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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 

"Narrative Night" by Joseph Ceravolo
from Collected Poems

May 15, 1985

O night of dreams
your melancholy heart redeems
all the daytime debris that makes
violence a part of catastrophe.

A bomb was thrown on a row house
to break an opening in the roof
in order to pour tear gas
 and other chemicals
to squeeze out members of
a back to nature cult
in Philadelphia, who had automatic weapons.

The bomb caught fire
and flames spread to sixty houses
destroying all, destroying all.
Ten bodies, charred, were found.
The back to nature cult
is gone from the debris.
The hundreds of homeless lost everything.

The police justify the bomb.
Why is there not greater lamentation?
Why not the clawing of hair
and tears flowing
even though most have their lives
and can hold each other and children
and the dead don't lament.

There's an old lady emerging from the ruins
holding a little boy crying.
There are men thrown in alleys.


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