Top 50 Best Books For 6 Year Olds of All Time Review 2020

Top 50 Best Books For 6 Year Olds of All Time Review 2020

Are you searching for the Best Books for 6 Year Olds 2020? According to a study published in Pediatrics, kids who were read to during the first stages of their own lives by their parents revealed significantly increased activation of the mind. Besides this remarkable physical impact, books teach kids about relationships, characters, and what’s right and what’s wrong from the world they reside in.

While dream books promote creativity and free drama, fairy tales fascinate kids and differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. That said, we have compiled the very best publications for 6-year-olds to entice them into the world of novels and help them develop the habit of studying in the long term.

Top 50 Rated Books For 6 Years Old To Read

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Top 50 Rated Best Books For 6 Year Olds To Read

Do you own a beginner reader on your palms? From the time children enter first grade, they are likely to be well on their way to looking out comfortable (and possibly even a couple of complicated ) words.

This is the area where reading together can be enjoyable, as you get to see your child gain confidence in their reading as they begin reading stories aloud for you.

Thus, what would be the best 6 year olds books, and just how can you know which is appropriate? Let Pennbook take a fast crash course to locate them, and then we will show you our best picks for publications for 6 year olds.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Dr. Seuss is a treasure, and you will see his names over once on this listing. Seuss books are excellent because they use witty storylines and enjoyable examples to help keep the reader fascinated.

This title is excellent for emerging subscribers because of its use of thought. Additionally, it is a stress-free read since there are not too many words on each page. Colorful characters are going to have your kid giggling and enjoying the process.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

Narwhal and Jelly are complete opposites, and they’re best buds. The two friends go on an adventure throughout the sea, taking the reader along together. It is written and illustrated in a graphic novel format, together with comic strips, catering to young kids.

Adding your child to various publication formats can help them create a preference for all kinds of literature and writing. We enjoy this name for its distinctive twist and secure, yet fascinating, illustrations.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

This is a superb book to present to a child transitioning from kindergarten to first grade. We love the message it communicates: which you’re able to dream and do anything you put your mind to. It teaches kids that, although there might be barriers to overcome, the conclusion will be well worth it.

Remember, however, this name might be better for studying together. While every page just hosts one or two paragraphs, there are many challenging words inside.

How Martha Saved Her Parents by Green Beans

Six-year-olds are about silly things, and this book is just that. It is the ideal companion for parents who fight with picky eaters. If green beans have kidnapped Martha’s parents, she thinks of no additional choice to rescue her parents more than to consume all of the green beans.

We like this novel for its funny plot and because of its internal reinforcement to eat your greens — not a simple feat for many children.

We Don’t Our Classmates

Penelope Rex is excited to begin college, but she’s trouble making friends when she has there since she is a meat-eating dinosaur. But she soon realizes that to make friends, bounds must be respected and set, which means not attempting to consume them.

This is a superb book for introducing personal boundaries and can be excellent for reading aloud together. With sweet, straightforward examples, we love the mild way the intricate notion is introduced.

Elephant & Piggie: Complete Collection

Elephant and Piggie are fairly popular novel characters, so the odds are high your kid knows who they are. The striking thing about those novels is that there are just a couple of words per page since it follows a dialog between both.

This collection includes 25 Elephant & Piggie novels and is best for emerging readers. With humorous stories and favorable connections between the characters, this collection might readily become your child’s treasured collection.

Uni the Unicorn

Unicorns are the rage with kids recently, and this narrative puts a nice spin on the mythical monster. In cases like this, unicorns are considered genuine and small women are considered mythical.

This is an excellent book for reminding kids to adhere to what they believe in and the power of friendship. The narrative will undoubtedly keep your child interested. It is high on our list since it features challenging words without overpowering the reader.

Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Marie is instead the scientist, and it is hard for her family to stay informed about her curious mind. This narrative follows Ada as she investigates her brain to attempt and pinpoint where a pungent stench is coming from.

The writer uses rhyme and rhythm to help keep the reader interested, and also we enjoy this book because it reinforces scientific thinking. It drives home the value of remembering to inquire why never leaving fascination behind.

Where the Wild Things Are

This narrative follows a mischievous boy called Max. After he is delivered to his chamber, he sails off into the land where the wild things live. He’s the king of all wild things but finally misses home.

This narrative is splendid for high-energy children who do not typically sit stories. Rambunctious children can relate to Max and his active imagination, and Max’s reliability keeps children engrossed.

