Top 22 Best Books For 8 Year Old Boys of All Time Review 2020

Top 22 Best Books For 8 Year Old Boys of All Time Review 2020

After looking in many books, Pennbookcenter decided about the best books for 8 year old boys. These are the novels which will keep their attention and keep them reading books after books!

When you’re through here, please look at my very best books for the boy’s site since it’s many book lists that will help you find superb books for him.

At age eight, boys have been in about the 3rd grade. They’re prepared for more novels and novels that have more personality growth.

A hurry to more chapter books can render some boys have them feeling frustrated with studying. We don’t need that, so take care not to push.

Many boys aged eight are considering factual publications, so as always, we’ve included some fantastic non-fiction titles, in addition to fiction names, for them to read.

8-year-olds are still learning about studying even if they understand how to read. What do I mean with this? Well, there’s a whole lot more to reading than just looking at the words.

They are beginning to understand character growth considerably more significantly than they have before. The novels they read today will be receiving a little longer and have more sentences and paragraphs. They’ll also start to have more intricate storylines.

Whether your boy is studying well on his very own, utilize this publication list to discover fantastic books that you research together. Get a while to read by himself, but do not quit reading although he’s getting older! (Please!!) Enjoying books together is such a joy.

Top 22 Rated Best Books For 8 Year Old Boys To Read

Top 22 Rated Best Books For 8 Year Old Boys To Read

Got a boy who does not want to read? Occasionally we may have a false notion which our sons do not enjoy reading as we’re continually hoping to get him to read the incorrect books. There is a time for studying novels that will challenge their heads. But that should not necessarily be true. Consider it. If each book you had been given to see created you WORK, how frequently would you opt to read?!? Not as often, that is for sure.

So, why can we do it to our kids? If we would like to increase readers, we must allow them to see how enjoyable and exciting reading could be. We will need to hand them novels which can open new worlds to them. Make them laugh. Please help them view the planet from a fresh perspective without making them run into the dictionary every 5 minutes to look up the meaning of another word.

To Consider When Buying Novels for 8-Year-Olds

When you are considering a new publication for your eight-year-old kid to see, there are two Chief considerations you will need to remember when creating your purchase:

Interest. Novels will need to appeal to youthful boys’ sense of experience. There’s much of this planet they haven’t undergone, so using a book they can go through will help keep them engaged.

Fiction vs. Nonfiction. Many parents make a mistake in needing their parents to be continually studying and learning. The very best thing you can do at this age will be to nurture their studying through fiction novels full of adventure and fun.

The Redwall series by Brian Jacques

This epic series details the experiences of the critters who reside at Redwall Abbey. They are calm by nature yet courageous in the face of evil. Do not be shocked if your son wishes to see this series repeatedly. My sons both believe this is one of the best collections of books they have ever read!

Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink

Caddie’s experiences help children learn what it was like to develop on the Wisconsin frontier in the mid-1800s. Boys and girls alike can relate to her because she has a penchant for pulling pranks, and she finds herself plenty of experiences.

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Come along on this trip with Milo, a young boy that believes everything is dull. When a tollbooth mysteriously shows up in his area, he enters it because he’s got nothing better to do. However, over time, he understands how stimulating life is. This publication is full of plays on words, puns, profound insights, and an absolute pleasure.

Bear Grylls Adventures show by Bear Grylls

Harry finds himself stuck in an extensive cave system full of bats, treacherous drops, and hidden risks. Fortunately, Bear Grylls is available to guide him out! You are given a magnetic compass, and suddenly you are no more at an outdoor camp but an excellent location in the world – together with Bear Grylls as your guide!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Collection by M. J. Thomas

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, since they find ancient scrolls that transfer them back to key moments in the biblical background.

Dangerous Journey from John Bunyan

This publication is an abridged version of the classic Pilgrim’s Progress. The book is full of compelling images, and the text is just right to enable the message of this narrative to glow for younger readers. Fantastic stuff!

Childhood of Famous Americans series

This series is superb. My son found just how much he adored reading biographies after being introduced into this sequence. You will discover 100 novels in the set! In the 1940s through the 1960s, every one of the stories details the life of a boy or girl who grew up to be an American hero. These books cover individuals such as musicians, inventors, sports figures, and politicians.

The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House series is the best novel series for children attempting to jump from picture books to chapter books. The chapters are brief, and they’re incredibly available for newer users. Along with the tales will require your kid on a trip to various times and areas. I can not recommend these highly enough!

Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Little House novels follow the Ingalls family as they journey from Wisconsin’s woods to homestead in the Western Prairies. These were a few of my favorite books as a little girl, and that I was thrilled when I found my sons adored them too. Farmer Boy was unquestionably among the favorites. But there’s lots of experience in this show to maintain boys turning the pages again.

The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children is yet another show that has survived the test of time. These novels are all about the Alden children that are orphans and wind up living in a boxcar. Luckily, they do not reside there too long! Each publication is another puzzle the kid’s band together to address.

Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobol

If your son loves a fantastic whodunit, he’ll adore this collection. Come along on the trip because Encyclopedia Brown fractures each circumstance. The reader can puzzle out precisely what happened right together with the boy detective.

