Top 8 Best Brandon Sanderson Books of All Time Review 2020

Top 8 Best Brandon Sanderson Books of All Time Review 2020

List of the best Brandon Sanderson books, rated by voracious readers at the Ranker community. With commercial success and critical acclaim, there is no doubt that Brandon Sanderson is among the most well-known writers of the previous 100 decades. Sanderson is famous for his fantasy and sci-fi composing in addition to his favorite Mistborn series. If you are a massive fan of his job, then vote your favorite books below and make your opinion count. This survey is also an excellent resource for new lovers of Brandon Sanderson who would like to understand which papers they should begin studying. With unforgettable characters and superb storytelling, there is no reason you need not check his work out if you are a huge reader.

With novels that range from The method of Kings into Mistborn: The Final Empire, this is a fantastic starting point to get a listing of your favorites. Which exactly are Brandon Sanderson’s very best books? Vote on this listing and assist us in kindly answering this question.

Top 8 Rated Best Brandon Sanderson Books To Read

Top 8 Rated Best Brandon Sanderson Books To Read

Who is Brandon Sanderson?

Brandon Sanderson is a New York Times bestselling writer who has been released for ten decades but writing for a lot more than that. Produced in Nebraska, but now living in Utah, Sanderson was not much of a bookworm as a child till he had been provided a copy of Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly with a favorite teacher. He has been hooked on the epic dream ever since. Though he initially intended to study biochemistry in school, he gave himself to his love of tales and changed to English, expecting to become a writer. After a long time of writing after he would -at night, on the job, whenever he had spare time-Brandon marketed his first publication, and by May 2005 he had been holding Elantris in his palms.

Brandon Sanderson is primer following the victory of Elantris, Brandon gained an even broader audience with all the Mistborn trilogy. In 2007, Sanderson was catapulted into the spotlight when he had been requested by Robert Jordan’s widow, Harriet McDougal, to shoot over The Wheel of Time series after the unfortunate departure of Robert Jordan. During the upcoming few decades, Sanderson performed double duty, not just working aggressively about the finale to The Wheel of Time, but also producing fiction series in his worlds. The Way of Kings, the inaugural publication of The Stormlight Archive series, was printed in 2010 and its sequel, expressions of Radiance, in 2014.

If that last bit sounds nuts, then do not worry, it is standard. Sanderson is famous for his unbelievable work ethic. Furious speed -not only has he published full-length epic fantasy books before, during, and after finishing Robert Jordan’s legendary show. He has also written a couple of middle-grade and YA books, a profusion of short stories and novellas (among which Hugo won a couple of years ago). Managed to find time to take part in the award-winning “Composing Excuses” podcast, he began together with Dan Wells and Howard Taylor and Mary Robinette Kowal linking from the sixth time.

Sanderson manages to strike a delicate balance in his job, providing the fun, enchanting, and epic dream experiences he loved growing up while pushing these tales into fresh land; discovering ways to ask significant questions regarding culture, personality, faith, culture, history, and much more without forfeiting a breakneck, page-turning pace.

Here is a list of the best books that Pennbookcenter recommended reading:

The Hero of Ages

Many dream books deal with an evil force bent on devastation, but few make the danger as persuasive as Ruin. I felt that the mounting feeling of grief at the unstoppable destruction of the earth. It will lose some things for Sazed being moany and whiny for the majority of the novel. His “atheism” is overly melodramatic to be persuasive (though his storyline is redeemed with the payoff in the end ). It was great to see Spook turned into a most important character in his own right and watch him fight with the challenges of direction. But that does not compare with the fantasy team of Vin and Elend.


That can be Sanderson’s first published book, and it is a little rougher than others. I can view some components that were shot and reworked into Stormlight Archives. Some pieces are a little bit too simple and handy, but they are a good story with a superb setting and premise. It is difficult not to be amazed and inspired by how Raoden and Sarene conquer their challenges, and that does not enjoy a happy end?