We adore Sendak’s usage of interpretive artwork in his examples, leaving space for the imagination to take hold. This one is going to be a firm favorite for generations.

Iggy Peck, Architect

From the same creators of”Ada Twist, Scientist,” Iggy Peck inspires viewers to dream big. This narrative follows Iggy, who has enjoyed building things because he was 2-year-old and observed self-expression.

The narrative’s use of funny and particular examples are sure to keep your reader’s interest. The text can be laid out differently than many novels, which makes it an intriguing read. This publication has a reasonable number of harsh words, so perhaps it’s you to read collectively.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

Young children are naturally curious beings. As a result of this, it is advantageous to have kid-friendly reference books on their bookshelf.

Even though a 6-year-old might not read word for word exactly what everything says, they will delight in taking a look at the images. They could learn exciting facts about the body, how airplanes work, plus even more.

This publication by NatGeo is fresh since it presents concepts in a fashion that is simple to understand for young children. It is a constructive approach to promote open-ended discussions about various subjects together.

The Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith

What is the narrative: Babe is a runty little piglet removed from his mom and siblings to be marketed in a man’s fair. When Farmer Hogget wins him, he’s destined for fattening up along with an eventual ending on the dinner table. But courageous Babe ducks from passing by learning new abilities from his mother, Fly, the sheepdog.

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Following a billboard falls along with him, squashing him flat, Stanley Lambchop resides a brand new and deliciously dotty lifetime who being submitted to California to go to an old school buddy (so much cheaper compared to purchasing a seat on a plane) to turning herself into a kite for his small brother. Stanley saves the day by grabbing a lot of memorial thieves by posing as a shepherdess at a painting. Not bad for a boy that is just half an inch thick

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

What is the story: After Joe, Beth and Frannie take their cousin Rick within an experience, they make sure it’s one that he never forgets! They climb into the peak of a magic tree and see countless worlds. They must escape out of the Land of Dreams, things go wrong for them from the Property of Topsy-Turvy, and they figure out that compels a runaway train at the Property of Do-As-You-Please.

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

What is the story: After Bond purchased the previous teddy bear on a store shelf, he had been motivated to write about the experiences of this injury-prone keep from Darkest Peru’. Sitting on a bag at Paddington station using a label around his neck that reads, please look after this bear. Thank you’, the excellent supposed Mr. and Mrs. Brown take him into their residence, and their lives are not quite the same again, for normal things become rather extraordinary when a bear named Paddington is demanded.

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

What is the story: By the second Peter Pan and his irritable fairy buddy, Tinker Bell, fly through the window of the Darling children’s nursery, the narrative instantly casts a magical spell over the remainder of the story. Carried off to Neverland, Wendy, John, and Michael meet the Lost Boys, some bashful mermaids, Red Indians, and the horrible Captain Hook and his wicked pirate group.

If Animals Kissed Goodnight

The charming examples in this publication by Ann Whitford Paul paint a great picture of how particular animals kiss their offspring goodnight. This book instills to the small one of the titles of different animals, their infant’s claims, the noise they create, and their body parts.

I’ve Loved You Since Forever

This publication by Hoda Kotb is a superb depiction of a parent’s dedication to his or her little one. It illustrates the parent and child share a unique bond that goes to earlier childbirth. The publication comprises simple text and pictures of images of animals and infants.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Emily Winfield Martin’s rhythmic writing shows all of the beautiful things that parents believe about their kids. This publication embodies artistic and funny illustrations that captivate both children and adults alike.

God Gave Us You

Lisa Tawn Bergren depicts a magical young polar bear cub, who asks her mum a question of fantastic significance: Where did she come out? The mama bear’s answer reassures each of the small ones and conveys the specific message they would like to hear.

365 Bedtime Stories and Rhymes

This story-time treasure from Cottage Door Press comprises over 50 well-loved tales and rhymes, much to the joy of the small ones. It helps another story meet with the wild creativity of the kids each evening before bedtime, which makes this among the most celebrated novels for 6-year-olds.

Grumpy Monkey

Jim, the chimpanzee’s buddy, can’t understand why he’s in a bad mood when it is so beautiful out. The moral of the publication by Suzanne Lang is that occasionally it is fine to feel down, provided that you are not hurting someone from the process.

Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak’s award-winning film book delineates Max’s story, a courageous boy who’s sent to bed without his supper by his mum. Max then imagines running away into a land of Wild Things, where what’s the complete reverse of what he anticipated.


