27 Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books of All Time Review 2022

Top 27 Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books of All Time Review 2020
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What are the Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books Ranked? Choose Your Own Adventure books, for the most part, are static stories. As soon as you open the cover, you let yourself be accepted by the writer wherever they opt to take you. Choosing your own experience provides you the capacity to enable the characters to make the decisions you need them to create.

These kinds of stories are still increasing in popularity and have made their way on different platforms, such as Netflix. So, which doorway are you going to go into? The time travel will be incredible!

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What Makes These Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books Do To Qualify For This List

Whenever you’re standing the very best of something, the outcomes are usually marginally subjective. Still, we’ve done our very best to think of some list of the readers of the choose your adventure genre would genuinely like. To produce this listing, we took into consideration:

  • Amount and quality of user testimonials
  • sales data
  • Public perception
  • Remarks of readers of the genre
  • Industrial success
  • And personal opinion

What Can Be A Choose Your Adventure?

Choose your own adventure is a structure in which the crowd (you) choose the significant character’s function. You get to create plot changing decisions that take you down another narrative route’ that every choice compared to most stories where there is just one story, the one determined by the writer.

Top 27 Rated Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books To Read

Top Rated Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books To Read

SaleBestseller No. 1
Choose Your Own Adventure...
2,215 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
Pick Your Own Quest: Trapped...
193 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 3
Choose Your Own Adventure...
1,051 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 4
Choose Your Own Adventure...
459 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
Choose Your Own Minecraft...
1,273 Reviews
Bestseller No. 6
You Choose: Survival Boxed Set
57 Reviews

If you are looking for the best Choose Your Own Adventure books available in ebook and print editions this is the list of the best books Penn Book recommended for you:

The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper by S.M. Morgan

Best choose your own adventure age range

Book Summary: My name is Teddy, and I am in the 6th grade. It is my first day in another college, and up to now, the only person I know is Zane, the school bully. I was just your regular child attempting to keep off everybody’s radar, but I met with my new best friend, Bud Wiper, everything shifted.

Bud is a 6th-grade millionaire from 60 decades back. Yep, that is right; Bud Wiper is a treasure hunter by the 1940s who left his diary filled with life and experience; although we have never met, I believe that he might be the one thing that gets me through 6th-grade living.

The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper is one of the best Choose Your Own Adventure books for kids, middle college students, and adults.

The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper
3 Reviews

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Your Very Own Robot by R. A. Montgomery

Your Robot takes YOU on a zany adventure with your very best robot buddy, Gus. Your 6-8-year-old reader will sail the seas, fly into the distance, and rescue Gus in the junkyard! Your Robot presents the wacky narrative that proceeds in the companion book Your Robot Functions Cuckoo Bananas!

Princess Island by  Shannon Gilligan

Princess Island by Shannon Gilligan takes YOU – her Royal Highness Princess Peregrine Yvette, or Perri for brief on a thrilling adventure to summer camp around Princess Island!

Your 6-8-year-old reader will practice her curtsy (it requires a whole lot of work!), search for the ghost of Lady Violet Grimm, compete at the Princess Playoffs, and create a lot of new friends!

Princess Island is your initial Princess Perri experience, followed by yet another summer of fun at Princess Perri and the Summer.

The secret of the Ninja by Jay Leibold

An early samurai sword arrives on your aikido dojo doorstep. Can the ninja sword hold magic powers that date back several decades past?

If you follow the history of the mysterious sword, then will your life be at risk? Without caution, five ninjas assault! Are they following the samurai sword, or outside for your mind?

Through the Forest by Steffie Broccoli and Catherine Bidet

Mother Forest narrates this woods’ good Choose Your Own Adventure books. She clarifies the scenes and gives you options and their corresponding page numbers. You will love the leafy tab on the web page showing the page numbers for simple turning.

Batman The Lazarus Plan by John Sazaklis

This superhero adventure book catches your attention instantly and retains it. You get to determine what Batman would do and see 13 possible endings. In case you haven’t read a choose your own adventure in a little while, or ever, I highly suggest them.

The Sky’s the Limit: My Journey with Mary Ellen (American Girl) by Valerie Tripp

Input Maryellen’s world throughout the 1950s. Wear poodle skirts and visit a college dance (they were known as sock jumps back then!), enter a competition, or visit a compact silver camper that resembles a rocket ship. This is an enjoyable show that my children loved.

