Top 20 Best Enneagram Books To Read 2024

Top 21 Best Enneagram Books of All Time Review 2020

On the Lookout for the Best Enneagram Books? The Enneagram is rapidly becoming one of the most well-known tools for individual improvement, including; professional, spiritual, and relationship development.

The enneagram is a character system that’s grown in popularity during the past couple of decades. It is based on considerably older roots but by the late 1900’s it had been made into what it’s called today.

The enneagram has increased in popularity as it is more than only a personality tag. It is a method for understanding WHO you’re, WHY you’re, how you’re, and the way you can become the very best version of yourself.

Most personality-type systems only stop in precisely who you are and give you a tag. The simple fact that the enneagram goes over and beyond the title makes it popular and useful. It is a game-changer in personal development and for learning how to love other people.

What Are Enneagram Books

Enneagram books discuss the psychological and spiritual typology system that divides people into nine kinds. These books discuss Enneagram types, their traits, motives, and interactions.

Individuals and organizations utilize the books for self-awareness, understanding others, and team-building. They can range from beginning guides to more sophisticated and in-depth studies.

Top Rated Best Books On Enneagram

Top Rated Best Enneagram Novels To Read

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Type 1 through 9 are the nine personality types. Like the Myers Briggs personality test, you can take free or paid enneagram tests online or the retina exam (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) to determine your personality type.

If not, the greatest enneagram books below can help you determine your personality type for personal growth, relationships, and self-discovery.

Below are the best books about enneagram that Penn Book recommend starting reading:

The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Don and Russ, the top enneagram authors, combine spirituality and psychology in this book. This book helps you understand your motives and gain self-awareness, and it’s great for individuals who want a more practical and individualized approach to personal and spiritual growth.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram is broad but easy to read. As the spiritual leap begins, they methodically add wake-up calls and red flags to text boxes.

This enneagram book is great for spiritual people.

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Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Readers of all levels can enjoy this enneagram book. This book’s thorough enneagram type explanations can help you understand your personality type, but it won’t help you find it.

The authors show each type’s best and worst behavior, unlike most other enneagram books. Each kind has nine beneficial, moderate, and harmful habits. Does this clarify your anxiety, desire, and motivation? You know your bad habits.

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Understanding the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Reading profiles or taking online tests doesn’t always reveal your Enneagram type. Most people are multi-personality.

This Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson book is for Enneagram novices. This has a misidentification chapter and a questionnaire to help you identify your sort. The chapter compares every sort to discover their distinctions.

The same writers as the Personality Types explain new links in our Thinking, Feeling, and Instinctive Centers. They show you where to focus first for your sort, and towards the end of the book, they recommend growth strategies for each type.

The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels and Virginia Price

This enneagram book helps quickly discover your type. The book begins with a nine-paragraph self-discovery that lets you choose a few descriptors that fit you.

This David Daniels and Virginia Price novel is brief. Beginners or people who don’t want to understand the enneagram’s depth can use it. The writers compare and contrast each kind to help you find yours.

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The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

(Christian books on the enneagram)

This enneagram book is easy to read. The book’s personal stories and graphics are entertaining and amusing.

Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile write in a less scholarly style than other Enneagram works. It’s available to all readers.

From a Christian perspective, you can learn to be kind to yourself and others. Check their company study guide if you don’t know your number.

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The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut

Based on the three instinctual variations—sexual (sx), social (so), and self-preservation (sp)—the nine Enneagram types can be divided into 27 subtypes (sp).

The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut is essential for Enneagram enthusiasts. A complete Enneagram book list must include The Comprehensive Enneagram.

The article includes samples and in-depth analyses. For self-discovery, it offers nine Enneagram types.

Millenneagram by Hannah Paasche

I have the Enneagram book for you if you don’t like formal teachings. Not dull! Hannah Paasche, creator of the #millenneagram Twitter thread, wrote this witty book.

Millennials can relate to its hilarious and illuminating understanding of everything. Importantly, it doesn’t feel like Enneagram research. Millenneagram is a fun method to learn about the types.