This goofy picture publication by John Patrick Green revolves around the lives of two alligators who have been InvestiGators. All these InvestiGators possess a case in their hands; they resolve the Exciting Spy Technology’s aid.

Ways To Make Sunshine

Ryan Hart, a pure-spirited woman, has a lot on her head. The cash around the home is tight; hence, complications appear every day. This publication by Renee Watson beautifully depicts the story of the young Black woman who knows how to earn sunshine from setbacks, landing smoothly on our list of best books for 6-year-olds.

Our Friend Hedgehog

This publication by Lauren Castillo depicts the life span of a hedgehog who lives on a little island with just her stuffed puppy, Mutty. Her life is changed when an extreme storm blows Mutty away. If she needs Mutty straight back, her only alternative is to set out on a dangerous pursuit.

We’re Different; We’re the Same

This publication by Bobbi Kates features Elmo and his Sesame Street friends and educates young kids and adults alike on an essential lesson. Although we all may seem different on the exterior, down deep, we are incredibly similar.

I Am Enough

This publication by Grace Byers is a lyrical ode that teaches children the importance of self-love, respecting other people, and treating others with respect. Not only that but conveys the concept that our presence has a purpose.

The Day You Begin

The Day You begin with, Jacqueline Woodson reminds us that feeling different isn’t okay. From time to time, most of us feel like outsiders, nevertheless we’re courageous enough to take care of the circumstance. When we reach out to other people, we will realize they will happily meet us halfway.

The World Needs More Purple People

Celebrity Kristen Bell and manager Benjamin Hart attempt to instill in the reader that Purple Individuals is exemplary since they bring their loved ones, friends, and communities together. They’re type and talk for what is right.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Though not written that long ago, Harry Potter has caught young readers. The subsequent books in the series are frightful, so tread carefully along with your youthful Potter enthusiast. Harry’s life is unhappy, living in a small cabinet in the Dursley’s, his horrible aunt and uncle. All that’s going to change as a letter arrives by owl messenger – an invitation to a place he never believed existed.

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Women at school tease Wanda Petrosky because of her title and poverty – she wears the same dress daily. Wanda begins to inform her college friends she has a hundred dresses at home. When the kids learn the fact, they are provided an opportunity to reflect on their behavior. A fantastic book for learning about compassion and compassion.

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The best children’s picture books

Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater

The language is somewhat obsolete in this publication, but it is still an absolute favorite. Mr. Popper is a lousy house painter. His family suddenly gets two penguins, who subsequently have ten infants. Something has to be performed before the penguins consume the Poppers from house and house. Facing a moral problem, Mr. Popper becomes a genuine hero. The book is filled with colorful imagery; clever word plays along with amusing characters.

Real Pigeons Fight Crime

Crime-fighting pigeons are actual. They protect your area and fight crime all the time. Beautifully illustrated, this jewel of a comedy by Andrew McDonald is humorous and leaves the reader in a variety of tears.

Paolo, Emperor of Rome

This picture book depicts Paolo’s life span, a dachshund who’s trapped in a hair salon in Rome. When he escapes a day, he moves and lives life the way he always dreamt of it. This publication by Mac Barnett, landing on our list of best books for 6-year-olds, will leave readers cheering for the tiny monster.

Baloney and Friends

In this graphic novel series, Greg Pizolli presents Baloney and his buddies, who engage the reader since they perform a few questionable magic. They invite the reader to give them a boost when they’re feeling down. This highly interactive publication will be entertaining for your child.

This Way, Charlie

This narrative by Caron Levis about Jack and Charlie is heart-warming. Jack likes to stay distant from the remaining creatures in the Open Bud Ranch; however, if Charlie arrives, a more potent friendship starts.

Everybody’s Awake

This rhymed picture novel by Colin Meloy depicts a family’s story and their straightforward goodnight regular that leave not only the small one but also the whole family in stitches with laughter.

Charlie & Mouse Outdoors

This humorous book by Laurel Snyder features Charlie and Mouse, two inseparable brothers. Along with their loved ones, the duo embarks on a series of experiences where they do all kinds of mind-blowing stuff.

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

This inspirational text from Vashti Harrison is a vital book acceptable for all ages. It features true stories of forty pioneering black women in history, and they will never stop trying.


