every chapter begins with fundamental ideas, with questions divided into a superficial, moderate, challenging, and very difficult level.

If you intend to score 150+ at quant, you need to master easy and moderate levels. If you wish to score 160+, you need to master easy, medium, and challenge. And should you would like to score 167+, then you need to master the exact challenging section since these kinds of queries are anticipated in the next portion of the GRE examination in qualitative.


  • Finest GRE prep book to construct your concepts.
  • Every problem is categorized at the degree of simple, moderate, challenging, and very difficult.
  • In-depth explanations are provided for replies.


  • You can’t rely on this publication alone.
  • The publication is made for the elderly GRE design.

GRE Prep 2020-2021: Complete full-length GRE Practice Tests with Answers! Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Score

This publication isn’t a 500-page boring textbook; this book is more effective and innovative. It’s designed particularly for pupils wanting to score superb large scores of 330 + on the GRE and enter Outstanding Graduate Schools. The GRE is commonly utilized in admissions, and this book will explain how you can acquire the best scores. Any aspirational applicant has to have a high score from the GRE, and this book will teach you how you can get precisely that.

With this Novel, You may Discover:

  • What to expect on your GRE.
  • The frequent question fashions and also the best way to maximize your odds of a fantastic score.
  • The way to do the best (at ANY examination – not only the GRE! ) )
  • Proven techniques you may utilize to ACE your GRE and get in the Graduate School of your fantasies.

Designed mainly to guarantee you learn faster, retain more, and ACE that the GRE, the all-new GRE (R) Exam Prep, is predicated upon the ETS GRE (R) Info and provides all you want to prepare for and pass the exam. This comprehensive GRE study resource comprises:

  • Keys to scoring well (on any test!)
  • Crucial Information You need for your GRE
  • The Sections of the GRE and what to anticipate.

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

The very best full-length GRE practice tests are those written by the writers of the examination. The Educational Testing Service’s Official GRE Super Power Packs, accessible on Kindle and printing, comprises three official homework books to the GRE: The Official Guide to the GRE, the Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Questions along with also the Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Questions. Purchasing the Power Bundle as a package lets you save significantly on which you’d invest by buying each book separately.

This book contains four full-length GRE practice tests, together with questions written by the same men and women who compose the official examination (to know they are legit). A couple of the evaluations are from the publication, while two are available on the internet.

Your order will also offer you access to 600 actual practice GRE questions, hints from the test manufacturers about how to best approach each GRE question kind, detailed answer explanations for every clinic question, sample GRE essay opinions, in addition to a wide variety of different online clinic tools.

GRE Prep 2020 & 2021: GRE Study Book 2020-2021 & Practice Test Questions for the Graduate Record Examination

Studying could be challenging. We know. That is why we made this manual.

Each section of this test has an in-depth review made by Test Prep Books. These testimonials go into detail to pay for each of the GRE tests.

Response explanations follow the Test Prep Books GRE practice test questions.

If you skip a question, it is essential to realize why. This way, you can avoid missing it in the future. The answer explanations can allow you to learn from your errors.

Knowing the most recent test-taking strategies is vital for the examination.

A test taker must understand the substance which has been coated. They also have to be knowledgeable about assessment strategies.

These plans are essential to make use of the period appropriately provided. Also, they help test takers complete the evaluation without any mistakes. Test Prep Books has provided the very best test-taking tips.

GRE Prep by Magoosh

The GRE Prep from Magoosh has united many of the highest practice questions and responses from previous test-takers, helping you learn what to expect in the evaluation.

This test-taking study manual has 130+ queries made and examined by the very best GRE tutors. The question bank is compact to assist you in understanding each idea.

The comprehensive GRE prep book also provides in-depth explanations of statistics and answers that will help you assess the difficulty level and your progress. There’s also an additional analytical writing section that will assist you in improving your verbal abilities.

The manual provides one complete training test with an answer key, in addition to a thorough explanation of all of the replies, letting you inspect the answer key after taking the practice exam.

