Top 28 Best Book Reading App 2022 For Android and iOS

Best Book Reading App
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Did you know that you can simply read books on an app in this digital age? In 2022, book reading app reviews are a hot topic as more and more people have been moving towards digital media consumption.

Many ebook reader apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices aim to replicate what you could find on a shelf in your local bookstore, but the only thing lacking is the smell of ink and paper.

Nowadays, there are many book reading apps available on the market. The best book reading apps are an efficient way to get your hands on any book. This article will show you the best apps for reading books.

What are eBook Apps?

Best book reading apps

Ebook apps, also known as ereader apps, are mobile device software that enables reading books from your smartphone screen. Since Google Play Books was the only ePub app Android users had access to, these ebook apps have advanced a lot.

There are many tools available for both Android and iOS users. Many of these have numerous useful reading features that will delight digital bookworms.

Forget dedicated eReaders. The best eBook reader apps can help you store your favorite book and make your Life more accessible with many of the top ebook reader apps.

Best Ebook Reader Apps For iOS And Android In 2022

Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Best Reading App for Google Addicts

Google Play Books is Google’s first-party application for reading ebooks or listening to ebooks and audiobooks purchased within the Google Play Store. Although the book selection is not as extensive as Amazon’s, it’s sufficient to satisfy casual readers. People who read at least one book per day might find they want more.

Google Play Books does not require a subscription to be used. You can use it to read an audiobook or ebook one weekend and then ignore it for the next week. There is no financial obligation for not paying a monthly fee.

You can upload your purchased books to the cloud, and you can read them from anywhere. This gives you an excellent storage option that you can access from any device connected to the Internet connection.

It offers a solid reading experience, is easy to use, and has the best page turning animations of any book reading app.

Google Play Books is a solid book app for people who are immersed in the Google ecosystem.

Download For: iOS, Android


Best ebook reader apps for Android

FBReader, an excellent ePub reader app for Android and Apple users, is a great app. This service can be used on any device running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Android. This app is specially designed to work with several eBook formats.

FBReader organizes your library based upon title or author. This makes it easier to search and allows you to read in up to 34 languages. You can also explore many other functionalities, such as synced reading positions and bookmarks.

There’s a pro version to FBReader. It has more books storage and supports translations for the free version. This version costs $6.99 for Android users and $4.99 for the iPhone.

Download for: iOSAndroid

Amazon Kindle App

Best eBook Reader App for Amazon Prime Members

Android and iOS users can download the free Kindle App from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Amazon’s official Kindle apps for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices allow customers to read Kindle ebooks without purchasing a Kindle device. The Kindle Unlimited program is one of the best features of the Kindle app. The Kindle store offers more than 1,000,000 free samples of hundreds of eBooks, including bestsellers and free classics.

All Kindle branded ebooks can be read in the Kindle apps. More and more features make this app experience stand out from the rest. These include the built-in dictionary and the ability to skip ahead and not lose your place.

Amazon’s X-ray tech also allows you to see additional information about the characters and the world behind the whole book while you’re reading it. There are many reading options, cross device syncing, and a large selection of free ebooks, sync your last read page.

However, the Amazon Kindle apps may not be perfect. The Windows app is more suitable for desktop computers than modern touchscreen devices. Additionally, the iOS version does not support Kindle ebook purchasing due to Apple’s inclination to take a portion of all sales through their apps.

You can still purchase eBooks on Amazon and through the Kindle reader app for Android. They will sync with the Kindle app on iOS nearly immediately.

The good news is that you don’t have to purchase new tech to use the app.

Download For: Android, iOS


Best eBook Reader for Comic Books Fans

An excellent comic eReader application is essential if you are a fan of comic books. ComiXology is the perfect solution. ComiXology offers a wide range of manga, graphic novels, and digital comics from independent publishers such as Image, DC, Marvel, and DC. To enhance your reading experience, you can use the app’s features, including brightness control, zoom, and reading modes.

ComiXology’s Guided View technology zooms in and focuses on each panel to make reading easy for tablet and smartphone owners. It also allows you to create a Wish List with all the titles you want to read one day. To fulfill your desire to own all the books you want, you can share your Wish List with your family during the holidays.

Download For: iOSAndroid


Best eBook Reader For Android Phones And Tablets

The reader is an Android app that is very popular due to its compatibility with older Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3. While scrolling and other animations may not be as smooth on older devices, the ebook reading experience is solid on the Android device you have on.

Download For: Android

Media365 Book Reader

Media365 Book Reader - app for reading books

Best Free Books Reading App

Media365, an iOS and Android free reading app let anyone read any book in the library for a small fee. The Media 365 platform allows authors to self-publish, which is why you have so many niche titles and indie books. However, there are also many mainstream books, like the whole Harry Potter series.

The Media 365 library holds ebooks in 15 languages. Font size can be adjusted by simply pinching the screen with two fingers. The app also has a text to speech function that allows you to read your books. Upload your own ebooks with the following formats: EPUB, PDF and AZW3, CBC CBR, CBZ CBZ, CHM FB2, LIT MOBI, MOBI TCR, AI, and PUB.