Lupita Nyong’Conclusion, an Academy Award-winning celebrity, wrote this novel about Sulwe, which has the skin color of midnight. In this picture book, she attempts to instill in the kids the significance of self-esteem and self-love and motivates them to view their distinct beauty. The incorporation of those classes makes this among the best novels for 6-year-olds.

All Are Welcome

This publication by Alexandra Penfold portrays life at a college where everybody is welcome. Within this school, the kids are permitted to wear hijabs, parkas, and yarmulkes. The moral of the publication is that diversity ought to be celebrated.

The Giving Tree

This beautifully written and illustrated book by Shel Silverstein is a masterpiece. It has the story of a tree, who ends up being a color provider and apple bearer for a boisterous small child.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book

This publication by Jeff Kinney empowers your child to compose his/her variant of the Wimpy Kid journal. It motivates the small to draw Wimpy-Kid-style animations and comics indoors and will amuse your little artist for hours.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid by Jeff Kinney

You might be aware of Greg Heffley, but what about the boy BEHIND the ahem,’genius’? Rowley Jefferson continues to be there for each measure of Greg’s middle school experiences, but it’s his turn to put pen to paper and measure into the spotlight. Rowley will be Greg’s official biographer, documenting his early life before his inevitable stardom. However, Rowley’s version of events might not be quite what Greg had in your mind.

Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure by Jeff Kinney

In the GIGANTIC creativity of Rowley Jefferson comes with a Wonderful Friendly Adventure! On a quest to combat an evil warlock, Roland and his very best buddy Garg The Barbarian (any similarity to some Wimpy Kid personalities is just coincidental) battle evil and perform to rescue Roland’s mommy from a dreadful fate. Can our heroes survive?

The Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuzniar

A boat crewed by a group of ruthless, strong girls, and a young woman who dreams of adventure and magic. Get ready to sail the high seas in this swashbuckling story of storms in jars, magical Kraken bells, lost cities, and much more in this gorgeous introduction from Maria Kuzniar.

Daisy and the Trouble with Coconuts by Kes Gray

Uh oh! This comes from trouble. Daisy can’t wait to visit the funfair! However, the problem with funfairs is of the coconuts – that Daisy firmly thinks are the WORST TYPE OF NUTS. They are too large and too hairy, and should you acquire one; they simply get you in trouble. That is not Daisy’s fault!

Kiki’s Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono

At age 13, witch-in-training Kiki is decided her magic powers will bring joy into the seaside village of Koriko. But she soon finds it is much more robust than she anticipated, and possibly people with abilities are not the ones with magical! This timeless story by Eiko Kadono is ideal for lovers of Studio Ghibli and anime.

Jonathan the Magic Pony by Stuart Heritage

Behold! It is Jonathan that the Magic Pony! With only one wave of the wand, he could conduct the most incredible magical. It only happened to go wrong ONCE if Sarah’s stand disappeared, and for some reason – that was nothing to do with Jonathan – it would not return! Will the bear ever reunite? And will Jonathan ever be a real magician?

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Hold onto those hats, as this narrative will fly readers into the furthest corners of the imaginations. Lonely, James resides a reasonably miserable life with two, especially nasty aunts, but one day, he sees a cherry growing and growing in the base of his garden. In this giant peach are just seven uncommon pests waiting to take James on a magical experience. This classic tale by Roald Dahl has been creating eyes widen, and webpages flip for many, many years. This variant is a real peach, also – it includes a few fizz-whizzing funny decals to help insect lovers attract James and his friends genuinely.

About the Origin of Species by Sabina Radeva

Here is the first-ever picture-book retelling of Charles Darwin’s iconic About the Origin of Species, bringing the concept of evolution to existence for its youngest and most challenging subscribers. Molecular biologist and illustrator Sabina Radeva have painted a particular image of Charles Darwin’s ideas in her adaptation. This magnificent picture book illustrates Darwin’s world travels and discoveries, which led him to summarize the ground-breaking concept of the species form and grow over time. There is an eye-opening discovery supporting each page!

Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland

They say to not judge a book by its cover, but refuse that for this particular book, since everything inside is simply about as humorous and brilliantly bonkers because the cover suggests. In reality, scrap THAT also, because matters are more bonkers inside! Not only does Charlie become a chicken, but he also could become any type of creature: a flea, a pigeon, a rhino – you name it! The trouble is, Charlie, can not control when he alters; he simply knows it occurs when he is concerned about something. Can Charlie, with the assistance of the three best friends, find a means of handling his mad forces?

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