The Hardy Boys mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon

More puzzles to your son to address. I favored having my sons read the old volumes since many of the more recent novels had several suspicious languages for young readers.

Dragon breath

It was hard to understand what age category to place this one in since the graphics appear a little young, but the storyline is aimed toward 8 to 12-year-olds. You will find younger boys that enjoy this and people just over this age category. I think 12 is a tiny stretch, but some might like afterward to get a fast, entertaining read in the age.

What occurs once a fire-breathing dragon can not breathe fire? Well, that’s a portion of what this novel series is all about. Danny can not breathe fire, but he’s also a somewhat fearless dragon. He’s a best friend named Wendell, who’s a nerd. Together they move on adventures/missions and solve puzzles.

The books are enjoyable. They comprise equally comic book panels and segments of text that are a fantastic mix as it leaves them somewhat less intimidating for people that are still not prepared to read large chapter publications.

Back in Dragonbreath The Frozen Menace, Danny and his friends search for a magic ingredient to kindle his passion.

I Survived

Much like The Time Warp Trio previously, the I Survived series concentrates on historical events, but these novels are way more realistic and considered historical fiction.

Each publication covers a historical event and can be told through the eyes of a young child. Several books comprise boys. That is great as boys love to read novels about the way other boys overcame barriers.

There are loads of details in the novels surrounded by a fantastic and fascinating story that frequently contains escaping death. The I Survived tales are exciting to see!

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

His name is Frankie – the goldfish that’s. Tom’s big brother is an evil scientist who might have murdered Tom’s goldfish by experimenting.

Tom zaps Frankie using a battery to deliver him back to life, and we wind up with the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish tales.

Whew – which is the start! It remains crazy funny during every one of the books. These books are incredibly likely to produce your boys laugh out loud, and even better yet, they might want to read a few of these!

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

As you can see, this listing is a mixture of old favorites and newer titles that are very likely to be in existence for quite a while since they’re famous.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a boy. It’s a boy in the story; a boy mouse also contains a great deal of boy charm. There’s loads of adventure, a touching friendship, and much more to appreciate about this publication.

When it’s too much for the boy to read by himself, love it along with him.


If you have a peek at my other publication lists for boys from the age, you may observe I include some encyclopedia or dictionary inside them.

Generally speaking, you indeed can not have too many of these kinds of books at home. We now have many, and they get used.

Picturepedia, put out by DK and Smithsonian, covers science and engineering, nature, geography, culture, sports, hobbies, and background. It’s not just enjoyable to navigate, but it’s also great to have a quick question.

There’s a hefty indicator at the back so that they can find what they’re searching for. It’s a useful all-around publication.

Henry Huggins. (SERIES)

Classics are always worth revisiting! Kiddo read Cleary’s series of novels about Henry and his buddies when he was 6 or 5 (we enjoyed them collectively read aloud), and here he’s at age 8 scanning them and telling me how much he adores them. Henry frequently plays second fiddle to Ramona; I envision it since his scratches aren’t quite as useless as his famous neighbor. In case you’ve got a Ramona enthusiast who has not yet been released to this show, he or she’ll enjoy reading Henry’s view on her antics. Instead, if your kid does not wish to see a”novel about a woman,” he will most definitely need to browse the Ramona books following a glimpse of her through Henry’s eyes.

Secret Agent Jack Stalwart Book 1

Young boys adore identifying with the central character in this novel, Jack, who belongs to the GPF – Global Protection Force. The GPF is a top-secret global service with just young detectives since, let’s face it, young boys would be the best at solving puzzles!

The story comes complete with James Bond’s kind gadgets that attract a younger audience. We particularly loved the way the author has stitched educational elements into the narrative line. Through the book, your kid will read and find out about various areas of the planet and better comprehend different cultures.

The Boxcar Children

Here is the book that has sparked a lot of young boys to enjoy his or her studying. When we reviewed this publication, we had been struck by the number of adults who commented with fond memories of the book that began it all.

After studying the narrative, we also can see why this novel has numerous raving fans. Life’s experience is composed until you are filled with surprising and exciting twists that will hold your attention upon the very final pages.

How to Train Your Dragon

It’s all about the experiences of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the ten-year-old, red-haired son of a Viking leader. Hiccup, like most young people of this Hooligan tribe, has to catch a dragon for a rite of passage. If they can not see and train a dragon, then they’ll be exiled from the tribe.

Rowan of Rin

It had been the book that captured my reluctant reader to study when he was eight. It is a fantastic dream book by Australian writer Emily Rodda, and there are currently six novels in the sequence. The stories are all about Rowan, who does not think he’s a brave soul. However, if the river which affirms his village of Rin runs dry, he should combine a dangerous journey to its origin from the banned Mountain. To save Rin, Rowan and his companions should conquer the Mountain’s most tricks and the ferocious dragon that lives in its summit.


I trust you found just the ideal books for the best books for 10 year old. Maintaining boys studying in this era and outside is vital.

If your boy isn’t a bookman, this may get harder as they get old. Locating the best publications is essential. We’re here to help you do precisely that.

Should you ever want help picking books, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Make sure you look at our other lists because there’s guaranteed to be some cross-over between ages.

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