Download For: iOS, Android


Scribd is often called the Netflix for books because it offers an extensive selection of ebooks. The library includes bestselling and trending titles from many genres, including True Crime and Personal Growth, Science Fiction, Entertainment and Travel, Current Events, and more.

You can download titles to read offline and make annotations and comments. The app also allows you to bookmark pages so you can go back to where you were.

Are you having trouble reading a font? Scribd offers options to change the font type, size, and background color. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical page scrolling, depending on how you want to navigate an eBook. It’s also free of ads, making it a pleasant reading experience.

Download for: iOSAndroid

Libby, by Overdrive

If your local library books have a digital media lending program, why spend so much on e-books? Libby uses Overdrive’s digital media management system to let users borrow audiobooks and e-books from participating libraries.

Sign in with your massive library card to browse the digital media collection of your library. You can search for titles, place holds, borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and even extend or return a loan with just one tap. It can define and search for specific words and phrases

If you don’t have enough space on your phone, you can download the titles for offline reading and stream them. If you are reading in the US, you can also send eBooks to your Kindle. Libby also offers a wish list option so that you can remember which books you’d like to read in the future.

The app allows you to preview books, download borrowed titles, and stream them to your tablet or phone if you wish to save space.

Download for: iOS, Android

Kobo Books

Kobo Books - book reader app

Best ebook Reader Apps Available

Although not as popular in the US, Kobo Books has a strong following in Canada and France. Kobo app offers a library that includes more than 5,000,000 ebooks and publications. You can also access its online store to import your own content.

Kobo Books, another famous name, is a top contender among the best eReader applications. The tool also includes a helpful feature called Reading Life. This allows you to discuss books with your friends, share quotes and take issue notes.

You can also download for offline use and cross device syncing. There is even a Night Mode that allows you to read late at night. You can download the app in many ebook formats, such as PDF, EPUB, CBZ, and CBR.

The ebook reader app can be viewed from an obligatory view or customized with text. It also app syncs across devices and platforms. The audiobooks can only be accessed via apps for Android and iOS.

You can access a library of more than four million titles to read anytime with Kobo from any location.

Download for: iOSAndroid

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader supports most eBook formats. Bluefire Reader allows you to access PDF files and ePub books published by retailers, libraries, and other institutions around the world.

Once you have downloaded the app to your device, you will be able to access a library that includes a user guide and Treasure Island eBook. You can then either purchase titles or upload your books to get started reading.

Bluefire Reader has many excellent features. You can bookmark, annotate and highlight your pages, share experts, search definitions, and share them with many others with just one tap. You can also switch between night and day themes and customize the font size and layout.

Download for: iOSAndroid


The app was once known as Serial Box. However, Realm’s name change hasn’t affected its approach to finding a good story. Realm is a shorter version of Serial Box, but it does not require purchasing a complete audiobook. Instead, Realm offers episodic content in smaller chunks. Realm’s short, episodic audiobooks are perfect for those who have resumed commutes.

There are many genres to choose from: drama, fantasy, and sci-fi. The first episode is always free, and subsequent episodes cost $1.99. A season pass gives you access to both text and audio versions of the story. You can also get discounts on the complete version.

Realm offers various digital books, including The Witch Who Came In From The Cold, Bookburners, and Tremontaine, as well as a configurable reader mode and an audiobook player mode.

Download for: iOS, Android

Yomu EBook Reader

Best iPhone eBook Reader App

Best book reading app for iPad

Your EBook Reader for iPhone and iPad is a great app that allows you to download books in many file formats and bring them together for a seamless reading experience.

You are Japanese for “to Read” and support all popular ebook file formats. You can import files to the app using a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Once the app has been installed, You will save ebook files from any iOS browser app.

Download For: iOS

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader - best book apps

Moon+ Reader provides a unique reading experience by giving you fine control over the display settings. You can see your progress as you read the app’s status bar. The app also displays information about your reading progress in each chapter and the entire book.

Although the app is free, a pro version provides more statistics, such as how many books you have on your shelf, how many pages you’ve turned, and the length of your convenient reading time. Moon+ Reader is an excellent eBook app that avid readers will love.

Download for: Android

Prestigio Book Reader

Best Free Apps For Book Lovers

Prestigio’s name changes almost every year. It is still an excellent ebook reader Android apps. The app supports more than 25 languages and text to speech. Fifty thousand books can be downloaded. The app can also sync across devices (account necessary).

Other features include a Night Mode and various customization options. The UI is also modern. The app is entirely free. For $2.99 in-app purchases, you can remove ads. If you wish to support development, there is an option for a donation button that can be used for $1, $5, or $10.

Download for: Android

PocketBook Reader

PocketBook is one of the eBook reader apps. But don’t let this fool you. The app is packed with enough features to be worth its existence. This includes support for all common eBook file types, including comic books and Adobe DRM and PDF files.

Highlight text, export notes, and lock the screen orientation are all possible. For those who require it, there is also OPDS support. This one’s price is the best. This ebook reader is one of the most affordable in its category.