Official GRE Super Power Packs

The Official Super Power Packs novels are written by ETS, the manufacturers of the GRE test. These provide enough official GRE quantitative reasoning practice questions, verbal reasoning, a mathematics content inspection, and two complete practice tests.

These official manuals will examine your general knowledge and will provide good practice for every single topic.

Every guide includes detailed practice questions and replies. Since the test-makers compose them, they can help you get ready for the true evaluation in a simple way.

Each manual includes four full-length GRE practice tests: 2 in the publication and two on the CD-ROM, including the book.

All these GRE books provide detailed descriptions of this official GRE verbal reasoning department and official GRE quantitative justification content sections of the GRE. Additionally, it provides hints for answering every query kindly, offering a summary of the two kinds of analytical writing section tasks that are a part of this test.


What Are The Best GRE Practice Tests?

GRE practice tests are an excellent way to get ready for your GRE test. We provide FREE GRE practice tests, which will help pupils evaluate where they’re in their GRE test prep trip.

Are Old GRE Books Still Helpful?

Yes, and no. The older the GRE publication, the less relevant it’s going to be for the present GRE. With that said, there’ll nonetheless be relevant info in an older GRE publication. When at all possible, we recommend going with a current GRE prep book or GRE training program.

Is GRE Prep Courses Better Than Books?

This query may differ from person to person, but we think. GRE prep classes will have the latest information, can help you monitor your progress, and also make your learning more efficient.

Is Princeton Review GRE Test Prep Worth It?

Princeton Review is among our best picks for the best GRE prep. Princeton Review was rated as our most extensive GRE prep program. Students may buy the prep class for $399 and have access to this class for four months.

What Is The Best GRE Prep Book?

Magoosh and Princeton Review both provide trustworthy prep publications. But if students would like a more in-depth review for the GRE, then they ought to consider a GRE prep program.

What if You Look for in a GRE Publication?

Practice Tests – Exercise evaluations are the oxygen that each GRE publication must nourish its reader. They’re the last call on how the prep went by assessing the progress of the pupil. Purchase a magazine that features at least two practice tests and many more online practice test choices. The more chances there are to excite the examination, the greater the odds of succeeding.

Design – How a publication presents material matters a great deal in the groundwork. The ideal GRE book breaks down each section into sub-sections to assist catch the concepts readily. From analytic to verbal and quant segments, each of the regions has to be given due care.

Test-Taking Plans – Apart from the practice questions and research theories, a publication also needs to help the reader develop a research program. A GRE publication that provides test-taking strategies raises the probabilities of succeeding.

Quality and Number of Questions – The variety of queries on offer and the standard of queries have an excellent effect on the student’s preparation. These questions’ difficulty level must fit the actual examination pattern together with adaptive scoring- generally, select books offering about 2000 training questions.

Pricing – Just how much should you pay to get a GRE publication? It is determined by many factors like question bank dimensions, online practice tests, whether CD is contained or not, etc. Typically, expect to pay around $50 to $70 for novels that are popular among pupils.

Realistic GRE-Like Questions – Publications that have real-like GRE practice questions ought to be chosen. As it’s an adaptive examination, you’ll need to be aware of the study’s actual pattern together with the problem level. A book that can help you to develop these abilities is a perfect buy.

Comprehensive Answer Explanations – The largest question bank is useless if there aren’t any explanations for questions. A publication that’s detailed answer explanations to every question type and tips/tricks to resolve them ought to be chosen. This can help you catch the inherent concept and develop abilities that hone your clinic plans.

Test-Taking Plans – Actionable information on GRE may mean a whole lot to the pupil. Beginners need to come up with test-taking strategies that suit their analysis pattern and behavior. A publication that provides multiple test-taking approaches with section-specific attention is a great purchase.

Personal Factors – Personal facets like time available for homework, research patterns, place, fiscal constraints, etc. must also be part of the book-purchase research. Calculate the precise time available for your preparation. Thorough study guides are best for longer durations, while movie lessons are great for short prep plans.

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