The Sky's the Limit: My...
51 Reviews

Song of the Mockingbird: My Journey with Josefina (American Girl) by Emma Carlson Berne

You are in Josefina’s entire world in New Mexico in 1824 on the ranch. Spend cozy evenings around the ranch, take a look at the lively marketplace in Santa Fe, and pick from many different exciting choices within this multiple ending narrative.

Touch the Sun by Emily Conlan

Step in the life span of a Somali boy and his small sister is fleeing for life and does not know who to trust. You won’t have the ability to put this down the superb action packed and enlightening narrative.

I loved the writer shares related factual info in the back of the book, referenced throughout history. Be mindful that there’s violence in this adventure story, which might not be perfect for sensitive readers.

Break Your Chains by Emily Conlan

From false imprisonment from London, you’re sent on a boat to Australia, especially Tasmania. You are made to work off your prison sentence rather than eliminate hope you’ll find your dad. The background of the compelling story is intriguing.

Little Red Riding Hood from Eric Braun

Not only is that a fractured (mixed up) retelling of an adventure story, but it is also a choose your story. You will find three new variations of the fairy tale with frightening, unexpected, or catastrophic outcomes.

Treasures of the Forgotten City (Ultimate Ending)

These Best Choose Your Own Adventure books have you looking for the lost town of Atrahasis, fighting traps, storms, and riddles to arrive and find the hidden treasure your uncle wrote about in his diary.

Although this book has one supreme ending, it is engaging enough even if you discover it early on, you will keep going back to find out what happens from another storyline.

To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable – Path Adventure by Ryan North

You are the Prince of Denmark, along with your dad, who has just expired. Worse, your mother has gotten remarried to some uncle (gross!).

Are you going to manage this? Or are you going to bypass all of the Hamlet angst and roleplay as Ophelia rather? To Be or Not to Be is a smart, richly exemplified experience through Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, with you in control of most of Hamlet’s options (or lack thereof).

To Be or Not To Be: A...
448 Reviews

Lost in Austen: Produce Your Own Jane Austen Experience by Emma Campbell Webster

Like Elizabeth Bennet, you’re on the lookout for a blessed and loving union. However, as you make your way through the options of Lost in Austen, you may discover that it isn’t a straight route from page one to Mr. Darcy.

Along with how you could stop by Emma Campbell Webster, Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, and pretty much every other book that Jane Austen ever wrote.

A Girl Walks Into a Bar: Your Fantasy, Your Rules by Helena S. Paige

Let us be real here. When you listen to the words Choose Your Own Adventure and Mature, you get started considering interactive erotica.

Could you not attempt to deny it? Lucky for you, Helena S. Paige has already beat you to this notion with all the steamy A Girl Walks Into a Bar. Are you going to talk about a rock star? Get to know the bartender a bit better? Adhere to a mysterious girl to another site? The decision is in your hands on this fun, flirty gamebook.

If by Nicholas Bourbaki

You begin as a nameless young dreamer from northern California. After every chapter, you’re presented with a selection. Unlike many Choose Your Own Adventure stories, all your options in If impact this book’s literary style and the storyline.

However, it is a slightly different sort of gamebook, an exciting spin on an interactive book with a lot of different endings to select from.

Meanwhile by Jason Shiga

Are you going to pick chocolate or vanilla? Mind reading or even time travel or killer robots? Meanwhile requires the easiest of options and spins them in a zany, cute picture book that’s entirely under your power. Lead Jimmy through puzzles and puzzles as he tries not to destroy the world in his ice cream pursuit.

The Cave of Time by Edward Packard

Together with 40 possible endings, The Cave of Time has been the first book of Edward Packard from the famous Choose Your Adventure series of 1979.

We believe this is the best spot for young visitors to begin if they would like to enter the Choose Your Adventure gamebooks, particularly if they enjoy science fiction.

The best choose your own adventure book sends you on a lift that contributes to a cave, which lets you travel. Discuss endless possibilities! Fun and adventuresome, this is the book that popularized an entire literary movement.

Give Yourself Goosebumps: Escape from the Carnival of Horrors by R.L. Stine

Best choose your own adventure books adults

If it comes to terror, adults have Stephen King, and children have R.L. Stine. Anybody who grew up during the the’90s recalls Stine’s Goosebumps books, but did you realize he wrote a series called Give Yourself Goosebumps?