Download for: Android


Aldiko is an ebook reader that supports EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted ebooks. An easy to use interface allows you to adjust font size, margins, and page layouts. You can also set brightness and font colors.

You can organize your materials by tags or collections with a library management system. The core reader is available for free. The Premium version allows you to add notes, highlight and have no ad-free experience.

Download for: AndroidiOS

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo

With millions of ebooks and an increasing number of audiobooks available on its platform, Kobo, a product of Rakuten, is a significant rival to Amazon. The Kobo applications for iOS and Android are undoubtedly where the firm focuses most of its efforts, with each app providing an incredible range of font size, style, and color choices to enhance the reading experience for specific individuals.

The Kobo app is accessible for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store app store. Windows users should download the app’s standalone desktop version, updated more often and has additional features. Macs may use the desktop app as well.


Best Reading App for Kids

Similar to Netflix for kids, Epic! Provides users with access to a vast collection of ebooks and audiobooks instead of TV episodes and movies. Each kid may have a unique profile created by the parents, which they can subsequently personalize according to their preferences.

The Epic! applications for iOS, Android, and Windows provides a wide range of options. While many classic children’s books are accessible for download, many more recent additions, including one series of books that features well-known pop culture figures. Children may also choose from a variety of kid-friendly comic books like Snoopy and The Smurfs, as well as countless brief DreamWorksTV video clips.

Foxit PDF Reader

PDF eBook Reading App

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile is one of the best PDF applications available for individuals who like to read ebooks in PDF format. Foxit has a reflow mode that resizes and reorganizes the text on a page to fit precisely on a mobile phone’s screen, in contrast to many other applications that just show a PDF as is and need you to touch and zoom to view its information.

Wi-Fi, iCloud, or Foxit’s own Foxit Drive service are all options for transferring PDF files to the Foxit app. Users of iOS devices will be able to instantly import downloaded files while using other applications by using the share function. Many deeper settings need a monthly membership, but those searching for an app to read their PDF ebooks will be satisfied with the free capabilities.

Inky Pen

Inky Pen

Best Reading App on Nintendo Switch

Although most people would assume the Nintendo Switch is just for playing games, its selection of non-game applications has been steadily expanding since its release. One of these applications, Inky Pen, allows users to directly read whole digital issues from well-known comic book series on their Switch.

Although Inky Pen charges a $7.99 monthly price for unrestricted access to its complete collection, there are a sizable number of free issues that should keep most comic book readers occupied on lengthy car rides or idle weekends. What’s fascinating is that the software functions while the Nintendo Switch is docked, allowing a group of people to read comics aloud on a TV.


Best reading app for Android

the ebook is a fantastic reading app for Android. This one is entirely ad-free and can handle whatever format you may throw at it. Enjoy fluid and quick user experience after configuring it as you want. It’s one of the few ebook applications on Google Play with a rating better than 4.7. For improved efficiency, you can also link it with Google Drive. The drawback of it is how unpopular it is on iOS.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook

B&N’s Another well-known ebook reader is the Nook, which performs best on iOS but is still a solid option on Android. Using it for free, you may access more than 4 million Barnes & Noble titles, including more than 75,000 free novels. Thanks to a convenient preview option, you can read each book before you purchase it, and it’s simple to sync your books throughout all your devices.

Apple Books

It should not surprise that Android users cannot use Apple’s free book reading app. You may be surprised to learn that it has no ratings on the App Store. That might be because there is no need to download this free reader since it comes pre-installed on all iOS devices. It has a user-friendly design and offers millions of ebooks and audiobooks.


With 4.2 million reviews on the Google Play store, the Wattpad reader is nothing if not well-liked. The ability to create and publish your own tales whenever you want makes this app unique. Similar to YouTube for authors, it allows you to grow a following for your writing. But there are commercials.

eReader Prestigio

eReader Prestigio

Although eReader Prestigio is not available on iOS, it is trendy on Android. Users appreciate the ongoing improvement. They also brag about its practical text-to-speech capability, which can instantly convert practically any book into audiobooks. Some readers report that frequent updates cause bugs.


The FullReader software by INTENSE, available only for Android users, plays mp3 files in addition to supporting every ebook format. Its user interface is chic and practical, and you may save your titles locally or in the cloud using it. This software reads books to you and even translates them into other languages if you’re seeking one that does that.

Astonishing Comic Reader for Android

The Astonishing Comic Reader is likely to appeal to comic book fans. With a vital zoom function that enlarges the artwork, it offers your favorite comics in mobile form with a beautiful, straightforward interface. This software is so effective that you scarcely even realize it is an app.

Lithium EPUB Reader

The Lithium EPUB Reader is not available on iOS. Still, because of its user-friendly custom themes and straightforward user interface, it performs well there.


Nowadays, there are a lot of the best ebook reader apps on the market curated lists. However, not all eBook reading apps offer the same benefits as others. If you’re looking for an app that is free and easy to use with no clunky books, magazines, then we recommend checking out popular ebook reader apps. It has an excellent interface that allows you to quickly access all your favorite books from your phone without any cost!

Do you have any personalized recommendations? Let Penn Book know in the comments below! Happy reading!

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