Do you like seeing dream tropes turned in their minds, love heist tales, and want you to soar through large cities such as Spider-Man? Then attempt the Mistborn series! Place in a dying universe, dominated by a menacing immortal emperor who hides a dark secret concerning the prophesied Hero of Ages. The show follows Vin, a young woman who joins up with a bunch of thieves, miscreants, and revolutionaries, on a mission to finish the last Empire once and for all, with lots of metal magic, intrigue, men with spikes for eyes, along with adrenaline across the way.

The Alloy of Law

Three years after the events of this Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is currently on the point of modernity, together with railroads to supplement the canals, electrical lighting at the streets, and the wealthy’s houses very first steel-framed skyscrapers racing to the clouds.

Kelsier, Vin, Elend, Sazed, Spook, and the remainder are now a part of history-or faith. Yet even as technology and science are hitting new heights, the older magics of Allomancy and Feruchemy continue to play a role in this reborn world. From the frontier lands called the Roughs, they’re crucial tools for its courageous people trying to establish justice and order.

Waxillium Ladrian is a rare Twinborn who will Push on metals together with his Allomancy and utilize Feruchemy to become heavier or lighter at will.

After twenty years at the Roughs, Wax was driven by family tragedy to come back to the metropolis of Elendel. He needs to reluctantly put away his firearms and assume the responsibilities and dignity incumbent upon a noble residence’s mind. He believes until he learns the hard way in which the mansions and tasteful tree-lined streets of town could be even more harmful than this Roughs’ temperate regions.


On the lookout for something along similar lines to Elantris? Well, give Warbreaker an opportunity! Place in a world where the magical energy of Breath can imbue a mortal with godlike skills; a young princess is delivered to wed the God-King of her neighboring, warring state. It is up to her older sister to safely bring her back home, even while still averting the crown’s conspiracy. Incredibly deadly (however naïve) speaking dragons, marble-sculpted immortal women and men, and a fascinating talk about sarcasm ensue.

The Final Empire

The Final Empire

Sanderson is famous for his amazing personalities, comprehensive magic systems, colorful world construction, and superior plots (all found in this publication ), but what I believe makes him unique is your assumptions he uses to get his novels. Sanderson asks an interesting question in this novel: suppose that the Dark Lord won the last battle? The previous struggle between good and evil is a common characteristic of fantasy books. It is surprising nobody has ever wondered what could happen if the wrong side won.

You will find different vital questions like how you can establish a revolution at a slave society and what would be the best approaches. Do you ruin the ruling class like Kelsier thinks or attempt to work together with such as Elend considers? Trying to tackle a radical heist in this universe makes for a fantastic story.

Mistborn also has several of Sanderson’s most exceptional characters, such as Kelsier and the team, but first and foremost, Vin. Her trip from abused road orphan to robust allowance and undercover noblewoman is intriguing and kept me hooked. There’s an additional traditional characteristic of a Sanderson book, a mind-blowing finish that sets everything into a new perspective.

Words of Radiance

There are many incredible moments in this publication by the battle arenas into the rise and maturation of the figures (and their knowledge). There is no denying that the Stormlight Archive places the epic in the epic dream. Kaladin remains my favorite, but this can be Shallan’s publication. She develops much for a character, and it was a joy to see her being witty and smart. One characteristic of the book, however, Sanderson’s writing, in general, is that he writes proactive characters that actively attempt to address problems. You will find amazing characters as usual and extreme psychological moments, by the prospective reduction of Syl, to Shallan and Kaladin being trapped at the gorge, the conflict throughout the storm, and indulging in stating the words of this oath.

Well of Ascension

Many dream books involve war or revolution against the evil enemy, but few ask what happens next? What should you do once you defeat the Dark Lord? Most of us agree that a servant society isn’t right, but what can you substitute it with? Sanderson utilizes the ability to reveal it is not enough to kill the King, which alone will not resolve all of the problems. Elend’s and Vin’s struggles with the burden of direction and also the issues in constructing a new society, reveals a realism frequently forgotten in the dream. The end is one of the most incredible and mind-blowing I have ever read.


That can be Sanderson’s first published book, and it is a little rougher than others. I can view some components that were shot and reworked into Stormlight Archives. Some pieces are a little bit too simple and handy, but it’s nevertheless a good story with a superb setting and premise. It is difficult not to be impressed and inspired by how Raoden and Sarene conquer their challenges, and that does not love a happy end?

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