These Choose Your Own Adventure books to have an utterly creepy twist, and it all began with Carnival of Horrors. Place at a carnival on a snowy night, you and your buddies are encouraged to test out a few of the rides before launching. Spooky, although not frightening, we believe that this one is ideal for budding horror lovers!

Escape from the Carnival of...
267 Reviews

The Abominable Snowman (Choose Your Own Adventure #1) from R. A. Montgomery

The Abominable Snowman is among the most well known stories in the classic Choose Your Adventure series. In this narrative, you’re climbing Nepal’s hills in search of the elusive Yeti if your friend, Carlos, disappears.

You think he may have gone after the yeti alone, but you are not sure. How are you going to proceed? And are you going to locate Carlos punctually? This narrative is big on experience, with large stakes and extensive choices guaranteed to delight any young reader.

Cinderella’s Magic Adventure (Walt Disney Choose Your Adventure, No 4) by Jim Razzi

Back in the’80s, when the interactive book was all the rage, a Disney collection of pick your adventure princess books hit the shelves.

Cinderella’s Magic Adventure proved to be a fan favorite, allowing young readers to step into this narrative world and help Cinderella get to the ball.

The intriguing thing about this particular one is you, the reader, aren’t Cinderella in the narrative. Instead, you’re somebody who moves by her in a carriage and decides to help.

We believe that it helps children see more of these in the narrative and is an enjoyable option for young readers that need fewer and more magic in their own stories.

It is fewer than 50 pages, which makes it a fast scan, but using seven potential different endings may be read repeatedly to discover new results.

The Lake Monster Mystery (Choose Your Adventure – Dragonlark) from Shannon Gilligan

While the other Choose Your Own Adventure books with this listing in the Choose Your Adventure series have been printed back in the 80s, the Dragonlark series came together to pick your adventure book resurrection in 2008. The Lake Dragon Mystery is the first in a string of mythical tales developed to capture young readers’ imaginations.

If you and your sister arrive in Lake Champlain, you opt to set out in search of Champ, the lake creature. The Dragonlark books are best for slightly younger readers, with much less intensity and dread than the first Pick Your Adventure books.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson

As you are preparing to present your young reader to C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, we advise this enjoyable, interactive fantasy show by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.

The Fighting Fantasy books start with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, a High Fantasy book full of orcs, wights, and critters. We find you to be a fantastic interactive introduction to dream, and if you believe that your children may want to play with D&D whenever they get old, this is a tremendous start.

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Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton

There are loads of options to be made from Heather McElhatton’s Pretty Little Mistakes, which boasts 150 distinct endings. This modern adventure book told in the next individual can take you everywhere Japan, London, Italy.

This book puts a significant emphasis on decisions and how those choices can have motivational or fatal consequences. Be ready for romance, heartbreak, and play since you are very likely to come across three before the book’s end.

A New Hope by Christopher Golden

Is there not enough time in the afternoon to compose your Star Wars fan fiction? We have got the perfect option! Christopher Golden’s Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure game trilogy permits you to choose what happens in a galaxy far away.

A New Hope features each of the figures and plotlines you know and enjoy but provides a smart interactive spin on the beloved franchise.

A New Hope (Choose Your Own...
17 Reviews

Romeo and Juliet: A Chooseable – Path Adventure

Can Romeo and Juliet ever frustrate you with their strings of poor decisions? Well, you can now make it all alright. This Choose Your Own Adventure Books permit you to shoot the star crossed buffs down some somewhat improbable paths and provides some severe laughs on the way.

Besides the tales, this book also features illustrations from 80 unique artists to help emphasize the numerous endings. But do note that every individual narrative is relatively brief, though that only provides you more time to learn more about the rest.

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

It is difficult for people to seek something less conventional; it is difficult to find any stranger than the usual non-fiction autobiography, Choose Your Own Adventure Books style. Then again, it’s Neil Patrick Harris (actor, comedian, TV host, and all around Cool Dude, for all those not in the know).

As it is an autobiography, there are just so many turns and twists the narrative can shoot, leading you finally to only one end. Based on your options, you may (or might not) reach a couple of secret chapters.

What’s your favorite one in the best Choose Your Own Adventure books? Thank you for your attention!

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