The Nine Ways of Working by Michael Goldberg

The Nine Ways of Working is a great summary of types and worldviews. It aids readers in classifying coworkers.

Readers can then figure out the best way to work with each type. The enneagram book is also known for its practical tips for working with each type.

Enneagram in Love and Work by Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer pioneered the storytelling tradition of teaching the Enneagram, which encourages open study of each personality type by “listening to representatives of each Enneagram type share their personal stories and reveal their particular inner worlds and realities.”

This book is for those who understand types. Best part about publication? The connection matrix shows common connections between any two Enneagram types.

It gives a detailed examination of how to deal with each of the nine Enneagram types, including motivators. Enneagram in Love and Work, like The Nine Ways of Working, is perfect for improving human behavior understanding.

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The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele

This Enneagram book is for those who find others too long and complicated. This book has cute cartoons and is easy to read.

Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele’s Enneagram primer is great. This book may confuse you. However, you’ll understand how each variety occurs on Earth.

This Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele book is still a good starting point for introducing the machine to friends or youngsters.

Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Union by Beth McCord, Jeff McCord

Is your partner jaded? What if your lover came with the instructions? Your Enneagram Coach founders Beth and Jeff McCord have helped over 250,000 people discover their personality types and improve their relationships.

Getting Us illuminates oneness through the Enneagram and this Gospel. Beth and Jeff explain:

  • Answer the question, What’s my partner believing?
  • Defuse battle before it begins, particularly the Exact Same old arguments
  • Quit assuming each other’s motives and make communication work
  • Affirm each other in meaningful ways that thing
  • Love your partner all over again, even if You’ve loved each other for Ages

This enneagram book series is appropriate for people of all ages. Beginners and experienced enneagram users alike can benefit from fresh and vital life lessons.

  • The Enneagram Type 1: The Moral Perfectionist by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 2: The Supportive Advisor by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 3: The Successful Achiever by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 4: The Romantic Individualist by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 5: The Investigative Thinker by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 6: The Loyal Guardian by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 7: The Entertaining Optimist by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 8: The Protective Challenger by Beth McCord
  • The Enneagram Type 9: The Peaceful Mediator by Beth McCord
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The Art of Typing: Powerful Tools for Enneagram Typing by Ginger Lapid-Bogda

The Artwork of Typing simplifies Enneagram typing. It is the only Enneagram book with informative examples, targeted identification questions, color infographics of the 9 Ego constructs, and more. Watch kinds 7 and 4 at the park or types 6 and 3 in a maze. For type coaches.

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Nine Lenses on the World: the Enneagram Perspective by Jerome Wagner

This enneagram book describes nine personality types and their approaches to the world. Our favored paradigm tells us what to look for and what to avoid.

We can use multiple lenses and perspectives to see what our eyesight misses. The Enneagram helps us see ourselves.

The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Christopher L. Heuertz

The Sacred Enneagram is a trusted, richly enlightening guide to discovering yourself at the enneagram’s 9-type profiles, and implementing this practical wisdom to get a life changed.

Much more than a character evaluation, writer Chris Heuertz writes the enneagram is a sacred map into the soul. Lies about who we believe we’re keeping us trapped in loops of self-defeat.

However, the enneagram supplies a bright route to cutting the inner jumble and finding our way back to God as well as our true identity as God made us.

The Path Between Us: A Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships by Suzanne Stabile

The bulk of us don’t know how others interpret their experiences. And that can make interactions difficult, whether with romantic partners, friends, or coworkers.

Understanding personality types’ intentions and dynamics may help us understand others’ and our own conduct.

The Path Between Us: A Healthy Relationship Enneagram Journey from Suzanne Stabile about both Enneagram types and how they behave and expertise relationships will help readers understand themselves, their forms, and others’ personalities so they can have healthier, more life-giving relationships.

Suzanne Stabile, coauthor of The Road Back to You with Ian Morgan Cron, is the best person to discuss the Enneagram’s insights into relationships.

Best for people who want to learn more about the Enneagram types conflicts and misunderstandings. It’s very beneficial for work relationships.

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso, Russ Hudson

“The Enneagram is a great tool for self-discovery. Regardless of which point of view we all approach it, we find new conjunctions of old and new ideas.”

