Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books 2024: Top Full Guide

Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books

Is your child being taught to read meaningful and good books? We can then introduce Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books. This book is rapidly becoming a favorite on the forums. It is extremely humane in terms of content. It can teach life lessons to children and make them smile.

Let’s look at the highlights and information in the picture book biography that Kirkus Reviews calls a moving tribute to the power of books and words to understand it better. We should first learn about the author and the source of the book. Keep checking back for more information.

Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books

Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books

Abe Lincoln: The Boy who Loved Books is adorable and so kid friendly, early childhood educators will want it in their library. It’s one of the four Lincoln books we read to our first and second grade classes every year around President’s Day.

This book is a story about Lincoln’s life, from his childhood in a tiny log cabin to his adult life as an attorney and president. The BULK section of the book is dedicated to Lincoln’s early years.

Lincoln’s election as President FINISHES the book. It isn’t clear what Abraham Lincoln did after becoming President. There are also no mentions of slavery or the Civil War.

His formative years are the focus. His determination to learn and his perseverance in facing adversity made him the great man he became.

This is what we like. It seems appropriate for our age… celebrating the man without going into areas that younger children don’t understand. Yes, slavery and civil war are mentioned in Lincoln’s lessons to first graders. But not in great detail. Teachers especially love the theme of Lincoln’s love for words, learning, and reading.

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The illustrations are adorable! It is adorable! Admittedly, we are partial to the cute and folksy style of illustration. But, regardless of your artistic preferences, the illustration style of Nancy Carpenter is a perfect fit for the book’s historical setting.

About the Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books

Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books is a children’s book written by Kay Winters and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter. It tells the story of young Abraham Lincoln and his passion for reading, a trait that would later help him become one of America’s most beloved presidents.

Through engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations, the book takes readers on a journey through Lincoln’s childhood and the significant role that books played in shaping his character and values.

This book is a delightful way to introduce young readers to the life and legacy of one of America’s most iconic figures and inspire them to discover the joys of reading for themselves.

About the Author – Kay Winters

Kay Winters started as a classroom teacher and then as a college instructor. She later became a full time author. She is the author of Wolf Watch.

She was named to the Bank Street College’s Best Children’s Books of the year list and an ABA Kids’ Choice of the Lists. Tiger Trail, Did You See What I Saw? are other children’s books. : Poems About School and the Teeny Tiny Ghost series. She enjoys visiting schools to talk about her books. Kay lives with Earl in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. KayWinters.com is her website.

Ever wonder what might happen if you chose the less traveled road? This was a question that I frequently asked myself. 1992 was the year I decided to take a different road. I quit my job as an educator to become a children’s author. The first contract call was made in August 1994.

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Twenty two books later, the days are blurred with writing, research, revising, and submitting.

Earl, my husband, encourages, edits, and advises. He also takes photos, does research, keeps my website updated, and printed maps for schools and bookstores. It is a pleasure to meet my young readers.
I am looking forward to hearing from my readers.

A Few Reviews

Kay Winters presents America’s sixteenth president using simple language and uncluttered illustrations. She relates Lincoln’s childhood and young adulthood in New Salem and Indiana. This engaging story focuses on Lincoln’s love for books and reading, which flourished despite no formal education.

Carpenter’s oil on canvas illustrations show many details about early life, but they also focus on Lincoln’s humble beginnings. An appendix contains an author’s note that fills in the gaps left out of the story. Booklist

An absolutely wonderfully and beautifully written book. It is inspiring and very heartwarming. This book is a favorite of my 7-year old son! This book is a great example of a boy with a passion for reading and learning who overcomes all odds to become our president.

A boy who is driven by his love of books and learning! This book is a wonderful message for young boys and old! This book will be a hit with boys!

It was a Junior Library Guild Selection, and it made the Chicago Public Library Best of the Best List of recommended children’s books published in 2003, A Scholastic Book Club selection!

Where are we now?

What would you like to read now that you have read this amazing book? We earn from qualifying Amazon Associates purchases.

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What was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite book?

Lincoln was a very avid reader, even though he had no formal education. His favorite books were Life and Memorable Actions of George Washington and Robinson Crusoe. Pilgrim’s Progress and Aesop’s Fables were also his favorites.

How many books have you read about Abraham Lincoln?

Fifteen thousand books About Lincoln: 15,000 books -Tetreault says that more books have been written than any other person in history, except Jesus Christ. The tower contains nearly 7,000 books.

Which biography is Abraham Lincoln’s best?

The most famous biography of Lincoln is by David Herbert Donald, a historian. Eric Foner, Columbia University professor of history and author of The Fiery Trial. Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery recommend Donald’s book.

What was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite song?

Dixie gained great popularity and status as a minstrel standard. It also helped to rekindle interest in plantation material from other troupes, in particular the third act. Abraham Lincoln loved it and played it during his campaign in 1861.

Click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dixie_(song)


This book is among the most entertaining we have ever read. It has a lot of depth and meaning. Parents often have a hard time getting their children to read. We offer additional ways to encourage reading habits in children. For more information, visit Penn Book.

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