Don Riso used Enneagram’s classic interpretation to understand character in this expanded edition.

Personality Types, Revised enhances the principles and reveals the Core Dynamics, or Degrees of Development, of each character type.

The nine forms of personality internal tension and motions are revealed by this skeletal structure.

Since they reveal the secrets of self-discovery and self-transformation, therapists, social workers, staff managers, Enneagram students, and ordinary readers can use it more accurately.

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Facets of Unity: The Enneagram of Holy Ideas by A.H. Almaas

Facets of Unity uses the Enneagram of Holy Ideas to show educated consciousness’ actual reality. We focus on spiritual truths rather than emotional forms here.

Every Holy Idea’s separation matures its concentration, revealing each type’s emotional center. This heart unlocks all Holy Thoughts.

Thus, its religious perspective can liberate the fixation and prevent its restrictions.

Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types by Don Richard Riso, Russ Hudson

PERSONALITY TYPES, Don Richard Riso’s first book, is the best Enneagram handbook and a personal development classic worldwide. This book revolutionized understanding and precision of this ancient symbol of character.

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Knowing THE ENNEAGRAM followed and educated readers on how to use this emotional framework in everyday life.

Don Riso and Russ Hudson have updated and improved this authoritative Enneagram reference based on their ongoing research, which will get more attention.

Use the Enneagram to enjoy personal growth and relationships.

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram: Nine Faces of the Soul by Sandra Maitri, Geneen Roth

A breakthrough investigation of the religious dimension of working with all the enneagram by one of its oldest US teachers and students.

One of the earliest enneagram books to fully explore the first religious dimension. Sandra Maitri, one of the most educated enneagram educators in the US, explains how the enneagram reflects our personalities and spotlights a simple character within us.

She describes how visiting the interior land unique to our enneagram type can bring us deep fulfillment and spiritual growth.

The Modern Enneagram: Discover Who You Are and Who You Can Be by Kacie Berghoef and Melanie Bell

Many people contemplate self-awareness and empathy as they navigate life’s complexities. An Enneagram helps you understand yourself and improve in numerous ways.

The Modern Enneagram will teach you how to use the basics of the character typing system to gain strength and insight for life’s trials and changes.

The Modern Enneagram provides all you need to develop and evolve, including:

Practical ways to meet your heart needs according to the 9 Enneagram types Examples of Enneagram principles like emotion regulation, self-acceptance, job growth, and family relations Modern Enneagram leaders Kacie Berghoef and Melanie Bell offer counsel. They relate to the fast-paced, diverse world.

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Other Best Enneagram Books Considerations:

  • The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert
  • Milleneagram: The Enneagram Guide For Discovering Your Truest, Baddest Self By Hannah Paasch


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a typology system that categorizes human personalities into nine types based on their core motivations, fears, and worldviews.

What can I learn from an Enneagram book?

An Enneagram book can help you understand your own personality type and how it affects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You can also learn about the other eight types and how they interact with each other.

Are Enneagram books based on scientific research?

The Enneagram is not a scientifically proven system, and its use as a personality typology has been met with criticism by some in the scientific community. However, many Enneagram enthusiasts and practitioners believe it to be a valuable tool for self-awareness and understanding.

How do I determine my Enneagram type?

To determine your Enneagram type, you can take a self-assessment test or work with an Enneagram professional.

Can Enneagram books be used for personal or professional development?

Yes, Enneagram books can be used for both personal and professional development. They can help individuals gain insight into their personality and behavior patterns, and they can also be used in organizations for team-building and communication improvement.

Is there an official Enneagram organization?

Yes, there is an International Enneagram Association (IEA) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study and understanding of the Enneagram.


If you are a fan of reading books or want to get some knowledge about the Enneagram personality test, then this list is for you. With all the different options, this list has something for everyone. Some people like to have all the information in one place while others prefer a more concise and straightforward approach.

Whatever your preference is, this list has you covered. Each book has its own unique way of explaining the Enneagram test and its nine personality types. This list has the best books on the Enneagram that will help you understand yourself and others better.